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Not everyone's cup of tea but before his descent into madness he was one of the most insightful people of his day...



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On 7/15/2018 at 8:14 PM, Bobbie Bobster said:

In a first for me, my library of unlistened-to podcasts is virtually empty (just 3 mins of The Business to finish listening to).

Any suggestions as to good ones worth a spin?

Thanks for all the suggestions (/s), I'm back up to nominal with about 50 in the feed.

Went a bit all long-form interviewy with:

Joe Rogan (can be interesting but needs editing, lots of chaff amongst the wheat)

Tim Ferris (interesting but may not last, it's all a bit West Coast.  Also Editing?!??!!)

Alan Alda (a new one, almost worth listening to for Alda's honeyed tones on their own!)

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