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  1. Cascarino

    Cregeen on a school spending spree!

    Are you for real? Other than the ridiculous broad brush statement, following your logic the Scots/Welsh may have an issue with not being catered for in the UK and are you looking to exclude non Manx from Manx schools? I'm not a fan of faith schools but the government would still have to pay for the children regardless. They need to provide the same finances for all schools
  2. Cascarino

    Constitutional, Legal Affairs and Justice Committee

    That is her husband at Cains. It is small pool on the island so conflicts of interest are likely. The important part is making sure they are declared. It should all be clear if the findings are published in full, but unfortunately this government has not proved to be adept at transparency.
  3. Cascarino

    Constitutional, Legal Affairs and Justice Committee

    I would prefer to have someone who understands the process to chair it. Who would you recommend? Cregeen? What does confuse me is that as her term is coming to an end and the elections are today so she is not guaranteed to be an MLC for long.
  4. Cascarino

    Buster is back

    Their postings drive me demented. But if the government was a bit more transparent they could easily solve the issue.
  5. Cascarino

    New NSC Discount Cards

    Is this to replace the reduced pricing for locals?
  6. Cascarino

    MLC nominations open

    Is Mummery running?
  7. 97,000 out of 25m homes and say 5m commercial properties. A headline of "Less than 0.5% of property held in offshore companies" would not be good for meeting their agenda.
  8. Cascarino

    Man wins employment tribunal

    We could have a Whip-round
  9. Looks like a sensible proposal to me. Not sure how you make the leap to the Islands' economic performance.
  10. Cascarino

    £31 million conomy boost

    Going on Declan's figures the government breaks even (maybe a small loss) and IOM companies get a Turnover boost of circa £30m ( if you include the Steam Packet). Seems reasonable.
  11. Thanks Roger, That's very helpful.
  12. A more in depth report would be helpful. If the other 25 scored 95% then that would be good, but if they scored 10% then we have a crisis.
  13. Cascarino

    New Rules

    Seriously? Who in their right mind let's a seven year old on to social media. Even when they reach secondary school their usage would need to be monitored.
  14. Cascarino

    New Rules

    Guys, Manx Forums has been a great place to follow breaking news and interesting topics and I hope it continues. I would be happy to provide identification to the Mods, although after reading about the abuse named posters get, it may be better to remain anonymous. Sorry for ignoring the request not to respond to irritating posts, but x-in-man/Gettafa, I enjoy your posts, but cannot you not see that further comments such as above only underline the issues we have. This topic is for a serious discussion on the future of a resource many of care about.
  15. Cascarino

    Rob callister mhk

    I'm not aware of many universities that provide a service for free. Is your problem that Rob used his spare time to further his knowledge about his current occupation or that he made it public?