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  1. Or, as my old Dad used to say - "He gets my goat" ! (I dunno why. Maybe it is an old Manx expression?)
  2. The cost of Robbo's suit would buy pre-paid prescription certificates for a pensioner under 75, or a pregnant woman, or a chronic illness sufferer, for more than 6 years.
  3. Maybe he can get some advice from John Horton?
  4. Whaaaat ? So we don't just pay for Robbo's phone line and broadband, but also for his friggin wardrobe? (Well - I hope he chokes on his runny egg with toasty soldiers, or does an "Elvis" when having his poo tonight)
  5. GOOD! (The Sloc Road will be due for re-surfacing by then)
  6. ...and now the former fire raiser has put his oar in.
  7. Inspector Clueless?
  8. Pity that when at his Public School, little Jonny wasn't taught that it is rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking. (Unlikely that he will ever be told to curb it, because it seems that the only one at MR with any balls, is Beth.)
  9. Yep - Root and Branch.
  10. ..... and his ego.
  11. No,Uhtred, it will never happen as long as such lightweights as Mr Brindley are in charge of programming. (Although the previous incumbent was not much better.) MR is sounding very tired and jaded, and overdue for a root and branch shake-up including replacing some personnel – from the early Sunday morning guy, to that excruciatingly irritating woman on Saturday mornings, to the confused hotchpotch called Carnaby Street, to the weekday mid-morning show, to Talking Heads, to Alex in the Afternoon.
  12. I agree, Uhtred. I would like to see Beth taken off the women's prog, and be given the daily Talking Heads and the Sunday Opinion.
  13. Yep - Rob always comes over as such a prat every time he opens his mouth. It's hard to believe that he has recently attended a (taxpayer-funded) media training course. I wonder if we are eligible for a refund?
  14. And we don't need the Bishop's prick, either.
  15. Cue a load of jokes, such as .... "She was probably checking her makeup in the mirror"