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  2. Surprised you aren't a politician, you clearly aren't capable of answering a simple question without twisting. I get that it is apparently Labour MPs calling for arrests but that's not what I asked. I asked if you agreed and you said you did. I then asked on what basis you believed that the planning committee members could be found to have acted criminally, that's my actual question.
  3. And what crime or wrongdoing do think the planning committee could be charged with? Bearing in mind that the technical choice of cladding beyond its colour and visual appearance is not a material planning consideration.
  4. Ok, just I can understand the point you are possibly trying to make - do you think that any previous Planning Committee members (irrespective of political party) should arrested?
  5. I mean as the technical specification is a matter for Building Regulations. The Planning Committee would only be interested it's visual appearance (ie. Colour) and would have had no remit over the technical aspects (ie. Fire resistance). Trust me, I'm more than qualified to discuss planning.
  6. Why would the Planning Committee be responsible? The cladding choice is a matter for Building Regulations, which it would have either passed it or not. The Planning Committee would only concerned with its visual appearance.
  7. Speak for yourself, I'm British and speak a foreign language fluently. I strongly believe that you can only properly integrate into a country if you can communicate in that country's language.
  8. Grrrrrrrr CORRRRRRRRYBBNNNNNNNNNN Joking aside, woody2 what legal qualifications do you have? I assume you must have some.
  9. More likely, both parties had wads of paperwork but only one side had got their out on the table at the time the photo call was made. I wouldn't read too much into that photograph.
  10. Don't worry about it, you've binned your television now anyway.
  11. Safer than Onchan, less dog turds.
  12. Not semantics, legally different.
  13. Technically local government employees in the UK are not civil servants.
  14. Childness still doesn't work in the context you meant but never mind. Love that you think I'm hard l left. I wouldn't vote Corbyn or his party if you paid me.