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  1. pongo

    Offshore Banking

    Given that 1979 was 39 years ago. You'd need to be about 60 and more like 70 to remember that era. I'm sure it was a lot more fun in the late 80s and early 90s though. And you'd still be young enough to enjoy your winnings.
  2. pongo

    5G Network Radiation?

    I'm not convinced that the experimentally high frequencies which might be used for 5G are safe. Actually - not that the frequencies are possibly unsafe per se - but rather that the need to massively increase the number of nodes, putting us all closer to them, is not potentially an issue. I would not routinely sleep next to a wifi router either. The mind control stuff is clearly nonsense.
  3. pongo

    5G Network Radiation?

    How do you safeguard against something which isn't real?
  4. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    LSD hasn't really got anything to with any of the drugs you might be talking about here. It's never been a significant money maker because it's not typically habitual.
  5. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    The fact that LSD had been tested by the military - including on some who later promoted it, does mean that its widespread use was a govt conspiracy.
  6. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    You're contradicting yourselves as usual.
  7. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    You sound a bit silly
  8. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    I understand that many old people today are anti-establishment (I assume because they come from the era when it was fashionable and perhaps even right to belligerently and simplistically challenge everything). But surely the establishment, such as it is, is worth defending. Our great institutions, our public services, universities, military etc. In a meritocracy, surely those who seek to undermine the idea of establishment are essentially something like what was once called the enemy within.
  9. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    If you're left on a thing they will seem right. If you're right on a thing they will seem left.
  10. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    It's an indication of how extreme politics has become that fringe left and fringe right opinion is now mainstream. And the middle class moderate majority have to try to chose between ex Leninists and basically a Falange.
  11. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    Seems to point to a divide between those who believe that the BBC is pro terrorism vs those who believe that the BBC is insufficiently pro terrorism. Something like that anyhow. And look at the rest of the nonsense on that page. That the BBC is simultaneously too left wing and too right wing. Too establishment and equally too anti-establishment. Though let's be honest - the vast majority of the criticism is from the sort of elderly ne'er do wells who regard any sort of establishment as a challenge.
  12. pongo

    Biased Broadcasting Corporation

    There is a need to do this as a giant screen shot? As opposed to simply quoting and linking?
  13. pongo

    Reflections on TT vs MGP/FoM

    Electric bikes and vintage bikes have more of a future. That's what it will end up being about - technology (how far not how fast) and vintage style.
  14. pongo

    Donald Trump

    La Colombe is paraphrasing what Trump said about McCain not being an hero because he was captured. https://www.politico.com/story/2015/07/trump-attacks-mccain-i-like-people-who-werent-captured-120317
  15. It's not my taste - but nor does it look like the stuff in Ireland.That seems like a lazy comparison - the only similarity being that it is on the side of a property. But cities all over the world have murals on the walls of houses. Paris being the most obvious example. If it gets people talking then great.