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  2. There is nothing wrong stemming population growth by bringing in contraception and giving a woman control of her body, but China went far further than that, taking control away in the most coercive manner possible. The Chinese communist party immiserated its population through disastrous economic policies during the Great Leap Forward, the great famine and Cultural Revolution, while other countries were developing and going through just as steep a demographic transition. Click here It'll take you through to the gap minder site. Are China's efforts so much better than other countries? But the others did it without coercion and violence and by unleashing people's talents rather than regimenting people into political madness all in praise of Communism. There were better paths than China's.
  3. Whatever that alluded to at the time, it was nothing to do with government payments, it is the way a lot of people are paid when finding sponsorship or are being paid on results. It was a negotiation with a potential employer.
  4. P.K.

    Media support

    So can they still report on what is taking place sans names and outputs?
  5. Absolutely. I avoid that like the plague. I always write ‘Fuck off you time wasting prick and don’t bother me again’.
  6. Interestingly, two previously hot tips for future CM, Cannan and Allinson, both seem to be rather less shiny and popular with their constituents and their Tynwald peers (particularly Cannan in that respect) than, say, 12 to 18 months ago.
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  8. And what happened with the fire extinguisher guy?
  9. It’s a reporting and naming ban, not a star chamber trial in private.
  10. People is soooooo stoooopid sometimes. Its slmost akin to the poor rejecting socialism.
  11. I'd rather the chinese were spying on me than the british. As I'd I'magine the chinese population would prefer the british spying on them than the chinese. Absolute load of old bollocks.
  12. Bit rich coming from somebody who spat his dummy out when called out on military career... Just saying
  13. It's called looking after your own. Big vote numbers hang on it too. Plus, the last thing politicians (of the ilk we have) want to have to deal with is an upset or disaffected PS...
  14. This is the very worst thing about this administration Happily devoting public money to top up civil service pensions At the same time being immensely tight fisted with taxpayers cash when it comes to helping those on low incomes and/or with real housing problems
  15. Trouble is he speaks quite well You don't know what lies below until he has Twitter meltdown
  16. I would really like to see putrid Corbyn and labour win so I could sit back and have a good laugh while they annihilate the UK economy trouble is they would annihilate ours too.
  17. Having lived on the Island since 1978 I have listened to Manx Radio on and off for over 40 years. I have liked some of the output, tolerated some of the output and hated some of the output, so listened to what I liked and switched off when I had had a listen and not liked the content. I am afraid I have to say that there is so little that I like now that I have totally given up on it and I can’t believe that I am alone in this. RIP Manx Radio!
  18. That they're bound by the Civil Service Code?
  19. P.K.

    Media support

    Do they hold sufficient detail to figure out what will be transpiring? Plus names etc? I thought they did.
  20. And to get back on track...I hope this bill is successful.
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