Cloning A Usb Dongle (security Key)

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I have some software that is a legit copy and have it installed on a few machines at home for convenience. It needs the supplied dongle to be installed before the software will run and this is a pain in the hole having to make sure I have the dongle with me as I need to swap around between machines etc.


More importantly (ie not just for convenience sake) I'm quite worried about losing or breaking the sodding thing as it'll cost nearly £100 to replace, so if I can make an exact copy of it it would be pleasantly re-assuring.


As another plus - the laptop I have at the moment annoying only has 2 USB sockets and I need 3 (or 2 + 1 serial port and it doesn't have one) to cope with the other hardware that is used inconjunction with this software, so I can't actually use it properly at the moment. If it was possible to map a drive that the software could use to access whatever data it needs, it would free up the other USB port.


Those are the reasons - but any idea if it's doable? I found one website that claims they can create them for you, but their pricing seems to be on a 'what we feel like' basis, and ideally, I'd like to be able to get some software that can do the job.


I've read some comments after searching that suggest it's perhaps not that easy because of algorythms that might be used but I thought it'd be worht asking here on the offchance that anyone knows how.



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Doubt that's likely.

It's software (called ActOne) for mapping my car's ecu.

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Ok, that's not an option then.


Sorry I cant be of any further help.


Although this is your car :P

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