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  1. I don't care about affiliation or religious beliefs unless it demands privilege. What was nobody else's business then suddenly becomes so imo.
  2. Agree entirely however someone holding public office and choosing to substitute rigid belief for evidenced reasoned debate in decision making (affecting believers and non-believers) chooses to be accountable. If they can't cope with such scrutiny, they shouldn't be in public office. The church and the state should be completely separate.
  3. Seems cheap. When I had a Vaillant 20+ years ago, the parts were very expensive. I suppose t'internet has helped pricing policy.
  4. One helluva step from an automatic right to having to take a case to the echr.
  5. Not quite a symmetrical flipside but essentially true. However that risk is down to our 'democratic' choice.
  6. For once we sort of agree. However if the host country then chooses to trash a near lifelong agreement that threatens your automatic right to stay, then the over-simplicity of the general concept is revealed.
  7. One wonders if these amounts include payouts made to professionals for offences such as constructive dismissal. We very rarely, if ever, get to hear about these cases as I think they are very unlikely to reach tribunal. I guess the reason for that would be that officialdom might elect to pay out and keep the alleged inadequacies of some of their managers well-brushed under the carpet. I bet a foi request on such a subject would have the potential to cause some a real headache. Mind you, if all was revealed they would probably opt for tribunal in the first place. I think that all such cases going to tribunal would be a good move as I imagine this would lead to big changes in management from the minister down. I believe public pressure would ensure that once any cost was revealed. Remember that this money could be spent on healthcare provision instead of trying to defend actions of (imo) stupid, arrogant and inadequate managers. At the moment the taxpayer has no idea if such cases are few and far between or not...
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  9. And woody, what you're basing your judgement/opinion regarding brexit isn't guesswork? Jeez, it's guesswork for the government so how are you so sure of 'the facts' ?
  10. True and I therefore conclude that neither party is entirely to blame. However Corbyn and "Murder" McD have chosen to think differently.
  11. Don't underestimate how quickly children can learn such principles. We had a muslim friend staying last weekend. She is as much an atheist as I am and downed quite a few Warsteiners whilst she was here yet she could not bear the idea of bacon being in the fridge where her food was kept never mind eating it. She admits the loathing is totally irrational and put it down to being told at school that pigs are disgusting filthy creatures. As her host I had no idea how much a bacon sandwich appeals when you can't have one.....
  12. You wouldn't have all this if religion in all its forms had less power and respect. Whilst it could be argued that its participants, if wealthy, could exert political pressure due to that wealth, I think we make it easy for them by allowing (or not dis-allowing) religion to permeate the establishment. I also live a few months a year in a so-called secular country and there is a much wider gap between religion and politics. There is no way this lot would be allowed into schools there. As soon as religion has (largely unearned) respect and political clout, it is bound to be exploited by those on a mission and children are obviously easy targets.
  13. The tax take would likely go down. Then what? Uncle Jes says nice things so reasonably. It's a few of the others that disturb me like J McD. I suppose the younger voters can't remember Gordon Brown printing money. They told him at the time it would eventually cause austerity but cause and effect are of split enough to forget the link. I hope I am wrong when I envisage history possibly repeating itself but worse.
  14. I think the idea for Uncles Jes to talk at Glasto was absolutely inspired. It's just like a party (any party) conference. There is nobody wanting or willing to provide any counter argument to anything you wish to introduce. Fabulous..... The tories are doomed unless they can find away to sort their image out (getting rid of the pm would be a start) but I genuinely worry about the state of the country 3-4 years in from a Labour election win. All those dashed hopes, NHS in just as bad a crisis, housing even worse than now and even more of a basket case of an economy but at least we might not have Trident updated.
  15. Yet. Past performance is no indication of future returns......