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  1. I'm currently drunk

    Ok, I see where this thread is going. I'm out before it gets too nasty.
  2. I'm currently drunk

    Massive coincidence then, your post was the first three line from Hey You by Pink Floyd - http://www.pink-floyd-lyrics.com/html/hey-you-wall-lyrics.html
  3. I'm currently drunk

    That's sounds infinitely worse. I just thought the random Pink Floyd quote must have meant you were listening to them. Sorry, can't think of any questions for you, but have fun and take care.
  4. I'm currently drunk

    Hope you're not drinking alone. Alcohol and Pink Floyd is never a good combination.
  5. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    That's pretty amusing, angry leavophiles.
  6. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    Maybe, maybe not. There is no way you or I could actually know that. I could see the Russians being interested in the outcome of the US election, less so in the Brexit referendum.
  7. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    Voter profiling to formulate strategy. The info is not purely age, marital status, etc. If they did what they're accused of its very sophisticated. And I get that the term snowflake gets you off but this has bugger all to with liberal millennials, it potential affects all demographics.
  8. More shootings in the U.S.

    What's the obsession with prattling on about Muslims in threads that are not about Muslims or Islam?
  9. AT LAST

    That's the hotlink not the link! Maybe try being open to learning for once.
  10. AT LAST

    You're not big on accuracy are you, you said "linky not working". Fact is the link works, sounds like the hotlink doesn't work for you. Link and hotlink are not the same thing.
  11. Outsourcing dirty tricks - cambridge analytica

    The thing is with this you don't have to do anything personally to be affected. The way they allegedly did it meant that any friend of anyone completing the questionnaire was mined as well.
  12. AT LAST

    Woody, the link works. If the hotlink isn't working for you that's probably down to your settings. You can always cut and paste the link into the address bar, it's a valid address.
  13. AT LAST

    Roger Irrelevant. That's got nothing to with the thread or me, but it's your typical diversion tactics when proved wrong.
  14. AT LAST

    Eh, the first link does work. Someone must have too much dribble on their keyboard.
  15. More shootings in the U.S.

    This is nothing to do with the right to bear arms, it's about the lunancy that allows kids to shoot kids. Its fucked up.