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  1. Axeman Ashford

    She's busy in bed with Zebedee. BOING!
  2. Yet Another Tenuous Island News Link

    BTW - I wonder if any swans have ever been poisoned in Salisbury? Perhaps JD could investigate before he disappears. (I was pleased to hear that the irritating Jo Pak woman is also soon to disappear. Maybe she and JD are gonna ride off into the sunset together?
  3. Yet Another Tenuous Island News Link

    After that unnecessarily biased and rude interview that he did yesterday, he won't be missed by me! (I hope that was his"swan song")
  4. Manx Radio

  5. Manx Radio

    Even the great Jon Moss pronounces infrastructure as infastructure.
  6. Supertour 2018

    Well - I thought he had recently been appointed to some consultative post at Nobles, but in this thread, he has said that he is no longer a public employee. So, I wonder what happened to the hospital job?
  7. Ronaldsway Airport

    And maybe a runny egg with toasty soldiers.
  8. Manx Radio

    I think that the drawling voice belongs to the former Minister For Fire Starting.
  9. Manx Radio

    A little gem from the MR web page this morning: "McGuinness says he's spoke to TAS BMW, Norton and Kawasaki.. "
  10. Mere Child Becomes Health Minister

    I don't think his lack of experience will be a problem, because he can always call on the experience and expertise of a recently retired police officer.
  11. Deepwater for Cruise Ships

    Didn't Ms Reynolds say something like "Build it and they will come", when she was pushing for her runway extension? (Have they come yet?)
  12. Has anyone else noticed........

    ...or like Donald Trump saying "oops, sorry. I didn't mean to press the nuclear button - I thought I was voting for the North Korean entry in the Asiavision Song Contest."
  13. Has anyone else noticed........

    Yes, Helmut.. Many people would have noticed it. So it was not big and brave of Rob Edward to admit his mistake - it was simply an attempt at damage limitation.
  14. What's going on at nobles

    Agreed, 2112. It might also be worth an FOI request. That well-known Beecroft hater, Rob Edward, could be the man for the job. (I still can’t help thinking about the number of “free” prescriptions that could be covered by the annual salary of the new Business and Performance Manager)
  15. Manx Radio

    He has been doing it for years. Every time he sees a foreign-looking name, he seems to feel the need to pronounce it in a phoney foreign accent. Problem is that his phoney Spanish accent is the same as his phoney Middle Eastern accent, which is the same as his phoney Russian accent......etc.