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  1. It's open again now. The police "Advised them" off the Mountain.
  2. A fucking jogger? That's taking the piss. What an utter fucktard
  3. Another one...
  4. This is a thread about the muslim that killed children, not some pretty little snowflake that can't take abuse and goes crying to the sunday times. (I know loads of staff at the hospital over here, and they get abuse the same as the white colleagues, it's just an easy target to pick on their race - for the white doctors it's usually abuse on the facial hair or their nose)
  5. So, what's going on with the plan for the Courthouse then? The reason it popped back into mind is because I just saw a pic of a bunch of old duffers at the pier concert where they raised a whoopin £450 towards the pier restoration...
  6. Just leave that one there...
  7. Yep, anyone with half a brain cell knows it's bollocks, but "we have to be seen to be doing something". That's in their procedure book now, threat alert goes to critical, shut the outer lane and tell the staff to keep an eye out. They're utter "They wouldn't let me be a real army/police man" kind of people. But oh well.
  8. You still can Finlo. One of the hangars is filled with cars.
  9. *copy paste from last years exact same thread*
  10. One of their own my ass. It's a filthy muslim. None of them are "our own". So many times have people branded politicians "Racists" for telling the truth about Islam. It wants to kill you.
  11. Reminds me of: How do you know when a Scouse girl has had an orgasm? She drops her chips
  12. *scrolls back 5 years in the forums* Yep, same thing said there. *scrolls back 10 years in the forums* Yep, same thing said there.
  13. It's not police funding that's the issue, it's the unbridled immigration that's the issue!
  14. That's Roger Smith, who took over from George Daniels after he died. No idea who this guy is
  15. She really gives all the ammunition to the racists that they'll ever need.