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  1. It doesn't take an international shipping consultant to see things could be better. Edit: And some of us do have relevant experience
  2. http://news.sky.com/story/tory-mp-anne-marie-morris-investigated-over-alleged-n-word-remark-10943881 I had to laugh at this. I haven't heard anyone use nigger in the woodpile for years!
  3. I have those practice transparent padlocks from amazon too (Only about a tenner to buy). I managed with a couple of cheapo commercial locks and it was just as easy, but the more expensive ones I couldn't get into. Made me chuckle though, because one thing they don't tell you about lockpicking is it's really really boring!
  4. I got you fam!
  5. No reason it has to be such a long contract either. Channel Islands make do with 10 year agreements And Sultan, what they are doing is pretty standard company stuff - put down all their demands, expect maybe 20% of that so it looks like they're getting a deal And yes, the Steampacket does hold a gun to the head of the government, it'd require someone with big balls to stand up to them and get someone else in for the island. Can you imagine the political backlash? You saw how Kate Beecroft got slammed when the taxis changed for the patient transfers, haha! It's not worth the effort by any politician.
  6. The fact is there's alcohol 20 yards away. I actually disagree with the Castletown one, because Shoprite is shite in Castletown, but it IS well served by alcohol.
  7. I'm referring to incurable, untreatable retards referred to in the article, not those with curable and treatable mental health issues
  8. We live in a completely different world now. You can travel anywhere for a relatively low cost, you can move to almost any country. Countries that used to have people subsisting on farms are now launching space probes and beating us in technological prowess. It's good for many things, but bad for others.
  9. I'm not picking on mental health here Benl - it is massively underfunded (or not funded at all).
  10. Mythbusters did this, you can actually polish a turd. But it's still a turd with polish on.
  11. I don't hate them, I just find funding them utterly pointless. It's very cruel to keep them in that state. It's not like normal health care where people can get better, it's more like eternal "end of life" care, which isn't really the point of the NHS.
  12. Yes I don't like them, we all know that, but they get a free pass for money and resources, with the effectiveness never challenged.
  13. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/5m-for-new-disability-centre/ Sigh. "most of which are aimed at engaging people in improving social skills, and fostering their independence." - Whilst I would love this if just one of them could live a productive useful life, that won't be the case and they'll be in and out of the system being a burden. And yet no one can challenge the spends on these, because then they're mean to them.
  14. You need £40k a year here to have as good a life as £20k over there imo if you don't already have a house here.
  15. Eh, Trump says a lot of things, he's yet to deliver on any of them