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  2. Was a little concerned that this new classic TT was all a going to be a bit shit, but reassuring to know amongst the fairy tale stories of 'Bruce Anstey coming back from Cancer to win' they have kept the gruesome deaths in the new format, well done Rob!
  3. Member of public reports shooting activity "which nearly hit him". Putting aside the validity of the judgement of the member of public, the police are faced with a potential situation where on the face of it: Some twat might be using a firearm in an unsafe way which exposes other to risk or _actually_ be a nutter taking pot shots at people They have a duty to investigate The nutter might shoot at them as they approach How else are Police supposed to respond other than sending AFOs, dogs etc. "mob-handed" to mitigate the worst case threat? In all likelihood (here on IoM) the situation they discover will be far removed from the worst case scenario - maybe some chap potting bunnies with a .22 on private land and a (inadvertent trespasser) walker nearby is alarmed - but until investigated there is the possibility that: someone has flipped and is shooting at people they have a powerful weapon and the skill to use it they will respond negatively to the perceived threat of Police coming to investigate / intervene Don't see how the Police can do other than approach with caution, and deploy all the resources that are reasonable to minimise the possible risk to themselves.
  4. Gizo

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    He probably nicked his lunch. Renowned light fingers.
  5. Remarkable that TT deaths are now comparable to smack heads because they died doing what they loved. Yet again the TT lot can’t define the difference all in the justification of the tally of deaths.. the blinkers are incredible. #syria and another new one #TTsmackheads
  6. Hed want the races to go on = he would still race if it was someone else.
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  8. I was thinking the same thing Bobbie. Ben - how the f@ck am I supposed to know that? What I do know is that all instructors are fully qualified range conducting officers and regularly run it in that capacity.
  9. There's a few colour photos in this thread I remember developing and printing and reprinting in the late 70s...during 4 years working TT/summer school hols at a local photographers.
  10. That would be those stupid people raising money for Cancer down the NSC.
  11. A young man’s life has violently ended.Sadly,for that there is no doubt. And there is no doubt for the huge pain, distress and desperate confusion there must be for those close to him. We use expressions , “died doing what he loved” which can appear casual and lazy - a bit like the obvious “ in the wrong place at the wrong time “ used by the Police and “our thoughts at this time are with ..”and easy social media responses because they are, not the best , but acceptable responses.We are worried about saying the ‘wrong thing’ and play safe using these expressions that are currently in vogue in case we offend and add to the distress because we don’t know what to say. If you are an anonymous poster on MF , you can feel less restricted.Over this man’s death you able to insult each other, joke and carry on where you left off with old arguments , even throwing in some guestimate maths.
  12. People die all the time. Its probably true that no one cares unless it affects them in some way. Basically, we hear of deaths every day of the week and IMO, people become less sensitive or hardened as they get older https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/live-world-death-totals
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  14. Not miles, but I make it pretty near 250 yds [(37.73 miles X 1760)/260] so not a hairbreadth either.And of course some places around the Course will have more fatalities than others, so any memorials would not be evenly spread out. It's still a sobering thought though, and that's before considering all the deaths when the roads aren't closed.
  15. Or whoever. The point being it was DJ music. Not a band. (Damn, I'm getting into a silly Dili argument)
  16. Please remember that it's over 108 years (for the Mountain Course) as well.
  17. Not wanting to split hairs but your maths are miles out?
  18. I heard no Stones songs at all. I call bullshit. We must have heard two different events. Maybe there were two different sites for the music as we could now and again here the stupid boom boom bass from somewhere else.
  19. That means nothing. As sad as it is, there is a rider dead for every 150 yds or less. That means that if memorials are erected, each one will be in clear site of the next. Visualise riding around the course and seeing all these memorials, time after time after time for over 260!!! That is the saddest part of these events
  20. Get your calculator out and work out how many miles of the course are covered for each rider killed. At a guess, say 10,000 miles.
  21. It's fine if people want to kill themselves riding bikes. Just find somewhere else to do it and don't expect to be funded by the Government.
  22. Why did your mum ask you if she had put clean underpants on?! She was riding pillion
  23. I love unsubstantiated leading claims from shoulder-chipped rando posters with spelling issues, they're some of my favourites! Ben, can you confirm the denials that you're a lizard person from the planet Volgotron?
  24. Apart from the fact we are paying for it and watching it, nothing really
  25. Why did your mum ask you if she had put clean underpants on?!
  26. But who are we to decide that someone should not die whilst doing something they love but mountain climbing, motorbike racing, etc etc? You cannot compare smacking up to racing bikes, one is a crutch to get through life, the other is a sport, just the same as you cannot compare apples with oranges.
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