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Christmas Day/boxing Day




Well, 6am and i'm the only one up! Mother is fast asleep snoring her head off and after having opened my stocking from Santa, i'm looking at the presents under the tree and drooling. Is it too early to wake her? Better not i think, and after being online for an hour, i pop back to bed and wait for christmas to begin.


9am she gets up - so i bounce out of bed, into the lounge smiling and wishing all the joy in the world and can we open the presents now? shock bloody horror, the woman says NO! NO???? NO??? WTF - has she gone strark raving mad - what do you mean no!!! Apparently, because we are having lunch at my sisters, we have to wait till then so we can all open them up as a family :rolleyes: Bloody hell, christmas isn't what it used to be in our house that's for sure.


12o'clock, car is packed with presents, and the cooked ham, prepared veg and a raw turkey - off we drive to the farm (only 5 mins away thankfully). It is stinking hot and i'm not sure i want to slave over a hot oven in this weather - so i don't :lol: Instead, i leave mum to it and i go outside to the pool, take the flip flops off and cool the feet down. My niece joins me and we have a little splash about. Then i hear the call "Pressie time" and we both go running into the lounge GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE - not that i'm a child in any way shape or form lol. Watching my niece rip open her presents and the laughter and smiles she gave was the best thing ever - god i love that child. Presents were the norm really, towels, photo albums, oddly tho an embroidered shower cap from my Grandma - bloody nutter! and apparently I gave 2 pigs to a village in Vietnam (my aunt lives there) which was bloody nice of me i thought!


3pm - dinner is served, YUMMY. Stuffed myself stupid of course, got overheated and just HAD to go and cool down by the pool again - it's a hard life here you know!


6pm - back at home and ready to kip. things are getting better, i do of course still miss everyone back in the IOM, but i'm beginning to finally fit in.


Boxing Day

Mum is back at work, but has lent me her car so i'm not stuck in the house all day - so after dropping her off i went and did some retail therapy. Bought myself a webcam so i can see people all the way across the other side of the world - cost me $100 - bloody hell i thought - forgetting that was dollars, not pounds!! so i'll wire that up tonight and see what kind of mischief i can get up to lol.


I start working for my sister tomorrow - well, when i say work, i'm looking after my niece and helping out with the paper work for her stores (she has 3 right now, another 2 being set up in the new year) and she seriously needs some organising, so think i have my work cut out for me! I'm going to do this for about 6 months I think, then i'll start looking into getting a proper job.


well, that's it for now - hope you all had a great christmas - chat soon x



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