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Packing Up




ok - so here was i thinking i had bugga all to send home. I cannot believe the crap i have accumulated over the years, so i had to put my smart head on and decide what was to go in the bin, charity or for the removal men. It's quite difficult to shrink the past 15 years of your life into 110cubic feet i can assure you! Next was cancelling the phone, gas, electricity, insurances blah blah blah - here was me thinking again that all i had to do was pack a suitcase and walk out the door -easy peasy. I never want to do this again. Started getting all teary eyed again as i wallowed through photos, diaries etc - but plenty more good memories and exciting adventures to come i suppose - so crack on i said to myself. So now i'm all ready to go - 3 weeks today till i leave - oh god, here i go again :rolleyes:



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