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  1. We see much more now as well so it looks like the official launch was 4th Dec, nice at no extra charge :-)
  2. I am guessing official launch date is 4th Dec and Sure have just updated website a bit early. I think it was supposed to launch earlier but MT have delayed it for a few months
  3. Our Sync Speed has gone up to about 110 Mb, the 100Mb is a theoretical maximum. All ISP's are going from 80 to 100Mb, MT have advertised the new services as well: https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/internet/broadband/new-broadband-services-personal
  4. PS3 500GB

  5. Car Stereo

  6. ADSL/VDSL router

  7. ADSL/VDSL router

    Indeed. Will post a link
  8. ADSL/VDSL router

    Last shout before it goes on ebay on sunday while they have capped listing fees.
  9. Car Stereo

    Last shout before it goes on ebay on sunday while they have capped listing fees.
  10. Car Stereo

  11. Police vs Castletown Festival

    I heard on the grapevine it is music licence, living in castletown 18 years, it has gone ahead that long without one, I think they are being jobsworths
  12. Car Stereo

    Purchased on an auction without reading the specs properly expecting it to have bluetooth but it doesn't. In amazing condition, ex display. DAB, FM, USB, Aux in
  13. Laptop

    New laptop has arrived, needs to go, so dropping to £140 or very near offer