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Awens to All:

Seems my old Pagan Wheel Screensaver won't work on this Computer and the Computer Shop Technician says that I can not get it to work by Copying from my External Hard Drive to my New Computer.  He says I have to Download it from the Website where I originally found it which was Cauldron Living Website which is now Out of Business.

So I have to find a Screen Saver I like and download it and there is the Problem that a lot of Viruses get into your Computer by Downloading Screen Savers.

So is there any Trustworthy Screen Saver Website that anyone can Recommend?


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13 hours ago, the stinking enigma said:

I use lemonparty.org and highly recommend it druid. 

Nice Try but I checked that out on YouTube and found this:


Nice Try Enigma!  But I did not Fall For It,



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