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12 Days To Go!



Countdown is well and truly on now, panic is beginning to set in, and my mind is running wild. Have i sorted everything out? Is the gas/elec/phone sorted, what about post redirection, house insurance ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Right, calm it, it's all fine, breathe i tell myself, then i promptly burst into tears :crying: - ffs woman, get a grip!


Today was probably the first time i REALLY realised i'm going home. I won't be able to see my friends for much longer, and i'm going to miss my best mate like hell. We are so close that people call us an old married couple sometimes. Who am i going to talk absolute bollocks too now? Who's going to know just how to cheer me up when i need it, and tell me i'm being a twat when clearly i am (please form an orderly queue!)


Tonight is going to be spent sorting through what vidoes i want to take home, and what one's i'll sell, better get a move on with i say to myself, then just stare at the boxes and lose the will to live. God feeling sorry for yourself sucks lol. But i have my leaving do this friday to look forward to, and i've made myself promise i'm not going to cry, well, not for the first hour at least anyway ;)


Time to put some funky music on i think, and crack on!


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