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  1. : ) Don't worry I think there are too many physical obstacles for any variant of Cat3 even if there was more runway.
  2. Good to hear BA did the necessary but the A319 potentially holds 3x the number of passengers than the SAAB.
  3. Thank * they didn't. Mind, it wouldn't have helped yesterday or this morning.
  4. Yep John, that's a common ploy. They usually allege you either refused the search and/or were abusive or insulting despite that not being the case. Trouble is many do quickly resort to abuse these days, so the false accusation is sometimes initially believed. Perhaps it's one of those times the dashcam should 'accidentally' stay running : ) In my one bad experience at Liverpool airport I was accused of refusing a search (which given my job then would be the very last thing I'd have done) and a very invasive and objectionable search followed.Turned out this airport security fella who was about 6'4" had previous for such behaviour and clearly relished this aspect of his job. Bottom line is remember you very rarely if ever win any such a discussion no matter how objectionable or overbearing they have been. They have the moral and legal high ground.
  5. Well no doubt you are technically correct John but I'd wager even the politest such enquiry could give security the green light to over-react. However I agree that a private security firm and border police, uniformed or otherwise are two different animals and I would never, ever enter discussion with the latter. I was advised twenty years ago by one of them to not say anything and remain completely expressionless no matter what when challenged and that has worked in the thousands of times I've been through security at airports and ports (bar one really objectionable git at Liverpool airport many years ago who turned out to be a retired copper). The powers of Sect 7 of that Act are very wide ranging and draconian and I wouldn't like to suffer them unnecessarily by trying to be smart (even if I didn't have to try that hard....).
  6. Whilst I can understand the frustration, weather is not easyJet's fault. It was remarkable how quickly yesterday evening fogged out. One minute sunshine and blue skies then 10 minutes later cars had their headlights on in the gloom. Ronaldsway will likely never have Cat 3 ILS necessary to land in such conditions so diversion was the only option. As for making arrangements to accommodate passengers, just try booking 100- 150 hotel rooms anywhere with an hours notice and then organising transport. The number of easyJet staff available to do this late evening will have been limited anyway. The only issue might be where they diverted to but in reality there are probably more hotel rooms in the SE than the NW at short notice. Excrement happens and I think the carrier did what was required. It's a pain for those involved but on this occasion I can't readily see what could have been done better.
  7. Is one of those provisions Schedule 7 of the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2000?
  8. P1800. There was a green one parked in Station Rd, KM for ages. It has disappeared recently and I just hope it is being restored.
  9. Not when those stats relate to an entirely different issue and introduced to try to establish some ridiculous equivalence
  10. Summary
  11. Compared to the winning majority of last year's UK vote its a * landslide result! Edit ; of course you could then use the same flawed logic to conclude that this anti vote changed to 34% 2 weeks later
  12. Didn't know that woody but on close inspection you seem to be comparing quite different ignition principles. I still think Rudolf fully deserves his 'recignition' despite the recent evolution of his surname into a pejorative term.
  13. Go on then woody, who do you think came up with the original CI engine idea then? Robert Casement?
  14. Back to Mr Fry, one wonders why it seems fine to ask this question knowing his views. Can RTE or Gay Byrne really be totally blameless under this ridiculous law? They seem to be inciting an actionable reply unless Fry lies (or is forced to accept restraint) about his opinions. Imo Ireland has shown themselves to be a backward looking and regressive, myopic country having just spent the last 20 years trying to convince the world of the opposite. Many are criticising the person reportedly 'doing their civic duty' by reporting Fry to the Garda. Maybe he was just bringing this stupid law to everyone's attention.
  15. On the technical side of this, many a DPF has been trashed by the wrong sort of oil. Make sure your garage is using the right stuff and don't take it for granted that they will. Long gone are the days when you just specified make and viscosity. Catalyst and DPF friendly oils now have a C rating eg C2. The manufacturer's recommendation on this must be followed unless you want a very expensive bill for a new DPF a few months later. I discovered our dealer for a prestigious make just bought one oil for everything and it didn't have the correct C rating for my car. If your DPF (on engine light) warning is already on, most can be cleaned without forking out for a new DPF although no main dealer will tell you this. I've never tried it but appraently you fill the DPF with brake cleaner, wait for it to dissolve the crud then steam clean it but don't try this at home....