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    Well I for one welcome having something well organised on the Island for a change.
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    In his speech today Skelly said "19th March first case on the Isle of Man; 1st April first death on the Island. stop. pause" thus reading out his cue to stop and pause. Simply amazing.
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    Eligibility To be eligible to receive up to 5 LED bulbs, a member of the household must satisfy at least one of the following criteria: - In receipt of benefits i.e. Income support, Income based job seekers allowance, or Employed person’s allowance - In receipt of Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance or Incapacity Benefit - Manx Utilities priority care register - Recipient of Food Bank resources - Recipient of Town/Village ‘Coal Fund’ resources at Christmas - Household has inadequate number of light bulbs, reason cited being unable to afford new light bulbs (WTF?) - Recipient of financial advice from Office of Fair Trading; - Occupant aged 75 or more For 5 fucking lightbulbs! I wonder how much it costs to administer applications. I’d wager more then the cost of 5 lightbulbs!
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    He condemned it, saying stuff like 'we should not be involved with the indiscriminate killing of animals for sport'. Which is inarguable.
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    I’ve certainly commented elsewhere, however pointless and utterly futile it is. From the start, I am sure that any of us could find £1.3 m of worthwhile and pressing repairs and improvements on a number of routes throughout the Island. I cannot see this will be spent on island either - more likely a specialist bridge construction company with prefabricated units shipped in. I am reliably informed that Health currently has no money to buy components for hip and knee replacements, so all that surgery work is now on hold until the next Financial year. We also have Education being told there is ‘no money’, when quite clearly there is. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a lovely initiative, but was for a time when we were awash with cash. Any expenditure at the moment should be an absolute ‘must do’ as opposed to ‘nice to do’. This seems to be completely lost on this administration. And this revenue versus capital argument is fine, but there is a much more pressing need for capital expenditure elsewhere than a couple of bridges in the middle of nowhere which might, on average, be utilized by a couple of dozen people a week. These are the sort of things that continue to upset me about the way this island is run. Doubtless one of the worthies will be along in a minute with the ‘bloody English/ we like it like this/ boat in the morning address’, but we need to break this cycle of spaff and maladministration if there is to be any hope for a viable and prosperous Island for future generations.
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    Sounds just like the IoM
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    Blowing in the wind by now, Gladys. Along with any other truths about what goes on over here half the time, due to a total culture of unaccountability and responsibility within certainly, the upper stratae of the IoM Public Sector. Madam has rightly just been nicked for abuse of the MERA scheme. But above a certain level you can squander hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds over here at any amount of inconvenience or embarrassment and it will be quietly brushed under the rug and nothing said. Everywhere you look.
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    And if we keep them we’ll do fine. But a vocal minority are clamouring for unrestricted travel, no isolation, and believe that swabbing everyone on arrival is the solution. That’s what I’m arguing against right now.
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    Good news for Martin Moore after his campaign on this subject Now he can fail to pay twice a year.
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    Nice post Max. I was asked in either this thread or another, whether I was frightened by change. I replied setting out the changes that you and I have seen over our lives. Far more fundamental changes than later generations can even contemplate. But what I am seeing now is a sinister change where discussion is suppressed if it isn't in line, or blindly supportive of "the truth". This isn't about racial equality, it is about destabilisation with no honourable objective. The publicised founders of BLM are all stated to be Marxists. Whilst the BLM movement are busy disrupting, cancelling and toppling statues, how many are disrupting the sweat shops in England, human trafficking and economic rape of many under developed countries? Forget about evils 200 years ago and focus on the evils happening now. But, hey, that might actually need some thought to be applied.
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    I’ll just drop this in from the latest Eye
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    Unions seem to be getting rather irate that government haven’t got money to pay them an extra 9% plus £1.75m lump sums on top of 2.75% they have already had this year. personally I think they are being unreasonable but sure others won’t. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/no-money-to-resolve-teachers-pay-dispute-treasury/
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    It's not hard to check if those "isolating" paid by card and at what date/time...aligned with CCTV...two quick checks and it's 3 months inside and a big fine.
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    Anyone who knows anything about Manx politics or the Isle of Man knows that we've all been crying out for a felt museum and a monorail since the invention of felt and monorails. But no single politician has had the sheer vision or drive to give us either. Are you that man?
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    He paid good money to get a halo
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    Love him or loathe him (and I try not to lean too far in either direction) he is doing what a Government opposition should be doing. Holding the Government to account. The Government itself has now found that he's at least partly right. Which goes to prove something. Plus the Clerk of Tynwald has "exceeded his responsibilities", which a few suggested straight away was the case. This all arises because there is no effective political opposition over here. It's all been bought off by the CM's £10k and/or being blissfully led by the nose by a self-serving civil service.
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    I view paying my vehicle licences as a form of organized crime!
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    Any figures released on their projected net spend while visiting yet.
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    They were a PR or Advertising company and gave it a fair crack of the whip but then back end of 2019 it just wasn't working out for them so they seemed to let it slide. It's not everyone's cup of tea but they were trying something different. I was a little surprised that they were suddenly given the same standing at government briefings, I didn't realise anyone could run a Facebook page and get that level of access
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    I can't help but wonder how many millennials/members of Gen Z were clamouring for a nostalgia piece about Griddles. KFC, maybe, but Griddles? The typeface is horrible and fails a fair bit of accessibility criteria, but it's the quirky, BBC3-esque "how do you do, fellow kids?" tone that I can't get past. Once I read something like 'Dr Al popped into Gef HQ today to record an exciting podcast' on a website, I know I'm somewhere I don't belong.
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    "All progress is driven by misfits/rebels/whatever*" ≠ "All misfits drive progress" *Also, self-aggrandizing corporate blather from Apple ≠ truth. That's not really a very convincing argument though since you can play that game with any statement. For (an extreme) example: Arthur Sinister declares "80% of newborns should be chosen at random and liquified, with advanced technology being used to turn the goop into starship fuel so we can finally conquer the planet of the Scorpion people. Don't worry about the babies though, we'll have harvested their souls and implanted them into super intelligent and adorable robotic teddy bears" Now, when everyone starts rolling their eyes and sniggering, do you leap out from behind a conveniently placed shrubbery and say "A-ha! Let's just hang on a mo, my dismissive and mentally enfeebled chums! Yes, this idea is strange, but strip it out as a metaphor for addressing the burning issue of overpopulation and dwindling resources here on Earth - a new way of renewing society and focusing our energies"?
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    Doc, Grumpy, Dopey, Sleepy....
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    I'm still waiting for the Govt justification and Economic Case for this. How many 100s of £ks is this going to bring to Manx Treasury? Or is it just Baron Boot and/or a few wealthy acquaintances looking forward to spending a few hours blatting the hell out of imported and local wildlife during otherwise idle hours? High time this individual was exported on a non-return ticket. Peel voters please note.
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    He did not. The eerrrs and ummms and halting delivery, incomplete sentences, poor modulation of his voice, misplaced inflection and hopping from one topic to another, provided a model demonstration of inadequate verbal communication. If you thought that was good I can only imagine that you live in a Trappist community.
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    Contacts within the airport tell me that the director has issued an email to all airport staff basically exonerating the management team of any responsibility and slapping the blame firmly on Aurigny. What's the betting that behind closed doors, the fuel landing fees and handling charges at Manchester will be refunded to Aurigny by the Department of Enterprise?
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    Boot's a trier isn't he. He gets knocked on his ass on the partridge then comes back swinging with the squirrel. He's like the upper class twit in against a fairground bruiser, but the lad just doesn't know when to quit. It's great spectator sport, I'll give him that. The Fur and Feather club should book him for their next after-dinner speaker.
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    I am anti because it smacks of the bandwagon and they are not clear about who they are, what they stand for and who gave them their commission. I know I am banging on about that last bit, but I think it is important that we have clarity. As I have said, I have no issue with broadening the curriculum to include race issues, but I want to know who is going to set that particular agenda.
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    Teaching assistants are needed because the Island has no special schools for children with serious physical or cognitive impairments, and no pupil referral units for the most unruly. This means classes contain a much wider spread of ability, so teachers have to teach to various levels simultaneously. The assistants are there to try to ensure less able kids don't get left behind. Their pay looks good, but it's pro rata, term time only. Many of them are qualified to first degree level or beyond, The research showing that they do not improve outcomes was bought and paid for by a cost cutting UK government. Talk to parents of the kids they help and hear a different story. The whole education system on the IoM should be reviewed. There used to be public accountability through an elected Board of Education, but this was got rid of to concentrate power in the hands of ministers, who come and go and are mostly useless, and the civil servants who have alienated the workforce and set up a ludicrous system where primary education does not meet the needs of secondary exams, and runs on levels abandoned by the UK years ago.
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    Commission implies that they have been given some kind of authority and remit, but what and by whom? I am going to set up a group called The Gladys Commission to call out the Emperor's New Clothes of these groups, which do nothing to tackle racism, patronise POC (who are completely unable to promote themselves, of course) and tackle white middle class millennial privilege. Who's in?
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    I can't speak for the experience of others, so can only share my own. I initially came here for work, and that was the catalyst. At the end of 2010, when I decided to make the move from Australia, I expected that it would be fun to go live in a new country for a year or two. Back then, I didn't expect to stay here for more than a couple of years at the most. But then I arrived, and I loved being part of a strong and vibrant community - where you knew your neighbours, where you were greeted by name when buying milk and eggs at Tesco at 10pm on a Tuesday night. I loved the welcoming nature, most obviously in many different sports throughout my 30s: the basketball, the hockey, and representing the island in Gaelic football. I like being able to wander into town, and recognising many friends. I think the island is a wonderful place to live, and that's why I've literally bet my life on it: that's why I chose to make it my home. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to make that choice, and I'm grateful to have been welcomed so thoroughly by so many people. Obviously, I'll never be ethnically Manx - but Peter Karran once told me, "Being Manx is not about what's in your genes, it's about what's in your heart." I hope to live up to that standard.
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    I'd like to see more big game hunting in the Isle of Man. Elephants, Tigers, Bears, Wild Boar, that sort of thing. Could be a great boost to Tourism and really kick start the economy.
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    I agree with you. Offered a deal and refused it. That funding was used during the pandemic to pay people for not working, including some teachers and to prop up businesses. Now they complain that the deal has been pulled away from the table. Tough luck. Should have had the sense to take the offer. No sympathy from me. I know of many families, whose kids received next to no work or help from fully paid teachers.
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    Off topic slightly but having looked at the Claire Christian interview above my abiding memory of it will be that Paul Moulton is starting to look like Sir Patrick Moore's love child.
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    Well we know they took 36 hours to get their story out - and then changed it (without admitting they had). Presumably the time was taken up by bribing Augigny with the promise of future work so they wouldn't squeal. If the same level of time, effort and money went running things properly as goes into avoiding blame, then things would be a lot better.
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    Come on Helmut, stop beating about the bush and say what you really think
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    But where’s all the polished mahogany and brass...shouted Uhtred from the 19th century.
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    What I want is easy. Which is to be allowed to go about my life how I want to go about it - but taking appropriate risks to safeguard myself and others because I’m not a complete moron who has been frightened into some submissive trance by a wall of fake news, media sponsored lies and bullshit. I also want all those panicking to just stay in doors and leave it to the rest of us if they’re really as scared as they portray. If you don’t want to go to work that’s fine - but I ain’t paying for it either as in 95% of cases here there is absolutely no reason not to go into work (if you still have a job that is). Also if you’re worried as you’re in a high risk group - that’s fine so stay in doors as you should be protecting yourself anyway. Don’t expect me to fuck my life up or make myself poorer because you can’t be bothered to take entirely sensible precautions to protect yourself as any sentient human being would. And don't expect government to provide some sort of guarantee to protect you. They can’t. Just protect yourself as well as you can and get on with your life and stop telling everyone else what they should be doing and shutting down the world because you’re crapping your pants about a virus that is very unlikely to actually kill you. Remember at the start of all this lockdown was only about managing NHS resources not about nobody ever getting Covid ever. There has been a lot of ‘mission creep’ by various parties whose sole role in all of this seems to be to keep people perpetually scared as that is where they themselves either feel more comfortable or they have some other vested interest in creating a state of perpetual fear.
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    One would imagine there is more to this story than first meets the eye. I’d prefer to give people the benefit of doubt or a chance to explain their actions before deciding whether yet another IOM Govt. clusterfuck has unfolded. However, should it be found that this flight had been scheduled between both Islands well in advance, the Airport Director carries the responsibility. A resignation would need to follow.
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    But, we have lockdowns in Leicester, Greater Manchester and interventions in other areas from Luton to Penrith. Aberdeen has just joined in today. By the time we get to September the UK schools will've been shut for 6 months. We're in an amazing position and don't need to jeopardize that. Our greatest weapon is 14 days self isolation for returning travellers. If a small number of myopic people want to go travelling at the time of a global pandemic then good luck to them. But don't expect the rest of us to gamble alongside them. That's not being a "Complete brain washed fucking muppet". That's common sense - something which seems on remarkably short supply around here.
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    Not just Tesco. One of the sales assistants down at Tynwald Mills had the same kind of story. Woman only just returned to the Island but had to go to the sales. Unbelievably selfish
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    Doesn’t fill you with confidence that this survey is anonymous when the first question is your name, and the second your email address.
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    It would be nice if this thread ended now. For all concerned.
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    John, I think most people support equality and inclusion, but not BLM. There is a huge difference.
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    In my view there are 3 scenarios to consider, only 2 of which need decisions. You drop dead, having been previously well mentally and physically. This is probably the best way out, just make sure your nearest and dearest know where you’ve stashed their inheritance. Your body packs up but your mind remains. In this situation I would like to be able to decide for myself if I’d had enough, and have the option of a quick dignified exit. Your mind packs up. In this situation I’d like to be able to decide, in advance, what criteria need to be met before I get “put down”. Something along the lines of being unable to look after my own bodily functions and not knowing who I am, unable to recognise friends and family etc. Society does need to debate this. How we provide long term care is going to be a growing problem, and it won’t be solved by the “all life is sacred and must be preserved for as long as possible at all costs” brigade.
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    I’m up for hunting Boot and his ilk. Set them off down in Baldwin Valley and tell them to make it up to Windy Corner. I’ll give them 30 minute head start and then I’ll set off skilled equestrians armed with lances. 30 minutes after that, blokes on off-road motorbikes armed with flails. Film the lot from a drone and sell it to Sky Sports. We’ll make a fortune.
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    I am born and bred a Manxie, yet I have more respect for a stopover who loves it here and wants to join in and make it their home, than I have for Manx born people who whinge and moan all their f****** lives about life here. To follow that up, there are many comeovers who can speak Manx, know our history better than most of us and actually put us on the map.
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    Bringing over Grey Partridges (which are on the British Trust for Ornithology's "Birds of Conservation Concern" red list) for the explicit purpose of shooting them is completely nuts.
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    Indeed it isn’t. I’m not an inarticulate, grunting Neanderthal with a penchant for sexism.
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    But Derek character assassination and snide references to people's ancestry is what we do. It's a Manx speciality, you can't expect us to abandon our heritage. We'll just sit here going "And her great-grandmother was no better than she should be".[1] And to be fair the candidates are often no better, with manifestos (as you say) full of pointless platitudes and personal stuff about themselves and their families and connections and charity work. And not much about what they want to do or change. [1] Which is you think about is completely meaningless, though it does have a distinguished literary heritage.
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