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Internet Advent Christmas Card

Charles Flynn


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The Bishop of Kensington has launched an Internet Advent Calendar for the run up to Christmas. The new calendar will uncover a different video for each day in December, right up to Christmas Day.


The calendar, produced by Jerusalem Productions of London, is a new initiative introduced by the Kensington Area to create more joy and expectancy as we prepare for Christmas. The Advent Calendar is intended to have a similar effect as a Christmas card and each video proposes to provoke thought in the receiver.


The Internet Advent Calendar consists of a matrix of 25 boxes. Users can simply click on the link and then click on a box to open it on its relevant date. A short video, with various themes, will then be revealed – jokes, vox pops, bible texts and computer generated graphics. The other boxes can be opened day-by-day throughout December.


The Bishop of Kensington said:


“The idea is to spark a simple video-delivered idea which can then be carried through each Advent day. It is particularly suitable for people who believe in Christmas but may have drifted away from churchgoing and is a fine example of one of the many ways in which the Diocese of London is reaching out to such people.

“Some of the video clips will make us laugh and some will make us think. I have already heard of schools that will use it daily and there are already many people who have been busy bookmarking it.”



The link is:



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