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  1. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Can you please expand on that a bit JW?
  2. Abort67

    Someone called Marie put on their fb page "Why am I not able to add a pic to this page? I want to show what an actual 8 week foetus looks like" A67 then waffled on their picture policy. Marie then repeated "Why can i not add a pic myself" A67. No idea. Yeah. Could it be because they just want to restrict the images to the worst possible?
  3. Abort67

    Lloyd he is a catholic bishop. I wonder that he has to say about what happened under his lot in the Irish Republic in the 50s and 60s.
  4. Abort67

    One of the people on their facebook page , the archbishop of Selsey (one Jerome Lloyd) answered the (pre-implantation zygotic) clump of cells point by saying: ' Mandy Keig we're all "just a clump of cells" actually we're just "older" clumps of cells...do you condone murder then, if someone is inconvenient? If they're "just a clump of cells" which we ALL are...? ' It's hard to know where to start with such simplistic stupidity.
  5. Abort67

    Religion mainly with a fair bit of moral superiority and virtue signalling thrown in although I have no doubt that many will genuinely believe they are doing good. I didn't see anything particularly evil in that training video. Anyone who has ever been in sales will immediately recognise many of the techniques. You don't need to be doctors of sciences because you will not meet (m)any other them in the street. You will meet ordinary people without a pre-prepared or rehearsed agenda whose specific knowledge of the subject will not be that technical. They will be abruptly brought into discussion by the shock tactics of the very late abortion pictures so are already on the 'back foot'. It doesn't take much to then get them on side if you grin and look like you are their caring friend. People like this never take on those with more than average or specific technical knowledge because they realise many of the arguments can be technically disassembled. Just keep it simple and appeal to emotional arguments and if it gets inconvenient reply with short open ended questions. And grin/nod whilst you are softly talking.....
  6. Abort67

    Was this a general 'you' then? Now can we get on with discussing points on abortion instead of what you think about me.
  7. Abort67

    Not true. It would be if you had used blastocyst instead of zygote. The Zygote is the clump of cells that aren't viable until implantation which then become a 'parasitic' blastocyst. All these inconvenient technical terms.. pain aren't they? Well they are if you want to argue abortion from too simple a level which just about every so called "pro-lifer" does because its easier. Say its a baby from conception and you can dodge a whole load of inconvenient points.
  8. Abort67

    You misunderstand yet again. I didn't say everyone would agree with you or me (which would be homogenised) but I'd wager most would know why you said "your own precious life". It was unecessary and offensive and added nothing to what we were discussing. Having previous refers to having been personally offensive instead of arguing the point before. Much easier to have a go at the person to who has taken you to task instead of debating their point. Each one of these terms has a precise meaning but it is easier for you to ignore this. A group of cells is not a foetus and a foetus is not a baby but I can see that the term 'group of cells' does not have the emotional clout of the term 'a baby'.
  9. Abort67

    What about the time before it is a foetus then?
  10. Abort67

  11. Abort67

    It can't be life until becomes part of the host. Until it does it is unviable. Get your dictionary out again. Adds absolutely nothing to the discussion but every single person on here will know why you said it. Still if they look back they'll see you have 'previous' so no surprise there.
  12. Abort67

    How about this for a modification?
  13. Abort67

    Have you paid your tithe online Rog ?
  14. Abort67

    It may assist if you consider what is not a life. Is an undifferentiated collection of cells a life? No let's use your words. Is an undifferentiated collection of cells a child? Or maybe a baby? Without DNA analysis, you wouldn't be able to tell if those cells came from a human or a hamster so calling it a child doesn't seem accurate. So why would you want to call it a child? To enable you to preach to those thinking differently that they might need to examine their conscience?
  15. Abort67

    Look at this taken from the fb page: