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  2. And if you're the former, keep out of the ladies toilets ffs.
  3. That's how all of this nonsense gained credence in the first place.
  4. P.K.

    Manx Radio

    Quite so. And I'm no different in that my biggest failing is my constant striving for perfection in everything I do. I blame my shy and retiring nature for that. Crap avatar btw.
  5. I never liked the Cosy Nook as was but it was always busy. Which indicates that there is nothing to be gained by creating another glass and steel monstrosity so it will then resemble the ugliness on the top promenade.
  6. Nothing. It's exactly what it is. All to do with the fashion for a reluctance to confront reality.
  7. That is indeed the intention of the VAT cut, but as has been pointed out, it will in some cases not be taken off the VAT inclusive menu price. Whether they pocket the cut, or get more trade by discounting on the back of the cut, it matters not a jot to me, I will still be eating out. Eating and drinking well and helping the economy - win, win.
  8. But the daft thing is, these things needs to be discussed and not in a "safe" echo chamber where your preconceptions are just confirmed. That applies to both sides. I really don't know where we go from here. I certainly don't support BLM/POC, but I do think there is a conversation to be had. And to get to that conversation, there has to be some "middle of the road" voices allowed to speak. As I have said it may be uncomfortable for all. But for God's sake, let it happen.
  9. Today
  10. Not based on Dettol is it...?
  11. The 'extremists' dont want to discuss or hear other views though they want their opinion coming out of your mouth and if it doesnt then they try to go after your job if your in the public eye or just call you names.
  12. Lagman

    Black Lives Matter

    Indeed, obvious undermining, even the local - https://twitter.com/poc_iom Which was given the - https://twitter.com/GefMongooseIOM - platform for 3 days and retweeted by the police , is seemingly just marxist talking points, including - Not finding black people attractive - racist. https://twitter.com/poc_iom/status/1281193966709420032/photo/2 Finding black people attractive - also racist. https://twitter.com/poc_iom/status/1281193887726526465/photo/2 Where exactly are you supposed to go with that? Compared to - "Police investigating it's OK to be white posters" in the UK. - https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/police-investigating-its-okay-white-4274023 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8460059/Cambridge-University-backs-academic-tweeted-White-Lives-Dont-Matter.html
  13. Well, in the interest of a broader church of opinion...no, don’t do that. The old Cosy Nook (Nosy Cook in our house) is a conventional little old Manx cottage. There are any number of those, including in PE and environs. So do replace it with something radical. I like the proposed design. The grotty old boarding houses on the top promenade were all replaced by modern apartments, not by like-for-like, so do the same fir the Nosy Cook. Build the proposed design I say!
  14. The US will have a 'vaccine' before November.
  15. Nuffield seemed excitedly optimistic in the early days about having a vaccine by September, but they've gone a lot quieter recently. https://www.ndm.ox.ac.uk/latest-news
  16. 100% correct. It really is that simple. Everyone seems to have an excuse for their failings though.
  17. But that is where you are wrong. These issues have to be discussed, carefully and intelligently, or the only voices to be heard will be the extremists. That has been the big fear, that the middle roaders will just give up and shut up. I don't mind being wrong, I hope I am still receptive enough to see another point of view and change my mind. But if that other point of view is screaming at me, I too will just shut down.
  18. It seems that everything is insensitive these days for a number of reasons ranging from people being soft as shit to people who just cannot wait to take offence because they have literally nothing better to do. Far too much of it these days which simply means no one can say anything. Anyway, born with a pecker you're a male. Born with a badger etc - female.
  19. If one even tries to subscribe , one is told no subscriptions are available at present. One can but try. On the other hand one can be banned far more easily. Speaks volumes
  20. Absolutely. 100% on the money there. Nothing more clear than that. There will be a few chancers though. We weren’t all created equal.
  21. Isn't the point of the VAT cut to get people out spending?
  22. The purpose of the VAT cut isn't for the restaurant to make 15% more. It was to make the price cheaper and stimulate spending by the public?
  23. I personally don’t begrudge any cafe/restaurant the extra 15% profit given the crap hand they have been dealt recently.
  24. It gives people an option. If they don't like it stay fucking put.
  25. I thought you were staying on a music theme and was referring to Michael Hutchins. Sorry Quilp.
  26. Good. There's nothing remotely "heritage" about what's proposed. If the original Cosy Nook is that knackered, drop it and rebuild like for like.
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