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  1. Declan

    Are they taking the pi55

    But also they need it for use to and from school. "Dad, I've missed the bus", "Mum I'm going to me mates" that kind of thing - it's not like there are payphones anymore.
  2. Declan

    Steam Packet to be sold

    It’s not loss making, it’s a public service run at a cost. It’s political decisions that are the cause of this cost - - reduced school fares - free oap travel - requirement to run some rural routes - need to operate heritage railways That said he’s made a few mistakes along the way and can’t be the right person to even temporarily take on the Steam Packet
  3. Declan

    Manx words and phrases added to the OED

    “Have a skeet at that loaghtan, yessir.” Is clearly a sentence in English using words in common usage by people for whom English is their first, indeed only, language. I don’t understand the negativity
  4. I think it was me that introduced the “race to” phrase, I really just meant “drive to”. To me travelling at 50 mph is racing to.
  5. Declan

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Might as well scrap the matches and just go to a penalty shootout if VAR is allowed to continue.
  6. Perhaps the fault lies with whoever authorised riders to return to the grandstand "the wrong way" when support vehicles were still racing to the scene of an accident.
  7. Declan

    TT Spectator In Court...

    A wheelbarrow doesn't count as a spoon.
  8. Declan

    TT Spectator In Court...

    But that wasn’t the proposition I was disproving. Which was Hissing Sid’s suggestion that “it must be more risky going for a walk in a city than competing in the TT. “ But yours is just as ridiculous.
  9. Declan

    TT Spectator In Court...

    Agreed the comparison was rubbish, that's what I was illustrating. But it was a pro-TT poster that made it ... I mean you would expect the TT to be much more dangerous that going for a walk in London, and it is. But it didn't stop Hissing Sid suggesting otherwise.
  10. Declan

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Or like all limited overs cricket a futile and boring gimmick that is killing the game.
  11. Declan

    TT Spectator In Court...

    Thanks I thought it seemed low. This says almost fifty sidecars - https://www.iomtt.com/news/2017/05/09/sidecar-start-numbers - so we'll call that 100 extra competitors, so 181 total or 1810 per decade. That's one death per 95 competitors. Which is worse than one per 34 million walks in London. 
  12. It's in reply to a thread started by Hissing Sid called "How is it that a rider is having to rely on crowd funding". It answers that question.
  13. This is what I wrote. You've deliberately left off the rest of the post, where " I inferred what it would be spent on and told Hissing Sid."
  14. Declan

    TT Spectator In Court...

    Well no it's not ... The population of London is over 8 million. Lets say they all go for at least one walk a day. That's 240 million walks in a month. According to this page - https://inews.co.uk/news/uk/london-murders-a-list-of-the-victims-killed-in-the-capital-so-far-this-year/ there seem to have been 7 fatal stabbings of people on the streets in the last month. That's one per 34 million walks. Excluding MGP, there have been 19 tt deaths in the last 10 years. This page https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/motorsport/44038772 says there were 81 competitors this year (is that correct?). That's 810 per decade. Or one death per 42 competitors.
  15. No I don't. I inferred what it would be spent on and told Hissing Sid. Please stop lying.