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Dum Dum Dadum Etc




SO! What a great few weeks it's been. Carl arrived about 3 weeks ago and we have been having an absolute blast. Been zipping round the country visiting people and places, and having a laugh along the way. When we were in Rotorua, Carl decided he wanted to do a Zorb. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with Zorbing, its where some crazy arse person decides to chuck themselves inside a massive see-through globe and hurtle off down the hillside going round and round, upside down, or you could follow the link Here But doing the simple version wasn't good enough for Carl, oh no, he had to go, down the hill, unharnessed, with water thrown in and there he came, swishing down the mountain on the zig-zag stretch, arms and legs flailing about. Now when it comes to exiting this pods, i can say that there is no graceful way to do so. It's almost like watching someone getting re-born with water swishing out first followed by a pair of pale legs and body which was covered in THE most sexiest wet suit ever (haha) to follow! I however thought i looked much more refined sitting on the deck with a coffee watching the shananigans going on.


But, there was one more exciting thing to occur on this trip - i got proposed to!!!! Yup, that's right, so now we are engaged and looking forward to a life here in NZ. As to how easy it will be with immigration remains to be seen, but we have had positive feedback from them already. Of course once i had told my mother, she had the wedding all planned within a day, down to the catering, venue, flowers, the only left for her to sort out was her dress - haha, nothing like a bit of forward planning. We don't plan to get married until about Feb 2008 as i refuse to be a fat bride and need the time to lose the weight, otherwise i'd do it tomorrow if i could.


So that's all i have for now, as i am feeling down in the dumps today as Carl is heading back home and again we will be apart, but hopefully not for too long this time.



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Congratulations, hope it all goes brilliantly.


Thanks Ean - i'm sure things will go our way. I'll keep you posted :D

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