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  2. The IOM Newspapers piece makes no sense. Why should he miss Tynwald (which was conducted 'virtually') and yet still be "chairing the national strategy group and the Council of Ministers". I'd assume those would be done online as well (and if he's self-isolating they damn well ought to be), but why be well enough for those but not the other. Admittedly the piece shows signs of being written in haste: "and after taking a test thig afternoon, he is awaiting results from a test", but it's all very odd. (And all those remarks about Howard Quayle waiting to see what Boris did and then repeating it a few days later, no matter how daft it was. He's clearly taking them way too seriously. Though presumably like most COVID tests this will come back negative and he's just got something minor).
  3. He's fine - as long as the blinds are kept down.
  4. Absolutely, and perhaps if that was the case there would be more resource for a pay rise for those poorly paid (and that isn't everyone by any means) at the sharp end. This model is not the envy of the world as we are so often told. If it were, maybe others would be more keen to copy it.
  5. Shouldn't Ashford be self isolating as well then after sharing that podium every day?
  6. Somewhat ironic seeing as he’s followed Boris Johnson for much of the way so far, hopefully he hasn’t got Covid19, he did look fairly stressed/rundown at his last briefing, no great surprise given the situation.
  7. He appears to have lost a bit of weight lately Guess the MInister of Policy & Reform takes the CoMin chair, tho' he himself seems to be very quiet lately
  8. Surely that would be Chief-Minister-Elect Mr. Chris Thomas?
  9. You expose yours when you ignore waste and inefficiencies which in the NHS are legion, when it isn't even controversial that this is so. If anyone thinks that there are not pots of money going into the NHS or that there isn't an oversupply of pen-pushing management they are deluded. In waste and inefficiency, by comparison to the NHS even the IOM Government are novices. Way too many administrators. It's the public sector. Your position that because it is a health service efficiency doesn't matter is frankly nonsense. Problem is that it's a sacred cow and that includes all of its faults as well as its attributes.
  10. As much in control as he was before self isolating
  11. Who steps into the big man's shoes though if he's incapacitated ?
  12. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=54985&headline=Chief Minister is self isolating&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020
  13. mollag

    Lockdown cooking

    I love Jamie Oliver and his "Keep cooking and carry on" Where he tells us we can substitute ingredients with those we have in our own larders. So here is my Madras King Prawn Curry with an Aubergine Jus and Pondicherry style Naan bread
  14. Confirmed. HQ is displaying minor symptoms of Covid-19 and has been tested. He remains in control of Government.
  15. Chiropractor is self isolating so so I've moved the feeling to my waters and have a telecon with the urologist in the morning. Nothing wrong with Quals in principle, but I know that it has many flaws in the detail. Bit like NICE.
  16. Is he over weight like Boris, who will take over, as interim chief minster, or do we need Alan Bell back to cover the helm Pro Tem ?
  17. Anyway, what’s the latest on Boris?
  18. Or maybe a witch doctor or a homeopath. Or a fortune teller. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiropractic
  19. Aye. Me neither. I thought I’d left that well and truly behind. I can’t claim JSA because I’m isolating and so not able to work. Just put my forms in for income support. Waiting for them to write back and tell me what I’ve forgotten to enclose. My inside leg measurement probably. Or hat size.
  20. Opportunities for hustle are severely restricted at the moment. i don't want to be signed on, I'd rather be at work, but it'll do fine for now.
  21. Quite so. Very much the realm of the UK right wing press and the "alternative reality" they feed their readers on a daily basis. This is the reality - https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/apr/04/tories-protect-nhs-coronavirus-slogan I'm surprised that the attempt by Labour to remove the freeze on public sector pay, you know, like nurses etc, in 2017 hasn't been mentioned yet:
  22. Better visit a chiropractor then. I was just wondering what was wrong with QALY.
  23. With a little hustle on the side possibly.
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