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Saturday 23rd February



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So we hit day 3 or is it 4 after chemotherapy. I have decided to stop counting the days. It's a rather meaningless task. It's a bit like sitting and watching the hands on the clock go round. What matters is that I have woken up feeling really good again. I had friends round last night for a few drinks, old sailing friends and we really enjoyed the evening. I went to bed feeling good and I have woken up with a feel good factor. The wind is blowing from the Southwest today at about 6 or 7. Its going to be a nice fresh one when I take Skipper for his walk probably out on Fort Island. Just a few short weeks ago, walking Skip was not possible. I would have become breathless within a few yards. Can chemo really be working this quickly? I don't know, but something is. Well maybe I am just going through a good spell. Maybe things will take a turn for the worst later. Well, I don't know that either. All I know is that life feels really good right now so let's make the best of it.


2 months ago I was running a business. It took up most of my time. I owned a boat and walked my dog 6 miles a day. It seemed that over night, the walking stopped; I was forced to sell my business and now the boats gone to. A very strange irony that I had so many things taking up my time and now that cancer has struck possibly taking a hefty lump from my allotted time, I suddenly have time on my hands. But what now will I do with this time. I said at the beginning that I would no longer be counting the days. Life is but a mere measurement of time given to us by goodness knows who. They have the whistle. They have the stopwatch. They own the time. For me now my aim is to keep my goals simple and achievable. I am on a journey and my vision is beautiful and scenic. I am travelling through today and my destination is tomorrow.


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