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    Every time I drive through Castletown I flick two fingers at anyone who looks at me. Naturally they’re bemused by this. Soon, they’ll work out it’s because they elected this fucking halfwit.
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    Well said. Any normal society, parliamentary assembly, or media, would have relentlessly pursued Quayle over precisely the points you raise. However... I’ve genuinely reached the point of despair with this government and, probably more so, the failure of Tynwald to hold it to account. But that’s occurred of course because they’re essentially the same thing. The 50% turnover of Keys membership at our last election has, in fact, proved to be a disaster.
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    I hear ambleside has donated a 30 foot section of dry stone wall.
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    They could earn more than that on a fri sat night delivering pizzas. To expect loyalty and commitment from someone on a zero hours contract is naive in the extreme.
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    I understand that a "flood expert" consultant is being engaged from across. Apparently he was heavily involved in the Carlisle floods of 2005, 2009 and 2015 and the Cockermouth floods of 2009 and 2015. So is he going to be overseeing the Laxey floods of 2020, 2023 and 2025? I must admit, I'd be a lot more impressed if he was only involved in one episode at each location.
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    "gambling habit" seems to be the go to excuse these days. A thief is just that... a thief
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    Maybe, but there's more method in them than yours, which was to say radio is a dead medium and no-one listens to the radio except for a few minutes when driving, based on an survey of yourself presumably. You made a patently daft claim and have nothing to back it up, other than "everybody else is lying".
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    It's bad enough to bring an army of civil servants over to run the government but bringing them over to show you how to do Manx history is just taking the mick.
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    He's going to be disappointed if that's what he thinks. The BBC is no friend of the IoM. This smells like a Pyrrhic victory concealing a Trojan horse.
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    Eh? I had never heard of DIM - sorry, Digital Isle of Man - before. But looking at their website, I see they have a sandbox: https://www.digitalisleofman.com/blockchainoffice/blockchainofficeandsandbox/ Now that is so cool. I always wanted a sandbox. I see they are conversant with the latest corporate jargon, the latest being "space" as in "collaborative space". When I first came across this usage, it was people talking about "the mobile phone space" which I though was some sort of entrance lobby where people went to use their mobile phones. But then I found out it meant something more like "market" as in "the mobile phone market". Anyway, I have to get back to the haemorrhoid space now.
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    Sadly that will never happen. There is nothing to come here for as a young person or young professional if you’re used to all the things you still can do in Jersey. It’s full of great bars and restaurants and lots of things for the family to do. If you could bottle overpriced mediocre gloom that’s pretty much the IOM resident experience at the moment.
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    Are you trying to tell me those people nearly rescued from rooftops in laxey brought it upon themselves due in no small part to their own promiscuity?
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    The Isle of Man - the only place in the world where, if you want a Swimming Pool, you need to order a roundabout.
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    Jebus, they must have been quick with the camera to get that footage. There's a better chance of seeing that missing Red Panda from the Wildlife Park.....
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    The auction link is a good point. But I think they’re all backing the wrong horse with the TT being the only thing they can now think of to potentially bring more tourists in to the IOM. It appears now to be all about pushing anything TT related. But for an answer to your question you should perhaps ask one of the trustees of MNH what the real reason for this change to a TT feature is? Probably best not to ask the one who is also charged with growing the TT and tourism as part of his role at the DfE though.
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    YOUR views are sought????
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    Because Manx Radio abdicated their responsibilities to the public for providing any decent or reasonably expected depth of news coverage to the island this week? These changes to MR news programming are a serious attack on democracy via failing to address the accountability of politicians, individuals and organisations on the Isle of Man. Whether such an attack is down to incompetent management within or from external influence...the result is the same. My major fear is it is a combination of both. Their taxpayer funded subvention should be immediately put on hold. Any decent-minded politician should be addressing this matter as urgent.
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    Correct, now when it comes to squandering it........
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    I'm sure it's entitled "The Kneeling Manxman"? That was what sparked all the furore when it was erected, including, "Manxmen kneel to nobody"! Unless they're visiting from HMRC. Or bringing gongs.
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    Won't someone think of the Gernomees!!!
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    Fucks sake https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/floodisleofman?
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    I have a small business which could be scaled up. I wont do that because of the terrible compliance regime which would probably make the idea a waste of time.
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    Manx National Heritage will buy it and stick the TT museum in there.
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    To me it is like having your pocket picked while on holiday aboard, then going back to the same spot ten years later to see if you can find who picked your pocket and if you can get your money back. Only to have your lugguage stolen while you where too busy looking for a ten year old wallet, that been empty for ten years. Tynwald continues with its magic tricks, the art of misdirection.
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    According to that article it isn't scheduled to open till at least 2022, so if there's going to be a new one elsewhere it hardly seems worth doing it for such a short time. But even from the viewpoint of TT fans I don't think the space in the Museum basement is particularly suitable and they have so many alternatives that it just looks like a typical IOMG case of trying to expensively replicate something that the private sector is already doing. If we need TT displays, maybe something separate with MNH working with the enthusiasts to provide something would be the way forward (not necessarily at the Grandstand).
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    So word gets to me from a very reliable source that there has been an almighty fuck up. According to my source the adjustable floor does not work and is stuck. Therefore there is no shallow end. Also there is a centre boom down the pool which is also completely stuck which they then cannot remove for racing. Thus no official galas can be done at the pool. A upcoming gala is in jeopardy and they are sending athletes away to compete instead. Add this to the already flumes which don’t fit and we have the classic government clusterfuck. Two years more or less this debacle has been going on and no nearer being completed. I think £4m was the cost. A whole generation of children and parents are missing out on this and it’s a National Disgrace. Time some media outlets put this government to the sword and Heads should role.
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    At the end of the day it's not really about saving the planet but ourselves, the human race.
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    I've noticed that in-store prices do tend to be a little bit more on some items over here. Not everything and not a massive difference (not Dealz' 20% say), but certainly a bit higher. Online and store prices are the same for a particular location. If you sign in they know what your local store is and will supply the appropriate prices, but their not always the same for the whole of the network. If you don't sign in or give your location, you get default prices which are often lower than in the Douglas branch. I've just checked a few items and the Manx prices are about 5% more. (This won't be just a Manx thing, they will have the ability to set different prices for any store or group of them).
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    Refreshing to see the police is an equal opportunities employer.
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    Once we get driverless cars radio will be dead, as you can watch tv with your feet up drinking a brandy on the way to work.
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    Even if I spot this panda I won't be dobbing him in to the authorities. He's got some pretty heavy cousins
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    Bring back "The Castlereagh Line" & the fat Policeman reporting on the theft of milk bottles in the early hours of the morning.
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    Slight snag, Tynwald in all their wisdom wanted them to be self funding without advertising (prize eejits !) but failed to explain how that works
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    That's good. I am considering moving to UK. The cost of living on this island is just not worth it.
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    It isn't daft, that's how it is. The term "Jewboy" is pejorative whereas Jewish boy isn't. It's the same as calling a Pakistani a "Paki" You can't distance yourself by virtue of your intention or even whether the subject themself is offended or not. Best not to use such phrases.
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    Sounds like someone is not at home in the outdoors. The rule is "Leave only footprints..."
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    Actually I'd love to see an organisation chart for Nobles. I suspect there are too many 'stakeholders', which virtually guarantees chain of command decision making impossible unless everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.
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    I don’t think Matron ever managed the Consultants. The best teams, however are when a strong and fair ward manager works closely with a strong and fair Consultant doctor and with management backing them up and facilitating the system whilst letting them get on with it
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    It was named in honour of Peel Group. The powers that be were on the ball in those days.
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/onchan-rotary-club-launches-laxey-hardship-fund/ It comes to something now when we have charitable organisations rattling the tin for something that IOM Government should clearly be doing. It’s embarrassing that local residents have to take it upon themselves to raise money for incidentals for residents. I can’t help but wonder if there was a major disaster or incident which affecting a part of the agricultural community, I’m sure Government will have Civil Servants processing hardship payments. Handwringing is IOMGs speciality and buck passing whilst they all squabble who is to blame. Whilst it’s worth noting from other posts that this flooding has received worldwide tv/press exposure, it’s exposure of the wrong variety and it’s the second time in less than 5 years that the same area has been badly flooded. Lessons are never learned, and it’s unlikely they will be with the outright clowns with have permeating within our society, in particular running our utilities and infrastructure - the we know best types.
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    Well therein, I suspect, lies part of the problem. Because he attended KWC - about which he bangs on ceaselessly - and has a rudimentary grasp of an ancient language mostly understood these days by posh Oxbridge people, Quayle appears to believe that this has somehow imbued him with an almost limitless intellect. The rest of us have identified that this is certainly not the case. Short of a brain transplant, nothing will. Quidam educentur ad publicum scholarum; adtende plura simpliciter.
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    So was Bell. Catch him on the hop and there was no substance to what he said. Just a thought, but now the wier has gone, where do all the broken trees now land? Where is the next bottleneck.....?
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    Doesn't this hark back to when they dreamt up the wizard wheeze that instead of awarding themselves a payrise, which might make them look like greedy parasites, they would simply fold into the unjustified wedge the maximum amount they could claim on what appears to me to be non-receipted expenses? Which in turn makes me wonder how Watterson was claiming for really petty amounts from his totally ridiculous jolly to tour the Falkland battlefields? That'll benefit the manx taxpayer not. Maybe I've got it wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.
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    I thought that was Chris Kingston?
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    And indeed blasted on here. But he did provide the very useful service of proving that even with the most creative inclusion of items, it was absolutely impossible for an MHK to spend their 'expenses' on things that would be classed as expenses in any other organisation. Which was useful, whether intentional or not.
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    outdated business model........ but exit will be blamed......
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