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I’m not an IT person so can anyone help. 

Ive 2 old laptops, they are pretty ancient - 10 years old or so. If I back them up can I restore them onto a single up to date laptop?

I’m pretty sure a modern one would have more than twice the memory etc of an old one. 

Will it work?

what would happen if I tried restoring it and there wasn’t sufficient space? Can I pick and choose the programmes which are recovered?

One of the laptops has my son’s Minecraft world on it and he’d never forgive me if it was lost!

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You *might* be able to ghost it onto a new laptop but that's really not the smartest thing to do. You dont want to copy over a 10 year old OS install, even if it's gone through various in place upgrades to W10 etc. There will be so much crap and orphaned rubbish you want to start afresh and just reinstall programs and copy over any important data to them. 

Get your new laptop, connect it to your local network and just transfer over the files you need to keep. Or worst case, just grab a chunky USB drive and copy them manually. 

You might have to do some digging around for where some of your program data is, for example Minecraft used to store worlds in AppData if I remember right so not immediately obvious. Bit of trial and error required but it's the least technical and simplest way to do it. 

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