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  1. Flat Earth?

    It was me asked the question and to be honest all the research I’ve ever read points to the fact that ships that sail east and keep going arrive in the west because the world isn’t flat. Also my personal experience of shapes is if you start writing left to right on a piece of paper you don’t get back to where you started, but you do if you write on a ball.
  2. New Rules

    But it’s not just one person causing trouble is it?
  3. Juan Says Sorry

    It’s a matter of timing I think. The Rob thread was active at a time when action was needed.
  4. New Rules

    Can’t be easy moderating lately as I imagine the people who cause issues on threads are also constantly reporting posts and pm-ing the mods.
  5. Facebook Political Groups

    To be fair they were right to ban him after the rant about the woman from Bride. Even if it’s sent them into a righteous tizzy.
  6. Facebook Political Groups

    I think we have different perceptions of rationality.
  7. Facebook Political Groups

    If it’s obvious then it’s not a guessing game. You’ve made an allegation after being a member for a couple of days, but can’t back it up.
  8. Facebook Political Groups

    Do we know that? I’ve never suspected that. What are their sock puppet accounts?
  9. Facebook Political Groups

    At least here is open to all to read and most to join and has a complaint process open to non members and a mostly rational moderating team.
  10. Facebook Political Groups

    I think it's the lady that is very upset about an incident in the bus queue at Castle Rushen in the 70's.
  11. Flat Earth?

    It could be Pringle shaped?
  12. Bushy's to lose TT site?

    I guess a series of container boxes used like hospitality boxes at football. A bit like ... https://www.boxpark.co.uk/shoreditch/
  13. Flat Earth?

    If the earth is flat how come boats sailing West eventually end up in the East and then return home?
  14. Remembrance Day!

    Tommy Cooper was a Nazi? Is no one from our childhoods safe from revisionism?