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  2. Rees-Mogg....oh yes, he...Jacob William Rees-Mogg, the Member of Parliament the 18th Century.
  3. Effectively broke the speed limit? Hardly a damning comparison.
  4. No doubt with a cover of the Yvonne Fair classic “it should have been me”
  5. Is that a Constellation behind his noggin?
  6. This was it, I think, they've won an award of some sort for it, tyres recycled into energy and all sorts of useful by-products with no waste, clever people
  7. Gary used to have a motivational question, after you’d enjoyed a bit of success on the back of some hard work; “Did it happen because of you, or in spite of you?” the drink drive campaigns have always been a bit whack-a-mole. They actually improved dramatically when we started to take a wider, public health approach. I don’t think anywhere has hit the sweet spot yet.
  8. “Kill their economies”? Is the UK economy being killed? The economies of Poland and Hungary ( and the others) worked before they joined the EU and would do so again if they were to leave. Utter BS from Project Fear again
  9. Direction of travel away from Isle of Man 🇮🇲 Airport hopefully.
  10. Weren't most of any vehicles stopped down to the attempt to clamp down on tyres and lights etc. They were activiley and openly having a purge on these issues . Hence the large amount of vehicles stopped. The couple of drink driving cases I know off were classic cases near pubs and eratic driving etc.
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  12. Highest price I have seen for an ASHP is £17,000 but I guess you have to fork out for much insulation before you fit them, & then there'd be a chunk of labour £ on top for a big installation
  13. Not still loitering over the Gasworks is it?
  14. Ramsey is still on Zeppelin attack footing....
  15. As the clock races towards the start of the 2022 F1 season and with a fresh set of rules to digest, the FIA is still debating the last championship deciding race where the old rules were clearly broken, gifting the title to Max Verstappen in the closing lap of the season. Under its new head, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the governing body will meet this week to consider the actions of race director Michael Masi in deviating from the book and improvising a novel conclusion of the Abu Dhabi race which allowed Max to pass Lewis, by that stage a sitting duck on old tyres. Hamilton was clearly disillusioned and has said he will decide whether or not to race this year depending upon the outcome and verdict. Love him or not, we will be robbed of another potentially nail biting season if he decides to follow a different path. He has long wished to pursue his musical talents. I hope he races on and wins his eighth tile fair and square.
  16. Is it a similar size project, really? Did the clock tower (Big Ben is the bell) start off costing taxpayers nothing then gradually edge up? I don't know where the fallacy is, they are just not comparable, apart from the amounts involved.
  17. We are gonna need a lot of playgrounds....
  18. That's a shame, it always takes me back to memories of watching mother get goose bumps whenever it went off. She was traumatised by being trapped in the middle of the Coventry blitz.
  19. What utter BS. I work for an international company which has offices throughout the EU. All of my EU based colleagues thinks that Brexit is a mistake and none are looking on enviously. I also have family who live in the EU and not one of them are looking on enviously either. The only people who are, are the nationalists in places such as Poland and Hungary but even they probably know that leaving the EU would kill their economies.
  20. There are plenty of ways to recycle old tyres. One company for instance was using them to create surfaces for playgrounds.
  21. Why do the Ramsey sirens sound every few days? Do I still have to keep diving into the cellar?
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