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  2. You clearly do as you follow me round this forum making snide comments about almost everything I post
  3. You and the forum jeerer appear to have concluded from my original post that I have an opinion either way about Mogg's rather strange choice. I didn't then and still don't. Generally speaking however, I don't think anyone has the right to harass or bully another and that includes high profile politicians.
  4. Indeed, how could that have possibly failed
  5. like they did with dragons castle..........oh..........
  6. Forget Manx Community Radio as a name...too boring. If you do start up may I suggest Craggy’s Open Community Kaleidoscope. COCKradio will generate you a lot of attention.
  7. They should have let that Raj guy build his big family pub.
  8. No, but there’s probably a decent chance that some of them can spell, punctuate and use correct grammar if they bring a parallel website online. Which £1 million hasn’t achieved elsewhere.
  9. Some enterprising freemason would make a killing with a Wacky Warehouse-type outlet on the island. An enterprising resident might think it would be a sound idea but find every avenue blocked.
  10. None of them can understand a word she is saying probably. She shlurs her wordshs a bit too much.
  11. Mrs D said the same about the Fun Barn...
  12. Prices have gone up significantly recently.
  13. Ha ha! Mrs Craggy suggested I start a station to cater for reactionary folk like me who have abandoned MR. Gave it 30 seconds thought. Anyone can set up and broadcast over t'internet - it's literally child's play. Maybe that's the answer, Manx Community Radio.
  14. Why? Does this type of thing not happen anywhere else?
  15. Today
  16. It’s the new TT Museum!
  17. To be fair the whole area did need to be razed to the ground and disinfected. The kids needed hosing down after spending 20 minutes there.
  18. uk has one well because it's leaving.......eu is in decline........#projectfear was wrong then and is now......
  19. Very bad news that the ERG (now rebranded as "The Spartans" - so Rees-Moggs personal diminutive rotund fag Mark Francois is a "Spartan" then - hilarious!) have approached the Attorney General for guarantees that should there be no FTA by the end of the transition period (31/12/20?) then the default statutory position would be to leave without a deal. So on the one hand Johnson has to court the Spartan Ultras (hah!) and on the other hand deal with a great unknown (to him) namely principled politicians like Ken Clarke. Little wonder he wants a GE....
  20. All surveys are a bit of a joke. You only have to look at the experience of polls on the last few UK elections and the referendum. Then there are those surreal adverts that regale you with "89% of UK women would change to Supergloop anti-age cream.", while the small print at the foot of the screen informs us that this is based upon 89% of 81 women. Very scientific.
  21. new iom radio station....... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/willaston-primary-school-starts-own-radio-station/ will they also get £1 million........
  22. And not just the Island. I frequently see examples of poor construction in so-called serious newspapers.
  23. I'll tell you the bits where you CAN'T easily do so. A few metres past the Liverpool Arms to access Barroose Rd from Groudle Road. Packhorse Lane, Baldrine to Church Rd, Lonan. Final section from the Maughold road junction across boundary into Ramsey. Done it numerous times over the years. This MER path idea is just a gimmick.
  24. It makes sense to combine the trainspotting and MAMIL fraternities in one place.
  25. Ah, I see. I know particularly of a south based one. The peppered backside was more middle.
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