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  1. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    I don't think that targeting marketing or campaign literature at specific voters is a bad thing. Using data to target them doesn't bother me either. The concerning thing is where false information is used, and where foreign governments and large corporations are footing the bill.
  2. AT LAST

    But he didn't link to a politically controversial page! Just one describing an organisation in the UK. Incidentally, the information it contains matches the PPF's About Us section - http://www.pensionprotectionfund.org.uk/About-Us/Pages/About-Us.aspx You seem to be missing the point that the absence of a organisation performing this function (it doesn't have to be the UK one, or the similar one in America) on the island is to our detriment.
  3. New Blue British Passports...

    It's a pity we can't keep the bright stylish burgundy design we've had for many years and have to have a grubby dark blue monstrosity instead.
  4. AT LAST

    I don’t really see why you are getting so annoyed. I’m in the Isle of Man and made the same point as Rog earlier in the thread. It is relevant because it illustrates a gap in the regulatory protection here. Had the Shoe Company had a sister factory in the UK (or the US or EU) with a similarly underfunded pension scheme then they’d be ok, but not on the Island. The government is encouraging people to make provision on top of state pensions. They need to plug this gap. Additionally, they need to examine whether FSC scrutiny of private pensions is robust enough. (Maybe private pensions aren’t high on the Treasury’s Agenda. They’re not impacted)
  5. AT LAST

    Separate functions though.
  6. AT LAST

    It is interesting that the on-line comment on this story seems to have focused on the Civil Service pensions, rather than the Shoe Company Pensions. I note that it's the absence of Pension Protection Fund as in the UK or elsewhere that has caused this issue. It seems to be potential risk of living here.
  7. Salisbury Street demo.

    You are missing quite a lot. The toiletries issue is these are due to the residents not him. They’re paid a small amount for personal expenses like deoderent - they’ve been promised this money since November. Part of the issue is the department seems to have behaved in a Machiavellian manner in raising objections to him running the home so that he was ousted by his partners, who lacking the know-how to run a home were happy to sell to department. His main point though is the vast waste of money. Specifically- - the government bought the home because they couldn’t build one cheaper - but the developers had been able to - the reason for the purchase has been shown to be wrong and he’s being paid anyway. If he’s right the government should never have cajoled the developers into selling to him.
  8. Salisbury Street demo.

    It wasn't his biggest gripe, by a long way.
  9. Salisbury Street demo.

    That's a complete misrepresentation. The toiletries were supposed to be paid to the residents. The Department didn't pay them said they would then didn't.
  10. Salisbury Street demo.

    My understanding of his allegations is ... He and some developers set up a firm to build and run Salisbury Street. He was the care home professional that would run the finished home. It cost them £5m to buy the land from the government and build the home. As it was nearing completion the Department of Health became concerned about the running of his existing home. Rather than jeopardize the project he stepped away. The department then became concerned that there were lots of DSS only clients who couldn't afford places in private homes. Since the Department therefore needed a home, it bought Salisbury Street for £8m - Quayle saying that was cheaper than building one themselves. The running of the home was put out to tender - which was won by the original fellow. (the concerns about his existing home had gone away.) After running the home for a bit, it turns out there aren't enough DSS-only clients to fill those beds - but the Department are still paying him to provide those services.
  11. Explosion On London Underground Train

    He was probably glad to be Homeward Bound.
  12. Explosion On London Underground Train

    You are allowed to say it. Neill did. I wonder whether the reluctance to spell it out is not just fear of being labelled racist, but the knowledge that racists will use it as justification for their views.
  13. Explosion On London Underground Train

    This lad seems to have as much in common with the kids that return to their former school in America with shotguns as with jihadis.
  14. Boatyard - Protesting too loudly?

    I hate these sort of threads. It’s one meal out of the thousands you’ll eat in your life. If you don’t like it don’t go back but don’t try to put them out of business.