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    Rob, You are completely wrong. This is nothing to do with not liking change. It is simply frustration and annoyance that your Department (and wider Government) can't resist in interfering, and meddling, in things and then delivering inferior results. By your own admission, the Department is paying a lot more and receiving a lot less. In the 'real world' leaders or who deliver this type of outcome would, at the very least, be under a lot of pressure to up their game, or be out of a job. Remember, this all kicked off under the pretense that you have to go to tender, to ensure value for money. I don't think most people have a problem with that. However, for reasons which you haven't explained, this did not happen, and you've ended up negotiating what is clearly a commercially disastrous transaction. Yes, there are fewer adverts, but the ones we have are repetitive, tedious and largely irrelevant to most of the audience. (SES, Monster, RL360, Locate.IM). And, I'm certainly looking forward to 'The Feeling' gig tomorrow, not because I'm going, but because the endless ads, and playing of their records, will stop. Against this backdrop, you have deprived small/medium local advertisers of a platform to access the TT audience - local eateries, garages, motor suppliers etc. I've also noticed that the 'What's On' guide only includes your partner events. This is the sort of thing that happens in North Korea. All round, it's a complete cock-up, and political ownership sits on your desk. It's simply not good enough to say 'we welcome constructive feedback'..................
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    Anyone else feeling a bit dispirited at the quality of membership of our “upper chamber”?
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    The “Honours” system is a particularly tired and anachronistic institution. It’s also a pity that the article wasn’t illustrated with a pic of the Military Museum chap, a worthy recipient, rather than Stephen’s Rodent, who has huffed and puffed his pompous way through his institutional non-job.
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    There has not been a terrorist attack on Ronaldsway airport since this fence was built. Therefore it's a rare resounding success and should be celebrated as such. Starting with a decenial some time this year.
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    Do you regret being a tool? the article doesn't say the cyclist weren't insured, but if someone hits someone else the injured party don't usually claim on their insurance. They claim on the other driver's. The courts found this driver guilty so why would the injured party need to claim off their own insurance and potentially lose any NCB etc? Cyclists should not have to have insurance, that would stop children from using pedal cycles and what about pedestrians?? This is just a bigoted rant against cyclists with a good measure of homophobia thrown in.
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    One easy way to improve things would be to plant a few thousand trees. Unlikely to make a difference in the big scheme of things, but probably more than other countries would do per head of population.
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    Could say that about anything. Signing up to manx forums you have to put in details. Registering with a doctor you have to give details etc etc. Pay your tax and you will be fine.
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    i bet the delete button is massive, closely followed by the technical issue button.
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    I have nothing against oor Steve personally, and find him a rather jovial bimbling sort of chap that blows a tune on the bagpipes. And wears the fancy gowns and sits upon meetings for a fair wedge of wonga. But seriously...what the fuckety, fuck fuck has this guy EVER done that deserves a goddamn fucking gong. Fucking seriously folks. What a pile of unexpurgated fucking shite. The Queens awards system summed up in a wonner. Especially when you put these extreme gravy trainers against people who have actually done something for society.
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    Pity they caught him on the loo.
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    I believe that after the success of the horse tram 2019 launch the DoI is taking over TT2020 and running races only from the Grandstand to the bottom of Bray Hill and back again. Lap records will be broken for sure (will anyone beat the 38 second lap?) and nobody will question the other 37 miles missing out of the 'old' course. Low cloud over the mountain will certainly no longer be an issue and the roads can be closed for fixing potholes over the fortnight instead.
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    I've changed the date on the laptop, gone back in time a few days to last Tuesday, works now. So, is everyone looking forward to the European Cup final on Saturday? Liverpool are going to win 2-0, put your house on it.
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    Given the years they pussyfooted around Manx Gas rip offs, with carpet slippers on. But a shop selling T shirts and it's on with the jackboots. This Island is administered by complete noshers.
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    Because like every other local business they put a random motorcycle in their shop window. I notice that undertakers don’t.
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    Very often they are not just keeping a straight face. I know advocates who defend these characters and who actually believe the barefaced lies that come out of their mouths. Some judges are the same. These people in high places are some of the most credulous of people. They live in ivory towers and the doings of the lower orders simply don't impinge on their lives. They are, therefore, ready to believe the most unlikely hard luck stories presented to them. The scum are well aware of this. They put on the "poor me" act and run rings around these very intelligent but street wisdom deficient individuals. It's a major problem.
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    Like three bald men fighting over a comb...
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    It's not for me to pass judgement but I'd say that's a bit harsh
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    I was much amused to see that IOM “Newspapers” website reported that a man made “lude” comments to a female police officer. Obviously worse than rude but not quite lewd, so lude it was.
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    Racing is racing, and as long as it is as safe as it can be made, then the risks are what they are. It’s bloody sad when one of the riders buys the farm. This poor young widow clearly knew those risks too. She doesn’t seem to have been blinkered to them, and will have known what she was getting into when she started to date a motorbike racer. It was what made the man that she loved what he was. its the event- associated carnage on the open public road that remains my bugbear.
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    Sucked into the intake would be game over
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    Adrian from Looneys is ironically a massive TT fan and IIRC marshals too. He gets into the TT spirit every year and in fact Carolyn Sells (first lady winner on the mountain course) works in the shop and they've had her bike on display in the window. The company pays rates too, unlike some of these cowboys who come over to peddle their rubbish every year and contribute nowt to the local economy. Even the £5 per burger brigade bring everything with them in freezers. DfE have a brand to protect. That brand however is the big retailers at the back of the grandstand who pay their their big annual licensing fees. But a small family business designing its own T-shirts and not even infringing the logo is crazy. Trading standards are hopefully ashamed of themselves as is whoever told them to intervene.
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    Actually the Corpy only decided to get rid of them when the councillors refused to let them build expensive new stables. Before then they were only too keen to use them as an excuse for splashing the cash just as the DoI are. Only once they were stopped awarding contracts, they suddenly discover it was a terrible drain on the ratepayers and the operating deficit magically doubled overnight. Judging by comments from Ashford, they had been loading overheads onto the operation, though I doubt they sacked any Corpy managers when they transferred the horse trams to the DoI. The DoI claimed that they actually lost much less in the first year of operation, but as I pointed out above it's impossible to get honest figures out of them. It's not completely implausible because even the DoI are better at running a transport operation than the Corpy (mind you so would the horses be). It's also possible that they were better at collecting fares, though some of claimed increase in passengers could just be better recording of people with season tickets, passes and so on (the same thing probably applies to the increase in bus passengers over the last five years). I suspect that the horse trams could be run at only a small loss or maybe break even if you kept it modest, encouraged volunteer input and so on. But that would be against the whole ethos of the way things are done by the Manx Government at the moment.
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    If you have tried to open a bank account and form a company on the IOM then you would understand why we are going backwards.
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    Rob Callister will be Chief Minister and deservedly so.
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    These fairy houses, if we had to have them could have been made at schools or the college as projects for sod all and when they disintegrated the next years students, those who wanted too, could make replacements, a bit like the trees at the Airport at Christmas where the schools have a competition and enjoy doing it. This is madness in the extreme and an indication of the governments attitude to the spending of other people's money. And do not get me started about the new artwork being proposed for the roundabout at the Cooil, how long before some boy racer takes that out. Thes schemes are nothing short of misappropriation of public funds.
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    One of the skills of highway planning should be that roads are designed so that even poor drivers will handle them as safely as they can, not so that good ones (or ones who think they) can drive fast. Blaming the drivers would be rather missing the point, because the layout should discourage them behaving like that. Perhaps some of the problems with Richmond Hill are caused by the DoI being infected with TT-itis and thinking that every road should become a racetrack, but it's probably more that they lack more general skills to design and implement their ideas. Certainly it never seems to have occurred to them that water runs downhill. I suspect they have an idea what a 'proper' road looks like (a motorway over a nice flat and dry landscape) and simply try to get as near to that as they can, irrespective of need, topography, local conditions, weather, safety or cost. Especially cost.
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    And so it turned out to be. One and a half pages of pure blather from Skelly[1]. I won't try anyone's patience by quoting it all. I won't even recommend reading it to bore yourself to sleep as the dullness of the prose may be countered by irritation that someone was paid to produce this ridiculous nonsense. In so far as Bettison's question is answered it's in the shortest paragraph: Now AVE is basically nonsense - there's a demolition of it here. It dates back to the days when most advertising was print and you just measured the area of the article that mentioned you product and calculated how much the newspaper would have charged you if that was an advert. They then multiply that by a magic number (up to 12) because look over there a squirrel. Even in the days of print it was something that PR companies only used to bamboozle their stupider clients. But when so much is now done via the internet, it's really meaningless. Especially because internet responses are much easier to measure - you can see how many users visited a page, where they came from and so on. Especially given that this 'campaign' was supposed to be an internet sensation and 'gone viral' and all the rest, you would expect they would have all the metrics. They obviously don't and are left with dated mumbo-jumbo. There's a rather telling final paragraph as well: You'd have though the time to do that was when they were planning this project a year ago. In reality you suspect that nothing was actually planned at all. Someone commissioned these off the top of their head and they've spent the time since running around like headless chickens trying to justify it. [1] Well with Skelly's name attached. He certainly didn't write it and for all we know he may not have even read it.
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    But you highlight two things that are wrong at the airport and not just at busy times, though pressure will make those faults more obvious. The first is the complete lack of communication and lack of visibility of management. Flybe's problems with their computer systems aren't new and automatic check-in has been suspended since 15 May. Delays were inevitable and in most airports you would expect to see hi-vizzed helpers, often managers, around making sure that people knew what to do and generally reassuring them. The second is the decision to contract out so many of the services means that there is always going to be a risk of ending up short-handed. That is going to be especially true in somewhere like the Isle of Man where, inevitably, the labour market isn't that mobile and when the contractor is a multinational like Menzies with distant management. If there are any 'savings' from contracting out they may be lost because a far worse service is provided. Of course a well-drafted, monitored and enforced contract should mean that such things were penalised, but we all know the chances of that are slim. Airport management should be set up to cope with such situations when they are unexpected - weather, or the fallout from volcanoes, or terrorist attacks elsewhere. The Saturday of TT Week being busy isn't unexpected.
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    But it’s not really that NB either. They went out to the public not so long ago for ideas on how to save money and received over 1200 suggestions. They acted on pretty much none of those suggestions. One of the very few “saving” ideas they elected to do though was Bus Vannin who got to “save” money by spending £450K on (another) new ticketing machine. It’ was all total nonsense. Why should people stump up more and just underwrite their total inability to actually reduce the overheads of government and produce meaningful savings in operating costs? Head count is also now going back up when they’ve paid out millions to people to leave jobs under MARS to apparently cull headcount to “save” money. The suggestion that taxes should now go up is just insulting. It’s just giving spending junkies more cash to feed their spending habits and that’s about it.
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    I can see you're new here, and I'm not getting that information from your post count
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    Lots of MF members just rushed to garden centres or B&Q to buy “take your shoes off” door signs.
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    But he's already shot it.
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    Learn to write clearly.
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    This is the response from the idiot (wishing PH bad luck) poster's boss.
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    Think you’ll find the ban on drones is to do with the safety of the helicopter ambulance for potential emergencies on the course. But keep on blaming the police, or the need for revenue streams, both of whom who have nothing to do with it...
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    Idiot. it’s still a damn bloody sad time for a lot of people, his friends and family. Have a bit of empathy and respect. And if you can’t, then shut your fucking mouth at this time.
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    "We are delighted to announce we have now implemented 50% of the recommendations in the recent report."
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    Maybe you ought to read the article, and not just the headline ( which isn’t supported by the report of what was actually said ). You've no idea what was in the references/testimonials, or the probation sentencing report. The defendant is a promising doctor, early in his career, he’s got a good medical reputation, we need good doctors in the NHS. He’s done something stupid. But I can’t see anything wrong with the bench, through it’s chairman, saying they hope his career won’t be affected. In my 40 year experience those type of sentiments are often expressed by the judiciary when giving someone a second chance. It doesn’t matter what job, social background, whatever. Perhaps you should direct your ire at IoM Newspaper’s, false and misleading headline and woeful lack of sub editing.
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    I liked the skit by John Moss this morning announcing that the weather is atrocious but reassuring fans not to worry because next year the government is putting the weather out to tender with a stipulation requiring sunshine and a minimum of 20 degrees for the fortnight.
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    Honestly I think a big chunk of the Island has just moved on. It’s not surprising as Manx people are such a small percentage of the population now and the entire focus is now on bringing new residents over to pay the bills. People just don’t expect roads to be closed for almost 2 weeks and the ensuing inconvenience. Who can blame them really we’re all working a lot harder than we need to just to cover the cost of living here and have a few treats.
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    Perhaps they meant she was from "across the road"...
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    My advice is do it soon while it's still worth something.
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    SJR don't take this the wrong way, but you come across as an absolutely pathetic cunt! The 'fact' that one fireman got a pension payout of £1m isn't mutually exclusive from the fact that the horse trams are an absolute waste of money. Just because somebody told you that thousands of people come here to ride on them doesn't make it true.
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    Does feel strange not having anything the Sea Terminal end of the Prom. Good atmosphere in Douglas yesterday evening. Then went down to Castletown (great that you can catch a bus outside the Villa and go straight through) saw a band at the Secret Pizza then another at Compton Vaults. Place is chilled, there’s kids playing in the square, people eating takeaways, George, Union, Garrison, Leonardos looked packed. Castletown of all places.
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    Nutters put them there. Nutters destroy them. It does have a certain symmetry.
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    I know it's been done to death on these boards before but why don't the just SCRAP THE F@CKING TAX IN FAVOUR OF AN UNAVOIDABLE FUEL DUTY? And save all this expense and time and labour. ETA although they suggest at the bottom of the article that eventually revenue will be used to do away with tax discs. Yeah, after it's contributed to the pensions black hole.
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