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  2. People are too tight Kopek and will then complain when there are hardly any shops left.
  3. The 60mph will be ignored up the Mountain.
  4. I would go as far to say that this should be put to a referendum. It is something that touches all of our daily lives in one way or another and viewpoints are so diverse that a debate between politicians will never cover the nuances and therefore satisfy the ‘losing’ side. I personally do not want any further speed limits, that is my view, others will have differing views. As with most things debates and arguments do not convince many people to change their minds, but if I see a majority in favour of change, I would accept it as that is democracy. The problem is that for some reason the powers that be have started the hare running intentionally or not in the middle of a pandemic. Now is not the time or the place. Remove the temporary limit now that the initial crisis is over and deal with this at a more appropriate time.
  5. What is the current rate for a 1 & 2 bed property on the iom? Dont be hard on the poster cause they have a limited budget.
  6. I wouldn't object to 60 with some leniency on some stretches? Only 4-5 bits of road, 200 m long where that could be allowed and Ballamohda is not one of them! Any new limits needs to be debated in Tynwald for the sake of democracy and we know where our TT mad Govt side? With the current 40mph limit, it isn't just the speed keeping accidents down, it is our willingness to abide by the rules in this time. When covid is over, will we be so willing?
  7. Yup OOTB that's the one. The 1936 Emergency Powers Act. The Governor issues a declaration that there's an emergency. This lasts 30 days and then has to be renewed. Here's how they renew it http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/opqp/2020-PP-0098s2.pdf Here's the declaration made by Gozzer http://www.tynwald.org.im/links/tls/SD/2020/2020-SD-0296.pdf If they don't renew, everything lapses.
  8. There are plenty of speed limits everywhere already anyway. The main crux of the issue will be the Mountain. 60 is fine up there. People will still get their toe down anyway.
  9. On joining CoMin the lad CT never gave up his brain, just his principles. Not sure what's to become of him now. Robertshaw sold out, but he had gone way past the point of no return by the time he jacked CoMin. And he's a political and social nomad now.
  10. Misleading really. For a large portion of that time there has been very little travel being undertaken. For a month there were barely any cars on the road. Collisions in towns are not down because of the 40mph speed limit clearly. I'm not sure a 60mph speed limit will deter people over the Mountain.
  11. I don't follow the reasoning "The hospital isn't busy anymore, so we can go back to no speed limit". If we need hospital capacity for unrestricted roads, then surely we shouldn't have unrestricted roads? The 40 limit was brought in to reduce admissions to the hospital, in particular ICU. This is reasonable, as we have accidents on our roads every single day, and the number of serious ones is twice the rate of the UK. But, having admitted that our unrestricted roads cause work for the hospital and regular ICU admissions, how can we possibly go back? There is only one genuine honest reason for people to want unrestricted roads - that is "I like to drive at inappropriate speed on open public roads, and don't want that freedom taken away". All that other stuff people say about "it's not speed, it's bad driving", "It'll kill the TT" etc is all just smoke screen. Don't get me wrong, I'm a motorcyclist myself, with 30 years experience. I like to open it up, and have done. It doesn't make it right though. There is no case for totally unrestricted roads. I think the 40 is a bit low for a permanent all-island speed limit, 50 would be better. 60 is too high for most of our roads - that's almost motorway speed, and we don't have any motorways.
  12. I'd take that with a very large pinch of salt!
  13. HQ was very clear and he said it would not.
  14. I am sure your stat is correct, but as you well know it does not give a fair and balanced portrayal given the ongoing situation, and as you also well know there are many factors in play during road collisions, speed is just one, although granted it usually makes a bad situation worse. Personally in a risk averse world that seems to accept no risk and where the state increasingly interferes in our daily lives, I am very fond of this freedom. I am not saying however that there shouldn’t be a democratic, inclusive, open and transparent debate in the future regarding speed limits, but my question still stands. Why are they putting up the limit to 60, rather than reintroduce the old limit? Are they planning to keep the 60mph limit until they have some sort of limited tynwald debate that quickly ushers through the new restrictions once the emergency ends? I just want them to state their plans clearly and logically rather than give room for people to speculate.
  15. which is why quite a few head to the sloch, gawny knew what he was doing, said nobody ever.
  16. I think most of the TT course has a 60 maximum excepting the mountain and a bit out by Cronk -y- voddey even the mountain is largely limited during TT week.
  17. Mainly because 90% of the population have been hiding away?
  18. I got no problem with 60, might have been better building it up though, maybe starting at 50 a week before. I was doing 45 yesterday felt like 80.
  19. We know that the prevailing approach to road safety caused a lot of Collisions and seriously injured or killed a significant number of people. the current approach has reduced collisions by well over 90%. somewhere there is a middle ground.
  20. 60mph would make good sense as a national limit and would involve mimimal cost in terms of changing exist signs. Let's hope they just do it. The 'national speed limit applies' sign would then mean 60mph. And no other signs would need to change (apart from the very few square advisory signs which just confuse people and should be rounded).
  21. The explanation is they have 'emergency' powers, and no one is going to stop them.
  22. It's okay though as he has got lots of emails from people who love the 40mph limit. True democracy
  23. Paul Moulton attempted to ask the question, but lost his track as usual and the question went unanswered by Howard. Why 60mph? If the emergency services have capacity and with such low case numbers why didn't they just revert back to the normal measures? It is strange and I for one would love to hear an explanation.
  24. pongo

    easy jet

    I'm not a pensioner. Nowhere near. What people have spent and will lose will likely be broadly proportionate and relative to income. And the basic point is that some things are more important than money. Not being able to go on vacation isn't a deal breaker in the big scheme of things. And nobody deserves compensation or a refund. It's just part of sharing the financial load during an extraordinary period. I don't want a refund because I don't ultimately want these companies to go bust. I've no time for people who always want their consumer rights.
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