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  1. Bushy's To Defend.....

    Common sense prevails??!! http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/agreement-reached-between-ded-and-bushys/ Manx Radio understands an agreement has been reached between the Department of Economic Development and Bushy's Brewery over the use of the initials "TT". It's being termed a "co-existence" agreement. More to follow - waiting for a press release from IOM Government.
  2. Tim's Travels

    Here's the answer http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_385131.html
  3. Undemocratic Farce !

    Eighth vote - the worry of having to come back for another ballot during the summer break obviously proved too much for some One nomination for Anderson, who is elected with 14 votes So two more bye-elections for the House Of Keys to look forward too!!
  4. Undemocratic Farce !

    Seventh vote - Braidwood & Anderson agreed between them that only one name at a time be put before the House of Keys Braidwood first Then if he is not elected Anderson next No other nominations at this stage And the outcome - 12 votes for Braidwood So just Anderson being nominated for vote number 8
  5. Undemocratic Farce !

    Sixth vote - 18 of 23 possible votes cast Anderson 9 Braidwood 9
  6. Undemocratic Farce !

    Fifth vote - 18 of 23 possible votes cast Anderson 9 Braidwood 9 Moyle withdrawn Sixth vote to proceed with nominations for Anderson & Braidwood
  7. Undemocratic Farce !

    Fourth vote - 22 of 23 possible votes cast Anderson 7 Braidwood 8 Moyle 7
  8. Undemocratic Farce !

    Third vote - 40 of 46 possible votes cast Anderson 8 Braidwood 12 Crookall 13 - ELECTED MLC Moyle 7 Now adjourned before next ballot
  9. Undemocratic Farce !

    Second vote - 37 of 46 possible votes cast Anderson 8 Braidwood 11 Crookall 11 Moyle 5 Tinkler 2 - has withdrawn for the next vote
  10. Undemocratic Farce !

    First vote done - 23 MHKs present to vote (need 13 votes) Anderson 7 Braidwood 9 Crookall 9 Moyle 6 Tinkler 5 Only 36 out of a possible 46 votes cast and nobody elected at this stage
  11. Weird droning sound in Douglas keeping me awake

    Derby Road tonight and what I would say is your "drone" is coming from Nobles Park direction
  12. We're back!

    Well done UniSol, good job done by you all :-)
  13. £21.60 per year according to this version http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=69983
  14. £50 Sewerage Charge

    According to a post on facebook the following voted AGAINST: Kate Beecroft Alf Cannan Brenda Cannell Zac Hall Peter Karran Bill Henderson Steve Rodan Chris Thomas Juan Turner
  15. Railway Carriages From Portugal?

    Thanks for this information.From the link - No.360 was taken to JCK Balthanes haulage company yard in Ballasalla, later moving in Summer 2013 to a private residence - end quote It can be spotted by the eagle eyed on the left hand side heading south, just after the level crossing in Ballasalla