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  1. Paypal blacklisting IOM?

    I used paypal last week with no problems. The goods arrived .
  2. Public Sector Pension Liability

    government had no trouble increasing the age for retirement which affected people expecting to retire quite soon, they should put their own retirement requirements up too so people aren't bailing out as soon as they can and claiming their pensions for 25 years + . how anybody expects the total contributions applied to anybody in government to fund what they take out is beyond anybody that can do maths, especially when said contributions don't get invested in the first place.
  3. MHK suggests media should be gagged

    the best way to stop it happening is to not have thickies talking to the press on matters of importance

    good news or no news, take your pick.
  5. MHK suggests media should be gagged

    silly fat boy, stops pans with his face too by the looks of him.
  6. WOW expensive flu jabs !!

    You can get a dose in peel for the price of half a lager.
  7. What's going on at nobles

    it is very common for people to travel to find work when there is none at home for them.
  8. Public Sector Pension Liability

    i thought the number was what the imaginary pension pot was supposed to have in it, but as it is just a ponzi scheme where your NI payments get spent and not invested ( probably illegal if you're not government ) there is nothing there at all and all pension payments come out of tax revenue. in a few years when even more are claiming and less are working in our shrinking economy there will be a point when the numbers will not work. they don't really work now but the powers that be hack back on service provision to pay the big pensions and lump sums. smile and wave boys, smile and wave.
  9. maybe i can sell the missus's user name then? she hasn't been on for years.
  10. Taxpayers to dig for £20M for Liverpool Dock

    more than 5%, at the moment.....................
  11. i'd better learn to fish, spuds i can grow.
  12. Do-Gooders

    Leaps of faith are rarely considered sensible but can work out very well.
  13. yes, there was even room for a coffee shop. charity shop next then?
  14. What's going on at nobles

    but they expand management and contract those at the coalface. it needs to be the other way round.