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  1. So Buster writes ... "What i still cant my head around is how Kate and only very seniour offices can spennd circa 826k last year for travel accommodation and expenses Te actual cost has jumped considerably since Kate took office. 826 k was the very similar amount that Kate wanted from the script charges. I had been told by 2 buisness men that they had seen Kate in the Dorchester having breakfast. It would have to be the use of these super luxurious hotels to get the total cost near 826k. I heve been told that Kate uses private planes and her and her husband fly out friday night and return early Monday. The cost of hiring a private would inflate the cost so the 826k becomes more attainable, plus she wont be seen by passengers at airporys. For such a huge finacial cost to be picked up by us Howaed must arrange for the breakdown to be published and this would stop these explanations being taken." Do you think people just tell him any old shit to see if it ends up on-line?
  2. To be fair to Rob, he could have spent the "expenses" provision on porn, prostitutes and plumbing and we'd be non-the-wiser Naturally, in typical Rob style, he's mismanaged the message and we're arguing about whether items count as an expense. What is interesting is that he seems to have struggled to come up with a list that adds up to the total expense. Plus he'd have had a few extras as a new member. For established members is this really just a nice tax free wages bump.
  3. How many years has he been happy to take the salary and pension whilst running his own business?
  4. He's always been a sort of Manx Unionist. Union Mills's answer to Jacob Rees-Mogg. My immediate thought is that if we were to apply to be an English County, yes they'd probably eat the pensions black hole, reduce the number CS here, take on the NHS costs, but with it goes the flexibility of setting our own taxes, our own polices. Doesn't half our jobs in e-gaming, banking, insurance etc go with them? So we'll be a depopulating Island with loads of unemployed and new employers put off by the costs of getting here.
  5. When I was a teenager there was nothing less cool than the words "young person" "cool" (when said by an adult) and "hang out". I mean predatory evangelists would have been better calling their creepy outreach program Merrydown Bus Shelter in the Rain.
  6. I wonder a more subtle approach might be, Denomination Blues. I bet Washington Phillips would have a thing or two to say about the Living Hope set up.
  7. Never underestimate the incompetence of the Manx authorities. What you are suggesting is a 15 month conspiracy involving the police and the AG to stop someone standing, who had recently come 3rd in a by-election, had said she wouldn't stand again and would have been assimilated into the fold like every other mhk within weeks if successful. They're just not that competent.
  8. But my personal opinion of their reputation is my personal opinion of their reputation. Which is all I was stating. You don't really get nuance do you?
  9. You mean like how OJ was a National Hero then faced unproven allegations after which most of the world thought he was a murderer?
  10. It was damaged before and, I think it's a reasonable observation, that these unproven allegations damaged it further.
  11. I could do my cover of Just Like Honey - "Hi I'd like to do a song by Jesus! (& Mary Chain)"
  12. A guy I know is part of that lot came to one of the Riffs Open mic nights at the Railway. He was there to support a "friend" and had a group of younger people with him. Made a big show of supporting they made a big show of supporting their mate but were uninterested in everyone else. Must have been taking notes.
  13. They needed a big tent at the Craft Fair to accommodate Rob's Big Picture.
  14. A kind of percussion instrument that the performer sits on and taps out a rhythm. They're kind of useful for providing rhythm for Open Mic nights or backing an acoustic guitar since they don't overwhelm the main performer. They have a bit of versatility too since they can go through the mixing desk without the need to mic up a kit.
  15. I saw them, but couldn't work out which ones were the Ban Bicycles Brigade.