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  2. It cost them £190,000 and they are rumoured to have spent nearly £100k on it. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/port-st-mary-commissioners-up-rates-by-2/
  3. The capacity issues on local microwave link or other EMF non cable link systems, and the susceptibility to atmospherics, rain, and other interference is the problem. I have a microwave link internet connection in Spain. The nearest phone exchange is 10 miles away. We do have copper wire phone cables but they don’t have internet capacity. Thunderstorms, rain, sunspots even temperature, time of day, barometric pressure, all affect internet reception. And when school is out the village kids are home and speed drops. We get our fill of UK TV by an iptv box and it’s not able to connect m
  4. I didn't realize that there was actually anything still open in PSM!
  5. BBC reporting that UK students will be offered two test at 3 days apart prior to going home for Christmas. Voluntary.
  6. They are taking a hitter that price. Didn't it have to be sold for over 300K to recoup purchase price?
  7. Not sure why post office should subsidize a private business to provide loss making services? I understand from a friend that when the chairman of commissioners asked would residents be in favour of rates money being used to provide services then the residents were not so forthcoming!!!
  8. LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1985 Port St Mary Commissioners have submitted a Petition seeking approval of the Department of Infrastructure:- · Under Section 25 of the Local Government Act 1985 to sell Manxonia House, Bay View Road, Port St Mary for the sum of £227,500. Further information regarding the sale is available from the Commissioner’s Office, The Promenade, Port St Mary, IM9 5DA or on www.portstmary.gov.im The Petition will be considered by the Department of Infrastructure and any views on the proposal should be submitted to the Petitions’ Officer, Local Government Unit,
  9. Thanks @Roger Mexico and as you implied if mark own homework then Board of Education becomes redundant. Please note at present the DoE has 5 members of the 'school improvement service' and I do not understand what they do all day. By far most detailed data to emerge has been collected, and collated by parent David Watts as a private citizen using FOI requests, available here The primary schools on Island now post aggregate data onto their web sites, but with all data it comes back to whether in initial assessment of each child is even accurate, objective, robust, and comparable as child moves
  10. You are probably, and sadly, right. The Co-op was the liveliest place the other evening when I went through there. Why don't Port Erin Commissioners take PSM over and do something with it to attract business other than cafe's and such like. Manxonia the building has been in a run down state for years now and looks dilapidated, dominating the high street. Why they have let it get into that state is beyond belief. Don't the commissioners see what is going on?
  11. The only decent road we have is the sloc and Phil the gawne lost his job over it. I personally can't blame them for being a bit reluctant to fix any others.
  12. I suppose I might concede that I am 28% satisfied with the roads.
  13. Who'd have thought that the roads are in poor condition? I'll bet the DOI think the speed limits are logical as well!
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  15. Hi Frank. Just wondering if you had a website or anything?
  16. Depending on the technology you're using, some wireless broadband can be massively impacted by rain etc. Fibre optic on the other hand is just glass fibres, they're pretty waterproof, as evidenced by the fact that we have quite a few of the cables running through the Irish Sea to keep us online.
  17. How do imagine that wireless gets into people's office and homes? Or how 5G will be delivered?
  18. If you ask people whether they they are satisfied with anything, it's mostly only those who are perpetually dissatisfied who will bother to respond. Or those with too much time.
  19. Yes, but the biggest limiting factor is wireless, which is what most people use. In fact, I don't think I know anyone who has a cabled home network anymore.
  20. I realise I am way out of my depth here, but assuming the placebo was a meningitis vaccine, how can they be so sure there wasn't some sort of reaction to that which left those taking it more susceptible to covid?
  21. It'll end up in the Co-op, like Castletown.
  22. Much of Post Office function can be done on line. There is one obvious exception, and it's about time Isle of Man Government latched onto it. In the same way that Ebay users in UK can print off their postage label, this facility should be available in Isle of Man for all post. (Oh, and while they are at it, those Ebay (or other) users who are selling and sending goods off-Island and bringing money into the Island, that postage should be reduced/free. But that is another story) And when is the Post Office going to collect? If this can't be organised in a place such as an Island a
  23. They did something called a double-blind experiment so that neither the recipient of the vaccine nor the person giving it to them knew whether it was the Covid vaccine or the placebo. So both groups would then go about their lives knowing which they had and so the two groups would act the same.
  24. Many people vehemently opposed to the proposal. Complaints that this is yet another step in the reduction in the value and quality of the community of PSM. Have to say this Board of Commissioners seem to be on the back foot all the time. They have not even developed a joint response to the proposal for the public to consider. Mind you, the Post Office is no better for not bringing any written details of the proposal with the reasons and explanations for their decision making.
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