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First Day At Work




Bugga me!!! i'm absolutely shattered. So much for me thinking that working for my sister would be a piece of piss!


My working day began at 9am, but at least i didn't have to leave the house, my sister dropped my niece in for me to look after. Fortunately I had my mum at home so she was entertained by the two of us, until 11am when I had to walk her back home. Now, this doesnt seem so difficult, but............ when the walk takes 1 hour and your fitness level is not at its best, or even remotely ok, then it is a bit of a struggle. However, off I went, pram in hand, child asleep, sun beating down on me and a cool breeze just to take the edge off. I'm surprised i did it in an hour considering my much slimmer, fitter sister manages to do it in 45 mins, so i'm kinda pleased with myself to be honest. One thing i will have to remember is to wear a hat and some sunscreen - got a bit "pink" today, so better watch it and "slip, slop, slap" as they say.


Once I had arrived at the farm, i put Isabella to bed for her afternoon nap (well, it she was pretty comatosed anyway) and put my feet up for about 15 mins before Emma (my sister) returned and then we got stuck in to some pretty heavy duty paperwork - boring!! Then once Isabella had woken, we had a bite to eat (marmite on toast) and headed out to the fields where Emma brought the horses in to train for about an hour. This allowed Isabella and I to explore the dark and damp depths of the horrid barn - all sorts of creepy crawleys about and she absolutely loved it. Then it was back inside, more paperwork and then off to the shops to close up for the day.


It felt really weird working like this. I'm so used to getting to the office by 8.30am, lunch from 12-1 and then out the door at 5.30pm. My days never really changed and i was sat on my fat arse all day working on the pc - now i'm outside all the time, and it doesn't really feel like work, feel like i'm cheating a bit, but what with the pathetic amount of money i'm being paid (it's family, what can you do??) i'm sure i'll cope.


So by 6.45pm i'm home through the door, ready to cook some tea and relax................. but oh no, can't do that can we - no. Mother has decided to make her lunch, prepare my tea (can't really complain about that one) and left the place in an absolute tip. So now i have to bring the washing in off the line, tidy the lounge, wash the dishes, dry the dishes (turn the dishes over, old childhood song, sorry) fold the laundry, and only now, 1 hour later can i think about doing what i originally planned.


So, there we have it - working day no1 out the way, and i'm already looking forward to my day off :lol: never happy aye!



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