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  2. I feel safer with a proper Tory government and a proper Tory Old Etonian Toff in charge ie One with a workable majority. Down on my manor we have been a Tory seat since 1950 with Vicky Ford from Northern Ireland the current MP. Despite this the people are surprised as to how it has turned out. Lots of nattering in shops. Even the Monster Raving Loony got more than expected....
  3. The Common Market issue was part of my schooldays from 1961 onwards. Heavy emphasis at school on French and German. But the then President de Gaulle of France always said Non to British entry. He said they are culturally unsuitable. Their global model of trade will not fit in. They will come in and try to change it then leave. Well the General was right. The trouble began almost as soon as we joined when people realised it was about central control. That is why we had a referendum to see if we wanted to stay in. Wearily we thought well might as well it cost a bomb to get in and another bomb to get out. I voted Remain but I knew that the Euro and ever increasing federal integration would not suit is in the long term. So now it has happened I feel safer with stuffy old Tories back in charge and an end to Lefty waffling. On the other hand I think the UK will be to the EU like the IOM is to the UK and EU. A sort of big version of Protocol 3 so we may be Out but much else will be the same after many years of sorting the sheep from the goats. I am minded of Canada. Canada did not want to be part of the USA and developed its own way after a war or two and some struggles. Despite this they have a common border, much in common and at times hard to detect the difference. As regards the IOM I think the future is good as the boys in the City will want the Offshores and I anticipate the UK will not want to rock the boat. And who in the UK has much of a clue as to where the IOM is anyway?
  4. But at the moment they're only having to wait for the trams to pass a couple of pinch points - and not even then depending on parking etc. Reducing the available width will mean that the entire length of the Queens Prom will be one long pinch point and rather than drivers of wider vehicles will have to wait for the horse trams to go the whole length before they can get through. A lot of traffic can build in that time. Of course the most likely vehicles to be affected will the quarter-hourly buses going along the Prom who can take alternative routes. I can't imagine it will be very pleasant for the horses either as traffic will be forced to go even closer to them. All for some whim of one bureaucrat (Longworth) that is never going to happen in any case.
  5. It is possibly more than likely that the corrupt European Commission will impose import duties on goods from the UK to which the UK should (would?) respond in kind.
  6. There is a clear disconnect in terms of VAT received / domestic spend. As the household spending survey on Manx Radio this morning shows the average IOM resident is on the bones of their arse with £50 a week spare after the essentials have been paid. The domestic economy (in terms of internal spend on VAT rated goods) we think we have is clearly not the domestic economy we actually have. Bars can’t make money, shops can’t make money, restaurants are closing and yet somehow we magically get paid all this VAT based on attributed domestic commercial activity. What activity is that based on the survey results? It does not stack up one jot. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/average-household-has-just-50-spare-each-week/
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  8. Won't happen because it is in the mutual interest not to erect trade barriers. People want to do business with each other whoever and wherever they are. It is ludicrous to suggest that European traders are going to ignore the huge market of the UK. It's time Remainers realised that the battle is over and they lost. It is only the rearguard action fought since June 2016 that has caused all of the uncertainty. Hopefully that has now finally been consigned to history.
  9. Surely a contradiction in terms? If the tracks are 300m wider (presumably a wider central reservation as the width between the individual tracks can't change or the tram wheels and axles wouldn't fit?) then they can't be as they were before, virtually or not. Secondly, that 300mm has to have come from somewhere, "presumably" a 150mm reduction in the width of each traffic lane either side. Unless they're narrowing the pavements, encroaching on the seaward side gardens etc. or reclaiming land on the seaward side. So the traffic lanes have to be narrower or the parking spaces have to be narrower than what was there previously? Or am I missing something?
  10. My view is not simplistic, it is factual. If they are not supplying to local companies or individuals, then no VAT accrues to the IOM Treasury. That is how the TBMM regime works. The VAT share is no longer based on GDP/GNP. It is entirely a domestic consumption tax.
  11. Why? The trams don't run all year and when they are running, it will be the same as it was before - cars, buses and other large vehicles will just have to wait until they can pass
  12. Am I missing something here . Genuine question ..if road is now going to be 3.25 meters wide each side ...allow 1.8 meters for parked cars ...not enough in my opinion ..that then leaves 1 .45 for moving vehicles ..perhaps someone on here can tell me how wide is a lorry or coach etc or Bin wagon ?? , please tell me I'm missing something obvious because if I'm not we have a problem !
  13. Breaking news....................... There has been a recount and Labour has won by a landslide. Presiding count officer D. Abbott said that there were clear discrepancies with the originals number.
  14. I’m not amazed. I imagine they can’t help doing it as they’re sick filthy bastards.
  15. You leave them alone. Athol Street makes a fortune out of them. Probate has been an utter gold mine on this Island, by fair means and particularly foul, for a long time and no one dare pick them up on it. Come on in you old folk, but 'specially if you is rich, and you don't have too many, or any at all, relatives. You will find a charmer or two on Athol Street for sure to look after you when you is gone.
  16. Everything will be ok. Howard is going on Manx Radio being chatted at by Andy Wint today.
  17. The most important thing is to enact BREXIT. The easiest way to do this is unconditionally by a simple declaration. Ongoing horse trading can then take place without BREXIT being an issue - it will have been already put to bed. If BREXIT was dependent on reaching on in effect having to agree with what Brussels demanded that amounts to being blackmailed by the corrupt undemocratic European Commission.
  18. Boy will it be wet with our weather. Rusty bike and rheumatic fever anyone?
  19. It isn’t though is it? There’s plenty of businesses that are only here to route goods through their IOM companies in order to access the UK-EU agreement. They are part of supply chains. They are not supplying goods to local companies or consumers. Once they can’t do that ‘domestic’ consumption might just mysteriously disappear as the IOM company wont be needed anymore. Your view is far too simplistic. Leaving the customs union could have a huge impact as there is no way that the published ‘domestic’ consumption figures actually reflect true domestic activity. We don’t even seem to have enough domestic activity to keep bars, restaurants and shops open.
  20. There’s a comedy sketch by Bill Hicks where he’s talking about the press inducing fear by talking about War Famine Disaster. It’s truly terrifying. But when he goes to his front door to see it all al he can hear are the birds chirping and the trees gently swaying in the breeze. My guess is that it will be much the same here for some time to come. If it takes three years to lay some concrete and a few tram tracks then any repercussions from the actions of the adjacent Isle will take some time to filter through. And even then the birds won’t stop singing.
  21. And anyway. The new national pastime is shopping. Nothing will overtake that.
  22. Gove still managed to insert 2 references to anti semitism even in his victory speech. He must be getting paid per mention.
  23. This is also true. In many cultures it was accepted (by adults) as part of daily life. In some cultures it was quite common for the father of the house to ‘break in’ the oldest girl. Those cultures arrived in Britain and of course the behaviour continued. Not so much now thankfully but it does still happen.
  24. It’s more available. That’s all it is. Paedophillia has always existed in every culture but it was confined to the exchange of grubby images. Now through the dark web there’s a host of images and videos available. It’s not that there’s more of them, it’s just that they’re being uncovered due to the advancement in police technologies.
  25. But the playing field isn’t level once we are outside and we’ve given up all the level things we’ve got already. 70 million market Population against 450 million. Negotiations will founder because we won’t be able to diverge from EU common standards and do a US deal, or if we do a US deal and move to their common standards an EU deal is limited. The best way foreword is full membership of Customs Union and Single market and move forward from there. No cliff edges. EU supply chains will just redevelop to exclude U.K. yes in cash terms they send more to U.K. than U.K. does to EU. But in percentage terms, and thus how it’s going to affect the market the effect on U.K. is much more serious
  26. The Laxey Review may be the test case. With the evidence collated there can’t be any verdict but negligence. It’s unlikely the insurers would be going after them en masse if they didn’t believe this to be the case. But as you say, who’s to blame. The government have already admitted responsibility but my guess is that the contractors will get the blame and they will be responsible for reimbursing the insurers. And no guesses for what might happen then...
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