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  2. Because their mum wants to see them as well and we unfortunately don't live together anymore. Anything else? Not everyones lives are simple. You appear to be in the fortunate situation (I assume you are retired from other posts) that you can just clear off for a few weeks/months. Most people cant
  3. Sure you have to compress it by a week but there's absolutely no way is it impossible. No way at all.
  4. Why oh why are people committing these totally stupid offences? Are the people coming to the island thick beyond belief or are as islanders totally intolerant. Something in me say that those doing the recruiting- IOMG HR are failing in their duty to warn visitors of the self isolation rules? Are those doing the recruiting paying for the visitors to have lunch and dinner? If they are going to Tesco I would say how are they supposed to eat and drink? Hotel biscuits and tea and coffee? Unless the Ben my Chree should carry essential groceries, such as milk, bread, fruit and vegetables? It wil
  5. So you can't take your kids with you during the school hols. Why not?
  6. Having to take two weeks in a row (or three if you don't want the test. or four if you test positive) off puts visiting family off the island out of reach for a huge proportion of working people.
  7. The only one who makes things up is you and never answer questions from several posters. others on here have said exactly the same, your problem is you only believe what Howie says and you post
  8. So employers no longer give employees holidays. Since when did this happen?
  9. Thats just not practical for most people who work full time, or who have kids etc here. No way can I afford three weeks off work to pop to the UK, and no way I am not seeing my own kids for two weeks when I get back, or taking them out of school for a fortnight to go and see grandparents for the weekend (who at this rate they might never see again) It's a stupid situation and more and more people are going to lose patience.
  10. They should run some decent winter work schemes, get the place sorted out. £80 a day (100 but 20% tax).
  11. Please stop making stuff up. I guess with no credibility left on here you have nothing to lose... We left the safety of the island and went back to the UK the day before lockdown - because of family. There's nothing stopping folks on the island going across to be with family. You have to factor in at least a weeks self-isolation on your return but it's easily manageable. You know, exactly as you just did...
  12. Looks like we are going to have a Howie briefing weekly , more waffle with no substance and no plan!
  13. Christ ... Press briefings every Thursday for the next 5 years until they decide to go to Level 2.
  14. IOMGs never ending open wallet/magic money tree, job creation scheme to bolster the ranks of the civil service. How long do you think the IOM Constabulary will be obliged to enter, this scheme and take on the jobless? Possible reduction of standards?
  15. There was a bloke on the Mannin Line at lunch time stating that the podiatry clinic is effectively closed. Sounded very much like they can't get people over as he said the last guy he saw was from Canada and that there was meant to be someone from Ireland coming. Prepare to see a number of manufacturing places close and relocate as they cant get staff interested in coming here and being stuck here either. I am local, lived here all my life. I am considering moving away as not being able to see family in the UK or get staff here for work with no indication what needs to happen for that
  16. More non job's to keep the dole queue artificially low!
  17. Like the "Cruiser Berth" cost justification it will all ultimately depend on how many fridge magnets the asylum seekers are prepared to buy....
  18. There are a number of people including teachers & nurses considering leaving as they can't stand not seeing family for another year . This has been reported by school heads & medics , they will have no problems getting a job but we will have difficulty attracting anyone over if they can't see family which surprisingly to you is important to many.
  19. Discuss https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/govt-could-employ-more-if-out-of-work-number-grows/
  20. So only anecdotal data. I'm a bit surprised that businesses are having staffing problems. Because I can't see anyone being stupid enough to want to leave the island right now. As to expansion plans being shelved I would say that's simply being pragmatic. Because it's not just the fact that Covid has bolloxed the planet it's highly likely Brexit will bollox the UK very shortly as well. So forgive me if I find that aspect of your "findings" highly suspicious. It's simply not a time to be making decisions about the future. Yes the two strategies are polarising the island. In my exp
  21. So it turns out that a covid press briefing is now just an excuse to get faces in front of cameras and talk about other stuff while giving no useful feedback on the borders disaster that is unfolding.
  22. Shop snobbery. Shop in the Spar, avoid prison.
  23. Doubt that , chris Thomas asked a question on this but hit a load of waffle from Howie, expect more questions at next HOK.
  24. Still level four - Joke Hopefully they will at least tell us which set of inconstant and variable figures they are going to use to make a change.
  25. Lots of Cholmondley-Warner's on there.
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