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  1. Stu Peters

    Radio Quirk ?

    Nope - nobody gets priority...it's entirely down to who calls or otherwise contributes first and is taken in a chronological order. Unless someone calls in when all I have are texts or emails, I'll always put a caller on first in case it spurs someone else on to engage.
  2. Stu Peters

    Man Kicks Seagull

    Is that a gamut joke?
  3. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Subjective 'loudness' Terminal - according to the meters I'm as loud as the adverts. They are usually compressed though so will sound louder. I'll talk to the head solderer and see if there's a case for loudness meters instead of PPM's.
  4. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    If only we had someone with your technical skills and an answer for every 'challenge'. I haven't listened to the race commentary (not my cup of tea) but like to close-mike myself in the studio. I ride the faders to achieve a correct audio level, and if I get it wrong the Optimod in the transmitter chain should sort it out, or raise my level if I'm too quiet. But I suspect trying to talk over ear-splitting race bikes whilst allowing a bit of ambience is a much more difficult proposition. Sky F1 get it wrong most races, and they spend more on a single show than MR does all year.
  5. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    You could have phoned in and made that point. Or sent a text if you're a chickenshit. My job is to get people to phone in - and I'm often grateful to regulars like Dave, Buster, Howard and Quirky for making the effort - unlike those who merely criticise them. And I know that the Island is pretty tribal, but you don't have to live in Castletown to have an opinion on what might be a good use for a redundant building.
  6. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    On the basis that Jo Pack until recently presented an early Saturday show on Manx, she naturally assumed you listened to her show and thanked you for the kind comment. How you can twist your own ineptitude into an attack on her is beyond belief. Is Emma Thompson still married to darling Kenny Branagh, or is the radio gig to supplement the acting lark 'between jobs'?
  7. Ronnie James Dio had a pair of lungs on him! And so short.
  8. Stu Peters


    Dude, I can't believe you just wrote that either! Going forward we're going to play some electric music and boogie...
  9. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Again Sidney, it's not and never has been 'looking for constant hand outs' - it's owned by the people of the Isle of Man under the stewardship of Treasury, and IOMG is duty bound to fund it. But as with most things, IOMG wants it on the cheap so doesn't fund it properly, hence the advertising. Then they carve up the advertising revenue by licencing Energy and 3FM who are there simply to make profits for their shareholders. Then they have consultants and committees looking at it every couple of years, who generally say it should be properly funded by government. Tynwald votes to link the agreed subvention to inflation, then decides that's too expensive and actually cuts the funding instead. And sets up another Select Committee to examine public service broadcasting (they obviously either don't trust the expensive and extensive previous reports, or think things have changed enough in the last couple of years to waste yet more time and money on another inquiry). Personal views only of course, I'm certainly not a spokesman for the station and the official view may not tally with mine.
  10. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    But the advertiser (and I wasn't taking notice of the content) surely isn't suggesting anything distressing or injurious to the mutts - i.e. that dogs be kept in direct sunlight in hot cars. Lots of people drive around with dogs in their car/van, and I'm sure all bar a tiny number are entirely responsible. Me, I prefer cats anyway. The old adage about not shooting the messenger comes to mind.
  11. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    And again for the benefit of the stupids, the advertiser decides what to say, not the broadcaster. Too soon for a hot dog joke? Yeah, sorry, it probably is...
  12. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Sorry, I didn't mean you Dilli - but there are hordes of disagreeable social justice warriors on Facebook who demand I get fired from the day job if I write anything they don't like, so to keep meat on the menu I have to be more circumspect these days.
  13. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Snarky reply deleted to avoid reprisals from offended royalists....
  14. Stu Peters

    Manx Radio

    Never mind Sid, you have a nice Royal Wedding to enjoy this weekend. Allegedly neither proud father is going to be there, though...
  15. Stu Peters


    And an honest answer - I dunno! I guess shops and building sites predominantly want wall-to-wall pop music rather then speech programming. All I DO know is that MR and 3FM subscribe to RAJAR, which is the recognised industry body for radio station audience research. I seem to remember Energy took their bat and ball home some years ago after posting low figures and blamed the system. I often listen to Energy in the car as I like EDM - whereas 3FM and Manx seem to have similar playlists. Maybe the methodology is flawed, it's simply not my area of expertise, all I know is that it's accepted by advertisers and sponsors as the best available data on audiences. Edited to add: I've never been canvassed either, so I wouldn't read too much into their sampling method.