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  1. Celebrity sex pests

  2. Flat Earth?

    I'll answer that one, no I'd accept they may not change your view but undertaking them would display an open mind to other possibilities. Your turn, have you tried any of them?
  3. Flat Earth?

    Well you're not really answering the question posed are you. Simple yes or no, have tried any of the suggested experiments? Disclaimer, as I said I've not re-read the last 170 pages in case you've already answered this.
  4. Flat Earth?

    Just a question, why on earth (spherical, flat or otherwise) would you have a problem answering? I don't mind if you think the earth is any particular shape, I'm merely asking a question about discussion on this thread.
  5. Donald Trump

    Of course it does, I'd hope it belongs in most places. Accepting what one person finds funny another may not.
  6. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Presumably we're talking about...
  7. Flat Earth?

    I don't have time to read their 170 pages again. Gerry and Paul, have you tried any of simple measurements that have suggested (primarily by China) on here?
  8. Donald Trump

    Whatever floats your boat, crack on. It's not my place to tell anyone who to like or not like.
  9. So the UK is finished says Theresa Mayhem

    Yep, anyone who kept recommissioning Noel's House Party isn't to be trusted.
  10. Do-Gooders

    Don't worry, there's probably an app to help you keep count.
  11. Donald Trump

    Trump's tweets? Very true, some of it is comedy gold.
  12. Do-Gooders

    Smartphone zombies are a clear danger.
  13. Donald Trump

    I partly agree, innocent until proven guilty should still mean something. Sadly, I feel that is less and less so these days and particularly so with allegations of a sexual nature. Going back to my original point the guy Trump is tweeting about has not been found guilty of anything. In that sense the relevance and status of his allegations are the same as Trump's. All I'm saying you'd think Trump would not be so quick to shout out about these sort of allegations, I still find it truly amazing that I one seems to advise him on his tweeting. But again I find it incredible that a major would leader uses Twitter as a legitimate place for making statements.
  14. Donald Trump

    Nope, I never claimed he'd been found guilty of any of his allegations, but I stand by the fact there have been allegations. Do you accept allegations have been made against Trump?
  15. Donald Trump

    Lol, are you woody2's groupie, you're always there liking and giggling like a teenage girl at his post I'm merely asking for civil discussion, there is nothing for anyone on here to "surrender" for. I'd like to think that people were mature enough to accept that there can differing viewpoints and that isn't automatically a bad thing.