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Thursday March 27th



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Well here we are now 6 weeks in to chemo therapy and time for a little review I think. I am just back from a walk around Langness so things can't be going to badly. I feel now just as fit as I did before I knew there was anything wrong.


At the start of chemo, I could hardly walk anywhere without difficulty. Stairs were becoming a problem, doing things around the house like lifting the washing basket and other simply little tasks were difficult to perform. Now life is almost back to normal. I have hardly suffered any side effects from the chemo. I still have some hair, probably about half of it. My appetite is better than ever. In fact I am going to have to go on a diet, even in the middle of chemo. So, what do I put this down to? Who or what gets the credit? How do I bottle this recovery so that others might benefit from the formula? The trouble is there isn't a formula. It maybe that my recovery is just temporary and a decline is just around the corner.


My consultant tells me that he has never known a cancer case whereby, the patient starts to feel better and the cancer gets worse. I am definitely feeling better and I am certain the cancer is disappearing. So, how did I get to where I am? I am not in any shape or form medically qualified to pass any medical advice to anyone. All I can tell you is, what I have done and what I have taken and how I have faired.


Once my cancer had been diagnosed and it had been decided that chemotherapy was the best and most effective treatment I began to take wheat grass capsules. These were introduced to me by my neighbour Miriam. She knew about a friend in Ireland who had managed to fight off cancer 3 times and put it down or a large part of it down to wheat grass. I took the tablets every day along with a Selenium-ace pill which I am told helps you to fend off infection. I am still taken the wheat grass and selenium ace and have done all the way through chemotherapy.


I have been told that diet is very important and plays a big part in having a successful cancer treatment. I was told to make sure I ate plenty of fruit and veg, especially through chemo therapy. I was also told to expect to loose weight whilst undergoing chemo as I would loose my appetite. Well. I have never been all that fond of fruit and veg. I have eaten only token amounts of fruit and hardly any veg. I never liked cabbage, cant stand cauliflower and, I am sure God simply had an off day or just made a mistake when he invented sprouts. So my food intake hasn't changed since I began chemotherapy.


Before chemo I use to drink 5 tins of John Smith's best bitter each night. I have continued drinking 5 tins per night through chemo. I visit the chippie at least twice a week for fish, chips and mushy peas. For breakfast on most days I have bacon, eggs, sausages and fried bread. Not necessarily all at once, but a combination of these things and, probably all of them, or what we call a full breakfast once a week. When I feel peckish, I am much more likely to reach for a mars bar than a banana. The chemo has not affected my appetite one bit. Sometimes my idea of a sandwich would be a tram horse between two Ramsey bakery bread vans. I am heading fast towards 15 stone and I have never been that heavy in my life. I am not suggesting for one minute that the perfect antidote to lung cancer is 5 pints of John Smith's bitter each night, plenty of fish and chips and fry ups, chocolate and stay away from the fruit and veg. All I know is what is. This is what I do and what I eat and this is what has happened to me.


I know that various cancer help groups and agencies from around the world now have links in to this blog. I am certainly not suggesting I have the answers to cancer or advocating my diet to anyone else. We all respond differently and our bodies have different needs and react differently to the various treatments. I suppose most medics, chemists, dieticians and health coaches would run me out of town. All I can say is I would not swap my lifestyle for theirs. I am the very proof of my own pudding, although as I have said my pudding might taste a little bitter to most folk, and my diet most disagreeable.


I am going to have to increase my walks now though, in order to try and get this weight down. So, I am off now for forage along the Silverburn.


Until tomorrow then, Tom Glassey, news at 6.45 a.m on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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Hello Tom,

Anne here I wrote to you last week about my husband, the Brummy.

You were saying how well you feel and you haven't lost your appetite and your not sure what the reason is but you cant believe how well you seem.

Jim (my husband) was very like you and his belief a lot of the time it was your frame of mind. He always said lung cancer was not goingh to rule his life, he had his chemo and kept so positive the whole time. He used to say if you start feeling sorry for yourself, why me etc then thats when the cancer takes over and you begin to feel awful and everything is an effort.

He never once said oh why me life isnt fair. He accepted with great dignity what had been dealt him and together we faced the chemo, hospital appointments and everything else the illness gave him. All he said was what will be will be, I've had a great life, done everything I wanted and have no regrets. Whether thats what kept him cheerful I dont know Tom, all I know everyday was a bonus to us and we lived that day to the full. Then if you feel a little undewr the weather one day, you can cope and look forward to tomorrow when you will feel ok again.

You do what ever you like, keep enjoying a drink, Jim loved going to the pub. Eat what you like and do exactly what you want, lifes not a dress rehearsal.

Best wishes,


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Guest Lou-Lou


Looking great in that photo Tom, diet must be doing you good, keep up the good work, Love Lou-Lou

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