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  2. I'm not an expert like @wrighty. Probably he can explain this better. But my understanding is that a vaccination does not have to be either 100% or permenant in order to be a very valuable and effective weapon if the goal is to eliminate the virus and return to normal. Understanding that there is an important difference between eradication and elimination. https://ourworldindata.org/eradication-of-diseases#:~:text=Eradication means that intervention measures,in a defined geographic area.
  3. I'll keep my eye out, there are often scooters and bikes lying about. I'll take a bit more notice the next few days.
  4. While obviously there are a few, there can't be that many. 7 weeks on JSA during the lockdown has reinforced to me just how hard it is to live on that money. No one is living much of a life on that, you'd pull your finger out and go and get a job.
  5. a chocolate fireguard of a vaccine then ? at great expense of course.
  6. Highlight my next sentence as well Neil. We will have a vaccine, it may only be partly and temporarily effective, but there will be one.
  7. Today
  8. An approved coronavirus vaccine may only end up being effective 50% of the time, the top US infectious diseases expert has warned. The chances of a COVID-19 vaccine being almost 100% effective are "not great", Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said on Friday. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-vaccine-may-only-be-50-effective-us-disease-expert-fauci-warns-12044927
  9. Not for sale - but maybe someone can help? Yesterday around 4:50 I left my sons scooter at Castletown train station, when I realised and returned to get it at 5:40 it had gone. I’ve contacted the police, the station master and Sidings but unfortunately it hasn’t been handed in, I also spoke to the kids over at the skate park but they hadn’t seen it. It’s black and red with sun faded handles, my son is 11 and is absolutely gutted (as am I). If anyone knows of someone ‘finding’ an abandoned scooter in Castletown (07/08/20) please let them know it wasn’t abandoned it had been accidentally left behind and there’s a very sad little boy hoping for it’s return.
  10. Most people accept they do a valuable job but not that they deserve the amounts of cash that they seemingly want on top of the inflation busting awards given, 5.5% for new reachers
  11. Does anyone remember how us "remoaners" told everyone that the Irish border would be an issue for Brexit? The UK Government are now giving £355 million to businesses to help them deal with the new red tape. https://www.lbcnews.co.uk/politics/brexit/355-million-public-money-northern-ireland-business-europe/
  12. Perhaps you should be advising Howie instead of the medics we have as you know more! However a workable vaccine is expected in a few months with some including the Oxford one in final trials with encouraging results.
  13. Perkins has been a hidden gem of idiocy since his election. Others like Quayle and Callister get airtime, both literally and on these pages, but take time to read Perkins in Hansard or ‘enjoy’ his brief forays on the Nation’s Station and you soon appreciate that this clown is a full-on, time-served, cretin. On another point, if there was any kind of editorial discretion or action at MR, someone would’ve listened to that garbage and lobbed it straight in the bin. Whether they’re simply too sodding idle to assess the quality of what’s been recorded or, alternatively, they’d be chastised for daring to reject an interview with one of our infallible MHKs I don’t know, but that interview was so appallingly useless and nonsensical it should have been rejected out of hand.
  14. From what I can gather there are a few airline pilots living on the island. Yes it will be sad if they lose their jobs, but in all fairness, they are well educated and are well trained, and have a high skill set, as well as having a reasonable salary, which I turn leads to a good standard of living. However, we need to concentrate on the likes of skilled engineers, local university graduates and school and college leavers. The long term unemployed and those on the register, capable and able of working but in some cases are too bone idle to get out of bed, these need attention. I really think that most of our politicos live up in the clouds, they certainly don’t live in the real world.
  15. When they're trying to get away from bones and in to politics?
  16. That’s nothing compared to the doctor who was nicking NHS smak for her mate and then got herself caught driving while off her head on some other drink and drugs she’d acquired and another one who shagged a goat (a goat... wtf? How did they even know this? Goatbook?) if I hadn’t seen that link I’d never have looked )and I partially wish I hadn’t) - I mean, at what point in your career as a doctor do you think you’re going to be ok nicking drugs and shagging goats - Seriously!
  17. If only they could teach themselves how to budget
  18. Don't worry, they'll assure us that now is the time to go ahead. Except it will need to be even bigger to cope with social distancing. So it will now cost twice as much.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Yes, he’s made a total prick of himself. He seems to think that a plane is like a rental car, and you just jump in and drive. No idea about the concept of type ratings, conversion courses and simulator costs which would be involved, as Flybe operated different planes to Loganair or Stobart.
  21. Scientists are already saying that any vaccination will only potentially protect forva few months before it clears the body. On top of that, the way the virus mutates makes it (at least historically) too difficult to protect / vaccinate against.
  22. I think you are clutching at straws there Wrighty lad
  23. All this whining about teachers yet here you all are with the ability to read and write thanks to..... a teacher
  24. Why is that? Of the now 7 known coronaviruses to infect humans, 4 cause a common cold - nobody's going to bother developing a vaccine for that - and SARS and MERS seemed to disappear before they'd really got going. I don't think there's any inherent reason why a vaccine can't be made against a coronavirus - I'm pretty confident we'll have one available in the next few months. How well it works is another matter.
  25. I think they still run that site
  26. Why would you even think things were any better, of worse. Iom is doing really well, all things considered. Jersey is doing shit, all things considered. Iom has maybe 3000 unemployed. Jersey around 8,000. Tourism and hospitality in Jersey is an huge part of GDP compared to IOM. Our tourist season has been cancelled. Jersey's is more casual and repeat tourists. Older people. They are afraid to go. Not because of controls in Jersey, but because they may not get back!
  27. That is the interesting thing. Cases seem to be less intensive. Most likely because of early testing. At the end of the day, wash your hands, be sensible and keep your distance. There has never been a vaccine for a coronavirus. So this needs to me managed. IOM and Guernsey got it right. Ireland and Scotland are on board. Uk, Spain are now basket cases. Lets sit back and watch.
  28. So I've actually got the forms and there is no due diligence it's a couple of questions, very little info and away you go. I think you've just heard a random figure for CDD in a bank and made a broad sweeping and inaccurate statement
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