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    But if she was really was having a severe asthma attack, the last thing they should be doing is boarding an aircraft. Even if they had been on time, the airline employee would have been obliged to refuse them in those circumstances, seeking medical attention should be the priority. Especially you would imagine for her father.
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    Maybe they are looking for sites where semi serious debates can be had, without the constant degeneration of topics into name calling etc etc !
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    Having been involved in the Tourist industry for many years, I note the following. We propose to use scarce resources on a deepwater berth for a market that is essentially the lowest level of Day tripping The market, fully catered aboard ship. Doesn't use the local Ferry service [Now Gov owned] Doesn't use the local accommodation services Doesn't use the local catering restaurants Doesn't use the local bars etc Will likely not use our retail outlets, as we know, they are expensive compared to other ports they will visit We have regular calls from cruisers presently for no outlay, so we want to spend millions to recoup thousands, ? We are, the lunatic Isle.
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    That portrait of an aggressive thug like Varey was terrible. Many have had to deal with him over the years and he’s a thoroughly unpleasant and nasty character. Let’s just forget about the drugs, and the intimidation and violence. Here’s another fully rehabilitated cheeky chappy being thrown to the cameras so the telly can show how lovely the IOM is. In the IOM even our criminals are really just Victorian Artful dodger types who like to crack jokes and tit about on the PlayStation all day. They aren’t really violent thugs because this is the IOM and everything is perfect in the happy clappy land of the IOM government. Let’s make some rehabilitation stats up too while we are at it so we can erroneously claim on TV that we have some of the lowest reoffender rates in the world (according to us, and to records that we don’t actually keep)
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    get some dandara headed note paper and try again
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    Imagine the 1000s of families having watched that, who pay over £1000 per week for residential care for their parents.
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    This is what I can't understand, to me it seems to be a chicken and egg situation, having an aspirational population increase is not just going to happen ! I came here a long time ago as there was a decent job I had been interviewed for, and as a result I bought a house and moved my family here ! That would not have been possible without the job in the first place. Just building houses seems to be the wrong end of the problem !
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    Correct Falls down at the first hurdle. Rents are too high compared to living wages that saving isn't a realistic option.
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    I disagree. I've spent a bit of time with Kate. She is working hard to dig down to the bones in a number of areas where the 'Lessons learned - move along, nothing to see' team have been out with the brooms and lifted the carpet. Whether she makes any progress against the establishment remains to be seen, but like many on here, she's aghast at some of the shenananigans and is trying to have people held to proper account.
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    Haha is Rob really complaining about unnecessary questions in Tynwald? "How much does is cost to send a letter to Jersey?" Idiot.
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    Tell him I'll chuck him 200 quid to keep quiet about it.
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    I think we're losing sight a bit here of just why these people are in the facility in the first instance. It's because they have transgressed the rules of our society (ie laws), usually quite deliberately for their own advantage (short term), rules which most of the rest of us recognise, have respect for and abide by (though on occasions we may not completely understand or agree with though that's another matter). It takes a lot to get banged up these days, there are many other justice options available to the Courts. Those who are in there are so for a reason, because their crimes (and/or record) were severe enough to discount those other options. What we should be looking at is ensuring that there's some sort of corrective training to make those "inside" recognise and identify those rules and laws that the rest of us seem to be able to do automatically. Carrot and stick may be part of that. (though there's probably a few who are beyond redemption). But nobody is suggesting thumbscrews and waterboarding (yet). Is this what's going on at Jurby as depicted in the series? Playing pool and X Box all day, throwing water in showers and generally arseing about? Then moaning about shopping trips. I'd suggest not. And with the number of repeat offenders depicted, it's clearly not working for them. Is there adequate support on the outside for those exiting their sentences? Or are they sucked straight back into what they got locked up for in the first instance. What's being provided in the name of "rehabilitation" currently seems more like leisure pursuits. As opposed to anything corrective.
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    No, being locked up isn't a punishment, certainly not for repeat offenders. Lets take the notorious Mr Varey as a prime example - his life, in prison, is far more 'comfortable' than it is outside, so ultimately, someone will suffer, so he doesn't have to. He puts other people at risk to support his own lifestyle, and we call this punishment? Tell me, how exactly has this guy been reformed by the penal system, having been a repeat resident at Her Majesty's service? How should his victims feel knowing that when he's outside, he is a risk to others, and whilst he is inside, he is in a place where he has no worries, no stresses, and can enjoy a standard of life which is unachievable for him outside? It is a lose-lose situation for his victims, and a win-win for him, so unless there is a change whereby his punishment is proportionate to his crime, there is no encouragement whatsoever for him to correct his ways. Perhaps next time he decides to introduce someone to a knife edge, and kills them, we will all take solace from the fact that he is once again in prison, apparently reformed, because everyone decided to give him a hug and reassure him its okay to terrorise people. I do however agree that sometimes, a more positive experience inside can lead to a reformed character. How to differentiate between who deserves a supportive network, and who deserves to be treated like a piece of shit is quite a task, but that is no excuse whatsoever to treat a murderer to the same standard of life to someone who got caught nicking a neighbours pint of milk. The fact still remains that punishment should fit the crime, so in the case of violent crimes, sexual crimes, or any other such abuse should not be rewarded with an xbox, overindulgence of Basset's finest, and a pair of jeans which make your arse seemingly change shape.
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    Well, when someone has punched you repeatedly, kicked you, stomped on you, followed you home, intimidated your family etc, i'm sure and reasonable victim would sleep easy knowing that he spent 10 months in the nick playing on a playstation, and is now an angel sent from above to spend the rest of his days being wholesome member of the community. Sorry, not buying. I had sustained contact with this individual, and know his act inside out. Charming, friendly, helpful etc (exactly as he comes across on the programme) as long as you turn a blind eye to his shenanigans. Then, in the blink of an eye, you are on the receiving end of one of the most vicious individuals out there. Only thing I hope is that next time he's playing with kitchen utensils, he's on the receiving end, as that's what his life of crime deserves, not a few months in prison 'with privileges'. Funny thing is, I never reported him to the police. Having now seen this programme, i'm glad I didn't - would have been rewarding him for his behaviour, and that, says it all, about our 'justice' system.
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    Brilliant. A cruise terminal to solve parking problems. Let’s have a Felt Museum to tackle homelessness.
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    When the hospital is in a parlous state because of underfunding, mismanagement , over managed under staffed, over the years and finds difficulty in attracting medics who even if they come seem disinclined to stay it seems scandalous to spend money on vanity projects. Health, living accommodation, schools etc are lifelines that effect everyone and should be prioritised. Or, just have a really crazy moment and pay off some debt such as the leccy bill. Of course it is always easier to spend other people's money and with no accountability thrown in it is bullet proof. No wonder people from all over the world have the impression that the Isle of Man and all that live here are minted. I only wish.
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    Goldsmith is a repeat offender. Who is back in the papers again today and happily wandering around Strand St. No doubt someone who will be back inside at some stage too. All this series has done for me so far is demonstrate how poor our rehabilitation rate actually seems to be. Virtually every one of those featured in the series has been in more than once so it does seem rather odd that the main political justification we seem to find for allowing this embarrassing series to take place in the first place I s the focus our ‘success’ at rehabilitation.
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    Something that is not realised by us plebs is that greed and the pursuit of more and more wealth has no ceiling. None whatsoever. The more you got the more you want.
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    that's nearly 2 full pages of everyone fully agreeing with each other. i'm not sure i like it
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    It’s all gone to the dogs since I left.
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    What I find depressing, amazing and infuriating all at the same time is the huge incidence of piss-poor fundamental, routine, elements of motoring. Not indicating for a turn; motorcyclists not fucking cancelling their turn signals!; stopping in ludicrously (and obviously) dangerous places; the endemic habit of driving through amber traffic lights when there’s ample time to stop; roadside parking in a way that sterilises other spaces because people don’t pull closer to existing parked vehicles; tailgating; looking only one way when driving off a junction; driving too fast; driving too slow and , Jesus fucking Christ, not knowing what to do at a sodding roundabout. I witness these week in, week out. It’s positively refreshing to visit the UK where, by and large, most people actually know how to drive. Rant over. Sorry.
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    It would have been quicker reopening the aquadrome.
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    Sounds good to me. Let's do it
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    Is it good enough in 2019 to be calling for volunteers at the last minute to marshal a high speed event like the MGP / T.T ? They're effectively pulling people in off the street with no experience, sticking a tabard on them and making them officials. It's really just a numbers game, but surely those days are long gone and it's this sort of amateurism that gets exposed when things go badly wrong.
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    95% of collisions are down to driver error. We can bring in MOTs, which I concede may help culturally, but would we be better spending the money on the things we know contribute to fatal crashes? Speed, seatbelts, mobile phones and drink driving - the Fatal 4? These are the debates that are needed, and then actioning. Unfortunately we have no visible figure in Government leading these debates.
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    You needed a comma there, girl.
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    To be honest, nothing but nothing would now surprise me about the life these people lead inside the Prison. I used to be cynical of people that referred to is as the Jurby Hilton. But not now. As for the underwear shopping - jeez. Surely, the simple solution would be for either the Deputy Governor or George Stores to head into M&S lingerie then FaceTime the young lady requiring new undercrackers..or maybe it wouldn't be convenient for the prisoner if it was at a time when they had their gym session or busy with the "Sista" doing their nails whilst watching Loose Women eating their Salad Nicoise? The programme is getting more embarrassing by the episode. I know nothing of the Varey character, other than to say I would happily bet he will be back inside before too long. Maybe in time for the next series?
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    But he can say all this crap can't he. He can easily say it and get away with it because there's no election for 2 years. The only people that could possibly argue against it - can't - i.e. voters. No voters elected him CM anyway! He's the third CM in a row in a holding pattern...keeping govt salaries and pensions at 36,000ft...while the majority of the rest of us have to fly at 50ft dodging hills and trees. Just another bullshitter...dodging the real issues again. A big fat phoney!
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    I think we’re learning that it’s certainly neither Tynwald or Comin that has any control over the actual operations of the civil service or public sector in general. In fact the episode over the prom pretty much proves it as it should not require the Treasury Minister amongst others to get involved in sorting out a basic public project like that when it’s been (inevitably) screwed up. Government itself seems to be operating unchecked and largely out of control doing pretty much what it likes and will remain so. But that has been the way for the last 25 years I don't think it’s specifically down to this current Tynwald incarnation. My only real issue with Quayle is that Bell pretty much knew what sort of people he was dealing with in the civil service in that many were dangerous idiots who had to be managed whereas Quayle has not been prepared to rock the boat as he was only allegedly looking for one term. Cannan might be a different kettle of fish though longer term. In amongst this politically we’ve had the abortion changes, at least some changes on the IOMG pension scheme (even if they aren’t anywhere near enough), and the forthcoming cannabis debate/proposals which are pretty progressive. But everything fails in the delivery through a failed thick soup of red tape and active opposition to anything which might change the comfortable system that exists within the public sector.
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    I've known many that have been in and out of prison over very many years. From a young age, through school and the teenage years they had plentiful opportunities to sort themselves out and straighten up. Apologies and excuses were made for them, hands were wrung, meetings held, 'experts' involved, money spent, and all to no avail. Lads I knew at school made a career out of petty crime, violence and anti-social behaviour. It was their choice and what they wanted. That's the way it is and no amount of pussyfooting around the reality and soft-headed idealism will change it. If only it did, we'd have done it a long time ago.
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    Howard's talking out of the wrong hole again. There's nothing progressive about running a holiday camp style regime. A real progressive system would provide optional opportunities in tandem with a basic, no frills prison experience which was tough but fair. Positive authority is what creates the atmosphere and environment for real rehabilitation and change; a change that comes from the experience of prison itself and which is self-actualised. It's not about creating a playground, it's about changing people's lives - for the better. The rehabilitation is in the whole experience, not in some progressive ideology which turns prison into Butlins behind bars. Jurby is doing no one any favours - neither the inmates or the taxpayers.
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    The troubling lack of detail as to the seriousness and the reality of the crimes that these people are banged up for is a problem. The actual crimes (including knife crime for the girlfriend in there) were almost glossed over in the haste to make entertainment out of the inmate lifestyle.
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    +110% There's something perverse about IOMG. I wonder how much lower they're prepared to sink to whilst the rest of us have to deal with reality? Whoever you are (that authorised this), you need to fess up and explain why you thought this was such a good idea. If the Prison is actually run on the lines portrayed in the program then I think you should expect a backlash.
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    I thought Notty was OK. Yes, he could get a bit tetchy at times, maybe even a bit over the top, but certainly no worse than some of the dingbats that, even now, post page after page of one on one insults seemingly with impunity. Some of the worst offenders actually cry foul and play the victim. Astonishing. Surely the best way to deal with it is not to engage with it. Answer the point, but not the invective. If you don't answer the first insult, it lies dead in the water. In fact, as a suggestion, why not ban RESPONDING to insults. The rule is, if someone calls you a twat you don't reply in kind on pain of a ban. Threads might be shorter, but infinitely more readable.
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    After all this time I've just realised that you aren't Ground Keeper's Willy. Good play on words!. I used to think this at times, and that people might have had an ulterior motive to derail threads. Then I thought it seems a bit "conspiracy theory". Some people would even chip in that dark official forces were at work to ruin anti-government comment and thwart dissent. But, really, why would you? Is a forum such as this REALLY important enough for the government to bother about? It has a limited reach and, from what I can see, no influence whatsoever. So I've come to the conclusion that it isn't sinister. It's just a manifestation of that characteristically human trait, stupidity. It's not just here. It's all over social media and getting worse.
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    Southern Ireland built loads of new estates before the financial trouble a few years ago with some help from the EU. Everything ground to a halt, builders went bust, suppliers to builders went bust and the estates became ghost towns. Some just are still half built others were bulldozed. There was a lot of suffering, deposits had been paid by some ....lost. This was be cause there was blue cloud forecasts and a wrongly held view that if you keep the building industry happy all else will follow, not so. There are a lot of single elderly, and not so elderly, living in family sized houses who would be glad to downsize if more attractive sheltered accommodation was available. As the new trend is building up I am sure there are empty properties on the Island that could be dropped and utilized in this way. There should be no more building on green spaces just to satisfy a vanity project of this government and a deluded promoter who seems hell bent on dreaming up schemes to big up his image in his constituents eyes.
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    Too many threads descend into slanging matches. Too many posters dismissive / rude about others equally (in)valid viewpoints / opinions. Too few intelligent / thoughtful responses. Just not worth engaging in many threads. Sad. My 2d.
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    He got a permanent ban. Someone posted about it, that they knew him in real life and he said he wouldn't be back. I'd like to see LC/PL/MTP/Keyboarder back. Or Tarne, who I know posted some pretty silly stuff sometimes but it was still better than the Dilly & Downer show we're subjected to pretty much every night.
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    But clearly not obesity....
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    I would like to know which fucknugget sanctioned this. A the very least he/she should be sacked
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    Not really. The same problem could have happened anywhere (it was closed for a short time due to ATC problems, but presumably to LGW-IOM was cancelled as it was about then, so it became a two day wait after they missed the first day's flight. But the family actually seem to have been treated quite well: Especially when you consider there was probably no legal obligation to do anything for them at all. So this latest running to the papers doesn't look good and you feel sorry for the child.
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    Just another useless twat of a parent looking to blame someone else for his own inadequacies. All drama and bullshit.
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    Quite a lot of people seem to be into those 1960s British sports cars these days, don’t they?
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    What I dont really understand is that the neanderthal seemed to get roughly the same sentence for assault each time. I would have thought it should go up each time?
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    Nor does their adulation for Peel Group.
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    First question for a defence advocate in Jury selection in future. Did you watch Best Little Prison?
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    Keep a watch out for me! Think it'll be episode 4 or 5, shower scene - catching the soap just in time, phew!
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    We swallow the story about lower and medium paid Govt workers being overpaid every time. It's pure rabble rousing. By those who have their own interests put first. Let's look at upper CS salaries and see if they are VFM given some of the very public cock ups and the problems the Island faces. The Airport losses and expenditure. Any wage cuts suggested for those behind the MEA debacle? Who told Phil Gawne it would be a good idea to resurface the Sloc? Losses incurred by DED/DfE. Longworth's expenditures. What's going on on Douglas promenade. The losses and expenses incurred by the total repeated incompetence of the FSA. And we worry about a few grand on bus drivers. And no I'm not one, nor related.
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    Hold the lines, we have a winner! That's it. If you're late you don't get on. It's sad to hear the little girl suffers from asthma. But that is not relevant to them being refused boarding.
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