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  2. I'd have to sit down and do all the calculations yet again. Maybe tomorrow as I can't be arsed right now.
  3. What you're saying is complete bollocks of course. In reality, Cannan has presided over very progressive, worker-friendly tax and budgetary reforms. The working class are paying less tax and receiving more in the way of spending/funding aimed at helping working families. How you think this is "anti working class" is beyond me.
  4. Here are a few predictions: Alfred Cannan as Chief Minister. Chris Thomas as Treasury Minister. David Ashcroft will become Minister for Policy and Reform. Rob Callister will come back like a turd that won't flush. Julie Edge will be ousted. Kate Beecroft presumably will not run again. Alex Allinson will remain. Probably becoming a minister, maybe Health. Ralph Peake will be ousted. Daphne Caine will remain and become a minister, maybe DEFA. Geoffrey Boot will be ousted. New MHKs: McGuiness will probably become Ramsey MHK. Newton (Green party) will become an MHK. Faragher (Labour) will become an MHK.
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  6. Some say it won't be possible to have an RTC only five minutes after roads closed, but year on year we edge ever closer to breaking the sub 5 minute barrier.
  7. Yep Methodist preachers for the win!
  8. New record too on going the wrong way at the Creg ny Baa, minutes according to tweetbeat.
  9. What about it, you tell me. did it happen in the shop?
  10. The potholes were certainly big enough to disappear down without trace!
  11. No, the potholers were the ones who died in Derwent Drive in Onchan
  12. Interesting comment regarding Paul Craine, Woolley. I can't help thinking that if he got in we'd end up with another technocrat along with CT. One's enough.
  13. We are all wrong! The Brown Bobby was a very early fast food outlet. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_Bobby
  14. I think I found one of your ancestors Barrie.
  15. Probably tripping over the huge testicles that makes them fall.
  16. Climbers have much bigger balls than TT riders?
  17. Or perhaps not. Specialist subject: The bleedin' obvious.
  18. It's OK, Bazza. Don't worry yourself! It's only a forum.
  19. P.K.


    I seem to recall there was a telephone cable up to the Coastguard OP where the dinky (vandalised) house is. Although I cannot remember if it was just Don-10 or standard dual twisted pair.
  20. I have raked through my papers and things photos brought back from the Island ...Nothing about the Brown Bobby inn sign in them.. The next option is family history and items I saw but did not collect from Ancestry and one of the other sites and people who got in touch with me from around the world when I was researching my own Manx origins (Most surprised I had any!)...Somebody somewhere off Island mentioned it I guess in passing on another tack and I have just taken it on board... The image of a brown Bobby calf has stuck in my memory that is all. There are many inn signs with brown/red/dun cows and calves around.. The earliest reference to the pub Brown Bobby appears to be 1812...It may well be that this was a horse taking part in the local on-Island "Derby" said to be the forerunner of the Epsom Derby or some other event but I have no dates or data as to when such a race might have been run if at all and if there was a local runner known as Brown Bobby..
  21. From what i have seen on the variius 5 groups on fb, , many people have sent detailed letters ad e mails to most mhks and particularly the members of the healh department, outining their concerns and pointing to flaws in the current plans for 5g. Also the have provided links to professionals who have concerns aout 5g, including scientists and peer reviewed research papers. It sems there will be much debate and discussion befor the supposed roll out takes place. People are very concerned and holding meetings around the island, discussing how to lawfully challenge the implementation. Its a hot topic.
  22. Other than that, your guesses are pretty good Hope Paul Craine does stand again
  23. Robertshaw won't be standing, perhaps not Quayle either. Caine will be re-elected, & there will be a few IOM Green Party MHKs
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