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    There's nothing unique about our roads. There's nothing special about here. We're not a special case. The only reason our accident record is one of the worst anywhere, is because of the speeding culture here, and the lack of enforcement. The RPU has been cut to the bone, and there are no cameras, and roads with no speed limits. If I travel at 30 in a 30, I'm the slowest vehicle on the road, with a line of traffic tailgating me. At the end of the day, humans don't like admitting we are the problem. We don't want an all island speed limit, as we all like to have a blast, so we'll make up nonsense to justify it, like, er, "It's not speed that kills, it's bad driving".... yeah yeah whatever. Education doesn't work, as we won't admit we are the problem. Enforcement is the only thing that will make people wise up, and there's hardly any of that. When you see some Athol Street type overtaking 4 cars at once on a blind bend in his Audi - that guy is intelligent. He knows he's being a twat, but he doesn't care about anyone else. Enforcement is what's needed. 1000 RTC's a year is utterly ridiculous. I see the wall is knocked down again at church bends. Those holes in walls aren't caused by people driving slow. It's not cyclists. It's people driving like twats. Those 1000 RTC's per year involve about 1500 cars. That's right - a huge proportion aren't 'collisions' but people just driving their own car off the road. 2 reasons for that - 1 - too fast, 2 not looking where you're going, ie on your phone. Speed, and inattention. People feel safe in their cars now. And if you feel safe, you'll take risks. This is why people who drive big cars are aggressive drivers. Just imagine this - instead of an airbag on your steering wheel, there was a big spike. You'd drive carefully then. You certainly wouldn't be looking at twitter. The lack of real policy or strategy regarding road safety here is shameful. And we can't use the excuse of our motorsport events. Other places have motorsport events too, and they don't acccept loads of deaths and 100 accidents in a week, just because there's a race on.
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    Daphne is falling into the Politician trap of thinking, by virtue of her election, she has some higher moral compass and must champion the cause of righteousness on our behalf. You really don't have to do this Daphne. What you have to do is represent the wishes of the people which clearly are not on the side of Syrian refugees being accepted here but more on the side of dealing with our own problems. Despite the assurances of our Government and the soothings of Mr Thomas, we have a lot to be concerned about here and many homegrown causes to champion, Daphne. Carry on being holier than thou and you will find yourself back with the great unlistened to majority, at the next opportunity.
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    I think you are right. What angers me is that this was to be financed by the banks and Finacial institutions by a levy. That has obviously not happened and the tax payer is footing the bill.
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    Once again the soporific Chris Thomas is brought forward to say why we should not be concerned about things that might cause concern. This time it is inflation and data breaches. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/inflation-figures-need-context-says-mhk/ https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/personal-data-must-be-handled-properly-says-minister/ How lovely it is to live on the Isle of Man and have Mr Thomas. All the stuff that looks depressing or wrong are an illusion created by our misunderstandings and everything is really OK. He is always on hand to sooth our worried brows and offer an explanation that we might otherwise not have been aware of and give us renewed confidence that we have the best Government there has ever been that is sorting it all out for us. I would be truly grateful, if only I could get these ridiculous nagging doubts out of my head and the voice that keeps telling me he is a smug and delusional fool who believes his own bullshit.
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    There are of course two Chris Thomas'. The one seeking election and the one elected and on the top table. Tynwald is like a bizarre version of Stepford Wives.
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    Writing the adverts now, ‘Steam Packet Airlines, if there ain’t a boat in the morning, there probably won’t be a plane either’.
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    Financial Supervision Authority I suspect. Prior to the FSC's amalgamation with the IPA in October 2015, the then Chief exec was earning around £300k. A new chief exec was appointed in November 2015 and between y/e March 2016 and March 2018, FSA salaries increased by 20% from £3.79m to £4.56m. In the same period their Government grant increased by close to £1m, from £1.95m to £2.86m. Fee income fell over the same 2 years by £68k. Clearly you don't earn sweet FA working for the FSA.
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    Spot on Joe. At the moment Daph is the epitome of a Manx politician. Our lot are elevated by the system and likes of showing them round Westminster and other places of the Commonwealth, making them believe they are something special, when in fact they are no different than anyone else, apart from having an ego that makes them think they are somehow special. Plumbers, farmers, postmen, housewives, tinkers etc If they really are world stage politicians then they should do something to stop whatever it is that is causing refugees in the first place. But I forget, they are basically just parish councillors sounding off to the parish.
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    or ten police constables, as I'd prefer to highlight it. I'd be very interested as to what department this comes under. Who is shouldering that amount of risk or has that amount of talent within the IOMG payroll?
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    Perhaps we could "innovate" by having a healthcare Dental Service you can actually get an appointment with, within 12 months?
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    I don't believe that the European Union people are here looking at VAT that was done and dusted last year. They are really here to see how such a little island can employ so many bureaucrats, They have used the island as a benchmark to what they could achieve in Brussels.
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    ........I do agree, very little factory emissions, low vehicle emissions and a small population, what the hell do these idiots want us to do? Do they really think our minuscule little rock has any effect whatsoever on the world's pollution statistics...............
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    I agree. It's insensitive and somewhat crass of the MC fraternity to piggy back off the one and only time in the year when the British Isles pays homage to those who paid the ultimate price. Nothing, IMHO, is comparable to that.
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    I think it is an interesting perspective. In fact that and the other documentary where the marshal at the grandstand says "I must have been the last person to touch lots of riders", has kind of made me reassess my support for the TT. I've always taken the view that "they know the risks, so let them crack on" but actually when you hear the riders and the TT supporters talk about frankly, I'm not so sure that they do. It's a bit like a cult where within that community norms are skewed. In the TT case it is risk perception and the commemoration of a death that seems a bit odd. So they say things like "well you could get killed crossing the road" and you could but it's relatively uncommon because people take steps to minimise the risks. By drawing that comparison something seems a little off with their risk perception. Similarly, the races carry on and it's not seen as disrespectful (and because the deceased were part of the TT cult, probably isn't). Or holding a minute's noise on Remembrance Sunday as if there's some sort of equivalence between dying in the TT and WWII (when they could have held it a week later on the more comparable World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims). They have memorial laps were thousands of people do the same activity that killed the departed, I suppose that's a bit like raising a glass to George Best, but from the outside it looks a bit odd. Are the riders and the TT community so wrapped up in that world, that their decision making is compromised to the extent that "they don't know the risks"? And if so, like they do with drugs, should the government act?
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    Chris Robertshaw is the only MHK who is speaking publicly, or maybe speaking at all, about fundamental reform to cut costs and safeguard the future. Reform was on the agenda when MHKs were requesting votes but, aided by the most conservative CM that they could vote in, any thought of change was quickly kicked into touch. There simply is no leadership inside or outside CoMIN. If this administration has shown any skill, it has been in stifling debate and massaging the media and public into thinking that everything is being worked on and everything is in hand. To this end we regularly hear the monotone drone of Chris Thomas and his dull utterings. The only magic he possesses is the ability to transform complacency into a Programme. It is worth noting that the Chief Executive of the Civil Service in Guernsey is leading change from the front. On the Island we have a Chief Secretary that appears to live in a dark corner and who only comes to light on the very rare occasion that someone like Beecroft shines a torch, temporarily, upon him. Even then, the reaction is to scuttle deeper into the corner. This is a man who is Head of the Civil Service, but he could walk down any corridor outside of Cabinet Office, without any Civil Servants recognising him. The failure of leadership within the Political element of Government is compounded by a failure within the Civil Service. To expect anything other than fiddling rather than reform is unrealistic. Its also truly worrying. Robertshaw will have his 15 minutes of fame with this outburst but the business of Government will continue as normal.
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    ... rises to 55,000. A depressing figure. But good news for the island!
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    She’s sadly a victim of the rather insidious societal brainwashing that is going on to give support to unfettered migration, which is a stated UN goal. It’ll catch up to the IoM eventually but as we stand, having just returned from the UK and seeing how much of a hellhole that is turning into, I quite like the island being a nice haven for a few more years yet thanks.
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    ....it's all just so sick! Working so hard at beating the system to make even more money for what? Sad and wearisome that certain humans feel the need to have more and more and more when they just use as much as they can on ego trips and waste.................beats me, always has, greedy, ego driven narcissism.............
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    Speaking as a coalface worker, so to speak, I got used long ago to the distorted presentation of "healthcare innovation" in the mainstream media. If you believe the media, it's all about conquering age, conquering cancer, conquering Alzheimers, producing miracle babies, gene therapy and all the rest of it. That is very different from the daily routine of long waiting lists, self inflicted illnesses caused by alcohol and tobacco, minor mental health problems, coughs and colds and all the stuff which is too boring to report in the media. Still, I'm up for abandoning the daily routine, embracing the freebies, and paying lip service to "healthcare innovation" for a day.
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    if i were to put a when the fun stops stop tagline to my burgeoning crystal meth empire would that make it morally if not legally acceptable? asking for a friend.
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    Here's some data: In the UK local authority where I used to reside the CEO was paid a max £95k (there were no additional allowances or attendance money for council meetings etc). The local authority population was 55.8K. That works out at approx £1.70/head/pa In Onchan we are told that the new CEO will receive £60k and based on the population being 9,100 that equates to £6.60/head/pa. Now there's food for thought.
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    "....improving driving standards doesn't require a speed limit." This is truly the elephant in the room, and something we are going to have to get over. The favoured strategy is "Safe System". This begins from a target that no road traffic collision should result in a fatality - which to be honest, has to be the only one worth having. As part of that safe system, all options have to be on the table - including providing a risk assess based speed limit - or no limit if that can be seen to be appropriate. If you have a strategy, and then post-fatal collision inquest, the Coroner asks "Would a restriction on speed have made a difference here?" and the answer is "Yes, but we're special here and we don't want to wreck tourism/fun/individual choice" then the Coroner is bound to cite an Article 2 failing in his judgement. There are many of my fellow petrolheads that don't like my stance on this issue. But most of them haven't had to deal with it from my perspective. We desperately need this strategy, and we cannot leave those charged with delivering it, denied every option.
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    I can remember a very similar thread when I first came to the island 9 years ago and wanted to have a read on here to get to know the place. Seems like nothing has changed apart from a gradual deterioration of living standards, frontline services and optimism for the future. It's why I keep saying the island will eventually go pop. It might take a while yet to get there but you can't keep running a deficit every year with dwindling reserves and not avert the inevitable buffers. The establishment here aren't for changing I'm afraid. The gravy train is starting to resemble the last train out of Calcutta, with as many as possible clinging to it before it derails. Your average citizen is just collateral damage.