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    Who is living there, if anyone is living there. There are lots of social housing units occupied by people other than the tenants, in breach of tenancy terms, the real legal tenant living elsewhere, often in other social housing units. The “sub letting” is often to family members, grown up children, who don’t qualify, aren’t on the housing list, stopping someone with real need from getting housing that is tax payer subsidised.
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    Yes, yes, yes. Several years ago we were involved in a partnership with some retail investments, one of which was a shop on the main street. Rents like that for a smallish shop unit are common. They are highest in the centre generally, and get a bit lower as you move down to the Castle Street end. You need to make a grand a week plus VAT just to pay the rent, before even thinking of staff, NI, rates, fuel, power, etc. If you have all of that sussed out then you've broken even and can start thinking about making a profit. Given the underwhelming footfall, there isn't much you can put into a shop along there that is going to make you worthwhile money. It might look like a decent crowd on the street on a Saturday afternoon, but take a look on a cold, wet weekday morning anytime outside the summer. I did a few surveys of my own at the time, and there were days when there was virtually nobody about between 9.30 and 11am. In my opinion, to make it pay even modestly, you need to own the property or be a big name with a good margin product (like the Card Factory franchise for example). For an independent, even with a respectable turnover, it's an uphill struggle. Suffice to say we got out as soon as possible and never touched retail again.
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    Wilfy Young will be mustering his army of 18th century luddites to oppose any suggestion of this, as we speak. Ramsey Small Boat Owners must have their mudflats preserved.
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    Funnily enough there was a lecture on comparative crown dependency constitutional law featuring Jersey at the Nunnery last night and none of the The Nine were there
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    This was never in doubt. It's trade between the UK, Europe and the rest of the world post Brexit that matters. Our government has, as usual, been very quiet on this. Just the usual blather and meaningless empty phrases, when really they haven't got a clue.
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    When I lived in Onchan I was all in favour of an all Island rates system but now I am in Arbory you can all sod off.
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    Robin Twatty-twat says the breakwater will be laid in 2020. They don't have planning permission yet, not even in principle. There's more chance of me getting laid in 2020.
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    It's a good job us yokels are a supine and passive lot - simple and gutless to boot. No chance of yellow-vestage on this rock. They can do as they please without fear of dissent. The delay of the law and the arrogance of office.
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    What the hell is that supposed to mean John? “Ex public servant” I was a copper. A crown servant, not a civil servant. My view on this is absolutely, totally on par with yours. It’s a bloody junket for which nobody sees a cost/benefit analysis. I wasn’t ignoring anything, just trying to work out how the Baron can do a few days away in Jersey for just £250. Like you say, directly or indirectly, ‘we’ have footed the bill. I love you to bits buddy believe it or not, but sometimes you can be a bit of an arse!
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    Typical ex public servant Derek, sorry. How much do we pay into CPA against how much do we get out? Those tickets cost some tax payers, somewhere. Where that was is immaterial. I’m not against CPA or other such organisations, indeed I’m all in favour of work placements, job swaps, by public servants between jurisdictions. Secondments are good learning and improvement opportunities. And it’s not just one way. You can’t just ignore the transport costs because someone else pays. Neither can you ignore the cost of the public service wages when they are busy travelling and meeting, rather than doing their actual jobs. What I want to see is total transparency. True cost.
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    This morning on the radio Minister Boot said the cost was £200-250 per person. I wish I could arrange flights to, accommodation and meals in the Channel Islands for that price.
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    I wonder how many of those outraged people are practicing Christians? Is it the perceived invasion of Islamic culture which is behind the outcry, children are taught about multiple faiths in school these days. I realise our country is founded upon the Christian faith but in the words of Father Dougal McGuire, "Sure it's all a load of bollocks Ted, isn't it?"
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    I see Howard was down in London again today, offering wise words to Minister Walker.
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    Post Office celebrates Year of the Pig no mention of snouts in the trough.........
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    Boromir, Gandalf, Frodo, Gimli, Samwise, Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Aragorn - or alternatively: Borrow-more (Cannan), Legless (Watterson), Sam not-so-wise (Moorehouse), Frau-no (Caine), Not-so-Merry (Shimmins), Gimply - (Callister), Aura-gone (Quayle), Pippin (Harmer), and Gandalf. The Fellowship of the Keys.
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    Skelly and the DfE would be creaming themselves over the image that figure would convey. Unfortunately in reality, it's rental figures like that that are driving businesses out of Douglas, if not off the Island altogether.
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    The issue with a £100m project is that you can end up with something 1/3 built, which then collapses, adding to the whole despair effect. If this goes ahead - and good luck to them, IOMG must ensure it is wholly funded prior to build, and not relying on £50m of property sales to finish it.
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    The gas would be between Manx Gas and the tenant. Nothing to do with Corpy. Just goes to show what a rent man going round could save. He’d know. Even if not a rent man a housing officer should visit and inspect every house once every three months.
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    I couldn't give a shit about stuff like this. It's not even one years pension for one half wit. There's far worse fraud going on daily.
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    I can see retailers rubbing their hands together and increasing prices no matter what the outcome of Brexit!
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    You're a miserable bastard. Just leave it as a fenced off shit tip eh?
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    They've all gone to meet Tim Brooke-Taylor
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    Not all of the landlords are local. A few UK and CI interests involved and others. They bought in at the boom and obviously they don't want their earnings to go south. It is quite possible to finish up working just to pay the rent on a long and onerous lease. The situation we had gone into was a partnership with a portfolio of interests that were a lot better but also included this one. We thought that maybe we could turn it around, but in the end we paid the landlord for the privilege of walking away. Even that took a bit of arm twisting, but I told him I would otherwise liquidate the company which was on the verge of trading while insolvent anyway. That's how good it was. By the way, never, ever give a personal guarantee for a commercial lease! Even if you think everything else I write is buffoonery then at least heed this. It could save you a bankruptcy.
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    Which is what needs to happen with more retailers in Douglas. Rents are not going to fall until the commercial letting agents and property owners are forced out of their current very comfortable existence by starvation. How on earth can Douglas support / justify commercial property rents that are 50% - 100% more than, for example, Harrogate, in an island of 85,000?