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  2. My partner had her second dose at the airport yesterday and was not told not to drive. It was as it was the first time down there; very little in the way of a constantly moving queue, in on time, out in less than 5 minutes. Fast and efficient.
  3. I think that was to get their breath back!
  4. It seems that Saturday gone 27/2, a good proportion of the civil service were working that date. Legislation could have be drawn very quickly and signed, despite the whinging and protestations of Ashie. It seems it’s okay for these pathetic politicos to whinge, whine, hector and lecture, impose rules and regulations under the guise of public health. This weekend they were like the boy that cried ‘wolf’. Can we believe the authorities next time a possible outbreak within the community?’ In many aspects of Island life we are already living in a police state. Many would point to the way rul
  5. Hardly. There is legislation ready to be enacted for any number of emergency reasons- disasters, wars, famine etc. To have legislation that could be implemented for this purpose would make sense seeing as we have been living in a world wide pandemic for over a year. It doesn’t have to be permanent- just time restricted.
  6. He just means ready to be enacted or issued in accordance with whatever legislation it is under. Hardly a police state, just a prepared state.
  7. If legislation was on the shelf to implement then we would be living in ‘police state’.
  8. I have to agree with you on that one, Terry. I still do not understand the logic; didn't understand it in the first lockdown and definitely not after.
  9. They additionally pay those charges to drive within the local speed limit permits and to make reasonable progress (which in itself reduces pollution). My argument isn't about cyclists paying road tax or their clothing. It's about them observing the laws, Highway Code and the rights of other road users, in the same way as those other road users are expected to observe the rights of cyclists, we now have the minimum distance to allow when overtaking cyclists and that's fair enough. But the cyclists themselves need to remember that they have responsibilities too and are not one special
  10. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/we-had-no-choice-other-than-to-advise-closures-says-ashford/ no time to draft legislation? What the actual fuck? Did they not foresee any potential need to do this over the past 12 months? Last time they had to enact emergency legislation- surely that was a sign they had to plan ahead for further possible events? The implementation of reactive after the proverbial horse has bolted rather than proactive policies beggars belief. Inept.
  11. Although at airport they are telling people not to drive for 15 minutes after jabs
  12. that's the excuse for the last few years anyway, it doesn't matter what the cost the pollution is the same and the money taken in no way reduces that.
  13. Morning, so what is happening today on Tiny island world.
  14. Today
  15. Or the angry ones who take to Facebook to say I’m in a vulnerable category and I’ve only been out once this week to walk the dog and it’s disgusting to see so many people out walking their dogs in the park I also walk my dog in. They’re so irresponsible and should be staying at home! I don’t think they understand the concept of irony!
  16. Motorised vehicle users pay a considerable amount in taxes charges and duties because of the pollution they make not as a free ticket to go as fast.
  17. I do, I'm afraid. For instance, a good wagon driver will keep an eye on the mirrors and if he or she sees a build up of traffic behind, they'll pull over where convenient to let the traffic past. It's nothing more than good road craft and courtesy and lots do it. Too many cyclists don't apparently feel the need to display the same. Motorised vehicle users pay a considerable amount in various taxes, charges and duties to be able to travel at legal, 21st or 20th century speeds to go about their business. If we're going to slow them down to 19th century speeds at the whim of a small group of
  18. They all seem to be going to do their weekly shop at that precise moment hahaha
  19. The people panic buying are not doing so because they will be staying home. They're doing it because they're thick as shit and think pasta and toilet rolls will run out.
  20. The secret is not to give them too much room when passing. People seem to be overly panicky these days sticking their car out to the other side of the road over compensating the room they give. No need for it.
  21. There is no where on that road you can safely overtake a cyclist and leave them enough space without at least part of your vehicle going into the oncoming carriageway! The road would need to be about twice it’s actual width to do that safely. Three rows of Cyclists three wide is similar to passing a slow van (but with much better visibility for you) there are loads of places it’s safe. Passing nine in single file is much harder and exposes you and them to danger for longer. Personally I would much rather see them 3 by 3 than single file. You obviously disagree
  22. Imagine how we in the South feel having voted for Cregeen and Moorhouse ! Even a counsellor would need counselling. I suppose the one thing that makes the shame bearable is it kept Gawne out, that thought has kept me going.
  23. The road concerned was Sulby to Ramsey, the TT course, specifically Kerroomooar to Lezayre Rd in Ramsey which has the cycle lane, ironically. There are any number of points in that stretch where there is plenty of room to pass a single (file) cyclist without needing to use the the oncoming carriageway, there's oncoming traffic and various blind bends and brows that preclude using that oncoming carriageway anyway. @ nine+ cyclists, three rows, three abreast, in the lane make safe overtaking impossible in those conditions. Plus it's contravening the Highway/cycle code which is there fo
  24. This makes no sense. you would have had to go on the wrong side of the road anyway regardless of if they were single file or 3 wide. Single file would be much harder to pass as you would be on the wrong side for much longer. Unless there were 50 plus of them I can’t imagine how you couldn’t pass for 3 miles unless it was a single track road somewhere?
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