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  2. I do wonder about this Roger, but keeping them in a chemical dependency consigns them to the scrapheap and almost permanent dependency. If they can't get their substitute for whatever reason, they retreat back to the dealer. Is seems that if you miss an appointment with the drug and alcohol unit, your methadone or whatever it is, is stopped for three weeks. This can lead to a dangerous situation for vulnerable people and I know of one fatality due to this policy. I'm no expert on this subject but there must be a better way of breaking the cycle for these people?
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  4. It was mentioned in mitigation: But he's got a lot of 'previous' mainly stemming from his long-term addiction. Oddly enough the more serious dealing charges were dropped this time. You can't help wondering if heroin maintenance schemes were used, some people would stop having their life dominated by trying to assure the next fix. It took a full year for this apparently simple case with a guilty plea to get to court. They're not getting any speedier are they? There's also this odd recent tendency in these cases to include a 'money laundering' charge as well. Technically it may be, but it's not really what most people would think as such. Are they doing this so they can say "Look at all these convictions for money laundering - we're tackling international crime!" when it's really only junkies sticking some cash in the attic?
  5. True...but over the next 3-5 years not as that tit Osborne said.
  6. Correct. Luckily for them, there is nearly a year to put their (our) money where there mouth is and no doubt Dom will have planned some good news stuff for next week-on. In his adoring followers eyes, Bozo will need to "prove" in their ultra short-termism way that nothing has really changed.
  7. There's a guy on fb, Andy Fenton who's often ranting about paedophile families in Peel.
  8. Yup. He's had a bad time of it. Some of it frankly deserved. Heroin turns people into dickheads.
  9. Well I’m not sure how innocent that one is when it comes to the distribution of smack. Isn’t he the guy that got the absolute shit kicked out of him in Ballasalla a few years ago?
  10. Nope, that bit was dodged as I think Bozo knew what the answer was likely to be. Just wondering how much longer he can keep the lid on that 'foreign interference" report after Friday.
  11. Here's another guy gripped by addiction and unable to get out. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53387
  12. Unlike some, I have fully accepted the result the second Bozo won the GE so cut the "you lost get over it" type playground talk. I have got over it and Woody like jeering is rather pathetic don't you think? As for "that bullshit", it clearly worked so the electorate (generally) did not reject it, more's the pity. Just read the toilet wall that is SM. Many really are expecting all their life's dislikes and troubles to suddenly vapourise immediately following next Friday's celebrations. Going forward....I get the feeling that there will be every increasing numbers "going on about it" as their promises fail to materialise unless by chance a miracle happens. (If it does, I shall be cheering with them.... more probably). I have no doubt there will be plenty set to initially cheer about but that momentum has to be maintained for the next 5 years. Eg Driving diggers through cardboard boxes at his mate's Staffordshire factory will butter no parsnips if life gets even harder for those voted tory for the first time in their lives because of some promised hope. I really want to be positive about all this now, but genuinely positive unemotional data is in very short supply.
  13. Those sort of cards can be loaded direct from the post office or benefits office I think. As long as a bank account (ie, any bank account) can pay up to the card then the money goes to the card. I don’t think it has to be your account the money comes from. As for other comments on the typical users they reminded me of this
  14. Together with physical means of proving identity sadly it is now essential. There are in excess of 8000 people on the active terrorist watch list and God knows how many should be we must accept restrictions for our own protection. The way that our (in effect) open borders have allowed people who hate our way of life to flood in has resulted in a totally unacceptable level of risk and when Benjamin Franklin said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." he was not and could not have envisage the real and present danger and threat and actual loss of liberty and safety we now face because of because of not surrendering a degree of liberty. In any case having enhanced security measures hardly can be said to eroding essential liberty. We have needed ID cards which like bank cards would be linked to a central database for years now - and facial recognition technology to add to it.
  15. This is your idea of preaching is it? You're a brexiteer all right. Lie after lie....
  16. Well Revolut is supposed to be "a mobile app targeted at young tech-savvy users". And which of us has not stood in a post office queue thinking "Look at all these young tech-savvy users"? There have been queries over whether IOM residents can legally use it (and after Brexit?) and according to this thread on Manx Forums you need a bank account to put money in it anyway. But apart from that it's perfect.
  17. The Apple watch pairs with an iPhone camera such that you see on the watch screen whatever the phone camera is looking at - no recording necessary.
  18. The long and short of it with this and many so called innovations is, 'customer comes last'.
  19. It's all those heavy metals in their water!
  20. Chip implants, I saw something on tv a few weeks ago but can't remember where it was that it's all the rage with youngsters where they've sold their soles to the state in return for some dubious benefits.
  21. Quite a few of these recent cases involving people originating from Peel...
  22. I was deliberately being a bit vague with 'direct payments,' but though they say they accept standing orders, that applies to any organisation with a bank account and of course the saver needs a bank account already to do it. And direct payments from salary are only 'plans' at the moment. And as TSOS says their opening hours would mean that withdrawals would be difficult in the same way.
  23. Just like the police force, it'll be pretty useless.
  24. As the OP says Revolut a similar card takes about 5 mins to apply for and you can use them for pretty much any transaction. This is just political point scoring and little else. There can’t be that many people who have never used a bank account for anything left in 2020.
  25. Maybe he thought the best way to impress a woman he fancied would be to try to secretly film her and her child getting undressed and then she would be so impressed that she’d ask him out?
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