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  2. It looks like a good facility to be fair, but I heard everything has to be wrapped up by 10.30pm, including breaking down sets etc so the event could be over by 9ish?
  3. Was the last presenter actually retarded?
  4. I remember at the height of it all speaking with someone from London looking to pay around £1.5m for a Victorian townhouse in Derby Square as the estate agent had said that he’d be paying at least £5m for a similar townhouse in a similar Victorian Square in London and in contrast this was such a bargain he’d be mad to pass on. I couldn’t resist pointing out that Derby Square isn’t fucking Notting Hill and I didn't think Notting Hill had a quick fit tyre and Exhaust Centre and a central garden where junkies and piss heads hang out for most of the afternoon. The same house now wouldn’t even sell for £650k. A lot of what happened at the end of the last boom was just bollocks milking people who were used to high property prices elsewhere thinking they’d found the bargain of the century.
  5. Question 40. It appears GDPR will not allow Politicians to be named. But it appears alright to name the Governor, the Mayor of Douglas and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. If we the taxpayers are giving away free tickets, then surely we have the right to know. http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/hansard/20002020/20200121 Tynwald Early Written Answers.pdf
  6. If it’s ever open that is but a good point well made. Even outside of that this its clearly just political point scoring on behalf of Monghouse claiming to represent the 3 people in the whole of the South who don't have bank accounts.
  7. Today
  8. Oh, I dunno.... I think most brexit lies were ultimately scare tactics to some degree even if just by promoting false hope. Some of these are blatant scare tactics, others are much more subliminal BUT THEY WORKED. Remember : They need us > we need them. Britain can have the same trade deal and access to the single market l with the EU despite not being a member. Not a single job will be lost because of brexit. Turkey definitely joining EU We'll be in charge of our own borders We can save free tuition Lower taxes because of no EU subs Membership costs us £55m a day. We will maintain a free flowing border at Dover The EU will have an army to quell dissenters. Conscription will return Leave the EU to save the NHS (remember the 'building one hospital a week'?) Majority of our laws made by EU The EU will cost us more and more EU is unelected BMW UK sales alone will force the EU to give in. Immigration cause of falling wages We hold all the cards / Will be easiest deal in history done over a cup of tea in an afternoon. There are no downsides We can have our cake as well as eating it. 3 pin plugs to go and well as the £, driving on the left, English cuppa, fish and chips in newspaper WTO was some sort of global trade agreement We could have a Norway style agreement and stop 'unwanted' immigration. English are the biggest victims of racism Our supreme court can be over ruled by a court in Luxembourg that doesn't have proper judges. Remaining makes us more vulnerable to terrorism. EU law makes things difficult for small business. The EU pays big companies to relocate there. The Netherlands are about to leave after us. London will be another Singapore We can be like Switzerland We can continue our existing standards and maintain zero tariffs whilst in 'WTO' trade talks under a24 There will be enormous savings to the consumer by leaving. A low £ is a good thing. Health tourism is common. Our fishing industry will return to former glory. Nothing will change for our ex-pats (aka immigrants in their destination country) I could go on
  9. Mr Shimmins isn't a great sinner when it comes to climate damaging overseas flights Mr President & Mr Speaker however . . . . . . . .
  10. They don’t like ‘come overs‘ here. Sorry
  11. Cutbacks, Budget Reductions and Pain to come, but still time for jollies, all in aid of the CPA. Not forgetting the horrendous increase waiting list, at Noble Hospital. Someone somewhere is taking the piss? Carbon Footprint spewing out, verbal diarrhoea constantly spewing out of these two wasters. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53343&headline=Baker and Shimmins off to Malta for Commonwealth workshop&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020
  12. I retired here , I have an interest in all forms of heritage transport , first visit in 1954 , regular visiter, moved here in 2002. I think the island is beautiful and have absolutely no desire see the island " turned into the mythical England from your(?) psychopathic fantasies". Just curious to know why you strive to troll so offensively , you really do need to "have a word with yourself" Hope this helps
  13. That’s an important stat Wrighty. It means that Liverpool have finished in the top half for the last 57 seasons.
  14. Eastern/air kilroe took over Middlesborough/Aberdeen when KLM pulled off the Aberdeen run.
  15. I like Andy Wint's programme - there's much more variety and he has much wider knowledge than the last presenter!
  16. Oil and Gas industry... there's still some engineering expertise in the North East of England that's called on in Aberdeen and places like Mordijk & Ridderkerk in the Netherlands.
  17. Lowest they can possibly finish now is 11th, according to that website you pointed me to the other week (which I quite like ), and that's with losing all their remaining games and a specific set of other results also happening. I'm starting to think it could be Liverpool's year.
  18. Just an update. Ground handling assistance yesterday at Barcelona, Gatwick ( arriving and departing ) and Ronaldsway was really good. This morning I received a phone call from Menzies at Ronaldsway, apologising for 15/12. And confirming steps to be taken to improve things over the next few months. Good news for anyone with mobility/access issues, if they’re carried out. Also had an e-mail from Dr. Jez Spake, deputy airport director. Hopefully matters resolved. However I’m off on Loganair on 7/2. More adventures await.
  19. Well I'm glad he got suspended on full pay. Poor bloke, I mean it would be hard to cope. Makes me feel so much better paying my Income tax bill this morning know I'm helping out. Good luck Michael.
  20. The majority of flights in recent years have been dwindling numbers of cheap package offerings from operators like Balkan, who are notorious for last minute changes by consolidation to another airport, or double, or triple, dipping or touchdowns ( that’s the practice of going from airport of departure to airport of destination via one or more airports en route and picking up, or setting down, passengers - so your trip to the Black Sea May originate from Belfast, pick up in Teesside, and again in Southend before arriving in Bourgas. Flight takes 7 hours instead of 4 ) I see Teesside is aiming to increase passenger numbers from sub 200,000 to 1.4 million in the next few years. With the airport back under public ownership in 2019, new holiday destinations have subsequently been announced. Combined with the "core" business flights currently operating out of the airport, the long-term hope is of pushing passenger numbers beyond 1.4m in the next decade by attracting a low cost airline. Do you think they’ve got Ann Reynolds on secondment for 3 day a week, and working remotely the rest.
  21. Not as many as get the fuck out of it.
  22. So in trying to guess where Manx property prices are going to go, my two key questions are: What changed over the period roughly between the late 80s and 2007 which caused Manx property prices to move from being broadly in line with North West prices to being closer to South East prices, and will whatever those factors are prove sustainable/enduring? (I'm going from personal perception on that. I don't have the data) and What caused the more general rise in UK and IOM property prices and is that also sustainable? I struggle to understand what caused buyers to view the IoM as some sort of Surrey-by-the-sea. Lovely as the place is, I don't see that incomes have tracked up in a way that would justify that shift. I'm not clear underlying demand has really risen in a way which would justify the rise. Therefore my conclusion is that the relative rise is not sustainable and that element of the bubble is likely to deflate. As to the general rise in British property prices, I think it's partly due to low interest rates, where people have got used to spending what they are allowed to borrow, rather than what capital they will be able to pay back; partly due to FOMO / must get on the ladder (snake?) mentality and partly due to a modest rise in demand via population growth, net immigration and an increasing numbers of single households. The FOMO/ladder mentality component is cleary 'bubble'. Low interest rates may be around for a while, but not forever; people will also start to remember that property ownership can lead to capital losses rather than perpetual gains. Population and demographic trends are harder to predict. Adding all that up: I'd conclude Manx property prices are significantly above their likely future values. I suppose that conclusion is before taking account of whatever IoMG may get away with in terms of bloating the population in order to feed their public sector pensions Ponzi scheme.
  23. Yup, they'll be ready for another bung to add to the tree planting malarkey !!!
  24. Chinese build 1000 bed hospital in 5 days! Do you think they can help?
  25. Well obviously. But "Not all our officers are thieves" isn't really a great slogan for a police force.
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