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    400 farmers...so that means all of them, plus a few pretend farmers - i.e. landowners that are currently "helping their land return back to organic status" (in other words, they just own land and not shat all with it). What happened when I had a really bad year and was out of work? Oh yea, I got £57 a week to feed a family of 4 with. What happened to my brother when orders dried up after the crash in 2008 and he had to re-mortgage his house? Oh yea - nothing. He worked his arse off to pull it back from the brink. I've yet to meet a poor farmer, so if you know any, please let me know.
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    Few points to make on this topic. As all are aware I am a Noble’s consultant, but I’m not in the top 10 this thread refers to. Firstly, the consultant pay scale here is the same as the UK, broadly, except we have additional automatic progression through 20 points whereas in the UK the higher points have to be applied for based on other roles, the so called merit award system. This automatic progression is used as a selling point to attract applicants here, and in my view it’s not a bad thing. In the UK the people who get the awards are usually the ones who are never at the hospital because they’re on national committees etc. Here at least we’re paid for loyalty/longevity of tenure. The second point is job planning. Each consultant has a job plan which details how many sessions per week they work. The basic is 10 for full time, notionally 40 hours per week including some hours for continuing professional development. Most consultants here work more than 10, because we generally have fewer consultants than the colleges recommend. In my specialty, based on our population we should have 5 or 6 consultants. There are 4 of us. Paying 4 people to do the work of 5 or 6 makes sense for the employer as there are reduced superannuation contributions and in the future fewer pensions to pay. And pensions are based on the basic 10 sessions. This is one reason our salaries are higher than the UK where generally NHS trusts have pared things to the bone with everyone on 10. We’re also not comparing like with like. In the NHS consultants will do extra NHS work in the private sector, using the ‘choose and book’ facility the GPs there have. This salary will not be included in the NHS figures we’re comparing with. There are other things too which make the figures incomparable. In our top ten numbers, additional bank work is counted - this is when a colleague goes on leave and instead of paying for an external agency locum the work is kept in-house for additional pay. Agency locums do cost a fortune, certainly in shortage specialties, but I don’t think Max’s 500K example is right. It does cost a lot to employ a consultant. I don’t know how much is right, but if we’re made public enemy number 1 and get accused of fleecing the NHS then I can guarantee recruitment, hard enough as it is, will get worse, and this will only increase the wage bill as more agency staff are used to plug gaps. As others have pointed out, market forces apply, and where people might like to think of the medical profession as Dr Kildare types doing it for the love of humanity, the reality is that the pressures and risks associated with the job are increasing and unless we’re paid well people won’t do it.
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    The "half wit vet" was doing what he was legally required to do; report his suspicion. As was pointed out on FB, it has taken this long to settle that he is of the breed but exempt, so it was not as straightforward as you think.
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    Considering the money that's been squandered, wasted and absconded with over the past 25 years, we should already have it. Talk of growing the population? Think of TT period sized population and it's traffic and weight on our infrastructure then consider having that for 52 weeks a year. The place would implode. Our collection of govags at national and local authority level wouldn't have a clue how to cope.
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    Let me guess - “No motorbikes to be transported from late May to early June” was the feature you’d like to see introduced.
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    You've got to be mildly impressed that they managed to even fuck up giving money away!!!
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    Sounds like you’ve done it many times Howard, the alt accounts that is.
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    Second paragraph last sentence of the press release: "we have a more proactive entrepreneurial ecosystem in place." WTF does that mean? Who writes that shit?
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    Both indeed key components of the new road safety strategy.
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    You mean easier for an international brand with a global audience rather than a retired local copper with a get rich quick scheme? You would hope so.
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    I suggest the well meaning MHK and her mates take in the Syrian families themselves. Give up your house and sleep in a tent in your back garden. As they would be taking social housing off local families if they did come over so let's start the charity a bit closer to home first.
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    Oh thank God. No more sneaking around in the dark, hose in hand. Living on the edge.
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    they won't need to , H&B will sell it off as a brewery with a clause to say you aren't allowed to use it as a brewery. maybe turn some of the vats in to glamping pods.
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    THIS WEEK: Local Doc: Ooh that's serious...need to investigate that with an MRI. Patient: So I need an MRI, when can you do one? Doc (talking directly on phone to consultant at Nobles): In around 3 weeks. Do you have private company medical insurance? Patient: Er...yes. Doc: How are you fixed for this evening? Who authorises these people to use our equipment for high consultancy rates to jump queues?
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    The "new" grandstand has "only" been up since 1986, replacing the previous corrugated affair that had been there since time immemorial ( Mollag?). If some of the rumours doing the rounds re. resignations (and possible disposal of evidence ) and potential fallout following the Mercer incident are true, they might be better to ensure that the TT actually has a future before they start planning huge infrastructure change?
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    Frankly, he’s never likely to go on the record but I’m sure it’d be interesting reading if he did.
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    I doubt if the crash will take place next year or even by 2020 but by then the decline in public services and the standard of living will be undeniable. Sadly I believe that it will take the undeniable for those presently in denial or comfortably insulated to shock the people of the island to realise that it's game as they knew it is over and that a range of presently unacceptable options to become acceptable as an alternative to just keeping calm and carrying on. Population growth in itself is very far from being a solution because unless every immigrant results in an increase in exports greater than the cost they add to the import bill they will just add to the problem.
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    The Island will surely find its own population level naturally, based on: Economic attraction/viability (for those who choose to live here). And economies wax and wane in their attractiveness and always have done Ease of travel Quality of life and environment/surroundings. Those 3 are surely the main criteria? We can try and "artificially" (if that's the word?) alter or improve what's on offer but we can only tinker politically at the edges of these criteria...and there is also competence required in that tinkering...in the main most are out of our control and many are the perception of the people themselves.
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    Bach was truly ahead of his time composing music for the synthesiser. Commissioned, perhaps, by the arts loving English king, Albert.
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    Let the four idiots that are disappointed sell their houses and send all the money to the refugee charity instead of expecting the tax payers to shell out. I give to different charities by choice as do most people and that is how it should be voluntary contributions. I would rather give money to the Salvation Army, the good work they do locally is immense, they do not advertise what they do just go about it quietly and steadfastly.
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    It isn’t though; it just requires people to not drive like nobs.
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    But more worrying looks like the idiots at the DfE now retain the right to dole out cash as they see fit. So a prudent investment manager hasn’t wasted enough public money backing lame horses; so they’re kicking them out now so that the usual idiots at the DfE can now dole out our money to their mates and back rubbish business plans as they see fit to attempt to “show that the scheme works”. Frightening.
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    Manx Forums cornered that market
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    There has long been a societal norm that doctors, especially surgeons/consultants and other hospital specialists, are altruistic Demi-gods to whom we should all doff our caps and be respectful and grateful. This is incorrect. They are self-interested mercenaries. Do you think I’m cynical? Well that’s not my view - it’s the opinion of the nationally respected surgeon married to my cousin who heads a huge surgical unit at a major London teaching hospital. Take it as you will. But while on the subject - the IOM is paying 74% more to Consultants than the going rate in the U.K. Really? Are they 74% better here? Do the health authorities in Jersey need to do the same? No wonder Ashford has grudgingly admitted that just a few months into the financial year his Department is a million overspent. One last question...are we paying nurses 74% more than their U.K. equivalent..? No, I didn’t think so.
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