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    Daphne Caine is presenting a petition from Some scholars from Ballakermeen school to Tynwald on Tuesday asking for a select committee to be set up to look into the feasibility of having Syrian refugees on the Island . Does this woman ever give up ? she has now got children on side who have no idea what it would involve, she brought the matter up last year and it was turned down. The Island has already given one and a half million pounds since the Syrian crisis started. I think these children are entitled to a point of view.....when they start putting some money in the pot. They probably dream of rescuing children of their own age coming over here and living happily ever after, interestingly I read of some refugees that had been adopted by a Scottish Island had all left....do not know where they went because they could not stand the weather and could not find jobs. Emotional blackmail should not be practiced on the young and gullible....out of order.
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    Please don't quote me John, I get a notification you've replied and think 'here we go, I've been banned again'.
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    at 23 he should be buying his own pants.
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    This is obsfucation on the road safety debate. As posted earlier, 95% of collisions are down to driver error. MOTs have a negligible effect on the causation factors of RTC. The ‘Safer Vehicles’ element of Safe Systems, which is part of our national Road Safety Strategy (remember that?) focuses primarily on the crash worthiness of the vehicle and encourages drivers to buy safety ones. Whereas cars that are poorly maintained will ‘crash worse’ especially if their structure is compromised by corrosion, the impact on overall serious and fatal figures. I cannot ever recall attending a collision caused by someone having one headlamp not working. The focus, drive and effort needs to be on improving driver standards, and the fatal 4 of speed, drink driving, mobile phones and seatbelts, along with making our routes safer. Collisions have fallen for the last two years, but I think this is in spite of anything done in the name of road safety to date. We’ve seen fluctuations in the past. We have seen some good work and shit weather during TT, which has helped, and Gary Roberts is giving strong signals that more pressure needs to be applied to improving safety during the Motorsport festival periods. Whether he overcomes the political intransigence that is ultimately costing lives, remains to be seen.
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    New faces will be absorbed into and duly moulded by the system. As they ever have been. Those who are indigestible will be spat back out and put on the edge of the plate until the next election. When the plate will be washed clean again.
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    Isle of Man desperately needs a capable and strong CM. We so haven't got one with the incompetent Quayle . Not sure what the answer is but somebody putting themselves forward is so not the answer unless he or she is extremely capable. It's a bigger problem and one that needs sorted once and for all. The CS needs to be addressed and made accountable before we can move forward . They are out of control have lost track of where the money they waste comes from. Yes a very strong personality is so needed and anyone standing at the next election should only stand under a common goal of finally sorting out CS. , Inter-department conflicts and silo mentality that exists throughout government .
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    Yes to all of those plus silver service dinner, starched table linen and waiters with white tunics and gloves.Bring back my childhood at once!
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    Even if that were true it would be the opposite of irrelevant, the more people, the more drastic the action required to cope. But actually population is less a problem than people think - indeed some people already claim we have reached 'peak child'. That doesn't mean that population won't continue to grow because of the 'bulge' coming through and people living longer. But fertility is falling rapidly in most countries or is already at or below replacement level. Growth isn't exponential and it's predicted that population might peak in around 2100. That's not to say a lot more couldn't be done, especially in Sub Saharan Africa where a lot of the problem is due to poor health services (and hence access to contraception) with those available often being religiously-based. Aid policies often don't push reproductive services enough (again because of religious influences, especially in the US). But unless you're intending to start killing people off it's not the top priority because it's starting to solve itself (and will do so quicker with the right help). And if you are intending to kill people off you really ought to start with the biggest consumers of resources, emitters of pollution and so on, which are the wealthy, particularly in the West. The real question is why some people need to believe that population growth makes everything impossible, even though that's not true (and fairly easy to show that it's not). I suppose they just need to find an excuse to go on being self-indulgent like they have for the rest of their lives and blame someone else for the results (ditto).
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    What choices are we realistically being given to vote for? Doorstep edicts are fine and plentiful. Every four-odd years. What change do we see in the way the Island is governed following their issue? Apart from the invariable rises in taxation to cover up cock up after cock up and policy failure after policy failure? The subsequent £10k Departmental uplifts can squash policy opposition, regardless of how unpopular. Popular opinion is ignored and disregarded. One can understand why people question the worth of voting.
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    This is the classic definition of travesty. What should have happened is the bit of IOMG should have checked out the legal position first, before nominating him for the biosphere award. If they found irregularities, then there should have been a conversation. "Ok chum, you have done fantastic work in clearing this bit of land, that we couldn't be arsed doing btw, but you really shouldn't be here. So, why don't we make you a steward and your rent will be your work to keep it clean and pollution free? Then we can nominate you for a biosphere, or whatever award. That way we are both doing the right thing. Oh, and thank you: You are doing so much more for the environment than the post-pubescent eco warriors currently "sacrificing their education" on Prospect Hill. (But really missing double maths)."
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    Why are they exempt John? A well known farmer(to some anyway) in the east recently posted on Facebook that he didn't see why he should pay rates on the barns on his farm as they don't use any amenities. Neither does my rear bedroom as it hasn't had anyone in it for 20 years but there you go.
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    So, we are told by the health minister that the text reminder system for hospital appointments is expected to solve the missed appointment numbers. It is only being trialled in a couple of areas. However, I have had experience of this with some regular appointments I have. They are usually at 8.30 in the morning, but the reminder I get is for 9.00. On the first occasion, I arrived at 9.00 as per the reminder thinking the appointment had been changed. But was told that the system does not recognise appointments before 9.00. There are other "quirks" such as getting the appointment time wrong for a lengthy treatment, which throws the whole timetable out for the department and could mean that the patient is sent home because the treatment cannot be completed in the time left. The reminders also do not say which department the appointment is with, so if you under a couple of departments, I am sure it would be quite easy to turn up to the wrong department. I gather that these anomalies have been reported, but the system has not been tweaked. How difficult is it to get this relatively simple process right? The system should be turned off until these bugs are eradicated.
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    The recent figures suggest that over 95 % of car accidents are down to driver error with mechanical problems being implicated in less than 2%. The original MOT was introduced when cash -strapped folk, faced with 50% purchase tax and no credit for new cars were driving cars in very poor condition.In many cases this was down to pre-war technology and zero maintenance when road conditions were becoming more demanding. OK - Any night drive in the IOM reveals appalling vehicle lighting - but we already have the Police who should be able to deal with that. The need for it passed, but the MOT , like any Govt.Department, once established, becomes immortal. It only knows how to grow. Don’t let it.
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    That's weird, considering you invented benefits, the banking system, the government and pretty much the world as we know it
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    30 years overdue at least. An embarrassment to the Island and to Douglas in particular.
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    In the day most Manx shops were owned by the occupier, then when they retired if family did not want to continue it got sold, this is when the off Island investors got into the act and the rents went sky high. Now of course online sales are part of the problem, it is a shame but I can see the Strand Street of the not so distant future will be coffee shops and charity shops, I have nothing against either but unless the footfall in the street generally is increased the big stores are going to be either downsizing or moving away. Rates and expensive electricity do not help either.
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    Reading back through this thread from the start of the promenade works and there seem to be rather a lot of predictive contributions that have duly come to pass as reality. Fact is that neither DOI or their contractors have any experience in jobs of this scale. Throw in what appears to be a total lack of planning and the eternal horsetram issue and it was only ever going to be a recipe for FUBAR. Pride needs to be swallowed for the sake of the taxpayer and the Island. Put the whole job, including design, out to experienced off-Island contract. Return the DOI to what they should be doing which is basic maintenance, repairing roads, keeping rivers clear and cutting trees and hedges back. And never, ever again listen to civil servants with ideas well beyond their station.
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    Absolute rubbish. I went to New York a few years ago and the Statue of Liberty was closed for repairs. Did I sue the NY tourist board? No, I just went somewhere else as despite it being a key tourist attraction it’s not the only reason why I went to NY. The argument over adverts about horse trams being binding is rubbish. An advert is not legally binding whatsoever.
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    I think you're missing the point here. The real question is "What is new this year?". Why has the Chief Minister suddenly decided to break the tradition followed by his predecessors for the last 100 years and go down to London to hang about there? If commemorating the dead on the Island was felt to be the most important thing for those who were much nearer to the pain and the loss, why is it suddenly seen as second best now?
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    Hell must have frozen over because among other things I am agreeing with Stu Peters and Max Power, There is no climate emergency. The saying 'climate change is man made' is partly true, it's a conspiracy theory concocted by a load of halfwits, lead by a 15 year old Swedish child who has been exploited by her parents for publicity and personal gain - a very sad story. The reason there are 10,000 (or 100,000 to even 100,000,000) scientists churning out all of these alarmist reports is that it's what pays their bills. It's the current vogue among the scientific community,. Possibly not since the 1590's have we lived in times when scientists are castigated because they dare to disagree with the mainstream way of thinking. In the 1980's we were all warned about the forthcoming ice age, now we're being warned about a warming planet but with no real story on what is warming and when and by how much. The Earth has been in a greenhouse state for about 85% of its history, it really is nothing to worry about. Although I do worry about the mental health of the young people and children who are being indoctrinated by the Climate Extremists. The anxiety that it must cause them to be told the planet is dying and humanity is to blame can be doing them no good whatsoever.
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    There's a longboat in the morning?
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    Does IOM Newspapers decide who wins the awards or do they have judges ? I always thought it must be who places the biggest and most costly adverts. Or are the awards like:- the biggest cock up of the Year goes to the MUA for Laxey River Floods. The business with the largest employment growth goes to Chris Thomas and the cabinate office. The best fair pricing strategy goes to Manx Gas.
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    She is simply precocious. In less febrile times she would not have received such ill-advised homage from people who should know better. It only reinforces her overweening self-belief.
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    There are problems and it's all down to mis-management of the housing stock.
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    It really doesn't matter who you vote for, you can't vote for or against the next government or their policies. Just deliver a verdict on the previous one. Quayle's government is obviously hopeless it was obvious in 2016 he wasn't going to be up to the job. But I don't know how I could have voted in the last election that would have prevented it, even if everyone in my constituency voted the same way.
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    Wow that’s simply incredible. What sort of due diligence do the DOI undertake given this is one of the biggest contracts handed out in years and the travel agency lost the TT packages contract through association with the same individual didn’t it? You’d think they’d have to do full DD on all shareholders and directors before agreeing to write a cheque for £20m.
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    Is that the plan? deliberately bankrupt it so we'll want to join? - Isn't the U.K. currently trying to divorce itself from it's unwanted, controlling big brother? - so we should just rush in and do the thing they are trying to get out of? Iom would lose any advantage if it was absorbed into the uk , would have no say in who gets dumped here like Bute, Labour have hinted repeatedly in recent years what would happen if in power- which would no doubt be much worse if we have no say in our own destiny. Just getting rid of the brotherhood would solve a lot of problems with this place.
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    Absolute bollocks and at next years awards at the Villa Marina you will get your prize..And if your punctuation is any guide you are absolutely fucking clueless fella.The Island is awash with scroungers and at least ten a week are done in the paper.And pay back a tenner a week..Liberals like yourself that cannot see the bigger picture and do not get out are killing this Island..
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    And Mars and Marathon bars were twice the size. We did exercise though. Ran around in playgrounds and when we got home. Climbed hills and woods. Engaged in sport where competition was the basis and the fittest and strongest were to the fore out of necessity, and it was something to be aspired to. And most walked some distance to school too. Sport and leisure time for kids now is tapping a keyboard or staring at a device. Too often, physical competition is discouraged for fear of upsetting the also rans.
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    C'mon quilp, shouldn't that be "that'll learn her...." ?
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    Zero need in my opinion to put either the picture up, or to identify her. This thread is about the Police and their two recent cases of failing to adhere to policy in regards to charging decisions. Let’s not lower the tone, start being personal towards individuals, or create totally unnecessary tangents hey?
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    This is not cinema either. It's real life where people are regularly killed and maimed. That is seriously emotional if you hadn't noticed. Strange thing that some are so lacking in moral principle that they have more empathy with killers and terrorists than their victims, and then they accuse others of a lack of humanity. A very odd mindset to wear with pride.
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    You certainly shouldn't bet against them. In last seasons champions league they beat the champions of Portugal, France, Germany and Spain, and the runners up from Italy. Sure, the final itself wasn't the most exciting game ever, but that's because of the disappointments of the previous two European finals they'd lost, there was absolutely NO WAY they were going to lose last year, and made sure of it. In the league they've lost once in 50+ games, won 13 of 14 this season, yet people like you still think it is luck. It is not. It is down to shear determination, epitomised by the technically limited Jordan Henderson. On the subject of VAR, which is a load of shite, Liverpool haven't been especially lucky with the decisions, certainly no more than anyone else. They've had goals ruled out by it, for example the ridiculous 'Bobby's armpit' against Villa. I can only imagine the total froth coming from people like you had Liverpool scored the free kick Brighton did yesterday... I'm delighted that so many people have been triggered by this relentless red machine, its hilarious, time to reassess, this isn't luck, Liverpool are simply brilliant.
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    So what is your solution then as how it stands is totally undemocratic. I’d rather run the risk of the odd populist than another grey suit Manx establishment stoodge who also does nothing for the duration of their term.
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    Actually there's not that much oil in Syria. At least compare to Iraq or the Gulf states. There's enough for its own domestic needs and enough to fight over internally (as we saw with ISIS) but not enough to invade specifically for. What Syria is about is the playing out of various proxy battles by outside forces that have interests there or want to have them (US/Russia/Turkey/Saudi/Israel/Iran etc).
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    If CO2 emissions are proportional to the increase in the human population and the burning of fossil fuels to sustain that population, then the only way to reduce the man made element of the rise is to reduce the population. It's the elephant in the room that is seldom mentioned.
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    The financial crash was global - I already said that the Labour administration that had been in power for 11 years at that point couldn't have prevented it. It's a bit much to put the blame on Major or Thatcher beforehand. I don't believe for one minute that there are plans to bring in a US style health system - that would be terminal for the political party that did so. I think health will have to be rationed somehow, and that BJ's promise for 50000 nurses is somewhat far-fetched as it includes persuading 20000 not to retire just yet or come back to work.
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    She picks up the gauntlet of Syrians and encourages student to protest, on pretext of listening. Interesting that she wants their voice heard on this issue but not to be heard on the issue of student fees debt and student grants. Politicians with a personal agenda. Put before public interest should get their arse is kicked out by the voters
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    Or one trillionth of what was paid to farmers and landowners. Approximately.
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    We will have to be careful what we wish for then.
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    Thanks so yet again we wrote a massive cheque for nothing. Just to have a load of expensive equipment not used and then to continue to employ someone to run a process we paid a shed load of money out in order to automate.
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    Perhaps the gates were exercising a degree of discretion as kids are often a bloody nuisance on flights.
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    Classic endpiece: "Treasury will make up any shortfall" They treat us as fools
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    What they did not say is that they only stop cars that look like they may have defects. At the same time they wave hundreds through. If you have a light or two out or the car looks old and neglected, expect to be stopped. Look after your cars maintenance needs and you have nothing to worry about.
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    Than goodness, getting in your car to go the UK to drive about, do things things that people do and enjoy doing ,and come home is simply one of those things many of us feel happy and privileged to do. It is done without fuss, without forms and regulations and bull. For those who love rules and regulations, sleep doesn’t come easy as they lie tormented by the nagging disquiet that someone, somewhere might be just getting on with life and,God forbid, even enjoying themselves. We have more than enough laws, rules and regulations. More do not make life safer, fairer or more enjoyable.
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    I'll mark you down as 'possibly' a huge fan Derek...
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