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  1. And we don't need the Bishop's prick, either.
  2. Cue a load of jokes, such as .... "She was probably checking her makeup in the mirror"
  3. .... and placing his personal bog-roll on the desktop, in full view of the studio webcam, hardly suggests professionalism.
  4. Yeah - and picking-up her own dog's poo doesn't make her any less of a "squealy driveller" as a radio presenter.
  5. Don't forget to hand your homework in on time, when you get back.
  6. I thought that the site of the proposed new terminal was further DOWN the river.
  7. But surely (Shirley?) he/she must have had some bad points as well, B/biker?
  8. Malarkey seems unable to get through a 3-minute interview, without getting defensive and angry. I wonder why?
  9. David Cretiny is square? Shame on you Albert! - D.J. Dave is really groovy! (Or is that just his forehead?)
  10. I had high hopes for Allinson, but he sounded like a right arse on the radio this morning. Dodging every question with, 'The real headline here is that electricity rates stay the same.' Fuck off. Yes - I am a;ready beginning to regret voting for the good doctor! I also thought it was cynical, the way he tried to "sweeten the pill" by telling us how hard the MUA staff had worked during Storm Doris, last week! Doris had absolutely nothing to do with the water Rate rise.
  11. I don't know next time you are mangled in a car accident or have a heart attack pop on a bit of Status Quo and see if it helps. I see WHAT YOU'RE PROPOSING there, j2bad.
  12. Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush.
  13. Cos they've got booze and fags to pay for? And Sky and the iPhone etc. And tattoos, don't forget the tattoos. And nail and hair jobs.. And boob jobs. (For the women, too)
  14. Anything after 1997 is up to date for Brindley. He hasn't changed his jokes or his show since. Jokes?
  15. Sure What do you do when the safety video comes on at the start of a Steam Packet crossing, jump overboard? Surely this topic is about Binlid and MANX RADIO, not about Binlid and the Steam Racket? (I know - don't call me Shirley)