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  1. What is happening with kfc place

    Well, I'm suggesting having THAT shop selling records damages the quality of the record buying experience. history suggests that. In the 80's, and early 90's we had Shocks, the Music Box and Coburns tried their hand at it, plus Woolies. Shocks, in particular, was great for record buyers because you could order the record you wanted and it would be there in a week or so. So you had a broad choice. Then Harrison Musique open and became HMV. The others gradually shut or stopped selling records. Then HMV stopped selling records and only selling CDs. The ordering process made it impossible to get anything HMV didn't have in the Island. Then they reduced the number of cds they'd sell in favour of boring film rubbish and would take anything interesting from the shop every Xmas to make room for customers who only shopped once a year looking for Daniel O'Donnell sings Jingle Bells. Then HMV decided they were backing the vinyl revival and half-heartedly stocked a few reissues. But you still had to use mail order for anything out of the ordinary. Now HMV have gone and we are seeing the first tentative signs of recovery locally. HMV will crush that and we'll end up with the same old disinterested service they've always provided.
  2. What is happening with kfc place

    Hope not. Record buying options have improved immensely on the Island since they left and look set to improve further.
  3. What is happening with kfc place

    I've never really understood the fond memories thirty somethings seem to have for Griddles. It was a greasy burger joint that even McDonalds (of all places) managed to outclass.
  4. Old words relevant to this forum

    I'll read that next time I'm fudgelling!
  5. Vision Nine Contract...

    Captain Quilliam! If you are in a hole stop digging. Especially if that hole is on a sinking ship.
  6. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Tell that to Clara Petacci.
  7. Abort67

    Keep CALM and carry on.
  8. This Week

    He died in 2004. The track I played is from 1998.
  9. This Week

    I think I probably heard John Peel play it. The band is Cinerama which were David Gedge’s band after the Wedding Present and eventually mutated into the reformed Wedding Present.
  10. This Week

    Good call on that tune dilligaf. There was a documentary on radio 4 recently about Defoe and it said that for several generations of Britains thought of that series when they thought of RC because it was repeated every summer holidays for fifteen years. Anyway that tune was incorporated into this song ...
  11. Ronaldsway Airport

    The Bushy's Helicopter wasn't as long lasting as their vans.
  12. General Election 2021

    The Living Hope Party will sweep to power.
  13. Calling all teenagers to politics - NOW!

    Whilst it is true that people grow more conservative as they get older - you've less to lose when your young, that doesn't necessarily equal right-wing. If pensions and the NHS become the items that older people want to conserve they don't become right-wing. But that is still a challenge for Corbyn to make that connection.
  14. Calling all teenagers to politics - NOW!

    That depends whether the split is age based rather than generation based. If everyone over 45 was Leave and everyone under Remain - it doesn't follow that a 44 year old would change their mind on their 45th birthday. It seemed to split on generational lines - Pre-Boomers - fairly even split, slightly leave. Boomers - strongly Leave Gen X - Split - slightly Remain but becoming more Leave with age Millenials - Strongly Leave. So, as boomers die and millenials join the voting population that would suggest a swing to remain. Unless Gen-X-ers change their minds as they get older. But the question is probably moot anyway. Lots of people will have changed their minds now depending on how they think Brexit is going. A second vote wouldn't be a re-run of the first one but one based on different circumstances.
  15. General Election 2016

    It’s not a fixed thread it’s a sub forum of local news containing lots of threads. It would be a bit of work for them to close it and move the threads within to the main Local News section. Since it causes zero inconvenience where it is and provides a convenient place to find all those threads for anyone interested I can see why it hasn’t been merged.