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  1. Primary School Development Standards.

    Without wishing to be at all offensive, at least virtually all the kids leaving the now closed DofE nursery at Pulley would wipe their asses by the time they got to Anagh Coar. I hope that the money supposedly saved by closing that nursery a year or two back and issuing a redundancy notice to the teacher running it, hasn't changed that and a myriad of other 'useful' life skills developed during nursery education. Sorry can't post any evidence though.....
  2. Primary School Development Standards.

    Is it just possible that Department run and controlled nursery education with qualified teachers wasn't just a child minding service after all (as was suggested when they closed)?
  3. Brexit Is Reversible...

    The worst case scenario for the "remoaners" country will be a no deal exit
  4. Brexit Is Reversible...

    never heard of her...... (just saving you the trouble)
  5. no more second hand cars?

    It pains me to hear about cars with 10+ years life left being trashed because they are beyond economic repair. If a garage's labour rates are >£100/hr (and many are much more than this) then it is much easier to consider a vehicle beyond economic repair that could have years useful life left. My day to day driver is 13 years old and bought cheaply a year ago as a trade sale. It required minimal repair (mainly brakes and tyres) costing about £300 giving a total outlay of £2100. For this I got a shiny, compact but luxury reliable performance car that is a delight to drive and will easily do another 10 years with tlc. There is no way that a garage could retail this motor for such a price due to potential minor issues and I am grateful for them selling it to me as a trade sale. The works van was bought new 16+ years ago and perfoms faultlessly as it always has done. It is probably book valued at <£400 but to replace it with something in similar condition would cost many thousands. Both cost little to insure due to their low book value (not to be underestimated as an additional expense). The big gocha is future legislation on emissions. Both vehicles could (based on the mad system in current use) be classed as polluting despite their very limlited annual mileage. I forsee such vehicle coming under closer scrutiny from now on despite being a net environmentally kinder vehicle than a new thing with very limited life. The other more minor gotcha is is someone hits you and it is written off with book value being paid out.
  6. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Good advice and heeded.
  7. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Interesting views on the complexity of future regulation of civil aviation caused by brexit It will be all sorted in an afternoon......won't it?
  8. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Re: penultimate post : The general idea on a forum when you make an assertion and it is questioned, is that YOU provide the list. It can then be examined to check the veracity of your assertion. Of course you never do usually saying summat like (from memory) google it you fat * Of course it's much easier to just hurl childish insults.....
  9. Brexit Is Reversible...

    You know damn well that I was asking for a link to verify your assertion that the rest of the 49bn 'other inc EU transactions' (rather than the oversimplified 'EU transactions' above) was what you had said. As ever you dodge the question with a post that takes 10 seconds likely taking great delight in sitting back and watching the result. Nah, forget it. but just keep posting this pie chart. I think this is the fifth time you've used it over the last few weeks. Mind you, I'm glad your # key has finally worn out.
  10. no more second hand cars?

    Try the garage in Ballaugh. They sometimes have part ex bargains if you don't mind sorting stuff out yourself. (ps that garage is nothing to do with me before anyone starts...)
  11. Brexit Is Reversible...

  12. Brexit Is Reversible...

    All the piss take and insults hardly (don't) add to your argument. Still, if it keeps you amused..... Oh, and another stats organisation has that 49bn down as 'Other including EU transactions'.
  13. Brexit Is Reversible...

    Hmmmm ONS or woody fact? I admit it's a tough call especially for a dumbo.....but on reflection I think the ONS has the edge......just. Oh and "its expected"? By whom? God job they'll be no tariffs after brexit assuming we get a deal.
  14. Brexit Is Reversible...

    No its not. In 2016, the year you mentioned, after rebate and EU payments to the UK, the net amount was 9.4 bn for the YEAR. That's not a billion a week. More like a 1/5 of the figure you mentioned. Source ONS.
  15. More argy Bargy over social housing rents

    Low rents = rent controls?