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  1. Me neither although my family's 6's are in straight and boxer config. I reject the idea of some owners of such cars are viewed as environmental terrorists. Mine only do a very lower annual mileage (<2,000 between them). There's a lot more to environmental damage than what comes out of the exhaust!
  2. The island is one place where electric vehicles probably would be better than anything else mainly due to restricted mileage. I don't feel the same way about how their advocates are selling the idea elewhere though. Great in cities but too many drawbacks to generally replace fossil fuel powered until technology improves. As fossil fuels become dearer technology will no doubt improve quickly.
  3. True guzzi and it's only the $ too. If the £ had truly recovered it would have made significant ground against other currencies which is hardly the case. The € rate is not even back to where it was a month or two back. Looking at one currency alone is ill advised as (obviously) if that value of that one falls then the £ might appear to increase in value when in fact it hasn't. Working that out is hardly rocket science. Brexiters are always looking for vindication and social media has plenty trumpeting a £ recovery. Yeah but from what? Mind you, I would really like a good recovery but it needs to be a genuine one. Looking at this over the next few weeks might be better before a knee-jerk self-congratulatory headline.
  4. Does the hospital system have a target time between referral and consultant appointment for urgent cases like potential cancer?
  5. It should.....
  6. Thanks. I may have not been eloquent enough to put my opinion in words that convey my complete thoughts on this but I only technically agree with your most recent observation. Unfortunately if you place too high a value of the uniqueness of a zygote, then hundreds of thousands die every single day both naturally, accidentally and purposefully due to non-implatation into the uterine wall. If the zygote doesn't implant, it cannot become a blastocyst and develop further. Appreciation and understanding of this reasonably detracts from the value I think you seem to be putting on a zygote entirely because of its uniqueness. Maybe. How many pro-or anti abortionists explore their opinions with such scientific detail? A tiny percentage probably but everyone should read up on all this before developing entrenched views. That way perhaps the simplicity of the (but technically true depending on the definitions) view of life beginning at conception would be revealed.
  7. That would depend on whether the opposing driver (the tractor in this instance) was committed to the manoeuvre. Low speed differential between overtaking and overtook can blur how obvious this might have prior to the overtake. In addition, the speed of the (now obviously) approaching car and their apparent lack of avoiding action is relevant. In this case the tractor driver seems completely to blame but a long vehicle and a low speed differential of a country road can catch even good drivers out. That should not be read as making excuses for this tractor driver because I'm not.
  8. I wasn't aware that the data protection stuff was observed that closely here.........if you see what I mean.
  9. Just heard that toff Reece-Mogg on the radio going on about abortion. Half his answers to questions enquiring about his reasons for held opinion contained the phrase "life begins at conception". No, potential life begins at conception as most GCSE biology students will confirm. However if this mantra is maintained so much questioning the origins of the belief can be dodged. He even suggested that the £5 morning after pill was as bad. I generally hate the idea of abortion and think the present UK law allows it far too late. However strong belief must be balanced with the appreciation that some other have much shittier lives than you with bad things happening. All that's needed to work this out is a bit of compassion...
  10. Was she french?
  11. None taken....
  12. They do and I wish religion was kept out of any debate on abortion. That way, debate can better remain rational and evidenced based. Unfortunately many of the most vociferous opponents choose to introduce religion as justification for their views on this subject.
  13. Are you getting enough sleep?
  14. Religion has the propensity to abuse anyone who might be vulnerable. By far the worst imo however are children who can be emotionally abused by it by frightening them with hell, fire and damnation etc unless they comply. We can work out that's bollox but a 3 year old?
  15. Anti-abortionists invariable believe that life begins at conception probably because they think it blocks further discussion on so many inconvenient contra-arguments. Unfortunately it also means that a clump of cells that has no viability unless they move to a different place and successfully implant, have more rights than the person in whose body they find themselves.