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  1. Manx Radio

    I suspect Gagster has a vested interest in this. Or too much time on his hands.
  2. Manx Radio

    I can see where I'm going wrong. Thank you again.
  3. Manx Radio

    Sid - the logic is that my programme is mostly listened to by people of 'our' generation - many retired or people not in work for whatever reason and with time on their hands. But the reality is ( and I don't have the official data to hand) that I get a good mix of ages. I am especially rewarded when I meet someone for the first time and they admit to liking TH. Couple of garages I've frequented recently being good examples - young mechanicky blokes who enjoy the bants. I expect they're laughing AT me in many ways rather than WITH me, but I'll take new (and young) listeners however they come to the programme.
  4. Manx Radio

    You win Gagster. I shall ritually disembowel myself in shame that you have caught my chicanery out. Actually no, belay that blade...seppuku may not be the answer, which is that you are simply trying to score nitpicking points to further your attempts to discredit something that many thousands of people enjoy and a handful of people work hard to produce. This is my second attempt at a reply - the first went on into much more detail, but knowing that you'll use my words against me I can't be arsed to make a noose for myself.
  5. Manx Radio

    That's old news Gagster - for the last year or so I've not had a producer so have been getting in at 10am and doing my own show preparation. And I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but Talking Heads isn't a 'news and current affairs programme' per se in that it doesn't fall under the ambit of the news editor...it's an entertainment programme that reflects on news and current affairs, which means I can annoy most of the people most of the time by airing my own views and I don't have to pretend to be impartial (surely impartiality is a completely false philosophical construct and at the very least open to nuancing). Although I always attempt to be fair and allow equal airtime to anyone who feels aggrieved by my programme.
  6. Manx Radio

    No they're not. NOW are you going to apologise for getting it wrong again?
  7. Manx Radio

    Your guess is wide of the mark. I suspect if that information became available most local people would actually be surprised at how little Manx and UK local radio stations pay compared to the obscene salaries paid by the BBC.
  8. Manx Radio

    I have two of the fanciest cars frequently in the car park. One is 16 years old, the other 28. My motorbike is 33...
  9. Manx Radio

    By that perverse logic, Energy would have been awarded the annual subvention when JT became an MLC - and he was boss of his station and not a fairly junior reporter. But don't let logic get in the way of your bile.
  10. Manx Radio

    I'm sure all co0mmercial radio stations would prefer to have clients refresh their commercials on a regular basis. But it's the client who buys the airtime and decides if they want to spend much of their budget on production costs - nothing to do with the station.
  11. Gladys

    Chill Dill. And happy days Gladys. I knew her when she was just Glad To Be Back.
  12. Manx Music Festival, Guild entries up

    Indeed Gettafa, I will be spanking my plank at the Villa in a month or so. I thought The Guild was only for serious musicians, but apparently they now let players in too. I suspect we'll raise the average age of the class to 24...
  13. Manx Radio

    I suppose policing is one of those jobs that looks easy to those of us outside the system, whereas it's really not. But comments like the last few about 'no further action' makes me very vexed. YouTube has a great example of that, but on a much bigger and scarier scale. Listen particularly to the 50 guys on the staircase story...
  14. Manx Radio

    It's the Isle of Man. We're short of poisoned Russian spies to interview...
  15. Supertour 2018

    If there's any general interest in this I'd be happy to. I suspect it's only petrolheads and Kevmeister/Tool Lame who give half a damn. For the record, I commend Derek Flint for 'professionalising' something that's been going on for years. Probably a decade ago I suggested to members of a Lotus forum I use that the IOM would be a great weekend driving holiday for members, and would be happy to act as local liaison. They came over one Friday afternoon, and I'd asked Derek (then head of roads policing) if he'd meet them off the boat with me and give them a safety chat. He agreed without hesitation and combined a warm welcome with dark threats of legal misery if anyone took the piss and fucked up. Feedback from the Lotus gang afterwards was that it was a highspot of their (much enjoyed) trip to have a senior cop who was also a petrolhead welcome them to the Island. He's done it for them and similar groups many times since then, so I have no problem with him commercialising the concept and making a few bob in the process. I presume he also risks losing his shirt, so even more reason to support the event. As for 'what happens if they crash - we'll be left paying for their medical care'? I suspect people with £200k cars are likely to be reasonably careful and decent drivers and have private health insurance. Is this any different from visiting footballers or other activities? I bet the interminable walking and cycling fests cause more disruption and injury - but if it's good for the Island I'm happy for my taxes to help bring in some visitors. And as for spotty Kevmeister 'simply asking for a yes or no', that's a fabrication. You've asked personal, provocative or commercially sensitive questions and Flinty has shown remarkable restraint. I'd have told you to fuck right off much earlier in the thread.