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  1. I went 2 or 3 weeks ago It did what it said on the tin of being an american style diner offering up fast food the owner/chef is a character
  2. Yeah I've been playing it for a few months now and have found it to be very addictive. I've been playing it with a group and we all have a laugh playing it so that might be a factor that brings me back but I don't remember ever watching as many YouTube videos about a game as I do with this.
  3. I appear to have been kicked out of the group for some reason
  4. do you think having your profile picture set as an animal counts as being anonymous?
  5. madmanx90 you're not involved in this enterprise by any chance?
  6. I do not. I'm just sensing a trend.
  7. The MGP has never had a "Mad Sunday" which was where the one way system started It's all creep though isn't it, like the pushbike ban, so I can see a one way system for MGP on the horizon I can honestly envisage the mountain being closed for large periods on a planned basis in the coming years over TT/MGP or opened for controlled journeys behind a police car. It might seem far fetched but it wouldn't surprise me.
  8. I wondered how the "stupid idiot parking" sites on Facebook land in regard DP
  9. Actually I do think that's a bit mean tbh
  10. it's glorious
  11. Best to read the full expose by an inside reporter
  12. shut up sultan or I'll take your pocket money again and give you a ham bap
  13. not yet - they're only open Wednesday to Saturday I think?
  14. are burgers average or above average?
  15. agree with you but I do actually think that Scampi was responding purely to the matters that Buster was raising in that thread that he got banned for that's where I found it the strangest action, there's plenty of abusive remarks on there and insults but for all his floral language Scampi wasn't resorting to personal abuse he was querying the claims being made. Anyways.... he's had his 24 hour ban and he's back now so it's all a pointless bit of drama I suppose. I suspect people are starting to see it as a badge of honour.