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  1. Stu Peters

    Hi-Fi Dealers?

    Thanks Steve - mine's a 44/FM4/405 system. I'll try the WD40 trick first - £100 sounds an expensive fix!
  2. Stu Peters

    Hi-Fi Dealers?

    So inevitably my lovely old Quad system started to get a bit crackly - an engineer pal diagnosed a dodgy balance fader on the pre-amp, but said it was an oddball value which he couldn't source. So I emailed various Quad specialists around the world, to no avail. Emailed Quad HQ last month and got this response: Dear Sir Thank you for your E-mail Sorry no longer available. Lubricate with WD40. Regards, Rob Flain ...and they say customer service is dead!
  3. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Or maybe there are not that many alternative openings for daytime presenters here that anyone could afford to mount a high horse? My deal is great - I get all the subvention. I do 2 hours prep for a 2 hour show every day - some do more, some less. If it was as easy as you think no doubt you could do it and show us all where we're going wrong.
  4. Because they are ostensibly doing their jobs to protect us Albert. So think of it as a form of 'paying forward'. And why wouldn't you want to help them catch bad people?
  5. Stu Peters

    Popular Rider Critical...

    We don't have to justify anything Dilli - we're allowing sportsmen to do something they want to do, nobody is encouraging or forcing them. In terms of the benefits to the Treasury coffers, any inconvenience to the rest of us is justified or they simply wouldn't do it. The Island is a last bastion of freedom in an increasingly regulated world of snowflakes who have to do a risk assessment before operating a mobile phone. I don't enjoy road racing or belong to the biking fraternity (despite owning a mid-life crisis bike) and find the whole TT/MGP things uninteresting and inconvenient. But they bring joy to tens if not hundreds of thousands of people and I applaud their skill, courage and determination.
  6. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Last I heard was someone here saying the balance had improved. Of course I'm on holiday this week
  7. Stu Peters

    Motorcyclists Banned From Mountain Road For FOM

    Having taken a week's holiday I decided to make an unofficial visit to Ramsey today. It seemed mostly closed. Quite foggy over the Mountain road both ways, but coming back I passed a mountain biker slogging uphill by Guthries. I can't imagine the large and visible police presence at Ramsey hairpin allowed him through so can only assume he joined via another route. Weedy rear light so difficult to see in the fog, albeit it at a low speed. Then I saw another coming up towards Kate's Cottage, and he MUST have passed the cop car strategically parked outside the Creg ny Baa. So I'm guessing they're not actually enforcing this, just offering advice?
  8. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Thing is Stinky, many of us DO care about that sort of thing. It's a framework for communicating accurately. Punctuation, spelling and capitalisation remove uncertainty and standardise the written form. I understand the argument that 'as long as you can make it out, it's fine' but it shows an alarming disregard for abiding by rules and making your written points properly. It also increases the chance of the reader deciding (possibly unfairly) that you're as thick as pig shit and spent your entire education wagging school or smoking behind the bike sheds. I blame social media - at one time you only saw things written by people who could do it, now anyone with a computer can and happily does display their illiteracy for all to see. And society in general where our young people are taught more about gender fluidity, safe spaces and self-empowerment than about the basics. I once worked with a very good writer who eschewed punctuation in emails because he thought it hip and trendy. His publisher disagreed when it came to books.
  9. Stu Peters

    Athol Street police presence

    I am looking at a medal (the Donegal Medal) I won 50 years ago as a junior member of Diggle Rifle & Revolver Club, shooting a SMLE .303 with target sights. Of course, the cooler kids had already gone metric (7.62mm). Was a great hobby I shared with my dad - keep thinking I should maybe get back into target shooting.
  10. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Because she was breaking the golden rules of the show (legal, honest, decent, truthful). She was asserting as facts what appeared to be only conjecture, and seemed to me to be stirring up a lot of negative feedback. You get a sense of these things, and I don't want to end up in court defending myself for allowing someone a platform for what has become their personal crusade or cause celebre. I appreciate your constructive criticism, but who would I have put on to counter her claims, 45 years after the event?
  11. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    For the sake of fairness, PG has always admitted to his youthful excesses, for which he paid the price. Don't forget he was elected a number of times as MHK and still has lots of support, understands how the Island works, can speak Manx Gaelic and knows about farming and the countryside. So it's a no-brainer to use him if those attributes are useful to a programme. Now, I've not heard it, but if he's subverting an innocent radio show to launch a political coup, you may have a point. Is he? Ewan started as an intern at MR and now works for the BBC and is a most agreeable young man. Let's not visit the sins of the father unto the son, eh?
  12. Stu Peters

    Are people queuing up to be offended?

    Yes they are. Entirely down to social media and the growth of the 'social justice warrior'. There are thousands of YouTube clips of entitled (usually) American idiots demanding to see the manager or 'get Corporate's number' because they weren't happy with their burger or whatever. They put themselves into a confrontational situation with cameraphones running and goad employees. It's partly this whole 'equality' thing, where everyone thinks they have an equal right to be heard. In 99% of the clips I've seen, they haven't - they're bullying, arrogant idiots trying to assert themselves over others. And the worse ones are the 'offence by proxy' brigade who take offence at something that's simply none of their business, but it gives them an opening. And once the Facebook lynch mob fires up it's broomsticks, you may as well hide for a week until they find someone else to 'bring down' or get fired.
  13. Stu Peters

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    I think that sub judice laws only really apply if a jury (which could be swayed by opinion) is involved.
  14. Stu Peters

    It’s not just us

    I'm with SoS on this - an interesting comparison indeed.
  15. Stu Peters

    Tram & Bus Incidents

    Why the unnecessarily snarky 'Idle of Man Government State Propaganda Machine - Manx Radio'. MR reported what the bus company said, which is exactly what would happen anywhere else in the world.