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  2. Wouldnt it be better to discuss the issue, based on the scientific evidence available and any health tests which have been conducted ?
  3. Not everyone can get legal aid and not all advocates will work for it in civil cases anyway.
  4. They're better than the Spanish national team were, not just possession for the sake of it, but relentless pressure. Bernardo, KDB, Sterling, Sane, they pick up the ball and run straight at goal. No fear. As a football fan you can only admire them, they do play some incredible stuff.
  5. It was an accident, he's since apologised...
  6. I admit to having had a very odd working life but I started out as a shipbroker and when the industry collapsed was forced into more situations than I could ever imagine would happen. I appeared briefly in court on the one occasion but drew up petitions to the High Court so that litigants in person could start a case hitherto not possible. In those days I obtained old Petitions to see how it was done and used them as models plus a book of rules bought from Tynwald library..The individuals had to go to court themselves. There were two clear wins with the matter solved. Then someone asked me to do conveyancing and I worked out how to do it and very reluctantly accepted to do 13 of them until Laurence Keenan advocate got me in to his office on the pretext of a job interview and gave me fair warning. I knew it was unlawful conveyancing for others. You can do your own but not others. So I said well you have had a good run best stop now. I was always nervous of doing it and glad when the Law Society via Keenan fired a warning shot. Handling charter parties in shipbroking was useful experience. Not a lot of difference really.
  7. Manxy, it is irrelevant how bold and big you make your claims, the reality is that the evidence of harm is far less clear than you are claiming and maybe so low that it falls into the category of socially acceptable. Bicycles are dangerous Is a true statement with multiple deaths and injuries a year but it doesn’t mean people campaigning for them to be banned aren’t misguided.
  8. Here's the latest So how much cheaper? And how often will the aerial mapping be updated?
  9. Are City nice to watch, or do they just make good highlights? They remind me a little bit of the Spanish national team* between 2008-2010 when they dominated international football. They played some great football, scored some fantastic goals, but to watch a whole 90 minutes of trying to maintain 80% possession was just hard work! *but not yet quite as bad as Spain; at least City actually use a striker which Spain often didn't!
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  11. Similarly, as you have yourself explained, you can pay for the standard of a QC and still come away losing, so it makes no odds then, does it? However, someone with NO legal experience, or lacking in the ways of the court, may feel that a legal aid advocate would be preferential to none at all. Of course there’s nothing wrong with any job. It just seems as though Barrie has had experience of them ALL! And now he claims to have legally represented several people.
  12. Good point I think my dislike about NASA is because of the alleged early moon landings and as they were responsible for selling the story to us all, then its with them and their falsehoods that I take what they say with a pinch of salt. Maybe one day the truth will come out, but I doubt it because of the largeness of the lie Ah well... back to ironing and making my clothing flat
  13. Certainly not so far, and nothing like the 40p per minute MT charges to ring a landline from a mobile! i tend to use WhatsApp for the majority of my calls these days
  14. Good enough for the CM of Jersey to request the IOM Treasury Minister R Corkill to invite me to a meeting and try and put me off what I was then doing. They also requested I not be allowed on Manx Radio but were offered to go head to head with me on air but they refused. It was a long time ago now when the Finance Sector felt vulnerable due to proposed information exchange. IOM Govt actually requested that I submit my efforts for vetting...I agreed but did not do so... I at no time saw myself as anything more than a concerned citizen doing what any other person could do and that includes putting cases through the High Court. Anyone can do it. Bit unusual being allowed right of audience to represent someone who is absent as Mackenzie friend I believe is a companion rather than some form of advocacy. Deemster Corrin was at pains to point out that it was bit special allowing me to represent someone when not qualified but Cains arranged it and put me up to it and I was taken by surprise. I was opposing Cains and it was all chummy so they wanted something. I suspect it was a fix to get the matter out of their hair. It was not much really what I had to do but I would not like to do it again.....The learned friends are heap plenty trouble best left alone in their bubble...
  15. An appropriate Freudian slip that this article from the Nation’s Station about Beecroft has created the word “failth” https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/budgets-been-in-place-for-me-service-for-years-says-former-minister/
  16. Sorry you are quite correct it was Ernest Saunders not Gerald Ronson who miraculously became the only human being on earth to be cured of dementia after having being let off charges due to his lawyer/doctor providing categoric proof at his trial that he didn’t know what he was going as he had dementia.
  17. Saunders did indeed recover rather miraculously, Gerald Ronson was fined £5 million and served only 6 months of a 1 year sentence.
  18. Play School, not Jackanory. Appropriately.
  19. a G&T in the back seat of a 'roller' is a 'cure' for Dementia .............apparently !
  20. Folk can get 'legal aid' but that doesn't mean that the advocate/QC/etc will be competent and it isn't free unless you are "potless". I have stated before this site that an advocate on this island didn't know if she was acting for the defendant or litigant without , on the advice of Deemster Keruish , to look in her bundle of files to establish the name of her client! Anyone may well be competent to help if he/she is prepared to do the necessary research ( and perhaps read "The art of Advocasy ") . I have represented myself against a QC in a civil case at "Queens Bench" and on this island against , I was told, "Athol St finest" and 'won'. There is no shame in mopping out a toilet , I've had to do it way back That said one is invariably advised (in court) to be represented by a qualified advocate , but fortunately it's not obligatory to do so. Just saying
  21. People thought the earth was flat kev x
  22. Is it not expensive to ring an iom landline or mobile using the 3 sim?. I use it myself for all other calls and data but i thought when i last looked they charged a lot to call local numbers, maybe its changed.
  23. At least James now seems to finally accept that his site is shit. His Easter message full of flying comedy turds was a brilliant message of hope to his subscriber base of shit spreaders.
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