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  2. It’s cone a long way since my first 24 whatsit dial up modem. Or was it 12? Used to take an hour to get connected to Demon in the U.K.
  3. Yeah, I used to do websites for companies back in the 90’s and still do hosting for friends etc, just wasn’t sure how data was sent out to the internet with Starlink. A previous satellite system relied on a wired uplink.
  4. Older geostationary tech has historically used wired backhaul before for upload, such as 56k modems. It was cheaper and easier than getting users to transmit back up that high. That's what The Old Git was on about. Edit: "One-way receive, with terrestrial transmit" was the technical name for it.
  5. The internet transmits back upstream every time you use it. For most people down is much more relevant to performance but every time you fill in a form, send a search, reply to a pointless post it’s an upload
  6. The dish tracks the satellites as they move. An academic did some modelling of the capability here, and how the handoffs work, based on FCC data https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m05abdGSOxY He has a couple of other videos, SpaceX want the satellites to be doing satellite to satellite communication in the future. He works out whether it could be faster than the fibre across the Atlantic.
  7. It may be true but the malaise goes deeper than that, Baker's just symptomatic of it. The democratic will is being ignored, pan-government, in favour of self-service and self-preservation with no small portion of ego also thrown into the mix. Every recent external report, commissioned by Govt itself and received, points to this.
  8. I guess they’re too low to be geostationary? Hadn’t appreciated a home dish or whatever would transmit back to a moving satellite. Quite cool tech
  9. Satellite both ways. The satellites are much closer to the ground and much more densely packed to make things work better.
  10. Thanks, but how does it actually work? Assume you don’t actually transmit to a satellite? Some sort of wired back haul? Sorry it was ambiguous
  11. What this all boils down to is the total unsuitability of Tim Baker to hold office. Weak, ineffectual and arrogant.
  12. You're absolutely right! She laughed even more when I showed her that. ☹️ And if anybody ever said "filum" when referring to cinematic things on Father Ted she'd say "That's you that is!"
  13. Balloons. Loads and loads and loads of ballons
  14. I've got it. Last time I checked the national broadband roll out scheme I was 2-3 years away from it being installed in my area. The only other options available to my address are ADSL @6Mbps or 4G which I was using. I've had a couple of moments where service is disrupted, maybe three minutes a day every few days but overall I can't fault it. Speeds are typically around 200Mbps give or take for myself and, unlike the 4G Sure 'Unlimited' service, it is is genuinely unlimited. P
  15. "This is one of my biggest achievements in my career." 1096 days to go!
  16. Did you even read my post? Some of the people at digital iom are phenomenal business people and very highly accomplished. Some of them…. Aren’t . How on earth is that a crab attitude? I literally applauded the guys there who are all over this.
  17. There are already people on the Island using Starlink, it's about 90 quid a month, but, if you're working from home, or out in the sticks it can make all the difference. It's also allegedly going to get cheaper as the platform matures. I think one speedtest I'd seen from over here was getting 300+ down. But even a reliable 50-100 megs is a night and day upgrade from being on a spotty connection.
  18. Indeed, but that's part of the problem. They've got used to the Ministers and Members being no more than official apologisers who allow them the get away with whatever they want and sign everything put in front of them.. Some probably even believe that's the way governments should operate and that they're all super-intelligent Sir Humphreys wisely guiding the Island. The results prove otherwise. It's not just obviously malfunctioning Departments such as the DoI that are the problem though. All the other Departments conspire in this, especially the 'enabling' ones: Treasury, Cabinet Office, AG's Office. They're not only incompetent in their own right, the allow the spending Departments to get away with whatever they want - even against the will of Ministers and Tynwald.
  19. And there is the islands problem in one post "Cushy number" That crab attitude has held the island back for generations and it is still a thing. That along with the "Boat in the Morning" attitude and the island is destined to sink in a pool of its own infected green eyed puss. FFS Space X are investing here, let them take the first born of every family for the next year as food if it makes them stay and expand, it would be worth it. Or we can do the normal crabby inbred sh1t and make it hard for them to work here, then try and set up a government department in competition.
  20. It would be interesting to see if their Departments themselves permit them to wield that power? For example, the much maligned Tim Baker at DOI who has frequently been reported as having his wishes/will ignored by the Dept. Would the Dept take any notice?
  21. There's actually some answers in the Telegraph piece that Amadeus put up at the start of the topic: Transmitting from the Isle of Man to its satellite network would allow Starlink, a subsidiary of Mr Musk’s SpaceX, to take advantage of the island’s less crowded airwaves, which are awarded separately from the UK’s. The company was the only one to express an interest in multiple spectrum bands, the island’s regulator said. Ofcom said in a recent consultation that it was in the final stage of issuing a licence for a satellite station on the island, believed to refer to Starlink. An ISP licence was actually issued back in January, though whether anyone will use it here is another matter, particularly with the roll out of fibre-optic. It's not cheap, though oddly enough the only place I have seen the prices advertised for is on the the Isle of .. Wight.
  22. Today
  23. Its not exactly rocket science to give Nobles genuine parkers a voucher or something to get out of the car park free? Should it even be free? That's another discussion. Presently I am more concerned at the amount of off island bikers that are trying to kill themselves recently, sometimes successfully last week, on the mountain road at the moment. Went over there today and had 2 near misses plus saw a broken bike at the turnoff to Kirk Michael which had just been up the road on its side. Why do we think this is acceptable? Its a fucking road, not a race track. Where are the plod? Where are the law makers? Is unlimited speed acceptable on a single track, in places, narrow road? Is it? Really? I will put this on record here now. If I ever lose a family member due to an idiot biker riding like a twat over the mountain I will find them.
  24. This is an island that would even happily destroy Elon Musk if he didn’t play ball. Achievement in the IOM Gov is getting your own way no matter how thoroughly stupid you or your ideas might be.
  25. They are not, you are quite correct That foraging vinters beach bar is mental pricey and they don't sell mojitos. Knock it down.
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