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  1. manxy

    California under Fire - DEW

    I will say to you that I find your comments disrespectful to me and uncalled for. I try to be unbiased, honest and open. I may have strong feelings about particular subjects, but usually it concerns the safety and welfare of others and have no political involvement.
  2. manxy

    California under Fire - DEW

    I am sure the fire chiefs will have been aware of this and why they state that this was not the reason why it occurred this way. Did you look up their reports? I will yield to an expert in their field of work and the knowledge they have attained for their specific area. Regards the picture, this was taken from a drone footage that was provided in a link earlier on showing the damaged area from air. Update: After speaking to a person who resides in Cali, it appears that there's an arsonist involved and yield to this new information, although I reserve info from firefighters and unusual footage and say that they are unusual and unexplainable but being a fair person, I accept part of what has been spoken to me and will see what transpires over the next month or so.
  3. manxy

    California under Fire - DEW

    Unfortunately Bobbie, this was taken from a live video and are not photoshopped
  4. manxy

    California under Fire - DEW

    Please explain how natural disasters only select specific targets? Even from this one picture, it clearly shows that wild fire was not the cause of this. Stating 'peddling conspiracy theories' is a blanket underestimate as the facts are there. If you do not accept these as facts, then I am happy for you to disclose how an area that is allegedly caused by 'natural disasters', have not affected bushes surrounding this and many others property?
  5. manxy

    California under Fire - DEW

    I am sorry Dilligaf as I'm seeing many connections that unfortunately are not fun to know. Truth - There's bigger issues happening that some might not be able to see or want to hear about and eventually whether they like it or not, these issues will creep our way and ruin our way of life. For instance - The drone pictures are real pictures showing the affects of what is alleged to be caused by fire that is created by global warming. Fire chiefs have already discounted the falsehood of it being a real fire as the intensity would most definitely burn the surrounding vegetation and bushes/trees if this was a real fire. They have no doubt that this is done by DEW as walls, cars and metals are destroyed and as said before, trees are left untouched which would not happen normally. Other videos show a light emitting from the sky which would indicate at least a light source and when seeing the after affects soon after, then one could deduce that the probability of a weapon was used to destroy civilian buildings. Am I bothered about what happens far away over the ocean? Well yes and no as I will likely miss it when it heads this way, but with family looking forward to life in the future, then you need to understand whats it all about? I have mentioned this before and gained knowledge about Agenda 21 that is not generally known due to in-depth investigation and I would rather people find out for themselves as to what its all about but they need to keep in context as to who these people on various committee are, where they came from, what professions they were past and present, (including Hilary Clinton), then you see a bigger picture and its not good although Congress did a reasonable job. Anyway, I forecast that California will likely sustain continued DEW 'wildfires' and eventually crumble into the sea through an earthquake and the only way to know for certain is to watch events in California over the next few years. Something to ponder - Perhaps if they agreed to a 5G network, then this might not have happened? Who knows if thats the real reason? I wouldn't put money on it, but any-case, its a fact. If you decide to do a 10 minute crash course through YouTube, then you'll most definitely won't understand and having spent a couple of years on this, then enjoy the twists, turns and connections that become apparent and the major organisations and fraternities it applies to.
  6. manxy

    California under Fire - DEW

    We live in a corrupt world and these events are happening in real life with real people being affected. If people don't believe what their eyes are seeing, then there's no real reason why a person should continue trying to make fun out of other peoples disaster unless they are paid, are fools or used by others to try and discredit information. If they are any of those, then I do not want to know them.
  7. It's been heavily reported that California is sustaining many fires which on closer inspection appears or strongly suspected to have been created by new weaponry from Directed Energy Weapon or DEW which uses an intense pulse of electromagnetic energy I am aware that some people don't like to view Youtube videos, but I don't care and if they are offended, then they can look at something else than here. So I will use one of many YouTube videos and let you decide whether a fire could do the damage concerned because of global warming or IMO, was deliberately done by something like DEW. Random YouTube Video HERE
  8. manxy

    Are people queuing up to be offended?

    "Jack doesn't like any fuss or made to feel different," she added. So she was so embarrassed, that she made it publicly known to as many people as she could through the media? She said: "I want lessons to be learned and all staff to get training to ensure this never happens again to another disabled person. "They should be treated with dignity." I agree that lessons need to be learnt, but at least do it in private!
  9. manxy

    Global Warming

    Doomsday...... Didn't dare put up a YouTube to that as the end of the world and Armageddon is just around the corner and with fires all about, drought, weather being manipulated, snow in Sahara desert, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes, laser beam destruction in California (thats a Youtube video, so left it out as it also covers Agenda 21 and DEW), and probably yellowstone park going up next? (Random links above and I'm sure members could find better ones) @Uhtred - So funny and spot on timing - Nice one
  10. manxy

    Global Warming

    Topic resurrected The topic is nearly 8 years old and I wondered as to what if any differences have occurred since then and has this been man made either accidentally or intentionally?
  11. manxy

    5G Network Radiation?

    5G Towers of Death and some interesting notes: FCC regulations make it illegal for government entities to try to delay or stop cell tower installation on the basis of health risks. Telecom companies can sue cities and states that attempt to use health concerns to impede their cell tower building plans. Link HERE that is not YouTube
  12. manxy

    Tram & Bus Incidents

    Thought you might be interested in these. Goodness knows what the bus is doing?
  13. manxy

    Astronomy Stuff

    Took a while to get it into focus
  14. manxy

    Smart Meters are coming

    Spot on Andy. Wouldn't it be good if the shareholders were the public and the profits went to the public (the many) instead of big eyed gollums (the few)
  15. manxy

    Smart Meters are coming

    I saw this link The electric suppliers perspective is to make more money for shareholders. One way of doing this according to the article is to incorporate 'Surge Pricing' where they charge householders more for using electric at peak times. Thing is, didn't we have an abundance of energy and shouldn't they be paying off the debt instead of adding additional costs to 'their' company at the expense of 'our' household budgets? I did like this NOT FOR PROFIT link