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  1. £40 is not bad for off island acts, if they are one I would travel to. Saving £200 in transport and accommodation so good value. I would love it to be £15 but I would prefer acts (preferably ones from this century) were brought over and a profit was made, to ensure they continue to be brought over.
  2. Irish operator investing in another new craft.
  3. I'm not a big fan of Musicals but the energy and talent on show was great. I really enjoyed it despite my grumpy reluctance to go.
  4. It is not having the licence per se. It is the controls and procedures that are required to be in place and agreed with the licensing authority before an event can take place. The other carnivals seem to manage to comply.
  5. Establishment through and through. Personally would have preferred someone who lives in the real world and has to put up with problems like we do. Yes I'm sure they will provide invaluable advice be able to scrutinise etc, but they will be 'aye' fodder. I would like someone who can input not output and is prepared to offer compromise solutions. On what basis is she establishment through and through, other than having the good sense to know the only way to get elected is by having members vote for her?
  6. 1st one in
  7. Will employers receive a reduction in Employer NI contributions in lieu of the 4% pension charge?
  8. Any idea on what other acts are lined up?
  9. Not just the steam packet who struggle with the Irish Sea
  10. The UK are forgetting a key point. The rules are set by the International Football Association Board and implemented by FIFA. The UK makes up 50% of that board (A seat for Wales, Scotland, N. Ireland and England and four for FIFA) so have a major say in the regulations they are complaining about.
  11. Why? Aren't they anonymous? Anonymous but not untraceable. In the case of fraud they could be used to assist.
  12. Unless you want to travel to Ireland outside of the summer months, and even then it is limited
  13. Australia has taken Norfolk Islands sovereignty away
  14. Much better this year. I had not intended to go after last year's fiasco, but did at the last minute. No queues, good beer, good music and pleasant bar staff. I hope the attendance over the weekend is not effected by last year, as it is worth giving them another go.
  15. The other side of the coin is that a lot of young people are very involved in our culture ( see my thread "Well done Manxies" ) and put a lot of us older Manxies to shame. I can hardly speak Manx at all, yet last week in Ireland (Carlow) I heard Manx spoken by people half my age and many many songs sung in Manx too. We should not blame the young for not following tradition, we should blame ourselves for not grasping it and passing in down. Carlow has gone from strength to strength since setting up the Gaelscoil thirty years ago, to increase the use of Irish language outside the traditional Irish speaking areas.