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  2. I would put them in this order, because I like cats.
  3. He thinks he's Paxman or Humphrys. You need presence if you're going to be an arsehole.
  4. Cupboards under sinks aren't for putting electric switching in
  5. Just so. Mr Jelly has that rare ability (shared with Two Planks Cregeen) to sail on serenely while being off the scale shite. Surely CM material?
  6. If shit be going down strong and this really is the beginning of the apocalypse then there's only one man I want to be breaking that news to me. That man is the venerable steve rodan. Followed by an hour of Alex in the afternoon.
  7. When things are going shit wise, the best thing to do is " throw a sicky" pass the buck to "someone else" as it were.
  8. He's retiring far far away from here Or so he said
  9. Can't believe someone from Onchan hasn't nominated the People's Prince...
  10. You might as well have the Swedish Chef from The Muppets.
  11. Moorehouse for me...decisive, statesman...born leader.
  12. On that I think we will have to disagree.
  13. The outsider with best chance of becoming CM surely has to be Robertshaw?
  14. That's a good photo of our esteemed Minister for Enterprise!
  15. I'm only suggesting that MOPR would perhaps be the person to take the CoMin chair in the temporary absence of the CM Nothing more
  16. To be fair, if he's calling the media people by their first names I can't see any reason why they shouldn't be equally chummy back. Otherwise it comes across as some dowager addressing the servants (actually most dowagers would still be polite enough to use surnames).
  17. I think that you are wrong, but might turn out to be right. My understanding, for what it's worth, is that the Island has the same problem as the UK - there is no automatic pecking order. The system is based on written delegations, passing over the 'powers' of a political office when any minister is absent or incapable (assuming that they have time to delegate). In other words, Mr Toad could delegate his chief ministerial powers to Chris Thomas, choose the Boy Vampire, or anyone else. Good form would say that it has to be another minister, but I'm not sure that it's strictly required. Compare this common law, no written constitution approach to other countries. In the USA, LBJ was the president at the moment JFK was declared dead.
  18. Well, on current form... I'd go for the Boy David. Cannan is like Quayle; gets wound up when he doesn't like a question and can't answer it; Allinson - he needs another year at least but as he's not worked outside of a government/public service environment he's no clue as to how business works; Shimmins - he needs another term. Thomas - would be just an extension of the Cabinet Secretary.
  19. Absolutely hilarious! Once again the survey after the referendum on the resources of the Health Services of the EU 29 entities put our NHS second from last place. That's second from last place for the allegedly fifth largest economy on the planet as the brexiteers love to tell us. Obviously a total mismatch there. Where could it have come from?
  20. Best case scenario takes us well into July...
  21. I'd venture to suggest that an outsider would perhaps be the best person to get to grips with the massive ediface that is IOMG
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