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  1. I'd agree with that, it seems to me that what was traditionally was viewed as left and right is now classed as something else. I've no real idea why that has happened but it certainly seems to confuse discussion as the people discussing things seem to often use very different terms for the same thing. As an example, I've seen people now referring to Hitler and the Nazis as a left wing political system, they clearly aren't viewed that way historically.
  2. Like shooting fish in a barrel.
  3. Careful now, some members froth at mouth at mere mention of liberals and at least one member will tell you that the NYT is fake news.
  4. Thread of the year.
  5. What about news specific to Sheadings?
  7. You'll probably like it here, although it's a bit like Groundhog Day.
  8. I'm not saying the NYT is or isn't FAKE NEWS. I don't read it and honestly couldn't judge. My point is you're referring a news site that is widely suspected in an attempt to prove a point. Presumably you see the irony in that.
  9. Can you point to where Chinahand specifically refers to the aforementioned Trump tweet as fake, I can't see him doing so anywhere in this thread. Anyway, time for bed for me, I've got to get up in six hours for work. Really need to start going to bed earlier.
  10. Crikey, RT News. I thought a news site directly funded by the Russian Government would be automatically dismissed as FAKE NEWS!!!!!
  11. Maybe, maybe not but that's not answering my actual question. Can I assume that you agree that inferring that someone has said something when they haven't is not very fair. I doubt you meant to do it.
  12. And? That does not mean he specifically dismissed it. Can't help thinking you're trying to manipulate things that haven't actually been said, isn't that actually fake news, alternative facts, etc. Surely you don't intend that.
  13. Where did he even mention any tweet?
  14. Well, you can't be referring to yourself as saying on here that he would win as you didn't join until way after the election was done and dusted.
  15. You know exactly what I meant, I was obviously referring to the two final presidential candidates. I can't say I like the politics of Hilary Clinton but I wouldn't dispute that she is very intelligent, that's not saying I like her. Whenever you hear Donald Trump making a speech or answering questions he just sounds simple. Sadly he seems living proof that money can buy power. The American dream of anyone growing up to be President is just a fairytale.