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  1. How Does The TT Really Affect The Island?

    I hope so. I think sometimes the people in government choose the easy things to cut back on and they've got their own sacred cows, and they are usually the rusty old piers or damp old buildings that are 'culture', or people dressing up in ridiculous clothes, playing a penny whistle and saying 'yussir' lots. These things get the hand-outs under the 'we must absolutely preserve this, it's what defines us as Manx' whereas I'm sure there are people on here who could make that argument about the TT. It's the first thing people say to me when I say I'm from here (after calling me a tax evader); they never ask about Niarrbyl Cafe, or a boat in a basement.
  2. How Does The TT Really Affect The Island?

    One other point: the 'benefit' of the TT should be looked at as the net cost. For far too long, the government has counted 'income' by including sponsorship deals that the TT brings in, but they never mention that some of these sponsorship deals are from other areas of their own budget so can hardly be counted as income. MNH / Manx Radio advertising around the course is not additional spend, it's just paper shuffling. Similarly, Police adverts etc, Isle of Man Meats, Creamery, whatever: it's all a bit 'communist' in it's accounting.
  3. How Does The TT Really Affect The Island?

    I would imagine that this is the start of the end. Add all the bits together - including them trying to offload it onto Vision 9 - and it would appear that they just don't want to run it anymore. I've no opinion either way - I've no interest in it at all as an event, but it's clear that some people live for it. I imagine it provides enough money for lots of places to tick over the rest of the year and so the impact of it NOT happening would see a huge downscale in tourism elsewhere. You could argue that the TT is a cultural as anyone playing the tin whistle and as historic as any lump of rubbish old stones. So, as with all these things, provision of it should be looking at as part of the whole 'cultural' spend, including massive subsidies provided to the newspapers and radio stations, the language school, at least four MNH sites I can think of without trying etc.
  4. Everyone's Gone To the Moon

    Steam Packet offered a user-agreement to provide transport to and from apparently.
  5. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Theyve bought a lemon in the heart of the retail area, in a world of declining property prices and an oversupply of retail space. A real bunch of geniuses. Stick to watering the flowers (which are lovely in Ramsey, by the way)
  6. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Yes, but then the RTC got involved. Now it'll end up as something 'worthy' and rate-draining, or be leased back to the kind of people who would have taken it on in the first place, at their own risk.
  7. Manx Museum Visitor Numbers...

    There is little over here that is remarkable, there is lots that is nice, there is some that is of local importance, there is some that is pointless, there is some that could quite happily go. My review of the people who run our cultural offering, there.
  8. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Crazy. So they now admit they had no idea what they wanted or needed it for? I feel harsh picking on Commissioners because I know it's a fairly thankless task, but this is all entirely predictable and will now be a drain on the public purse for years to come, only to be sold off (probably at a loss) years down the line.
  9. Manx Museum Visitor Numbers...

    Before we start piling in on MNH - and I think it's certainly worthy of scrutiny - then let's put it in the context of a government that pays £875,000 for some Elton John songs to be broadcast "with a local twist". The culture budget should be addressed as a whole: there are some very high salaries across the sector, based on what they do 'across' but they are not at all comparable jobs.
  10. Has Anyone Seen A Big Gold Chain (or Something)

    I'd like to welcome Douglas' new Mayor today. One in a long, traceable chain of Mayor's, who help provide valuable accountability and scrutiny to local government. http://www.isleofman.com/News/details/85354/new-mayor-of-douglas-appointed
  11. Nobles park. The Peoples Park

    Go and clamp them on behalf of the people. Dare ya.
  12. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Ramsey always gets overlooked when it comes to government spending so, when things like this come up, people are annoyed that it is more chipping away at the town. I think pretty much every town feels a bit like this, other than Douglas which gets all the spending but still manages to look like a hellhole. This was a total waste of money, egged on by naive Commissioners who didn't really have an end-game. Nobody in private enterprise would be allowed to go on a spending spree without a plan, at the very least. Here, we just had pie in the sky. So they're lumbered with it. What to do now? Might as well use it as a social enterprise of some sort, or an indoor market. To follow the inevitable and end up as a landlord on a property that will cost more to maintain than it will ever recoup, without some sort of social good, would be a real scandal.
  13. Government Pension Tax

    A reverse-local tax would be a great idea, in every area. Want your benefits? Want your free education? Want help from the IOM worker? Then stay here and spend it. 100% pensions for Manx residents, 50% if you're moving away. 100% Uni fees paid for Manx Residents, 50% if you move away. What's up with that?
  14. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    Could they really exercise control? If there's limited interest, then they'd be duty bound to see a return on it rather than it sit empty. Move the library there is, of course, what will happen. Then the police station could expand their premises. And then the whole game of pointless, musical chairs could be exposed as what it really is: a waste of money.
  15. Ramsey Courthouse For Sale

    What is the plan for the building? Still inclined to think it was a bit of a luxury.