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  2. Is there a reason why we are not testing to maximum capacity?
  3. Perhaps it's an advert for a Pigs with Wings concert.
  4. How accurate are the antibody tests? ETA: And why is it taking so long for the results of the tests already done being made public?
  5. No it isn't. Isolation is the best way to keep covid out of the island. Testing, if carried out at the wrong time, may give false reassurance if negative. And there is no single 'right time' to carry out a test, if asymptomatic. You could argue therefore that testing is irrelevant as you're going to have to isolate anyway.
  6. It'll all be worth it because one death from Covid is one too many.
  7. Well yeh we should sort of lock away the old and vulnerable because the are the minority in real terms. We are going to need to live with it, cope with it and function as an economy.
  8. There are a lot of people still receiving MERA. There seems to be some sort of mis-informed mindset by many that all is well here because we are virus free & down the pub. The financial consequences coming soon & medical blowback as a result of delayed diagnosis or postponed operations will be a stark wake up call.
  9. Let's just assume that no effective vaccine is forthcoming, as is highly likely, what then...Treatments will improve and our understanding of the virus will get better, but using your figures, the other 80% need to keep going otherwise far greater consequences will befall the current and future generations. We cannot stay in a holding pattern waiting for a vaccine that may never arrive. I am not a young man, and frankly this is not about me as I will be able to ride this out, but my concerns are weighted more toward s future generations and for that I do not apologise.
  10. Personally, as in the Stalag Comis fiasco, isolating without testing is a waste of time.
  11. Why would anyone still be on MERA? If you've not gone back to work now there's something really wrong.
  12. Totally agree sadly as in many ways the real effects of Covid 19 is still to be felt. Finacially , mentally and physically is going to really bite later this year .
  13. Declan


    You have a point. I guess John's post gave some insight into the problems he presents. Sometimes accounts that may or not be his present him as a victim and there are others (like me) who didn't have that much of an issue with him, it seems a lot of the issues were behind the scenes. But I share your concerns about how comments on here may land with him. However, by prolonging the thread you are generating replies on the subject. I suggest that the report button may be a better way of flagging your concerns.
  14. Furthermore ... I believe we’ll see a complete change in attitude from some when the MERA / Wage Support Scheme ends & reality bites (hard).
  15. There's no doubt in my mind that the absolute worst thing is to have to go backwards and put restrictions back in place. No one wants that, some businesses barely survived once, many wouldn't again. As the main threat is importation then sadly the borders need to remain strictly controlled for as long as it takes. It's one if those risk calculations someone far more intelligent than me needs to make, I personally would prefer that calculation made on the cautious side. It's as much protecting the domestic economy as health right now. I suppose some essential business travel should probably be allowed, but it's got to be essential, not some jolly for the sake of it. People planning holidays really need to just put that on hold. There are some incredibly clever people out there, eventually a solution will turn up.
  16. Would it be amiss of someone in the media to ask the Health Minister how many treatments have been delayed as a result of the current paralysis of medical services? My belief is that the ‘keep borders closed’ mindset would quickly change if a family member was denied treatment or their livelihood was affected as a result of potential unemployment.
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  18. So we should just lock away the old and vulnerable then? We have proved that isolation has killed it off here, no new cases for 50+ odd days. So surely isolating people on return is a small price to pay? We are lucky we can actually do it here - surrounded by a sea border. I still think we should practice isolation on return till the vulnerable have been vaccinated and the infection rate and mortality rate are greatly reduced. Otherwise a free-for-all will mean that 20% of the locals here will lead awful lives for years - and even those who need other conventional hospital treatment, will find the hospital too busy to be able to sort them.
  19. The last few posts have guessed about TT being cancelled for next year, voiced concern about long term medical complications post virus and also speculation that a lockdown is inevitable due to the opening of borders. May I, in the interest of balance add a few concerns of my own. The impact of education on the next generation, the huge debt mountain and the broken economy that will also inevitably fall on the next generation, especially if we continue to stymie the economy, the loss of life and lessening of quality of life due to the NHS becoming the Covid Health Service. Fear and worry is counter productive and everyone needs to face up to the future and be positive. As had been said on so many occasions, it is not going away.
  20. IMO....till the vulnerable have been vaccinated and the infection rate and mortality rate are greatly reduced. Don't see why we should throw away our advantage of keeping our local economy going fully just because a couple of idiots want to go on holiday and not want to isolate after. 14 days of isolation might be inconvenient for many (though many can work from home) but it does save lives - and helps businesses stay open and operating with no restrictions. 14 days of isolation is a small price to pay, but might not be necessary if more accurate testing can free them from it days earlier.
  21. Curious to garner opinion from the 'keep the Island locked down' brigade on how long they would like to see the current restrictions (14 day quarantine) continue given the virus looks to be around in one form or another indefinitely? Six months? One year? Two years? Longer .....
  22. It's those white shirts. They make everyone look as if it's their first day at secondary school.
  23. what podcast do you do?
  24. I also don't hold out much hope for a vaccine to be honest.
  25. also, who's giving up a good job to do it?
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