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  2. Probably both. Been up since 03:45 so brain's fading...
  3. Yes it was wasn't it congrats to whoever set it up !!
  4. But we are not the BBC Stu, we are a small radio station broadcasting to a very small audience ! sort of hospital radio on a slightly bigger scale ! Not knocking the station as I've never been a listener but in these times its hard to justify a million quid a year when other arguable more important frontline services are going to hell for lack of cash !
  5. It’s an interesting one. It actually puts into perspective our place in the world - and also our status as individuals. Whether born here, or we make a choice to live here, we are simply Her Most Brittanic Majesty’s Subjects. That means that off the island, it’s the big Island that looks after us and our interests.
  6. Do you mean drivel? Or can you actually hear dribble dripping onto the microphone? Perhaps you can.
  7. Considering how small it's listenership is it's incredibly expensive. I will be willing to bet both 3fm and Energy FM run on a lot less than the cost of the subvention let alone the additional commercial revenue.
  8. You mean like holiday cottages and tenant farmers ?
  9. I think the crux is we are effectively paying twice for public service broadcasting- once through the subvention, and secondly through the license fee. And MR is a hybrid, as it is allowed to take advertising revenue. Its these sort of really reasoned debates that now need to take place post-crisis. Goverment needs to take a very hard look at affordability, and also what is affordable for the public. The subvention costs around 30 quid per household. That is a lot of bread on the table.
  10. Golf courses in public ownership really needs to be reassessed after this crisis. They are expensive to operate Douglas Borough Council made the most sensible decision I have seen a LA make in closing the horse trams. The scandal was the running costs weren’t then deducted from the books and the saving returned to the ratepayers. People are concerned about the competence of government to run centralized services. It has to be a viable option alongside persisting with 22 fiefdoms. And a lot of the services could be privatized, removing pension liabilities from the public purse amongst other benefits. Waste disposal would be a start. whatever happens, there needs to be a transparent demonstration that the whole thing is looked at, along with another assessment of the scope and scale of government.
  11. I listened this morning at about 0515 for 20 minutes or so (Medium wave 1368) - one presenter is bad enough, but two? Really? Rule #1 of early morning radio - speak little and no dribble.
  12. Ramsey is no better. Spaff on a ridiculous scale. No sense of perspective
  13. Don't tell Juan Watterson that. He'd raise a militia to take out anyone walking the streets!
  14. Don’t like change, so bollocks to all the risk, the collapsing economy, the unnecessary expense, and the redirection of precious resources into a ceremony rather than fighting the war. Yep, be proud. Be very proud.
  15. Today
  16. The main problem with the Douglas Borough Council ( and the others ) is that they exist in the first place. But nothing will change , as you were and trebles all round.
  17. Wilson

    Future Mann

    I’ve been here over 30 years and nothing has changed. I doubt it ever will as there is a lack of will and an embedded self interest particularly in the civil service.
  18. I agree. I think Manx Radio consistently punches above its weight on what is pretty much a shoestring budget. Critics need to be careful what they wish for.
  19. You're being obtuse though gettafa: you're suggesting the annual subvention is £3m, and it clearly isn't. The actual amount has been up and down like a bride's nightie for years, going back to the Darwin Report (http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/committee/PSB/Public Evidence/Darwin Report.pdf) almost 20 years ago where Tynwald agreed a proper level of funding, inflation linked, then spent years trying to reduce it whilst allowing competition to erode commercial income yet wanting the same level of service. I can't imagine any broadcaster anywhere in the world that has been subjected to so much scrutiny by so many 'experts' for so many years, and constantly mired in political and financial uncertainty, whilst maintaining a diverse and high quality output with something for everyone. You should be happy to have a Manx station that is owned by the people and run for the listeners (NOT the government as is often alleged). But crack on bitching about it - if you succeed you'll at least be doing Ron and Juan a favour. Oh, and all this 'party time at Douglas Head' is tired and tedious. Nobody - even the big bosses - are on huge salaries compared to industry rates and equivalents elsewhere. Have a look at some BBC pay grades.
  20. There will not be a food shortage nor a price spike. It’s all scaremongering again. As far as the Manx farming community growing stuff I would not bet on it. They are not geared up and the U.K. does it more efficiently anyway. Manx farming needs to stick to value added products ( ie niche high value because some people will pay for that and Manx farmers are good at that ).
  21. Is this something to do with it? - https://www.realwire.com/releases/Manx-Telecom-inks-5-year-SaaS-deal-with-Cerillion https://www.cerillion.com/
  22. Sir, you could do with doing some research and linking. No point in being a little bit fluffy as it just destroys your point, or just don't make it.
  23. You can't help yourself PB, can you. But thanks for the opportunity to explain: RECOMMENDATION An increase in the basic public service subvention from £899,830 to a level of £995,000 plus CPI commencing 1st April 2020. This reflects our plans, detailed in this report, to increase audience engagement and involvement and the improved output across all platforms. Previously budgets have been cut which has had an adverse effect on output. This level of subvention combined with the commercial revenue predictions will provide a solid and sustainable footing for the future Source: Manx Radio Report You can go to Tynwald Hansard yourself for the nod through. 2020/21 is £995,00. (Between friends we can call that £1,000.00). Over 3 years it is actually £3,045,098 (read the report page 9). For the sake of brevity I am happy to call that £3 million. OK? It's party time on Douglas Head. Hadn't you noticed?
  24. In 2015, my VCR ate my VHS Tape of Battle of Waterloo. I just found that the Movie 'Battle of Waterloo' is now available on YouTube so am now enjoying it: While watching the Movie, I decided to have a Google Earth look at the Island of Elba where Napoleon did get to enjoy being Emperor/Governor of Elba. While looking over Elba, I did a comparison and found the IoM is almost twice the size of Elba. 3X3
  25. I think you’ll find that unless you could grow a crop of bungalows the government has preferred to deliver bales of cash to landowners for having land rather than support actual farmers. A fair amount of our land is unsuitable for plowing but perfect for livestock - problem is, we have too many people who’d rather eat flavoured palm oil than lamb, would rather buy whatever the supermarket could make the biggest margin on than local produce, or a plastic wrapped version of something they ate on holiday than in-season fresh food that requires a bit of prep.
  26. I quite like Manx Radio. Keeps me in touch and the like. But I do wish they would dump the multiple presenter thing. DJ’s should fly largely solo. If they can’t they are in the wrong job. And they do have some very good presenters.
  27. He should become a captain of his parish. Apparently then he could raise his own militia. He could then mobilize them against the local media and pesky locals who have the temerity to think they are entitled to return.
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