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  1. I said I was slightly disappointed not let down. I'd probably anticipated too much. Positives outweigh negatives. Baad Acid were really great. First two thirds of Primal Scream was cool but they lost momentum during an endless Country Girl. Wouldn't fault them for effort or commitment though There was too much snare in the sound where I was. Too many clap along Cassidys in the crowd. Got to see people I don't see often. All in all I'm happier that I went than if I stayed in.
  2. Slightly disappointing actually.
  3. I think there was a certain ambiguity in your facebook post Justin, especially in context of the thread it was posted, that led to Butterflies misconception. But it should have been obvious you wouldn't refuse a contract from the Hooded Ram and nobody could have expected that.
  4. I didn't have an issue with Hooded Ram before this and liked what they had done and the proposed developments, I wouldn't have a problem with Hooded Ram setting up a rival tent elsewhere in Douglas. Some of their suggested changes will be better. That would probably be a plus - providing choice and Bushys would have to respond to competition. Better for all. Perhaps if Bushys get a site in town it will all work out ok. It's the using of the capital they are awash with to muscle out Bushy from an opportunity they spotted and developed that I object to, and why I'd be less positive about them in the future. But I guess they can do without my goodwill.
  5. I think the musicians are expressing support from Bushy's at the moment out of loyalty - an admirable quality. Come May if there are two tents most will play both, if asked. The Hooded Ram announcement raised a red flag in a few minds by it's talk of a Battle of the Bands.
  6. Only my third time. Saw them at Reading in about 2004 and Bestival in 2011 - the Screamdelica anniversary tour. The never seemed to play wherever I lived or festivals I was at in the nineties. Been a fan since about 87/88 from Sonic Flower Groove onwards. I'd like something off that or Velocity Girl, but that's highly unlikely. Otherwise Screamdelica with ample support from Vanishing Point / Echo Dek for me.
  7. The Teapot seems excited.
  8. Wouldn't two tents in Douglas compliment each other?
  9. I think that was contracted to Bushy's but that would have been on yearly basis surely. I spoke to Martin about the Lightning Seeds gig and he was saying that opened his eyes to doing similar in that space early in Practice Week.
  10. How about that Car Park Area opposite the Bus Station? Or even the Bus Station itself.
  11. I'd made two posts. In the second I did mean the Tent Staff, but I thought that was obvious.
  12. The strong implication on facebook seems to be Allan Bell, but I have been unable to find any other reference online to verify that.
  13. Well I've never been a supporter of The HNWI tax policy. I wonder whether the staff employed at the tent will be used by the government to justify that policy on the grounds of "job creation" by HNWI when really it is just moving from one employer to another.
  14. Not sure what you mean by illegal. But immoral? Business, owned and run locally identifies an opportunity that didn't previously exist. Runs it, develops it for twenty years. Corpy gets a revenue stream all those years. Then a HNWI attracted to the Island by the previous government's decision to offer extreme tax breaks to people like him buys a small competitor. Invests a lot of money. Hires previous CM and HNWI groupie - the chief cheerleader for the HNWI policy. Presumably due to his influence with officialdom. He then throws an awful lot of money in the direction of the corpy to take over the local company's main income stream. He can afford to overbid, because he's establishing his business and brand here and this is a severe blow to a competitor. "It's business", "it's legal" but it's not moral.
  15. This bit was telling... "And I had a very short and sharp exchange at the end of the meeting, after Mr Topham had left with the Chief Executive of DED, Mr Corlett, who said words to the effect of, ‘This is terrific because the risk has now gone from the TT.’ My view was, and in my world, risk is not commercial risk; it is not revenue targets. It is about safety; it is about bikes going into the crowd and killing people." That's the kind of thinking that has a DED spokesman haling a successful TT even though 3 competitors died.