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  2. I’m more than happy as a 1st vax recipient, not likely to mixing in high risk settings, to be travelling & returning with those parameters in place. They just need to get on with it & announce it so plans can be made. I’m not asking for the flumes to be reopened, the promenade finished or the Wheel to start turning again ffs!
  3. You are the spokesperson for 2 thirds of the population? When did this happen?
  4. What, about two thirds of the economically active population and just leave the retired old duffers to run the place?
  5. Yes, you can come and go. That is the point of 0&6 testing. You are released on negative day 0 test. That said, if you test positive.............. That is the risk you take.
  6. Exactly this, which is why I found minister Ashford yesterday cringeworthy both on manninline and in PAC. He has clearly read some papers and watched a few YouTube videos, so now instead of referring questions to experts feels equipped to answer them himself. I am sure someone has already referenced it, but it was the source of a Dr Glover rant on twitter last night. It isn't his job to know the answers to ever question about scirmentific and medical matters. It is his job to put the needs and views of his assigned civil servants and experts to comin and tynwald and support the
  7. He has his fingers in some pies. He's running in france too?
  8. For the record. Has it been posted before?
  9. Who else on island does actually understand Genomics in the same way that Dr Glover does?, short of hearing scientific evidence from someone else who works with Genomics, I can’t possibly see how anyone else can even try dismiss Dr Glovers claims, let alone attempt to reject what they believe is scientifically possible.
  10. Andy Wint, the way he goes on about Isle of Man stuff, is like some bizarre parody of Mark Steel's in Town, but without the wit and charisma. He has just self-satisfied smugness.
  11. Blackajah

    TT 2021 ??

    I can remember over the years when changes have been suggested to modernise the TT, these have all been shouted down by the traditionalists, so of course nothing has happened.
  12. Today
  13. HOUSE!!! (For at least 7 days, everytime you need to do anything off island while the rest of Britain moves forward)
  14. trmpton

    TT 2021 ??

    We were, by quite a long way with TT zero when introduced. Did they run with it, attract loads of competitors, pr and coverage? Nope. It never took off and then they killed it off. Now there is MOTOe, Extremee, various electric car series, and some of the quickest vehicles ever up Pikes peak are electric. They were right there early doors for a change, and still screwed it.
  15. He doesn’t think he is a medic, scientist or expert. I’ve not listened to it all but on at least a couple of occasions he says he is not a scientist but a layman (or words to that effect)
  16. Which can be neatly summarised as, "Ashford, WTF?" No mention of any point-by-point refutation either.
  17. It was at 3.30 pm yesterday. The PAC interviewed Magson separately first at 2.30 pm (presumably remotely) - the old police trick of questioning the suspects separately. Ashford's evidence is here: https://www.tynwald.org.im/business/listen/AgainFiles/pac210512a2.mp3 (It will take forever for Hansard to come out - Rachel Glover's session still hasn't been produced yet - not for that matter has April Tynwald which will take priority). As you say Dr Glover was not impressed: I haven't listened to the evidence as yet, though anyone who has listened open-jawed to m
  18. For those who work and can't be off to Isolate the two things are the same
  19. I disagree. The bit I'm most bothered about is not whether I can come or go, because I've been doing that anyway! It's whether or not I have to self-isolate inbetween times that concerns me...
  20. The bit about whether you can come & go is the bit most are bothered about, wouldn’t you say?
  21. Yeah it was yesterday I saw the tweets so I assume it was yesterday
  22. Yeah this. I have never in my life taken part in any violence. But if someone forced me out of my home and made me live in a hovel miles away I'd pick up arms immediately.
  23. If you had bothered to read the IOM exit strategy (mk2), it would have saved you bleating on about how fantastic and how far ahead of us Jersey is. They are not. As at right now they are behind. On 28 May they will be a tiny bit ahead, for a day. Then a lot behind. But don't let facts get in the way. Your pathetic attempts at abuse make me laugh.
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