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  1. £31 million conomy boost

    Going on Declan's figures the government breaks even (maybe a small loss) and IOM companies get a Turnover boost of circa £30m ( if you include the Steam Packet). Seems reasonable.
  2. Thanks Roger, That's very helpful.
  3. A more in depth report would be helpful. If the other 25 scored 95% then that would be good, but if they scored 10% then we have a crisis.
  4. New Rules

    Seriously? Who in their right mind let's a seven year old on to social media. Even when they reach secondary school their usage would need to be monitored.
  5. New Rules

    Guys, Manx Forums has been a great place to follow breaking news and interesting topics and I hope it continues. I would be happy to provide identification to the Mods, although after reading about the abuse named posters get, it may be better to remain anonymous. Sorry for ignoring the request not to respond to irritating posts, but x-in-man/Gettafa, I enjoy your posts, but cannot you not see that further comments such as above only underline the issues we have. This topic is for a serious discussion on the future of a resource many of care about.
  6. Rob callister mhk

    I'm not aware of many universities that provide a service for free. Is your problem that Rob used his spare time to further his knowledge about his current occupation or that he made it public?
  7. Villa Marina gig line up

    £40 is not bad for off island acts, if they are one I would travel to. Saving £200 in transport and accommodation so good value. I would love it to be £15 but I would prefer acts (preferably ones from this century) were brought over and a profit was made, to ensure they continue to be brought over.
  8. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    https://www.irishtimes.com/business/transport-and-tourism/irish-ferries-to-start-work-on-new-144m-vessel-1.3216192 Irish operator investing in another new craft.
  9. I'm not a big fan of Musicals but the energy and talent on show was great. I really enjoyed it despite my grumpy reluctance to go.
  10. Police vs Castletown Festival

    It is not having the licence per se. It is the controls and procedures that are required to be in place and agreed with the licensing authority before an event can take place. The other carnivals seem to manage to comply.
  11. MLC nominations open

    Establishment through and through. Personally would have preferred someone who lives in the real world and has to put up with problems like we do. Yes I'm sure they will provide invaluable advice be able to scrutinise etc, but they will be 'aye' fodder. I would like someone who can input not output and is prepared to offer compromise solutions. On what basis is she establishment through and through, other than having the good sense to know the only way to get elected is by having members vote for her?
  12. MLC nominations open

    http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_473696.html 1st one in
  13. Compulsory Workplace Pensions?

    Will employers receive a reduction in Employer NI contributions in lieu of the 4% pension charge?
  14. Deep South Music Festival

    Any idea on what other acts are lined up?
  15. Steam Packet Warns Of Disruption To Sailings

    Not just the steam packet who struggle with the Irish Sea http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/news/more-than-100-people-stranded-at-sea-on-stena-line-ferry-finally-make-it-to-shore-35234431.html