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  1. Declan

    Bum slapper has to be nice to all

    I don’t think it’s as simple as saying “repeatedly telling your wife what to wear over a period of months”. I mean that could just be nagging that goes in one ear and out the other. It’s more if you are doing it to undermine her self-confidence. Or coupled with other behaviours - controlling who she can be friends with, controlling the finances, etc.
  2. Declan

    Cricket, cricket, cricket

    It'll be replaced soon by Graeme Swan's Banter Time soon.
  3. Declan

    Good Music Never Dies

    I think the current PiL line-up is pretty close to a tribute act. Or parody.
  4. What that everything your brilliant children will achieve is due to the genetics they inherited from you or the environment you raised them in and the materially resources you provided? Stay humble!
  5. It’s amazing how you keep the smugness in check.
  6. Declan

    Aretha Franklin...

    Erm ... https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Rosko-Show/release/1726997
  7. Declan

    Aretha Franklin...

    That’s an amazing Carla Thomas impression she does.
  8. Declan

    Aretha Franklin...

    Show some Respect.
  9. Declan

    Plans for lord street

    I’m not holding my breath.
  10. Declan

    Plans for lord street

    What makes you think anything will be built on the bus station before then? I was thinking after my post that the downside of my vision is people being addicted to cars. Especially since the infrastructure has been built to fuel that addiction. But it’s not like all the private cars will disappear overnight, some will probably carry on till they die. There’s no reason the cars can’t be duel control for those who like driving. No parking fines, no popping out of work to change a disc, just get in the car at the door of your office, switch to manual mode and drive off.
  11. Declan

    Plans for lord street

    Lots used to be drive to Shoprite in Port Erin, then bus to Douglas from Bridson Street. I was thinking more driverless taxis replacing car ownership. You could bus into town, do your shopping then when tired and weighed down with bags have one meet you at the shop. You wouldn't be tied down to one type of vehicle then - taking your kid and his mates to 5 a side - dial a SUV; fancy a drive in country - book a convertible; need to transport a new bookcase; home get a van; big date; get a limo.
  12. Declan

    Plans for lord street

    We'll see.
  13. Declan

    Plans for lord street

    Doesn't building car parks just encourage people to drive into Douglas. Anyway no one will own cars by the time anything is built there.
  14. Declan

    Plans for lord street

    Is it? It's not aesthetically any great shakes, but that doesn't make it an eyesore. More a neutral space. It doesn't overwhelm anything, or block light or views of the quay. It's better than almost everything in Lord Street. I don't have an objection to the proposal, which doesn't seem incongruous now the Douglas has been turned into a Nandos. But cut the hyperbole. Incidentally, why so many parking spaces?
  15. Declan

    Boris and the Burkha

    I had to give up after the first paragraph. Whatever the subject matter of the rest of the article is - burkhas, school uniform, dress down Fridays, Liverpool's new away kit - whoever wrote that paragraph sees the world in grotesque way that is fundamentally different to me.