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  2. Just watched that third instalment from Paul Moulton, and the letter to the PAC from David Ashford which Chris Robertshaw read out is pretty damning - if more was needed - of Ashford's involvement in all this. [Pity that at about 18 minutes 30 seconds Paul Moulton seems to get confused and states that Dr Ewart* wasn't "what we call a medical doctor" when in fact she was and is a medical doctor isn't she? He seems to have mixed her educational background up with that of Mrs Magson who - as Chris Ashworth correctly says - had a degree in music. * He even seemed to get her name wrong and called her "Hewitt".]
  3. So the tax payer is paying the court costs via benefits. Interesting 🧐
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  5. Covering arse. Full stop. The covering of failure by Govt Depts to act on what anybody in this day and age would construe as blatant abuse of vulnerable children. 30 years ago I was acquainted with a then young lady who had previously spent time in Knottfield due to circumstances in her childhood. I know not whether she gave evidence into the Inquiry but what she told me then was disgraceful enough.
  6. First impressions… Fantastic stage, great sound and lights. My mates played there after the footie. Shame there weren’t more there, and that the late football and the 11:45 curfew meant they only did about an hour. I wholly recommend going there to see live music. Especially on 10th June.
  7. Also on that part 1 of the Moulton video on the fallout from the Dr Ranson Tribunal decision. At about 17 minutes Sam Turton(?) mentions what he describes as the Knotfield (?spelling?) sentencing, and criticism from Deemster Richmond(?) concerning the actions of Tynwald, the AG and the Chief Constable. Mt Turton appears to be suggesting that that criticism might have made Tynwald wary of discussing anything controversial - whether truly sub judice or not. What was that all about?
  8. I've just watched the first of the three instalments. I'd have to say I was very surprised about the comments about the AG's role too. But I was surprised that the AG has ANY role in advising Tynwald on the application of its procedures at all! I watched that sitting of Tynwald and it seemed quite clear to me that the President, Skelly, was acting on the advice of the person sitting on his left. I had assumed that that person was the Clerk to Tynwald, as I assumed that that officer would be the only person competent to advise the President (and Speaker) on the correct application of the procedural rules that apply to proceedings in Tynwald. Was I wrong, and was that person in fact the AG? If it was the AG then I'd agree wholeheartedly with Chris Robertshaw that the AG's role is to advise government, and that they should have no role at all in advising what can and cannot be discussed in Tynwald. Surely it's a clear conflict of interest that the officer responsible for providing legal advice to the government should also be responsible for advising Tynwald on what may or may not be sub judice. When I worked briefly for the government in the early 1980s Robert Quayle was Clerk to Tynwald and I would have thought that he - rather than the AG (T W Cain?) - would have been responsible for advising on procedural matters in Tynwald. Isn't that the point of the role of Clerk to Tynwald? If not, why are they there? (Didn't the previous Clerk have experience working in the House of Commons as a Clerk?) I'm pretty certain the Speaker of the House of Commons acts on procedural advice from the Clerk to the House and not from the AG. Ironically, one of the former Clerks to the House of Commons is Lord Lisvane. Did his report have anything to say on this anomaly in Tynwald? And as I've said in another post elsewhere - I don't understand why no MHK put forward a motion to temporarily suspend the standing order relating to no discussion of sub judice matters. It would have been interesting to see what the response to that would have been...
  9. The question is, Has this situation ever arisen before and when? Then start asking the Why's...
  10. Not tried the 50 sloc yet, but 50 TT course to Ramsey today seemed fine. Bit slow in places, sure, but generally I'm not against it. Too many private dwellings, parked cars, etc, along the course to blast past there and let's face it: most visiting riders are not equipped to do more than 50 on that road anyway.
  11. I agree, but 50 will only frustrate and serves no purpose. 50mph all over the sloc is stupidly slow and when a limit makes no sense it just frustrates and is counter productive. Set reasonable limits and people will understand and respect them. Blanket 50 everywhere is stupid
  12. Seems the goal is to concentrate the fast riding on the mountain, which kinda makes sense. People can still have a go but you have fewer crashes. Hopefully, anyway.
  13. Ffs, my tv stopped working tonight. Anyone know the result? Lfc were clear favourites, I assume they won?
  14. Gizo

    Firm closing

    Had Jackson’s super seeded loaf from shopshite, which was pretty good. About £1.90 which was a bit ouch.
  15. This has shone a light into but one small corner of the Island's governance. One corner. Just look at what it has illuminated and what the results have been to date. Now imagine lighting up the rest of it.
  16. Well, they took them away for a few weeks and then they more appeared with little warning or signage last week. The while coast road is also max 50 as is the entire TT course from Douglas to the Mountain plus the whole of the sloc from Port Erin to a foxdale. Lots of mutteringa from disgruntled bikers. 50 is too low in loads of places although I think is about right for most of the coast road
  17. It was utter bullshit then about all these 50 limits being to facilitate road works/ TT setup then?
  18. The final verdict on Abbots wood has yet to arise, presumably in the inquiry but it does appear that a staff member brought the bug in, tho not a care worker but it would be good to know who ordered the shut down, clear out of furniture at the time, Ashie was vociferous at the time in defence of the action ????
  19. Yes. The mollenburg was a good sliced loaf. It's a shame. What I was saying though is that it doesn't seem to be the end of the world in the overall scheme of things. A shame yes but we'll all adjust and find other things. I thought there was a similar Tesco offering but they don't always have it on the shelves.
  20. You clearly don't understand the concept of an online discussion forum so should recuse yourself from posting ever again.
  21. To be fair, it’s not normally a 50 and isn’t particularly well signposted. The Sloc seems to have random sized 50 signs on random sides of the road and at random heights every few hundred metres.
  22. Sounds horrible, and fits the vindictive way that the authorities on the IOM operate.
  23. If Ashford had played the game from the start, resigned forthwith without the choreographed and charade involving CM Cannan, he may have had a lot more respect and voters may be understanding if after a period in exile, he returned to COMIN. As he showed on Tuesday with his handwringing and woe is me attitude, then he is certainly unfit for public office. I think he and the former CM Quayle have done the island a disservice and left a huge and costly mess to be cleaned up.
  24. Yes Moylyneuxs was good. Harbour view bistro in Ramsey, although not the exclusively seafood is very good. Had the turbot last time it was on the specials board. Haven’t tasted anything as good for a long time.
  25. The lady part owner of Abbotswood tried to kill herself. That sort of sets the benchmark on how apologetic people should be are.
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