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  1. Flat Earth?

    There are a few options here: a) He postpones it / calls it off b) He does it and it fails to launch c) He does it and dies.
  2. MHK suggests media should be gagged

    What the hell - her stuff has been covered up. I just searched for some articles I know were published but they're gone... Well, that tells us the media CAN be gagged.
  3. MHK suggests media should be gagged

    Love it, the Iranian Whale of Money Laundering.
  4. What's going on at nobles

    Sadly we don't section people here, they're just free to roam around until they inevitable a) throw themselves into the harbour b) Hang themselves I am being flippant, but it's still true.
  5. It's hilarious, the autism kicks in pretty regularly and they REEEEEEEE out. I thought it was just two trolls, TJ and that fella that keeps hurling abuse , specifically at Notwell.
  6. It's a Dogs life...

    I wonder if it's a yappy dog that barks at all hours annoying the neighbours... I can see how someone could get driven to this level of demented.
  7. Celebrity sex pests

    Oh look, they've put a burkha on the statue.
  8. Newbies assessment -

    "The Peter Karran role" - I like that phrase, conjures the image of a tit that just asked questions and never did anything!
  9. Newbies assessment -

    I did warn you all about Hooper...
  10. Floodwatch 2017

    Oh I utterly cringed at that. She'd be a single mum too with kids with that name.
  11. UK Budget - any impact on the IOM?

    More words about tax evasion and transparency, probably no actual action though. APD might get scrapped though which will make short haul flights cheaper
  12. Public Sector Pension Liability

    Doesn't need to cover it, just needs to put it off for a few more years.
  13. New Rules

    Actually rather than all this over 1 person, are we not going about it the wrong way? They are harassing people online and in real life. That's what harassment laws are for surely?
  14. Celebrity sex pests

    It already is. Even the daily mail pushes the feminist narrative http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3573927/Agony-50-50-mum-Women-held-upper-hand-custody-battles-fathers-winning-EQUAL-access-mothers-struggling-cope.html
  15. Celebrity sex pests

    If it was the other way around, Loose Women would be off the TV in a flash.