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Awens to All:


Here is the 3X3 Triad of Wisdom I wrote for 2010's Imbolc which is based on my having Worked as a Landscaper and is on what it takes to maintain Good Landscaping Practises.


It Goes:

Good Landscaping Consists of:
- Weeding
- Trimming
- And Fertilizing
The Landscaping Client:
- Must Be Respected
- Listened To
- And Their Concerns Addressed
Landscaping Tools Must Be:
- Freshly Oiled
- Kept Sharpened
- And Safely Stored
Good Weeding:
- Handpicking Should Be Used
- Avoids Using Chemicals
- And Prevents Invasive Plants From Spreading
Types Of Trimming:
- Tree Pruning
- Lawn Edging
- And Shaping Hedges
When Fertilizing:
- Use Nitrogen Potash Granules
- Vermiculite 
- And then Composted Manure
When Gardening, Do Not:
- Over Fertilize
- Use Contaminated Earth
- Or Use Foreign Plants
Plants Must Be:
- Watered
- Monitored For Pests
- And Loved
What Also Must Be Respected:
- The Landscape Supervisor's Instructions
- Your Crewmate's Opinions
- And Mother Earth
The End


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Must be good weed... :cool:

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Awens to All:

In 2010, I came upon a Book called 'Path Of The Blue Raven' by Mark Townsend and it was a Very Profound Book that was full of Great Celtic Triads of Wisdom and Knowledge.  It has so many Celtic Triads that I was able to Create many 3X3 Triads of Wisdom from that Book.

Here is the one I wrote for 2010 Beltane:

2010 Beltane 3X3 Triad Of Wisdom 
Based on the Book: 
"The Path Of The Blue Raven"

The Blue Raven Goddess:
- Encourages,
- Demonstrates,
- And Offers Wisdom.

Path Of The Blue Raven Does Not:
- Attempts to Convert,
- Influence,
- And Argue An Opinion.

The Three Beauties of the Forest:
- Its Sights,
- Sounds,
- And Smells.


Sacred Rituals Should Show:
- Love,
- Compassion,
- And Understanding.

Spiritual Services Should Be:
- Honest,
- Meaningful,
- And Relevant.

Divine Beings Help Others Feel:
- Valued,
- Special,
- And Loved.


One Should Feel:
- Free,
- Alive,
- And Unrestrained.

What Is True For All Humanity:
- Life,
- Death,
- And Rebirth.

One Learns Druidistic:
- Philosophies,
- Faith,
- And Practice.



Here is my 2011 Imbolc 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition.

This 3X3 Triad is a continuation of my 2010 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom which was dedicated to Mark Townsend's Book "Path Of The Blue Raven". His Book is so full of Good Triads of Wisdom that I was able to make two 3X3 Triads of Wisdoms from it. As my 2010 Beltane 3X3 Triad had Verses taken from Triadic Proses that I found in Mark Townsend's Book, my 2011 Imbolc 3X3 Triad also comprises Verses taken from his Book as well.

It goes:

The Blue Raven's Flight:
- Transforms,
- Discovers a New Stage of Life,
- And Creates Spiritual Gold.

The Greatest Druidistic Privileges:
- Doing Baptisms,
- Weddings,
- And Funerals.

The Three Constants of Nature:
- Birthing,
- Living,
- And Dying.


One Should Strive To Grow:
- Theologically,
- Philosophically,
- And Spiritually.

Celtic Spirituality are:
- Ancient,
- Wise,
- And Balanced Traditions.

Druidry is an Exuberant Celebration of:
- Nature's Currents,
- Tides,
- And Cycles.


Places of Druidistic Enchantment:
- Shrines,
- Temples,
- And Holy Sites.

Good Spiritualities:
- Gather,
- Value,
- And Help Broken Souls.

The Quest for Enchantment should be:
- Honest,
- Human,
- And Realistic.




My 2012 Beltane 3X3 Triad of Wisdom is another one that is composed of Good Triads taken from Mark Townsend's Book:  Path of the Blue Raven.

It goes:

The Spirit Of The Blue Raven:
- Enchants,
- Inspires,
- And Brings One Close.

Forced Proselytizing Attracts:
- Screwed Up,
- Broken,
- And Battered Converts.

The Quest For Enchantment Should Be:
- Honest,
- Human,
- And Realistic.


Rich Terrains Of Tradition Are:
- More Native,
- Druidistic,
- And Earth Based Spiritualities.

Corrupt Human Failings:
- Create IMbalances,
- Disorder,
- And Disharmony.

Humanity Needs A Sense Of:
- Wonder,
- Mystery,
- And Enchantment.


One Should Explore All:
- Questions,
- Problems,
- And Topics Under The Sun.

What ARe Within Our Consciousnesses:
- Deeper,
- Wiser,
- And Mature Voices.

Druidistic Deities Are:
- Happier,
- Loving,
- And Caring.




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Your Manx connections are showing up there.

You've been on the Druidale again haven't you.



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In 2010 I went on a Meditative Retreat with my Druidism, I had made Meditation
as the subject for my 2010 Lughnasad 3X3 Triad of Wisdom Composition.


It goes:

3X3 Triad of Wisdom on "Meditation" -

ONe Meditates Through:
- Chantings,
- The Breath,
- And the Feet.

When on a Meditative Retreat:
- Have No TV,
- Remove All Peer Pressures,
- And Enjoy Nature.

One Can Meditate:
- While Working,
- In Water,
- And at Home.


Natural Meditative Chants:
- Sounds of Birds Singing,
- The Babbling of a Brook,
- And the Wind Rustling through the Trees.

Breath Mediation:
- Takes Patience,
- Time,
- And Correct Practise.

One Does Meditation through the Feet:
- When Walking,
- Sitting,
- Or Standing.


Aquatic Meditations:
- Sooths,
- Cleanses,
- And Refreshes.

Meditation Helps To Investigate:
- The Natures of Reality,
- Truth,
- And of Goodness.

Meditation Increases:
- Alertness,
- Awareness,
- And the Ability to Sustain Attention.




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There was a young fellow from Gosham, 

Who took out his bollocks to wash 'em

His wife said, "Now Jack! "

"If you don't put them back, 

I'll stamp on the buggers and squash 'em!" 

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