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  1. Holte End

    Steam Packet to be sold

    I didn't think Abramovich should have negotiated the buying of the steam packet co for the Island. I thought Ken Bates was the man for this he seems to be able to pay a pound for a company with 80million debts.
  2. Holte End

    Steam Packet to be sold

    £ 975 million or 8 steam packet companies.
  3. Holte End

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Ken Bates is the man we need in Tynwald. In 1982, he purchased Chelsea for £1. During his tenure, he helped the club win a long-running battle with property developers who were attempting to evict them from their Stamford Bridge home. By the end of his reign, Chelsea were regularly finishing in the top six of the Premier League and had won their first major trophies since the 1970s, although they had a debt burden of around £80 million.[In July 2003, he sold the club to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich from whom he received approximately £18 million.
  4. Holte End

    More argy Bargy over social housing rents

    At least in India the Government gave people a radio before they sterilized them. What do you think the Government will give here, scratchcards one a day for a year or a years supply of weed.
  5. Holte End

    More argy Bargy over social housing rents

    They should put social housing into one department then sell the lot to a property management people. Would pay off the MEA debt, Rates would go down as staff in commissioners would not be needed, No more capital spend on social housing. The whole island would benefit instead of a few. If there are 7,000 social housing on the island if each property was sold at an average of £80,000.00 this would raise £560million bang on to pay off the debt.
  6. Holte End

    FSA claims £155K "costs" from Irvings

    If it is money deducted under Tax from subcontractors. Then no the workers should not be required to make up the payment. If it is from Subcontractors that would be £915,000.00 in Wages were paid if a £183,000.00 deduct at 20%. If its Both ITIP and Subcontractors Payments does it say over how long a period they did not submit the Remittance Cards T35 and C35 Card.
  7. Holte End

    Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    If the reports had been posted on here or Facebook he would have, you can only blame the officers and Skelly for this as they know where to find him even during Tynwald.sitting.
  8. Holte End

    New MLC looks to diversify Legco.

    I think if a MHKs can publish on Facebook the night before whom they are going to vote for it degrades the whole process. Hopefully when Mr Thomas looks into the said process they will stop this, as it seems it caused tactical voting. If this was a deliberate act it really needs to be addressed as it did not need to be done and I believe has undermined Parliament procedures, they could have just emailed the said candidates. Unless it was just an attempted to 'grab a quick headline'
  9. Holte End


  10. Holte End


    Which of my view are archaic ? do you mean. One rules for one and another rule for others, MHKs should not be put on a pedestal and treated any different from anyone else.
  11. Holte End


    Yes your views are archaic. So it is alright for MHKs to use a mobile devise to access Facebook or tweeter while supposedly participating in a debate. My view is that it totally lacks any respect for the debate. Likewise I wouldn't expect a child to be using there phone in class, the teachers would have every right to confiscate the said devise.
  12. Holte End


    You views on whom, when and what people should be able to use mobile devises and when it is appropriate for said devises to be used.
  13. Holte End


    What an archaic way of thinking. Children need to be taught just like adults having just bought my elderly mother a mobile.
  14. Holte End


    Who Listens to 3FM.
  15. Holte End


    If they are playing and singing along and not working on what they are suppose to be working on yes. At no time have I said just looking at Facebook is a big deal, I think interacting while you are suppose to be paying attention and working is, especially when it was such a passionate debate from both sides. I do not think the Speaker has the power to ban devices in the House of Keys. As Mobile phones at to be banned at all schools in the classroom what your views on this is the Education Department wrong too ?.