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    A decade or so ago, my wife was bequeathed a reasonable sum by her last surviving parent. As an aside, the will contained a couple of grand to each of half a dozen charities. Having seen the bare-faced-cheek of those charities, hounding (and I mean HOUNDING) my wife during her period of grief (she was also executor) - we will never, ever, bequeath or donate to any charity that a) Has a professional fund raising team b) Employs Directors on £100k plus salaries plus mega pensions ( in addition to their ex-public service pensions usually). or, c) Stops behaving like charity and sets itself up as a pseudo police force taking people to prosecution (RSPCA etc.) and fund raises on blatantly political grounds. We have done a 180 Degree about turn - they will get zero, we now deal only with local charities with no employed (or pensioned) staff. It has been a tough lesson to learn, but boy has it been learnt!
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    The Isle of Man has to be one of the hardest places to spot an April Fools story.
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    That Jay Hall fella is a complete cock- certainly no stranger to the courtroom. Druggy and wannabe hard man, on his steroids. Threatening to burn a woman’s house down with her kid inside? Complete prick. People who think he’s funny, or are helping him deserve to be locked up themselves.
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    Would it not be cheaper still to just set up your own distillery?
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    I've found them to be courteous but efficient on the whole but then I try to treat people with the same level of respect as I would expect from them.
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    To be fair it’s a supermarket carpark. If you can’t do your shopping in 2 hours why should Tesco provide free all day parking for tight arses?
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    I speak as a taxpayer - I have no connection whatever to the Police. For decades, we taxpayers have complained about both the cost of the Police and the fact that they seem to be getting ever more remote from the Public. Lack of foot patrols, lack of engagement, lack of 'Presence' are common complaints. 'Policing can only ever be effective with the support of the public' has been a common mantra. If the Police wish to reverse that process, by re-engaging (via whatever media) with the public in seeking support to root out these knobs, who are nothing more than leeches on society, then I for one will applaud such initiatives, and if we return to a society that rejects the idiots who threaten innocent women, contribute nothing, but cost us taxpayers mega-bucks, then I'm all for supporting any initiatives to deny them cover.
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    State of the food in the brewery pubs I doubt the ‘chefs’ need worry about this affecting them too much.
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    At least we can rest easy knowing that the people responsible will be reprimanded and lessons will be learned! What are we doing employing an Irish company to clean our schools anyway? Obviously the cheapest quote but surely there are local cleaning companies who could have employed locals in the same way? The whole matter of outsourcing needs a serious review, local organisations should get preference unless the skills do not exist on the island. There always used to be janitors employed by the schools who looked after things, the dark side of being obsessed with privatising everything I guess. If they hadn't let the whole PS get out of control in the first place we would have less problems.
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    It should be the site of the Islands only 5 star hotel. The setting is idyllic & a golf course surrounding it that is quite superb. As is the case with everything, it all boils down to £ & returns on any investment. Its such a shame that apartments are destined for the land and the hotel will likely be nothing more than a Sefton Express.
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    Government only sees people as cash cows for it's bloated existence
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    I find it quite fascinating as to how some people love to dream about spending other peoples money (OPM). 'Lets build a hotel, but not apartments' 'It's a sure fire winner' - just as long as its not my money being risked. 'We will not allow you to do this, only to do that' so do it, but at your risk not ours. 'Keep the development low key' (don't worry about the associated lack of income) - but at the the same time 'Make it high quality' (at your cost). 'Build my dream not yours' - but spend your money not mine. Dreamers. A beautiful site Derby Haven, capable of a beautiful top grade development, way,way above the 19th hole and 2/6, but some people expect others to spend mega-bucks on a site-specific development and then reap the returns on a mediocre hotel and 'Good' places to eat (19th& 2/6) for a tenner a head. Real world anytime soon? Nah, thought not.
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    No surprises there but a lot of people seem to be setting new lows in relation to this. Who on earth would post video clips up on Facebook which the police are now claiming has been done? People don’t seem to have any sense of anything anymore. See some dead bloke on the ground and it’s amazing the first thing some people think to do is video the poor bugger and post it up on Facebook for their idiot friends to share and comment on.
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    The Airport has long been staffed by those from Port Erin that were too thick to get a job at the shoe factory or Strix but just smart enough to stay off the smack - it's more community care than Airport....
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    Although maybe not this case specifically, I cringe like a bastard when I hear senior civil servants extol the virtues of the Isle of Man saying what a wonderful place it is and how it is so wonderful they have settled here. I want to tell them that the reason they settled here is because if they had stayed in UK they would still be a clerical assistant or similar. They flowered up a CV and escaped to another country that chucks huge sums of money at bullshitters.
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    How then, are they going to reconcile building a deep water cruise terminal and actively encouraging some of the most polluting vessels on the planet, with emissions reductions? How then, do they allow an annual invasion of 2 (and I concede 4) wheeled Motorsport run on fossil fuels, and pontificate on climate change? How is it that they continue to oversee the laying of poor roads, which contribute to emissions increases? I am sure others could contribute to this list. Again, we see a set of policies that are actively in conflict with another. You simply cannot have it both ways. Or at least, you can’t and maintain any semblance of credibility. Many years ago, there was a fledgling project by some visionary to basically electrify every vehicle in Israel. It was an idea way before its time. The Island should consider something similar, but accept that anything done here is only ever likely to be a talking point or technology test bed. The contribution we actually make to emissions reductions, is below negligible, as pointed out above. we have more pressing issues, but chasing the unrealistic or unattainable is much more attractive as they are never likely to be achieved in ones term of office, and take up so much valuable time, that there is in fact no time, to attend to the things that matter. oh! For some men of force, and vision!
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    On the balance of probabilities, the chances of him waking up one day after 4 or 5 years of taking the bus everywhere, deciding to take the car out and thinking, "Wait, I'd better knock up a quick forgery of a tax disc first!", and then getting stopped mere minutes later, must be fairly astronomical.
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    By that you are assuming boot's planning decisions are based on rationality, fairness and sense. I admire your optimism
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    The bizarre thing is there already is one. i also don’t understand how an investigation into safety issues can be withheld as it is “business sensitive”. That is like saying the outcome of the recent spate of Boeing crashes will be kept under wraps as it might give competitors the edge. there will be much wider event safety learning available from careful analysis of this incident. This is clearly not going to happen though.
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    Catholicism... A religion that has harboured paedophiles from prosecution - moving them from one parish to another if they thought that the truth may get out. A religion that persuades it's followers from using condoms and contraception - leading to STI's and some poorer areas of the world struggling with over population. All religions are nothing but cults and fairytales told to convince people that there is some higher purpose in their life and to allay their fears of death.
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    Stick the car/road tax on fuel then you get a much fairer but more unpopular tax on emissions.
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    If you've screwed a few million out of dodgy company dealings i guess a dent in your professional pride by being banned as a director can be lived with.
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    What a ridiculous comment or were you trying to show your superior intellectual ability? How on earth do you know that they were re-using an old number plate? It appeared shiny and new so my view is just as valid as yours. If you really want to know about re-cycling then drive a second hand vehicle and keep it for years. Store and save old wood. screws etc. Don't buy new things, repair them. Never use any plastic receptacles. Don't keep buying up to date phones. computers, etc. This computer for instance is over fifteen years old and it's internals have been updated as necessary. If the children had a life style that encompassed these ideals and actually understood what they are talking about I might give them and their parents more credibility. You may sneer but when we were young we all re-cycled to survive. Have you ever taken old wooly clothes to pieces and re knit them into new garments? In other words don't even think of putting me down, I live re-cycling and don't need folk like you to try and force their populist ideas onto me.
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    Hardly. By Manx standards it's almost philanthropical
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    Yes I agree. We are now second class citizens in our own country. New workers arriving here get a 12 month NI break and their employer gets their relocation expenses paid. I’ve had sod all for 30 years except paying tax and NI at the full rate for almost nothing. I’m starting to feel like a right mug.
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    I have not previously posted on this thread. I have only one point to make. If this event were being held on a private circuit (Jurby, Brands whatever) then of course the issues of responsibility, organisation, investigation and reports etc. would be - barring Civil or Criminal actions, purely a matter between the organisers, the participants, and any attending public. If the ACU (or whatever organisation) chose to either release or withhold their report, then failing any such court action it would indeed be a matter for them, it would be their report. If however, the event were to be held on public, taxpayer funded property (does the TT circuit hold all ownership rights of any land onto which a 200mph bike may potentially impinge?) then those same public are surely entitled to question, examine, hear any evidential report, and ultimately vote upon any or all activities conducted on either their public roads or indeed adjacent privately owned property which may be at risk from such activities. Surely it is for the organisers (including the ACU) TO MAKE THEIR CASE AND REQUEST PERMISSION - It is not for the property owners to beg for enquiry results! On public roads, the report belongs to the public, not to the ACU. If the ACU insist on making their report private, then we need independent reports by, for, and on behalf of the Public. In such a scenario, the ACU report becomes an irrelevance in determining the granting of the road closure. It is the Public's road, not the ACU's road. If the case for the TT, in modern times, is strong enough then fine, let the organisers state what their case is, and let the public make their decision based on the evidence so presented. If somebody wishes to close our public roads, and travel at such speeds that they may well exit our public roads and impinge on our private property, then it is up to those people WHO WISH TO APPLY TO CLOSE THE PUBLIC ROAD, to demonstrate that they can do so safely and responsibly to our satisfaction - they need to make their case to us, we have no such case to make.
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    In respect of Police promotions to the upper echelons it sort of historically went like this ............. ( I make no reference to the IOM Constabulary which is maybe different) There were historically three types of Police Officers ... 1. Those who joined to "Police" , enforce the law , and keep the public safe, who saw that as a career in its own right. 2. Those who joined with an eye to a career path to the top, the qualification for which didn't include any ability to perform the function at 1. and 3. Freemasons, whose path to the top was smoothed from the outset. This is what blesses many forces, perhaps now coming to an end, with senior officers who have little operational experience, and through a career have spent as little time at the sharp end as possible ! Many of these people have the butterfly syndrome where their path to the top has seen them in many roles for a short time until their next step up the ladder and where officers in their department breathe a collective sigh of relief when they move on ! There are a number of cases in the press where senior officers who fill the characteristics outlined above have sadly been found wanting when the brown stuff has hit the whirly thing ! I guess those characteristics in modern days introduce a 4th category of officer. That would be some minority or other (preferably) who is utterly PC and who has kept away from any controversy in any form but ticks a number of boxes, again none of them relating to any desire or ability to Police. Having said all the above, as Derek will tell you, there are huge numbers of seriously decent and good guys and girls looking after us as best as their numbers allow. The above comments do not take anything away from the gratitude that we owe people who are willing to put their head above the parapet !!
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    It's a bit of a mystery. All his twitter feed says is that he is starting "a new and exciting chapter working for the Government of the Isle of Man." and when a fellow diplomat said "Congratulations Peter. Is your new job description yet a matter of public record?" and that got the reply "Thank you. And great to hear from you. I will be a little coy for a couple of weeks out of respect to my predecessor. But staying in the métier" Which sounds like it might be Fletcher's job but with an even more pretentious title and twice the salary. With the current government meltdown in the UK, you can see why he might want to get out of the Cabinet Office. His LinkedIn (where he says he is "About to embark on an exciting new adventure"[1] suggests he's basically a career diplomat though with a lot of short postings, suggesting he either does a lot of 'firefighting' or, like so many cvs we see on those who end up here, he's the sort of person who people want to get rid of as soon as they arrive. Still he's been Deputy Ambassador in Iraq. So Douglas shouldn't come as too much of a shock. [1] What ever happened to British modesty, self-deprecation and stiff upper lip? He's a diplomat he' supposed to represent these traditional virtues. Instead his LinkedIn is full of the sort of meaningless self-promotion about how wonderful he is that HR Department love and everyone else dreads.
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    The bagpipe-worrier has had more holidays (and thus no doubt slap-up meals and lots of top end wine) on the back of his parliamentary non-job than most families manage in a lifetime.
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    “Examiner” on page 19 details Deputy chief is apparently on a trip to Spain to learn about “Integrated Care”. Plagiarising material from Spain will be easier than than from Wigan. “ Juan”... “from Ramsey” will be less conspicuous than “Mohamed”.
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    That's not the point I was making. That's he's a cyclist is immaterial to whether he's a wife beater, yet you focused on cycling in the title and then moaned when the discussion when down that route.
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    You know Neil, you don't need to always reply to everything. If you just joined in when you had something worthwhile to say then it would be much better, although your post count would admittedly be under 100 still. Looking forward to the lame response with smiley btw.
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    I’d rather go online and make a silly childish joke that nobody (except you) really cares about, than go online and provide a character reference for a rapist. Just sayin’
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    Ours will have to be special and bespoke. And ten times the price.
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    Just read this on Manx Radio I personally think that if approved it will no doubt slow down our already slow process of Tynwald and introduce more bloody red tape in the do gooders (i.e. we better consult the children before doing anything further). Tanya August-Hanson MLC should get on with scrutinising legislation not making policy, that would be up to our present elected MHK's not an unelected person like her.
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    Silly post. Why should a bunch of wet behind the ears, pubescent kids steer the ship .?
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    We shouldn't pander to these brainwashed "climate change" idiots. They're just socialists and communists hiding behind a new name. I'm all for environmental responsibility and reducing pollution, but I do not have time for these clowns who are using it as a political bandwagon to pursue a far left political agenda. More sensible heads are required in the formulation of law and policy.
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    Islands top 5 largest pies might have got a response ?
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    With those skills he could be a compliance officer in the Louis Group
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    This! I had such high hopes for him too. Disappointed.
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    When India, China, Russia, Africa and most of America establish the same rules as the IOM are proposing then I will support the Islands proposals. Until then I absolutely don't support the proposals. Those countries will pay absolutely NO attention to our insignificant efforts on the world playing fields and anyone who suggests that we should set an example must be living in a privileged, moneyed, utopian dream world.
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    In that case why encourage those rich enough to buy an electric vehicle ( involving a greenhouse gas emission in it's construction ?) ,financial incentives and free excise duty and free electricity produced on this island by burning fossil fuels . I drive a 20 year old Skoda and wonder how my carbon footprint compares with that of someone who has changed their vehicle every 2 years and now drives an electric vehicle? I'm all for reducing greenhouse gas emissions but it does make me smile when politicians and those 'saving the planet ' attend conferences and jollies involving air travel and limo travel and then instruct how the rest of us should behave . FWIW for me "A day off the island is a day wasted" just saying
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    Yeh, you can tell the type. They are very controlling and expect people to do things their way or they go all mental on you. If they do that on the road or pavements just imagine what they're like at home when the wife cuts their sandwiches into rectangles instead of triangles.
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    Having seen the light some time back and purchased a UK contract, I’ve been maintaining my MT mobile number on a nostalgic and necessity basis as a PAYG. today, I noticed it was down to 37p credit, so I topped it up. 5 quid for 100 mins, 100 text and 500gb data for 7days, running for 90 days. I then made the grave error of ringing my home, MT number, not unreasonably expecting it to be part of the 100 minutes. Well how wrong was I? Having then tried to make another call to a MT mobile, I couldn’t. Checked the credit and back down to 37p. It was so odd that I rang their helpline. It turns out that MT mobile to MT landline is charged at 40p a minute! the nice lady at the other end assured me that this was ‘likely to change soon’. A bit late to be honest, because as soon as I can I will be ripping out the landline and gong over to Sure 4g WiFi. Another example of rip off Isle of Man.
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    Some interesting comments on IOM Today online. It's thanks to the paper that this came out at all. Yet another cover-up that we'd never have heard about only a few years ago, and Longworth's initial 'account' of a minor power failure would have stood as the written truth. Let's put it another way: A lie would have covered it.
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    Interesting to read that during the incident the tram travelled 1.4km. As opposed to the 200 yards claimed initially. And the fault with the fell brake and its maintenance extended to other trams. Again, it was claimed that there was no such fault. Somebody should be reviewing their position.
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    17 medals in total. From such a small team this is simply stunning. Well done to all, they are outstanding https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-sport/special-olympians-to-return-home/
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    Newspaper article on the runaway tram brings most of the facts into the public domain for the first time http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47456 Absolutely appalling. Clear gross negligence in servicing of the vehicles - microswitch failure due to age (and no failsafe), air brake pressure vessels not inspected for over three years FFS - even the pressure vessels in commercial espresso machines (as seen in most cafés etc.) are covered under the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations http://www.hse.gov.uk/pUbns/priced/l122.pdf and should be inspected at least annually. Also no risk assessments for the SMR, which are a mandatory H&S requirement. Can't quite believe what I've just read but if the CEO of DoI still has his job next week then Quayle and Harmer should resign - they cannot seriously allow him or his underlings to remain having recklessly endangered the lives of passengers and brought the department and island into disrepute.
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    Sure i'd be nervous first show. But i'd just remind myself that there were less than 100 people listening, half of them senile with no choice. I've done bigger gigs as king herod at jurby school.
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