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  1. That's a long stretch of logic from what said but see the previous post.
  2. Eh? That's not my experience apart from one who is no longer a pilot for that very reason. I think most will not 'go for it' the evening before a duty but i suppose you need to define what makes someone a complete pisshead. Hmmm, maybe. Chemically, alcohol is a simple C2H5OH that the body can metabolise in hours. It's metabolites just give you a hangover. It is however toxic in very high doses and has the ability to kill. That said, in the absence of liver damage, it can't be traced 24-48 hours later. Bottom line is the body is naturally adapted to cope with it except in a huge overdose. THC in cannabis is a complex molecule (C21H30O2) with a phenolic bezene ring and two carbon rings with the odd double bond thrown in. It isn't water soluble and its metabolite is psychoactive. Whilst a high might last a few hours at the most, it can be traced weeks later. However it is very difficult to kill yourself with cannabis. That said the body is not good at completely getting rid of it in the short term as it is not naturally adapted to cope with it. I like the idea that its medical benefits could be really exploited following legalisation but I don't know how you could stop lawyers arguing that the trace in your urine 20 days after use didn't contribute to that accident you have just caused. It's stuff like this that makes acceptability a challenge.
  3. I would fully support legalisation of cannabis and MDMA use as long as there were adequate controls but any moral equivalence with alcohol is a bit suspect. Most problems with alcohol are down to its low price and availability and abuse by a minority.
  4. He might well be a great bloke just doing his job and I'll make my own mind up should he ever stop my foreign reg car on its irregular and short visits to the island. Good policing is helped no end by good PR and we already have an Inspector who is kind enough to occasionally contribute to this forum. I think his PR skills are good which ultimately must assist island policing. That said, who on earth chose that particular picture of the Sergeant and why? PS Just to be clear I fully support the policing policy regarding antisocial and illegal vehicle use, particularly in relation to speeding and unroadworthy vehicles.
  5. Fabulous. Not sure how those of a nervous disposition will cope. Heard a lot about Lappo and his thing about foreign number plates. I have a car that sometimes visits the rock with those so no doubt we shall meet eventually.
  6. You'd whine if you were paying 50p per mile in road tax when the fuel costs are 23p per mile. And its use is completely irrelevant. It just aint right guv.
  7. Further describing its use is irrelevant and extra illumination will only serve to divert the argument away from what really matters.
  8. Another, say, 10p per litre on the fuel and an intelligent environmental tax on first registration would just about sort every environmental issue we have with vehicle use except parking in Douglas.
  9. I can if the criterion used to tax it (pollution) has no correlation to the pollution it actually produces. I am being taxed on its propensity to pollute rather than the actual pollution it creates. There is no alternative vehicle to do the job . Insurance is not a parallel scenario as the insurance company still has risk even if it never turns a wheel.
  10. You do have the choice to drive a gas guzzler notty but you pay the tax whether you do or not. That is the main problem I have with this ownership tax. Taxation of vehicles should be proportional to the pollution they produce rather than as an ownership tax unrelated to use. My gas guzzler bought to do a specific job does less than 1000 miles/year and I pay a tenner a week even before I turn the key. Notty's roller skate likely produces more pollution per year yet he pays a pittance. It just ain't right guv.
  11. Nope, not a Mondial either.
  12. I wouldn't make any typos your posts from now on after that me owd dove Sorry paswt it was born in Bologna nearly 40 years ago.
  13. I wouldn't have choosen the word cherish. It does sound a bit weird to cherish a number. However I do very much cherish the bike it's on. Some might say that's a bit weird too.
  14. Incidentally, does anyone know of a 4G router that can allow calls via the sim as well as managing the data? Plenty have voip ports but I'd love to put my Voda sim into a 4G router in Europe but still make and receive calls on a handset also plugged into the router. The only reason I'm using 3 above is because I loose calls when using the Voda sim in the router for data.
  15. Yeah pongo whatever works. My 3 sim wouldn't work in Spain for data when set to (wot they tell you to use). A phone call to their very helpful customer services suggested changing to 3internet and it worked.