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  1. Well there is a thread where they discuss the prescription charges changes
  2. I can understand why he is doing that but he's running quite a risk and so is anyone who's sending him information over Facebook All it takes is one libellous remark against the next Gubay for it to be blown wide open
  3. Agreed to a point I have mentally jumped to the large group of people who all have really strong opinions on things that conflict with each other and none of it is based on anything other than what they like to do. Failure by committee ETA - Meanwhile the refurbishment doesn't move on either
  4. dun dun duuuuuuuuuuhn
  5. the Back to the Future dream
  6. is it though? I get nervous when I see people rushing forward with good ideas (not aimed at you PB) because they invariably are the same people who disappear as soon as the work begins
  7. and for clarification there has been no discussion that that is a possibility I was just contemplating it the other day and wanted some feedback
  8. not quite sure that's a real link but....
  9. if you can spend it
  10. takes won to know won
  11. visiting North Korea is so 2016
  12. what a grim spot for a hotel in comparison to some of the empty locations in Douglas I guess it makes financial sense though and Premier Inn in the UK aren't renowned for their pretty locations. Decent chain though, no problem with them.
  13. +1 Makes me wonder why it broke down this year?
  14. I forgot to pack any torches in a run last night - you get loads more loot!
  15. don't forget lactose intolerant