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  1. And where could one get some disposable sims from?
  2. In the paper today they said there had been 3000 entrants to the consultation. The health care charter regarding the stink of charging for prescriptions only got 300. It's totally been utterly hijacked
  3. You might want to explain a little bit more about what you are on about. Is this the Sure / Manx Telecom thing?
  4. Dilli, you're obviously involved with the rally because you went off like a rocket when I laughed at the fellas who went over the edge. It doesn't get money thrown at it because Rally just isn't very exciting compared to bikes. It's all done on roads out of the way which reduces public visibility (so on the one side nobody is really bothered by road closures too much, but on the other side nobody even notices the rally is on). Couldn't even name one rally driver or even who won it's that minimalistic over here. Time to soup up the cars and get advertising it I think, or failing that call it a day.
  5. They'll still be on petrol, as will many priority vehicles. When it snows or floods you need something with power to pull other vehicles out. Farm vehicles will be likely be fuel based too. The majority of vehicles though will be electric and won't even really notice the difference.
  6. Wow, from "Man doesn't actually get mugged" to "Inshallah! What happens when we die?" Great job MF, great job
  7. Not beating off an old man for money that's for sure! Occams Razor - his disease wouldn't have been brought into it if it wasn't relevant - the police think the same thing I do, and if nobody saw anything that's a good clue to what really happened.
  8. The man lost his money, has no idea what he did with it due to Alzheimers, and concocted this story so they don't put him in a home. Case closed.
  9. They intentionally takes ages to do projects, it's not a secret.
  10. People often complained politicians talked using big words and confused the common man. Not any more "Rocket man bad, Trump man good"
  11. Yep, and it's also put me off the Creek now if the management are complicit in this.
  12. I mean, honestly, what are they expecting to happen? 5% reduction in gas bills? Ah well, at least they got off their arses and protested, that's more than I've done today.
  13. 1,500 well trained staff probably would. Still leaves those 1,500 from the Government on the dole
  14. It's for the good of all of us. Except the ones who aren't Gov But there's no sense crying over every mistake, we'll just keep on trying til we run out of cake. And the salaries go on, and we make a neat pension For the people who are still Gov.
  15. *snickers*