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  2. I wouldn’t include Martin. I was thinking of ones that direct banks, insurance companies, hedge-funds, property investment firms, brokerages, payment system companies, mines, chemical companies, media groups, etc.
  3. Not if you euthanase the 5 million people in Britain who don't use the internet, I suppose.
  4. quilp

    Rob Callister

    Lol. How would you know if you haven't seen it? Not like you to accept something on someone else's word alone...
  5. Neil Down


    You should learn to read...properly
  6. We are thinking about the same Stu Peters are we? The one I know never walks anywhere if he can avoid it. As for knowing in advance what he's going to say, you clearly haven't followed his Manx Radio career very closely. I don't think even Stu knows what he's going to say in advance, let alone the media controllers. It makes him human and his programme interesting.
  7. One of the local recruitment agencies were recruiting for a “established” gaming company who are relocating here. There is still plenty off good new Within the sector that doesn’t get a mention
  8. Jacob Rees-Mogg And if you believe him Tim Martin
  9. manxy

    Rob Callister

    I've never seen it but good advice all the same
  10. Nah. I just like to rip the piss out of the brexiteers and their roundly and soundly debunked "arguments" for leaving. There's an awful lot of open territory there.... "EU leaders have given Boris Johnson an ultimatum to come up with a new Brexit plan by the end of September or face up to a no deal. "The deadline, agreed at a meeting in Paris on Wednesday evening, comes as the bloc’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier told Mr Johnson to stop “pretending” to negotiate. "If the UK wants to discuss alternatives to the existing Brexit agreement then these must be presented before the end of the month. "Officials in Brussels are concerned the prime minister is wasting their time and playing out talks for as long as possible without presenting proposals – possibly with an eye on an upcoming election. "Reports suggest ideas brought to Brussels by UK negotiators have amounted to the same as the old agreement, with the section on the Irish backstop simply crossed out in the text." You heard it here first: If only I could find out if they used green crayon or not for a clean sweep....
  11. All very amusing! Come on lads, call it a day for the whole FOM/MGP/Classic ShiTTe.
  12. Jurby Junk Regency Travel Ramsey Courthouse Euromanx
  13. But that would preclude the sale of advertising in all three.
  14. Brilliant. If we can persuade him to post a blank screen then all will be well.
  15. The golden goose, eh? Ah well, on to the next great hope.
  16. Well, some of us do try, but in many cases, sadly, there is not a great deal even before.
  17. Not content with spamming all the groups, I've just noticed he is also distributing his blog as a "sponsored" ad.
  18. Most if not all of the ex owners are good people who over achieved and did well and many still contribute to Island life. It’s gone corporate now the main founders have got out and you can’t control corporate businesses as they will just do what they need to do to cut cost and maximize profits and survive. Government should know that by now. There is no loyalty at all once the main share owner becomes distanced from the local management team.
  19. In the EU model it is, via the "four freedoms". There is absolutely no reason why it has to be so in a free trade area. It's just EU dogma. "Ever closer union" and all of that.
  20. Sick of seeing his boring blog clogging up my Facebook feed.
  21. If this is true numbers wise, there'll be no hurry to publicise this by Govt. Remember, e-gaming is the, "Can do no wrong" saviour of our economy. Methinks things are starting to unravel a bit over here. Expect recruitment of more spin doctors by Cabinet Office to mask bad news. They're trying to put a positive spin on Flybe's pullout at the moment too.
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