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Wednesday April 2nd P.m



Well here we are, just back from chemotherapy. Yesterday I didn’t know whether I would blog again and here I am already, at it again. I felt I had to write a quick blog just to thank all of you who have emailed me with your kind thoughts. You all given me so much encouragement, it is difficult to imagine not blogging again. I am not sure which of my therapies is doing the most for me at present, chemotherapy or the blogging therapy.




Dad’s funeral will be at 1pm on Saturday. A horse drawn carriage will leave Hope Street and take him to Malew church. Wife Barbara will sing The Old Rugged Cross and I will do the eulogy. Neither of us has felt up to doing it. However, we now feel we would both rather do it badly for father than leave it to someone else. I hope to blog again soon.


In the meantime take care.




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Hi Tom,

Just a quick message to you and the rest of your family. I was so very sorry to hear about your father. Denis was a lovely man and I'm sure he will be missed in Castletown almost as much as his family will miss him.

I agree with you that you and Barbara do your bit even if badly, but everyone will be proud of you both just the same. So if anyone can be wished good luck for Saturday doing your bit at fathers' funeral then all my luck goes to you.

I'm pleased to hear you wont stop blogging. I was for the first time since Jim died moved to talk about him since reading your blog. So dont stop and yes I'm sure this therapy is just as good as chemotherapy. This is something we can all share with you and encourge you when ever possible. So keep up the good blogging Tom, and I'm sure in the weeks and months to come we shall all hear some lovely stories about your father. That will also be good therapy for you.

God bless Anne

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It's always nice to click on the blogs and see you have written something, Tom.


Aye, keep on blogging, even if it is just a single line, it doesn't need to be a story. Doesn't have to be every day either.





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