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  2. He became king when his mother died. The coronation is not relevant - in any sense, probably.
  3. NoTailT

    Firm closing

    I'd be shocked - shocked I tell ya - if he'd have sold just that corner. Doesn't make sense when it's so linked to the old Ram Pub. Pretty sure he owns the entirety of the office block there, Anglo, SMP's old offices and Hansards old ones (no idea of names of the buildings).
  4. I’d be surprised if he had as he’s also one of the backers behind the Hubb development of the old Anglo House so he owns most of the block.
  5. Banker

    Firm closing

    They must have a fair amount of capital behind them to buy that unit, surprised Raj sold a part of the larger site which may make it less attractive if he wants to sell
  6. It’s the countries left in I feel sorry for.
  7. Maybe there should be a vote on whether to stay in or leave the EU.
  8. Listened to her stammer and err her whole way through the program. The honorable mhk is not inhabiting this reality. Power points for EV's grid will not be able to handle it, let alone renewable's being able to produce enough electric. Her answer the magic electric fairy's and elves will of sorted that out before it comes to pass. (Okay she did not say that, but her answer might as well be the same)
  9. I think that was me that said that! Put 2 and 2 together to get 5! Saw some gaming types hanging about it previously eyeing it up and assumed. According to them no involvement. He did but sold the corner unit to these people. Spoke to Raj at the time who confirmed that.
  10. The NPM is using this as its main news source, today it relates to a caller complaining about the state of the Castletown Golf Links Hotel Building. Daffy tied in the new IOMG £10 proposed developers slush fund, to the idea that it could encourage development. Is the Castletown Golf Links a brownfield site? I’ve always thought it that MWT, MNH and others had a major say as to the surrounding of Derbyhaven. Also, with both developers fighting for control and seemingly wishing to build apartments, can anyone imagine the shitstorm to end all shitstorms if a developer were to get taxpayers funds, especially for high end apartments!
  11. Morrisey's schoolboy lyrics can't compare to someone like Tom Waits and this wonderful 'poetry of the road'. Check it out:
  12. Today
  13. Don’t know but Jersey seems to have done something similar & paying their chairman £225k pa + expenses for 3 days per week!! https://www.bailiwickexpress.com/jsy/news/health-minister-encouraged-critical-report-author-apply-chair-role/#.Y44czOSnyEc
  14. There is an article in todays Telegraph about a chap Martin Taylor who has been to all 4,500 pubs in the Good Beer Guide ( sorry I’m not technical enough to provide a link, it’s behind a paywall anyway). Included in his 5 best pub places is the Isle of Man ( Sheffield comes first). He singles out Quids Inn saying that after paying your pound (is it still that?) you soon recoup your money. I don’t think I would list that establishment as an example of what’s best, but he does say the Island is very beautiful. He does do a blog about his beer travels so that’s probably worth a read. ( retiredmartin). Sorry for putting this in the Sunday Lunch thread. My mistake. To atone for this can I say that Peel Golf Club do a lovely Sunday lunch.
  15. which we aren't even in.
  16. https://eeb.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Separate-collection-factsheet.pdf
  17. Land registry still shows it all as one unit: Though the whole lot could have been sold I suppose.
  18. It’s the “have to legislate domestically” bit that gives me the heebie jeebies
  19. First they’ll have been debated and passed in the democratically elected EU Parliament. Then the requirement is to transpose. So the UK ( and devolved ) Parliament have to legislate domestically. How they word the legislation to meet the agreed aims, is up them. Its all part of level playing field. It’s withdrawing so UK can race to the bottom that’s the wedge and slippery slope.
  20. Yeah - that's what this thread needs to calm tensions - a discussion on the EU.
  21. Hard to read on the neck of some beer bottles, as previously mentioned.
  22. The concern would be that there'll be a bit of "boy who cried wolf" for a lot of the population, and if the next one is genuinely murderous... Anyway, let's not have another please. Really jonesing for some of those precedented times we used to have.
  23. NoTailT

    Firm closing

    Not done bad for himself the lad has he!
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