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  2. I'm referring to the consumption not production. Who thinks about the welfare of hens whilst they're tucking into Sunday lunch, KFC, etc..? Not many I'd imagine. Their only thought might be that chlorinated chicken would be harmful if consumed. When the matter was first came to light in the media, the emphasis was on the consumption and not welfare. That's what I mean about the project fear bit. Many people believe because of the spin that it's the chlorine that's harmful when it's not. If more people knew how bad the welfare of farmed hens was, they'd probably never eat chicken again. In the US, EU, UK, the welfare of the hens, and other animals is atrocious, they're as bad as each other; the hormones, antibiotics, feed (BSE, for instance). It's profit that matters to the producers. If it comes about that chlorinated chicken enters the food chain consumers will be able to choose whether to purchase it or not, the consumption of it won't be mandatory.
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  4. Government all over though. In 3 years time there won't be any review of this, there will be nobody held to account for these predictions, it's just the usual airy fairy BS spin that we have now all become so used to.
  5. WTF

    More tourists needed

    its always more of other people and never less civil servants.
  6. The story of the White Rose and its resistance to the Nazis is ineffably sad. Young idealistic people who wished for peace and escape from the totalitarian nightmare Hitler has wrought. They were rounded up and executed, but their dignity in the face of evil lives on.
  7. Derek The Scottish Islands have natural harbours that are deep enough to take cruise ships as well as a significant number of other large boats using them to help cover the costs. Ports on the Island are little better than tidal and cannot take larger vessels requiring greater draught without significant investment. Whether they make much money from such tourists I'm not so sure as most meals are taken on board with the lunch time meal + coffee/teas at local museum cafes being typical of the coach parties I saw over a few years of holidaying the islands - tho the port towns I admit were busier and considerably more pleasant to visit than the hole that is Douglas, but when we went out for evening meals we must have avoided the places catering for all the 'rich' cruise ship passengers
  8. they'll be used to working for a living.
  9. Yes....I don't think the elderly and infirm should be racing motorbikes.
  10. A few beers always do.
  11. It looks to me like they have reverse-engineered the numbers. The Tynwald Brains Trust has a get together in a very very small room and admits to itself that the CS/PS pension requirement could end up dragging their substantial taxpayer-funded nest eggs down with it. And they can't have that! So they work out the £shortfall. They then take their fantasy strictly for public consumption only £number of how much each tourist profits the island by per week. So it's just divide the pension £shortfall by the fantasy £profit per visitor and the answer is 340,000. It's easy when you know how....
  12. His postage stamps question still wins hand down.
  13. Well, the idea has been rumbling on since Eddie Teare and Chris Robertshaw did their roadshow. I might have been a little premature in saying it's happening, but we were approached directly in the consultation with employers and also through the C of C last year. The proposed minimum contributions from employees seemed rather draconian, I seem to remember. They did say that they hoped to frame firm proposals this year. https://consult.gov.im/treasury/workplace-pensions/
  14. Not a chance sadly. This announcement goes in the same bin as the big increase that was to happen justifying the airport runway extension. Only way your going to increase visitor numbers in any quantity is subsidies on travel costs .. That I've always thought is a win win but the powers that be clearly don't. Also something not mentioned is where they are going to stay ! We have enough buses that's for sure !!!!
  15. Perhaps they haven’t yet employed a google champion to tell them what to do?
  16. Maybe now we know why all these new housing estates are being zoned and built. We’re due an AirBnB boom from these hundreds of thousands of new tourists!
  17. No no no no no. IOM cruise ship tenders won't allow mobility scooters as they may move during the journey. We'll need a £20m cruise ship dock to make £130k a year from cruise ships.
  18. If manx radio population covered is to 70 trillion people, a mere 340,000 tourist is nothing. If every passenger on a cruise ship, even the ones that need mobility scooters can get on a cruise ship tender boat to get ashore. Visit Isle of Man will easily reach this ridiculous low target.
  19. Some of the Scottish Isles do really well. It’s wholly achievable and I think the likes of Corona may well help. subsidies for travel would be money well spent.
  20. iom centre parcs......
  21. Translation please. Manglish is difficult after all.
  22. The key is tourist days - is the 340k the tourist-day figure - cruise passengers staying at best one day would appear to deposit little money on Island even given the reputed eye-watering costs of their excursions (probably most of which goes to the shipping company) and any expensive harbour provision especially for them seems little more than an ego trip for certain MHKs. TT fans many of whom camp at least generally stay a week and apart from camper vans do at least buy provisions locally and home-stay deposits some money fairly widely. In the 30s the Island was pushing itself in the upmarket golfing holidays but such courses as exist now could not compete. 300 walkers, each staying a week with say a 30 week season would give over 50,000 tourist days, other outdoor pursuits could provide maybe another 40,000 - such a market should be grown as unlike the TT it imposes few costs on residents or the environment. The short season high number TT model was predicated on an existing transport mechanism catering for a mass tourist market - unless Brexit + CO2 reductions make non-UK holidays extremely expensive such mass tourism will never return.
  23. so these clever boys and girls are going to triple the tourists visiting the Island then. Outstanding...
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