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  1. But these mistakes or misjudgements with cyclists are not fender benders, these can easily kill or maim. I for one don't think it is just misjudgements, just like the pensioner who killed the cyclist in Kirkmichael, I don't think they care, and that is dangerous or careless driving and not an accident.
  2. It looks like anonymouse gives a list of very good reasons why not to overtake, but comes up with a percentage reason to put lives at risk and attempt it. And there are many like this on our roads, a danger to everyone not just cyclists.
  3. I watched the racing at the festval of motorcycling and felt safer than any year before, due to the ban and closure of the mountain section to cyclists, this put my mind at ease throughout the festival. If I had decided to cycle over the mountain during the races (which I never have) I would have been stopped in order to keep me safe, and to stop me from becoming a further cyclist added to the total of ZERO casualties over the years, and none again this year. This was in no way to aid motorcyclists and vehicle drivers who wished to drive over and above their ability without having to concentrate too much, although there may be some cynics out there. Hurrah to the safety czars, keeping us safe from idiots who are allowed to drive too fast to be able to see properly. I dont know if it was signed off correctly though
  4. Well make sure you don't get it on the keyboard.
  5. Although the figures do seem to confirm more people dont give a sh.
  6. Of course it would
  7. Of course if I swung a six iron in front of your face with the intention of missing your nose by 1mm but instead smashed in your skull, I am sure you would be croaking, do not worry yourself, it was only an accident.
  8. No I think "Staying Alive" would be more appropriate I will get my coat
  9. Don't forget the school run, as they rush to, or from dropping off the kiddies and then head to work in their seven seater people carrier's, it really is like we don't exist.
  10. So after a good week, watching the races, (so easy to get your favorite spot at the Manx) and I managed a couple of laps, It is time to get the cycle out again. Both camera's are charged and ready to capture all the morons using their mobiles or putting on their makeup. I do not usually do anything with this footage as I have the videos for cases of close passes or getting hit, but anything clear to view I get now will be passing onto the police, now it looks like action will be taken using video evidence. If enough are prosecuted it may start to become slightly safer for the rest of us. So cyclist's keep checking your footage. Be good out there .
  11. But they have never had to sweep up a cyclist as well you know, it is only the messy blood and body parts of motorbikers that need sweeping up, so again, how will they measure the success. Just asking.
  12. Why would you not cycle up there at anytime, are you scared of cycling on an open road? Do feel it could be dangerous for cyclists all the time?
  13. The sensible solution for what, making it a racetrack for the amateurs with it's annual death fest or making it safe. As the authorities seem to be going down the safety route hence the cycling ban, then a speed limit may be not long in coming.
  14. No, I didn't. and I don't think really misundersood the question. But if you don't have anything.
  15. Someone from the motorcycling fraternity has already posed the question about banning cyclists from the coast road during the races, due to the fact that more motorised traffic will be using it. This could never end, and as I have stated before if this ban was really for the safety of cyclists, why are they not putting forward more legislation for year round and all road cycling safety.