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  2. It's those white shirts. They make everyone look as if it's their first day at secondary school.
  3. I also don't hold out much hope for a vaccine to be honest.
  4. also, who's giving up a good job to do it?
  5. Indeed. There's one thing it ain't.... and that's "just another flu virus", as some on here pointed out at the initial outbreak.
  6. I’ve never said that poster is a victim. I have said that I think it’s very poor practice for forum members (and moderators especially) to publicly ridicule a forum poster knowing full well that they and other forum members know who they are. If they genuinely are unstable then clearly there could be consequences of those mocking posts that people might not anticipate (especially in the current climate). It just seems like a coordinated bullying circle to me. If anything happened how responsible might forum members feel for their behaviour? That was all.
  7. I too am concerned about the complacency. How many have already been fined or jailed for breaching lock-down rules? Even allegedly sensible people are under investigation for it. I'm expecting by mid/end August we'll be on lockdown again - or at least major businesses shut down - after a couple of pond life head off to Spain and return and head to Quids Inn or Jaks for a beer. And all the good work undone within weeks. Just on pubs and restaurants alone, potentially £millions lost to the economy and numerous unemployed - due to a couple of idiots. And unfortunately, the island is not short of them.
  8. It’s concerning though. I got shot down in the other thread below for bringing the issue of constant references to that poster up but really is publicly ridiculing and doxxing a poster who it could reasonably be construed might have issues feel particularly sensible or decent to anyone? Especially where we are constantly told of a mental health crisis coming out of lockdown in the media?
  9. But the irony is that during lockdown it wouldn't matter where she was. If you can't deal with constituents and people in government etc face-to-face and have to communicate via phone calls, e-mails, videocalling and so on, then where you are located doesn't make much difference. So she was providing just the same service as every other MHK could under the circumstances Meetings of Tynwald and the Keys were all virtual and she seems to attended most of those, asking questions and so on. She hasn't attended any since they wen't 'live' again (though one she attended 'virtually') so it may be that she has to self-isolate for medical reasons. That could explain why she is stepping down now rather than just not standing again in 2021 (which is what I expected would happen).
  10. The problem with that is that it is building up massive problems for the future, a huge backlog of appointments and people with deteriorating ailments who may never recover. I think we will lose more people in the wake of Covid-19 than from the actual pandemic!
  11. As the Health Minister Ashie has said he is very cautious, baby steps and all that!
  12. I will not be joining her pity party, she is so fucking thick she will not admit she was not fit for purpose as Health Minister, and done has nothing but snipe at everything that was going on. Good riddance to bad rubbish. It was great hearing some good news on Manx Radio for a change.
  13. Hardly a major vote of confidence in our Covid contingency planning as an ex Minister of Health if true but you have to do what’s best for you in these situations.
  14. I admire your optimism. The Scottish leadership has clearly and obviously taken things seriously, their lockdown was stricter than England and they have been slower to open up too. There is a broadly positive downwards trend across the UK and Europe as a whole, and it appears that the tracing systems are having an effect, with smaller localised lockdowns rather than widespread national ones. Would that work here when inevitable cases arise because people can't be trusted to stay at home when they come back from a trip? Isolate Ramsey for a couple of weeks because someone got the boat and spent Friday night in the Stanley? Tricky situation.
  15. Theres a few places that have had a spike but the majority the numbers are coming down. Scotland for example reported 9 new cases yesterday back end if last week it was under 20 new cases
  16. The hospitals in Cornwall are on full alert for a second wave in Sept (I think), it's expected to be worse than the first wave which wasn't too bad. Some of the tourists are just f**king stupid. Also I doubt the TT 2021 will go ahead, there's a lot to do before anything like that can be safely held.
  17. It was only two weeks ago that our own government were stating publicly that a second wave was fairly inevitable? https://147-5433bc3297b05.radiocms.com/news/isle-of-man-news/allinson-fears-second-covid-wave-may-be-inevitable/
  18. Heart problems as well - though the statistician in me would like to see a 'blind' study with equal number of patients who hadn't had Covid-19.
  19. Because we're virus free and people want the borders open. All over the world cases are shooting up and places which seemed to have it under control are putting restrictions back. I guess its a kind of fatigue really, no virus here so ignore what is going on elsewhere, things must be alright.
  20. I put the full press release (which has a bit more detail than the Manx Radio piece) on the Prom thread where I thought it was more appropriate. I don't know if it will have much effect on the Glencrutchery mess-ups directly, because no one will be going round the full loop except Longworth's pointless buses. But it might mean more people going into town.
  21. What makes you think there is complacency here?
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  23. Keep the slabs thanks but I wouldn't mind a play on the digger.
  24. Some worrying news on a Sky News report yesterday evening too, concerning the fallout from COVID. Italy, one of the first countries to be hit badly by the pandemic is now reporting long term, if not permanent, effects to surviving victims including organ damage to kidneys and livers as well as the lungs and also spinal complications. It's also being suggested that those who develop immunity to COVID19 can lose that immunity in only 3 months, leaving them open to re-infection almost straight away. This virus is a long way from being understood or dealt with yet.
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