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  2. No , that can’t happen as IOM bank have a patent on that exercise .
  3. Negotiations Officer for Prospect Mick Hewer added: "As far as I am concerned we would expect an above inflation award for all areas in which we have members - anything less effectively results in a pay cut." In real terms, mathematics is not his strong point then.
  4. Automation eh ! That will be the one where some useless tossers standing with iPads, ask if they can do anything to help, then direct you to join the large queue formed at the one teller with a person working on it !
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  6. We did one a couple of years ago. It was long and a bit of a ballache but if it made it more likely for the IOM to get the right money back from the gits across then it was worthwhile.
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  8. Just goes to show you can't always believe what you read in Isle of Man newspapers ,or their awards !
  9. There have always been the divide between the haves and have nots on the Island but it is growing wider by the day . There was something the other day saying the government employed one fifth of the total workforce on the Island and numbers seem to be increasing it is almost like a pyramid situation the pension funds are going to run dry one day.
  10. I got one of these. I fully intended to fill it in - I believe the stats are important and help set policy and VAT share etc - but never got round to it. It is a lengthy document, and most of it seemed irrelevant, so if I can't be bothered, and I'm generally an obedient slave when it comes to these things, I suspect the hit rate is pretty low. Sorry TVOR for your persistent vomiting.
  11. Thank you Amadeus for your input , very interesting. This showcasing is undoubtedly just for that and to show the public’s inclusivity, it has undoubtedly been a done deal , turbines purchased etc and with the Government owning the land it simplifies matters. The problems will arise with the transportation of the turbines, that is where the costs will accumulate. However I really know nothing regarding wind turbines except what I read and hear my big worry is that the people who will decide, or have already decided, on this project probably don’t know much more than I do. It is a good job we are awash with money 🤣 .
  12. yes , but if they think you have that much disposable income rates and other 'fees' will be put up .
  13. Do you have any idea to the size of the ship. The Irish Sea is very shallow so most large ships give it a wide berth as deep water is needed for anchors to hold and for maneuverability. So cable damage in the Irish sea is very rare and burying them is the norm especially for the likes of fibre optic.
  14. Attacking another state is illegal. Yet it doesn't justify Israel's ignoring the Security Council resoluton about the return of the territory. Your taking a position about reparations as if it were pre-WW2. Post WW2, what is reasonable is supposed to be settled by the UN. You could say the UN is irrelevant or should be ignored, but I think the world is worse off without out. You can see that with how the most powerful get away and try to get away with military action simply because they are more powerful. The settlements in the West Bank are illegal under international law. I don't see the relevance of Israel's laws.
  15. Shows how spectacularly stupid you are. The Government have previous for taking no notice of surveys and reports
  16. Steady now, you’ll have VoR sick to the pit of his stomach again…
  17. That's because the against lobby make all the noise.
  18. But it’s always been the same even in communist countries where everyone is supposed to be equal! Capitalism drives the world economy
  19. I thought it was the gas that was the issue. Yeah, everything else is just your common or garden materials. Quite a bit of steel too.
  20. The unions want to add to deficit by demanding above inflation pay rises, meanwhile many are calling for cuts to public sector, I know which will be most popular with public! https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/unions-call-for-early-negotiations-over-public-sector-pay/
  21. Oh right, best pop over to Malta and let them know they needn't have bothered repairing it because you were a fisherman and you reckon it can't have been damaged in the first place.
  22. You don’t understand the notion of free-time.
  23. Why would a dragging anchor be a danger, many cables running across Irish sea bed. Fished it for twenty years caught a few in the gear not a problem pretty robust and buried when close to land.
  24. Do I spy a retired MUA dude among the "consultants"?
  25. You say that but looking at those pictures more people probably turned up to the town hall session about the Douglas bins. I’d have thought more people would have been bothered going if there are so many against.
  26. Don't threaten me with a good time.
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