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  1. Rhumsaa

    Sacha Baron Cohen

    American Chumps who got shown to be chumps are outraged Let them eat Cake I say
  2. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    could be any tin that mate
  3. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    once you get past the smell the taste is fine
  4. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    haha that was Surstromming - completely different!
  5. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    picked soe up today - spot on thanks
  6. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    thank you
  7. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    watch out, they're peel gals
  8. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    I never thought about buying it off island
  9. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    when you say roll mop I think of pickled herring? I'm sure when I was a kid I had salted herring with potato, raw onion and a glass of milk on the side
  10. Rhumsaa

    Salt Herring

    Where can one procure salt herring these days?
  11. Rhumsaa

    Mustang Sally

  12. Rhumsaa

    Manx words and phrases added to the OED

    I get about not above a spot of lollypopping
  13. Rhumsaa

    Manx words and phrases added to the OED

    could be anyone that mate
  14. Rhumsaa

    Manxforums 4th Birthday Bash

    best offer Oogie ever received on MF
  15. Rhumsaa

    Solo - A Star Wars Story

    over an infinite amount of time yeah not like.... 30 years