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  1. No evidence, lol, just like just about everything you post....... Wasn't aware I was meant to post something about child rapists? Ok, they are all twats as well. This really isn't a competition about who can be most outraged, but anyone (regardless of skin colour, religion, etc.) doing something criminal or something based on hatred is a twat. Saying that someone who racially abuses another person is a twat does not mean that I condone twatish actions of carried out of a different person of that race. Is that really so difficult to understand?
  2. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be.
  3. So, do you think that the surgeon who helped save people's lives should happily face abuse. I merely said that both people carrying out their actions based on hate were twats. Guess you think otherwise snowflake.
  4. When exactly did I defend anyone? I consider them both arseholes. I'm certainly no leftie, but I'm not extreme enough to hate anyone specifically.
  5. Moronic, they are of different degrees of severity but both are twats.
  6. Not by majority, 80% are classed as Hindu.
  7. Not that I'm bothered but isn't that admitting insurance fraud, which presumably is also a crime in Canada.
  8. It'll be in your own computer's cookies.
  9. Kind of true of any sort of tribunal really, you rely on their expertise and impartiality.
  10. Typical diversion tactics when asked for evidence. I've provided evidence of cuts, provide evidence to the contrary and I'll happily accept it. Right, that really is the last post for now. Play nice and have a good Saturday.
  11. Nope, I posted a link to the government document stating as such. If you give links to your references I gladly read them. Anyhow, beautiful sunny day here and we're off for a day with family and friends so doubt I'll have time to post much today. Have a nice one.
  12. Can't seem to link it on my phone but the 2nd Google result for mhrt isle of man is a pdf download that explains it all and gives the names of the current members.
  13. Not entirely clear from the news article, idiotic either way.
  14. Different incident, they will be duly dealt with by the legal system. As I understand the penalties for infringement on closed roads can be harsh, idiotic for doing it.
  15. No, I'm saying I'm capable of reading and providing references. I'll happily take your point if you can provide proper references.