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Brexit Is Reversible...

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8 hours ago, ballaughbiker said:

No, there are considerable qualifications contained in the 80+ pages of the full document. These qualify the contents of the simple forward you chose to use. To totally ignore the qualifications is cherry picking which is where we started.

Pointing that out is hardly a diversionary tactic. In fact the demand for me to repeat the bits that he didn't accurately predict (which we can all read for ourselves) is the diversionary tactic. 

I think the main bit he mis-predicted was the immediate and profound bit. The rest is slowly coming to pass unfortunately but, true, it wasn't immediate and profound. 

Edit: one aspect that I will criticise him for was an apparent failure to consider the very likely scenario of a fall in the £ and a concurrent but temporarily retention of the benefits of a single market and customs union. This temporary benefit for business will clearly not continue and he didn't seem to adequately take that into consideration.

That sounds great - in theory.

Until you take into account that the 'qualifications' upon which your argument rests are mere comments and opinion produced by the same people as the foreword - on which they were completely, unfailingly, and unarguably wrong!

If they got their basic facts wrong - how are their 'qualifications' comment and opinion supposed to be any better? By definition, the qualifications are based on incorrect 'facts'.

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the EUSSR are like a sackful of ferrets once again,all the directives/orders from the fuhrer being ignored, "paradise papers" etc, must be agreed INTERNATIONALLY,hohohoho.



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