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DEFA consultation Document.

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£12,000 fine for the skipper, £5,000 fine for the owner (king) and 3month suspension of licence (but not clear if that for the specific boat caught trading inside the 3, or for all vessels under that owner)- according to Manx radio.

Guess also depends when that suspension is? Start of next season? Or now, when stocks already low?




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Scottish vessel prosecuted for illegal fishing - Manx Radio.html

Take a look at the size of that fucking thing , should be nowhere near the 3 mile.

 The 3 mile is supposed to be  exclusively for Manx Vessels  ,which are mostly smaller with smaller dredges (to a maximum of six per side!) but if you look at the pic the dredges on that boat are twice the size of a normal dredge and twice the weight  that  you will see on a most vessels ,so my estimate is the equivelant of 8 per side ,which would be capable of wiping out inshore grounds very quickly .

What we are looking at here is a very serious offence and if the licence has not been stripped from this vessel then it says all you need to know about the people running our fisheries.

 This is the company that complained the loudest about plans to protect our fisheries inside the 12 mile limit because it's skippers did not want to steam the extra few miles to a Manx port ,for checking purposes .

 Yet this guy was inside 3 miles ?  If DEFA ever needed a reason why  nightly berthing at Manx Ports for checking is essential this is it.   You could not make this shit up!!



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