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pc or not pc

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3 women of the same family on the game sat talking.....

the daughter says she charges £80 for a bj

the mum say she charges £50

and gran says she's just glad of a warm drink.....

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myself and the mrs were going for a night out recently and had booked a taxi, as few local houses had been robbed only a couple of weeks ago we didn't want anyone knowing the house was empty so we left a light on upstairs and one in the tv room.

the taxi arrived and as we were leaving the house the cat ran in by us so my mrs went back in to get her. i said to the taxi man "she wont be long she's just gone in to say goodnight to my mother"

after about ten minutes my mrs gets into the car all hot and bothered and huffing and puffing "the fucking bitch ran upstairs and was hiding under the bed, but i got her out with a clothes hanger, I had to wrap her in a blanket so she wouldn't scratch me like last time, i threw her out the back door, she better not shite in the vegetable patch again"

the silence was deafening.......

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