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  1. 4 New MLCs

    I agree I think if properly utilised a secondary chamber is an excellent way to give a second opinion and look at legislation. I feel sometimes we're using the back of an ace to hammer in nails and complaining about what a poor job it does
  2. 4 New MLCs

    sounds like a good table tbh
  3. Pencil & Paper Policing

    a low brow post.....
  4. Does Liberal Vannin have a future?

    I am not sure Lawrie is doing himself any favours getting embroiled in FB arguments over this Equally I don't think Lawrie was silent over the Ramsey Cottage Hospital and I am not sure where this idea has surfaced from, other than the problem with Lib Van as a party.
  5. Museum can’t afford to open on Sunday’s

    in his defence, he is fighting his towns corner and it is a long time shut during the year
  6. New Rules

    that was the one well attended there was an xmas bash a couple of years back I started then jibbed on
  7. New Rules

    after organising then not turning up to the last one I will not get involved
  8. Museum can’t afford to open on Sunday’s

    You have to wonder if sometimes you should suck up additional cost of Sunday opening for the greater good of providing a service in a facility that is a financial drain regardless
  9. Premiership 2017/18

  10. Dogging On The Isle Of Man

    bit too crusty for my tastes
  11. Dogging On The Isle Of Man

    and don't be rude of they'll give you a right mouthful
  12. Dogging On The Isle Of Man

    Gladys found some knickers up there
  13. Dogging On The Isle Of Man

    that lad from Mountain Warehouse gets up to some shenanigans I can tell you
  14. New Rules

    she's not been on here for 8 years you know, mad that I see her about the place on occasion
  15. New Rules

    used to see her on the bus occasionally - she moved to Ramsey with her fella