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Nothing New Sheesh




God, i have just realised how utterly boring my life really is. I wanted to come write in my blog about all the interesting things i have done, and came up completely blank. I'm going to have to get myself out into the real world soon and actually get a life. I'm off to a party this friday in "the city" whoo hoo, so hopefully that should open up a few more channels for me. Living in the country really can have it's set-backs. I love that's safe and quiet and fresh and lots of greenery around, but it can be dull as hell. Plus, everyone knows everyone, not disimilar to the isle, but it's a much smaller village and far more gossips about, so i have to be on my best behaviour.


One thing that has happened, is that my 22 month old neice Isabella has been given her very first horse - i am not kidding!! It's a miniture pony at only 86cm tall and it's called Tinkerbell - or bebebell as Isabella calls her lol. Every morning she wakes her mum up to take her out for a ride, she's completely horse mad - just as well her mum is an experienced horsewoman herself. You should see the size of the saddle, boots and hat she wears, it's just the cutest thing ever - in fact, i'll add a few photos for your perusal.


And the only other thing is that i have turned into a Mouse Murderer! I killed one yesterday and one this evening, it was actually still twitching when i turned round after hearing the god awful snap. That's one of the other problems of living in the country, when the weather turns, all sorts of destructive creatures appear out of the woodwork. But having to dispose of the mice is not a nice job at all, and thank god i never wanted to be a vet or dr or have to disect anything cos i do not have the stamina to do so.


Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics -

blog-1156-1144846522_thumb.jpg blog-1156-1144846578_thumb.jpg blog-1156-1144846629_thumb.jpg



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The picture with the pony looks straight from a Norman Thelwell cartoon, (Google him!)


Heya Lisner - lol yeah i know what you mean - no need for me to google Norman Thelwell, i was a fan as a kid - and when we first saw her on it, we thought exactly the same

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Haha that's pretty cool. Everyone knowing everyone is a benefit as well, no chance of lying dead for two years without anyone knowing anyway! Hope you enjoyed the party.

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