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Monday April 14th



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It is 9.30 a.m. and I only managed a quick walk with Skipper today so far. I have got to head for Peel this morning to buy fish for wild birds and then onto the hospital for an appointment for Barbara. We didn't manage to get to Port St. Mary in the boat yesterday as we broke down twice in Castletown Bay. The first time, she broke down just outside the harbour. The engine just slowly died away and then cut out. We got outboard going and headed back into harbour. The main engine restarted and after about 10 minutes showed no sign of any problem so headed out to sea again. The second time she broke down we were at the buoy. We started up outboard and headed back into the harbour with the trip to PSM now abandoned. Ah well! We will try to discover what a problem is throughout the week and try again I guess.


Oh yes, before I forget, I said I have only managed a short walk with Skipper this morning but did not tell you why. It is because I have been chased out of the park by a tractor which is now cutting the grass. I cannot return to the park now until at least lunchtime due to it being Monday and it is walk and talk day. I'm not quite sure what Walk and Talk is all about, however, it seems that folk meet in the park and they all walk round and round, talking as they go, about what though, I haven't a clue. Anyway Skipper still has his ASBO so letting his loose among a load of walk and talkers would be utterly disastrous.


I am told that today we will reach 5000 hits on the blog since we started it in February. Today is the 51st blog so that means around 100 blog readers log on each day. I have also begun today by putting myself on a diet. I have had an apple and a banana for breakfast. The trouble is I have to go to Peel at lunchtime so how the heck am I suppose to go to Peel and not call at the chippie. That is like taking someone who has packed in smoking for a trip around a tobacco factory. For the benefit of our off Island readers, Peel has two fish and chip shops which serve up the best fish and chips on the Island. Well, along with the van that comes to Castletown. That is, unless any of you know better of course.


Until tomorrow then, this Tom Glassey with News at 9.55 a.m., peeling an apple on the banks of the Silverburn River.


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