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  1. MLC nominations open

    i would suggest he will stand unless this data protection witch hunt excludes him somehow.
  2. Plans for lord street

    it didn't work at the meat plant.
  3. Plans for lord street

    why do we need a bus station a few hundred yards from a bus depot?? just put decent waiting room facilities down by tesco
  4. MLC nominations open

    they will probably to 'stand' to get another six months pay even if they don't get in. whether they want to get back in is a different matter but those that don't will still play the system for 6 months money and probably already know their mates won't vote them back in cos they've had the nod.
  5. Plans for lord street

    no they won't !
  6. Ballasalla Bypass

    After the developers the only people that would want it are the pub and the chinese with maybe the shops but 400 house developments usually end up with a spar shop in the middle anyway.
  7. Plans for lord street

    no, we'd have the most expensive weatherspoons on the planet.
  8. Plans for lord street

    a hooters in one of the units should do well.
  9. Ballasalla Bypass

    have you seen the price of mud over here??
  10. i'm sure with enough money it can pass all the tests necessary, that's the problem.
  11. i'd rather be sat in a spitfire than a typhoon, modern electronics can be a nightmare.
  12. he has never worked for us, only himself and his cronies.
  13. Yappy dog type MHK

    little gobshite done good will be the title of his book. couldn't get a village turned into a town so that it needed a mayor that he fancied himself for so gets into government over here on the whatever time of asking, jumped up little numpty, shows just how bad the other candidates were that this muppet got in.
  14. Ronaldsway Airport

    upset the wrong member (s) at a guess
  15. Ronaldsway Airport

    cueball along with notwell and probably a few others got banned permanently a while back, shame really.