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  1. Peter Hammond - Have A Go Hero

    As per the horrific Corus case yesterday - moved here from Blackburn I believe.
  2. Plod in Trouble?

    Not a lot for them to do up here now there’s no nightclubs and therefore no coachloads of Douglas Butties causing trouble
  3. Manx Radio

    I was recruited to take part in a Mori poll about my daily radio listening habits last week - surprised myself that I actuually listen to MR more than RTE1 even though I only switch over to MR for Talking Heads, the news at 5pm, Countryside and the Manx Gaelic programmes The rest is shite!
  4. You really are clueless - as well as judgemental
  5. "I've been sacked...

  6. Manx Grand Prix 2017

    I sincerely hope not!
  7. Manx Grand Prix 2017

  8. Bold Gull strikes

    Oh that the same solution would work on you!
  9. New political party started by massive egotist

    That's what I would have thought but I saw it on a government site - I think it was the consultation they put out regarding how to save money, but could be wrong! So refreshing to read sensible and balanced posts!
  10. New political party started by massive egotist

    I'm talking about reproductive health policies, which includes abortion (for women obviously) and sexual disfunction (usually for men) which includes free prescriptions for Viagra, which is THE most commonly prescribed drug on the IOM.. Women don't have a say in what men reveal to their doctors and what treatment they get for sexual disfunction, nor do they stand in Strand Street with placards calling for Viagra to be banned. Why should men have any say whatsoever in what women choose to do with their bodies?!! Please don't reply - any response you make will only make me hate you more!
  11. New political party started by massive egotist

    Why not? Men get treated free on the NHS for sexual disfunction under reproductive health policies!
  12. New political party started by massive egotist

    Hang on there - no need for generalisation! I'm over child bearing years and had to suffer religious bollocks at school and Sunday school - put me off religion for life! I'm totally in favour of a woman's right to choose, as are many of my friends of a similar age!
  13. More dodgy dealings from Living Hope

    You surely must be trolling Either that or you must be insane!