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    Spending time with Roger Ramjet, my homelife, socialising with my friends, music, films, video games, occasional Charity Work.
  1. Kellbelle

    A Night In November

    In Yer Space presents: A Night In November by Marie Jones for one night only, starring award-winning actor Ben Hynes, as Kenneth McAlister. From the company that brought you 'Bouncers' and 'TWO' comes A Night in November - a hilarious comedy you don't want to miss! Call 600555 or go to: Online Booking Kxx A Night in November.pdf
  2. Kellbelle

    Missing Rabbit

    Thank you . Would you believe, the rabbit was found! He was hiding under a car and some children found him. The family are, of course, very happy. Kxx
  3. Kellbelle

    General Election 2011 - Malew & Santon

    Did anyone attend the requisition meeting last night? How did it go? What's the consensus? Kxx
  4. Kellbelle

    Missing Rabbit

    Bit of a long shot... Rabbit missing from Snugborough Avenue - happened during the night. Only 4 months old, medium sized white rabbit with pale grey ears. Very friendly, would be approached. Please tel Dave on 482604/851927
  5. Kellbelle

    Musical Theatre Workshop

    The Isle of Man Academy of Television, Film and Theatre is pleased to announce it is now accepting bookings for its two day Musical Theatre Workshop The workshop is designed to allow participants the opportunities to work with a West End musical theatre professional on preparation for performance and audition techniques and to introduce approaches to text and character work in a theatre context; the weekend will be divided into two days looking at different aspects and approaches to musical theatre. The workshop is aimed at all levels and abilities from beginners to more experienced performers. It is not necessary to be able to read music for this workshop. Participants should wear appropriate, comfortable clothing and footwear as movement and choreography will be involved. SATURDAY 24th SEPTEMBER, 2011, with Rachael McCormick, at Ballakermeen Studio Theatre (please bring own food and refreshments): 10-10.15am Physical warm up 10.15-10.30am Vocal warm up 10.30-11am General warm up 11-11.30am Learn music "Consider Yourself" 11.30-11.45am BREAK 11.45 - 12pm Character Work 12-1pm 'Consider Yourself' choreography 1-2pm LUNCH 2-2.15pm Warm up 2.15-3.15pm Scene work 3.15-3.30pm BREAK 3.30-4.30pm Audition technique 4.30-5pm Question and Answer session All participants should prepare one or two songs from musicals of their choice and bring sheet music for audition technique section of the workshop class. Times are approximate. SUNDAY, 25th SEPTEMBER, with Colin Snell, at the Empress Hotel, Douglas. 10.00 - 10.15pm Welcome and introduction 10.15 - 11.15pm Introduction to improvisation (games and techniques) 11.15 - 11.30pm BREAK 11.30 - 12.30pm Pair and group improvisations 12.30 - 1.30pm LUNCH (may be purchased from the Empress Hotel); the Hotel has requested that participants should not be eating their own food in the public areas/lounges. 1.30 - 2.45 pm Approaches to text (and character work) 2.45 - 3.00 pm BREAK 3.00 - 4.30 pm Work on selected scenes for showing 4.30 - 5.00 pm Plenary session and round up of the day All times are approximate. Cost: £85.00 for the two days with the following concessions: £75.00 if payment is made by Wednesday 21st September; £65.00 students in full-time education. Cheques should be made payable to C.G.Snell Address: 30 Douglas Head Apartments, Head Road, Douglas, IM1 5BZ Further enquiries: Mobile: 07714 657279 Email: colinsnell534@btinternet.com
  6. Kellbelle

    Mr G&d's 2009

    Sent on behalf of G&Ds. Guys, roll up and enter if you think you've got what it takes to win the title of 'Mr G&D's 2009' Prizes up for grabs, plus the chance to star in a calendar all in aid of the Inca Goddess Charity Trek! The event is tomorrow, so short notice, I know, but if you think you got what it takes to be crowned Mr G&Ds 2009, text 463083 for more information.
  7. Kellbelle

    For Sale: Various Items

    Exercise Bike - £30 Rowing Machine - £20 (the footrests weren't very good and snapped in half, though there is still a place for the feet and it works fine) Abs Bench - £20 The rest was typed up by my boyfriend so should you wish to buy any of the items listed below, please could you contact 451680 (by text during the day) or email ciw42@hotmail.com. Thanks Kelly ________________________ "We're moving, and as our new place is smaller, I'm being forced to have a clear-out and am selling the following at "lower than eBay" prices. If they don't sell within a week or so, then I'll just be putting them on eBay anyway. Yamaha AW16G 16 Track Hard Disk Recorder + CD Writer. A great piece of kit which includes built in effects processors and sampler, and allows you to record (8 tracks at a time), mix and master from start right through to burning a finished CDR. It's amazingly quick to use once you've familiarised yourself with the interface. I also have the original manual somewhere which I've seen recently and will dig out. Have a Google for the full specs of this baby, which I'm going to let go for... £250 ONO. ----------------- Yamaha QY700 hardware sequencer, drum machine and sound module. The machine has a rubber quick keyboard for direct entry and editing without requiring an external keyboard. Some fantastic sounds and effects using Yamaha's excellent XG sound engine, and this is reckoned by many to be the best hardware sequencer ever produced. This would be ideal for solo artists who require backing when they perform as it will play standard MIDI files straight off a floppy disk. It can of course also be used as a sequencer for other MIDI equipment. Have a Google for all the specs. £150 ONO. ----------------- Ion USB Drum Kit, including frame, pads, pedals and software. Bought this a while ago, but haven't had chance to set it up again since I tested it was all working. Again, probably best have a Google if you want more details and pictures. £75 ONO. ----------------- Casio DG-10 digital guitar A classic 80s attempt at producing a digital stringed instrument. The sounds are basically the same as you would have heard coming out of a cheap kids keyboard of that era (cheesy but certainly useful in the right context) and it's a weird thing to get used to playing as the strings aren't tuned but simply act as triggers with the fretboard sensing where your fingers are pressing, but this is a magnificent instrument. It's built from black plastic (what else, it was the 80s after all!) has a built in speaker and some basic rhythms with a handful of different sounds, the most useful and interesting of which is probably the organ. A great piece of history, and a lot of fun once you've got the hang of it, which should only take half an hour of experimentation. These are getting rare, and always go for over £100 on eBay, but it could be yours for... £80 ONO. ----------------- Acer 17" Aspire 1705SCi Laptop 3Ghz Pentuim processor, 512Mb RAM, 80Gb Hard Drive, DVD/CDRW drive, WiFi, Bluetooth and Firewire etc. The screen resolution is 1280x1024. Windows XP Home with COA sticker on bottom of machine, and I'll give it a fresh install with SP3 etc. before you take it. Full keyboard (with numeric keypad) and this machine has the old parallel and serial ports if they're of any interest. The battery doesn't hold a charge for very long, and this is quite a heavy laptop, so you're best thinking of this as a desktop replacement if you're short of space. A couple of the USB ports on the back are a bit dodgy, but the two on the side certainly work fine. I've used this a lot, and it's a good reliable machine, but I have too many laptops and we don't have enough space, so it's got to go. I'll also include a suitable laptop bag. £150 ONO. ----------------- Dell Dimension 3100 (upgraded) 2Gb RAM, 120Gb Hard Drive, GeForce 6200 256Mb graphics card, BT wireless card, USB keyboard and mouse. I'll give this a fresh install of Windows XP Home and SP3, and again, there's a COA sticker on the case. 19" TFT with a native resolution of 1280x1024. You're not going to be playing the very latest games on this machine due to the graphics card, but it actually performs very way for day-to-day stuff and will actually handle DX10, albeit at a pretty pedestrian pace. This was my main machine for a couple of years, and it performs well, but I'm using a laptop almost exclusively these days. £200 ONO. ------------------ Canon EOS 300 SLR camera (NOT DIGITAL!) with two lenses - EF 28-99mm f/4 and EF 75-300mm f/4 - and a camera bag. All boxed and as new. I appreciate that very few people use 35mm cameras any more, which is a shame, but this would make an ideal first "proper" camera for someone wanting to learn about photography. Also, as far as I'm aware (but certainly don't take my word for it, I may be wrong) the lenses are a standard fitting and may be useful for other cameras. £25 ONO. ----------------- Panasonic 32" TV (CRT not LCD). Excellent picture running at 100Hz. which is twice the standard screen rate and so gives a very stable, clear picture. The TV itself is silver, and it comes with a silver & glass stand. Certainly not the latest tech., but a great TV which we'd certainly have kept had there been room in our new place. £50 ONO. ----------------- Table Football Full sized, free standing (as opposed to table-top) table football with footballs. Not a lot to say about this really, except that it has a silver painted wooden frame with a blue interior, and is in really good condition. It even has one of those little things in the middle of the "pitch" where you pop the ball in and it pops up after a random amount of time to ensure a fair "kick off". Ideal for kids, as the finishing touch for a bachelor pad or shared house full of guys. Or girls into footy I suppose. £40 ONO. ----------------- Not sure if anyone would be interested in this locally, but if not I'll just be putting it on eBay as I'd originally planned, but just in case there are any Amiga fans out there, I have the following for sale: Amiga 4000/EC 30 with Amiga M1438S monitor. This machine has been in storage for years, and was originally bought off eBay for over £300 back when they were still relatively easy to come by. There are two hard drives fitted and these have plenty of software installed, but I can't even tell you what's there because it's only what was installed when I originally bought the machine, and I certainly don't have the disks/manuals for any of it. I did fire up a couple of the games to check everything was working fine, but I'm selling the machine as blank and whatever you find may or may not work or be of interest. Includes the keyboard and a replacement ("TecnoPlus") mouse, two joysticks, Workbench and associated disks, Workbench and Rexx manuals, HiSoft DevPac 1 and 3, plus a pile of floppy disks which are pretty much all cover disks. There are some other odds and ends as well, but nothing too exciting. The unit has a CD-ROM drive fitted, and both this and the floppy drive are working fine. After many years in the attic I did have to re-seat the ROM chips before it would work, which is quite normal, and the on-board battery had leaked and slightly corroded one of the RAM boards and the socket it sits in, so this has been removed and the board cleaned up slightly. Currently the machine has 12Mb of RAM, which for an Amiga was/is lots. There is quite a bit of "yellowing" on the keyboard and front fascia of the base unit, which is unfortunately quite normal for these machines, and the bit that joins the pedestal to the actual monitor has broken, but the monitor sits in this, is stable and can be adjusted without a problem. If you know about Amigas, then you'll know that working A4000 units are getting very rare, and when they do crop up on eBay they tend to go for well over £200 even without monitors, but as I'd rather avoid all the hassle of boxing it up and shipping it off if possible, so if I can find a buyer locally then I'd let it go for... £200 ONO. I also have the "Amiga Hardware Reference Manual" and "ROM Kernel Reference Manual - Libraries", both of which are very hard to get hold of, and I may consider parting with these as well, but would rather keep them unless it was going to clinch the sale. ----------------- And another piece of 80s computing history... Atari Mega ST4 with SM125 monitor. Was never really a big Atari fan in the day, but I picked this up a while back with the intention of using it for MIDI sequencing and maybe a bit of programming, but never found the time and it's been sharing attic space with the Amiga until recently. This is one of the models with a separate base unit and keyboard, and includes an original mouse. The floppy drive works fine, as it appears does everything else, and I'll throw in a full copy of HiSoft DevPacST 2 plus "Introducing Atari ST Machine Code" book and disk. £50 ONO ----------------- Free stuff, just let me know what you want, and we can arrange a time for you to call and collect it: - Amstrad PCW8256 Word Processor CP/M computer with printer & keyboard. A piece of computing history, but I can't find any of the disks, so you'll need to have a hunt on eBay for some applications. It's been in storage for about 5 years, and obviously without the disks I can't check it's still working, but it was working fine immediately before it was boxed up and carefully filed in the attic." - 36 200ml glasses (like the ones you get shorts in)
  8. Saturday 10 January 2009! Tickets £3 from the Trafalgar or £5 on the door. Darren Hayman - from UK indie outfit Hefner www.hefnet.com www.myspace.com/darrenhayman Ways of Stephen - Local band WoS are reforming after fifteen years off the scene consisting of Mike Seed, Selwyn Collister and Simon Potts, this is going to be a truly magical experience for anyone who was there first time round. www.myspace.com/mikeseed. There will be charity buckets collecting for Cancer Research hope you can make it down! Kell x
  9. After a very busy week, I'm happy and very excited to announce... In addition to the Poster, if we raise £250 on the night itself from donations, Bonzo will shave off his beloved moustache for the charity. Please donate all you can on the night for this spectacular showmanship. The raffle prizes so far include Meal Vouchers for different restaurants, drinks vouchers, Squash Lessons, Hair and Beauty Vouchers and a few more. Tickets for the raffle will go on sale on the 21st April from the Rovers. The minimum donation on the door is £3.00. You will be stamped on the way in for access in and out of the charity event (for smokes etc). These are the services the charity provides taken from the website. * Day Services incorporates a day nursery, an after school and holiday centre caring for in excess of 129 children each weekday of the year. An Open Access Mobile Play Scheme is run throughout school holiday periods (excluding Christmas), and travels out around the Island providing morning and afternoon play sessions within the community. * The Family Centre provides support to families in a number of ways such as parenting classes, support groups, advocacy, advice, observation and assessments and court reports. * The Residential Department provides care for, currently 12, young people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, in houses based within the community. * The Child Contact Centre provides a comfortable and friendly environment in which families can spend time together offering supervised and supported contact. * Mobex Isle of Man is a mobile education facility providing outdoor experiences for young people experiencing a range of difficulties. The aim is to develop personal and social skills and team building. Self-awareness, self esteem and citizenship are all integral to Mobex programmes. * Corporate Personal Development (CPD) provides management and personal development programmes using outdoor experiential education for on and off island corporates. All profits generated are channelled back into the Centre. Thank you in advance to the bands playing and to yourselves if you come down on the night. Hope to see as many of you there as possible! KB x
  10. Kellbelle

    Ballaquayle Road Shut - Police Forensics

    Never mind whether it's the person who did it eh? *Rolls eyes*
  11. First it was a TMNT then a Doctor/CSA/Forensic Scientist. I just love CSI. Or a professional singer. Cruise Ships, Holiday Parks would all be OK by me
  12. Kellbelle

    Ballaquayle Road Shut - Police Forensics

    Apart for those that are wrongly accused.... Not being funny, but if they had the Death Penalty I doubt they'd use it as freely as they did. They have the technology now to be able to sustain a full conviction on evidence - something we didn't have 50 years ago. If Capital Punishment was in play, I'm sure they wouldn't just say lets kill him, he might have done it, we found his coat at the scene you know? I say sod human rights for these people, bring back Capital Punishment. /rant So on subject, poor guy, hope they can convict someone.
  13. Kellbelle

    Manx Forums Caption Competition #57

    Is it real??