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    Bit like me and my missus
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    I thought you were going to ask for advice on a cheap pair of jeans!
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    Overall I still maintain that I see little or no advantage to the user for this huge outlay. However I do see the potential for cost to us. Due to reckless lending and massive debt the Isle of Man is in a strange situation where the vested interest of the energy supplier to make us use more energy matches that of the government (as they are essentially the same group). Therefore we should be very nervous of the MUA committing to any more massive spends as the likelihood is we again will be the ones to pay..
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    Who needs to understand anything? There's point scoring to be done on an internet forum! Maybe to make you think twice about trolling a family online just days after they've lost a son and brother because you feel you know better than them.
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    This was a classic too. Retrieved his daughters ball from the road three minutes before the roads open car went through as he thought the roads were already open. Fined £500 plus £125 costs which he can only repay at 10 a week http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=41172&headline=Man%20chased%20ball%20on%20to%20TT%20course&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018 It ready does look like deliberate and stage managed overkill this year to defect from the fact the organsiers nearly fucking killed someone a few days before hand. Let’s whip up a load of press hysteria and punish people and get the pitchfork wavers out so that it takes a lot of the attention off our own massive failings.
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    Yes, Captain lit a candle at the end of the breakwater, it blew out sailing cancelled. The old sailors would be turning in their graves.
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    Lol, remember that brand well. 'Death Lites' came in a nice white box...
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    Don't be silly, it's far easier to constantly whinge instead of checking with MT for updates!
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    I absolutely agree. I can't think of an imperative at the moment. If it ain't broke, don't mend it. This sounds like spending money for the sake of it.
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    He was acting as though he wanted the trial to collapse. Why would someone want the trial to collapse? Either to help the accused, or perhaps to provoke outrage amongst another group, who would then think they had no option but to take things into their own hands. Or perhaps I'm being cynical and overthinking it, and really he's just incredibly stupid.
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    On reading on smart meters: - The money saving reason is almost meaningless, with households saving on average £30 a year. - They do not work well in areas of poor cell phone reception (That's Governor's Hill then), and this can lead to false readings. - They can cause fires if poorly fitted. The big advantage to the user is they make it easier to switch providers which is irrelevant here. So in summary for the user of the service they are almost pointless, especially in the Isle of Man. I hope that like in the UK these things are optional.
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    There’s massive evidence that abuse by white males was swept under the carpet for decades. The reticence to act on the instances of Muslim grooming gangs stems from the same institutional inertia and arse covering. There’s really little difference between failure to act in Rochdale through fear of powerful men like Cyril Smith and failure to act through fear of seeming racist.
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    For me, any bad feeling was about, and will always be about, the corpy having the 'right' to tender out someone else's business model, trade and goodwill it took 20 years to build up. Turns out that goodwill, in the main, followed Martin. They (sorry I mean we) own a fookin car park. And we end up paying the corpy etc. money...because the customers always pay the bill. Our govt and their LA counterparts leech off the TT and are largely directly responsible for much of 'Rip-off' TT. £thousands for a fookin burger wagon plot? Pension grasping bastards the lot of them. They should be greasing the wheels for TT, not clogging them up.
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    what an utter waste, £18 MILLION to implement, in the hope it will make people cut down on electricity use, will cut staff from going around reading meters (and checking for meter tampering !). If the demand reduces it will drop profit which in turn will increase the price per unit - as happened last time in the 'fuel crisis' (still have my petrol ration book !) if anyone is old enough to remember (1970's), where tv closed down at 10pm etc, demand dropped so to maintain profit level the price increased, and never went back down again :-( I already have an 'Owl' device which tells me how much I am using and doesn't make me switch anything off, I've already converted most lights to led where suitable alternatives were available (not at silly prices !) but the heavy use of electric still need to be utilised for laundry, cooking etc. I fear this is just another 'because everyone else does it' exercise where we follow along like sheep .
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    One of Robinson's complaints, as he makes plain in the video from the day, is the length of time taken by the authorities to investigate allegations, even when backed up by compelling evidence, to bring this case and many others, past, present and future, to trial. A popular complaint not unique to Robinson. It has become apparent that inaction by the various authorities, over decades, only compounded the abuse. The groomers came to be seen, and considered themselves, untouchable when the complaints of the victims were actively ignored. They had almost free reign. In the video he claims the behaviour of the authorities and initial treatment of the victims is indefensible and asks people watching to ask themselves why "stuff like this happens." Naturally, Robinson quotes the koran and its endorsement of child-marriage, mohammed's alleged 9-year old bride, sex-slaves, etc., the usual rote. Had he not been arrested there'd have been no public demonstrations of solidarity across Europe and as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and the US. Robinson's method has always been about publicity and here we have ultimate exposure, at a level he couldn't have imagined. To the delight of his supporters far and wide his star is in the ascendant, carried on the mantle of 'working-class hero.' That he foolishly misjudged his bail conditions and dropped himself in it matters not. His folly pales into insignificance against the exposure gained. No doubt Robinson's welfare and security will be tight, inside, after the last time he was jailed and almost beaten to death by muslim inmates (which he claims was arranged with the help of prison officers). The establishment wouldn't want a populist martyr in Robinson's image on their hands.
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    It's a good job we bought it or they would have held us to ransom.
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    We will definitely be the ones who will pay.
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    Yes my dog chased them there once. They ended up quite high in the trees for big birds. Very embarrassing, but quite comical also.
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    It's happening now This was also highly amusing today https://skwawkbox.org/2018/06/13/vid-touche-mays-johnsons-pmqs-faces-after-corbyns-trump-question-are-a-must-see/
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    Tobacco sponsorship is always good for Motorsport.
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    I saw some of the debate on that. I’m not convinced that associating a potentially premature death with a move to the IOM is a good thing either. We really don’t seem to know what the IOM is anymore and so we dont even know what group of people we should be communicating with on advertising. But we just have money to spend on adverts as other people don’t see the value in spending money to be associated with bad publicity about death or serious personal injury. The more I put everything together it’s clear this place has had it. In fact it had it about 10 years ago. We’re now just having to listen to the last generation of swine running the place into the ground for their own benefit before the money runs out.
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    Most of what was brewed would have been low in alcohol - known as small beer. The whole family, even children would drink it. The brewing process made it safer to drink than plain water.
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    I don't doubt all that. But I think it needs to be seen in the context that sexual abuse across the board was ignored and many different excuses have been offered but it all boils down to institutional indifference to the issue of abuse. But the way to deal with that is by prosecuting the perpetrators. There's no doubt that there's been a sea change in the last five years in how abuse is dealt with by authorities, and the focus on grooming gangs is part of that. As you point out they're coming to light now and being dealt with. Tommy claimed he was "exposing Muslim gangs", but they'd already been exposed and were on trial.
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    Well, who knows?
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    The biggest and the bestest TT ever if you believe our politicos. Yes it was successful, in part due to the weather, and LAP records being broken, which for many was exciting but it wasn’t a success, due to deaths in racing, death on the open road and some terrible injuries, suffered. Next year it could be different with constant pouring rain, cancellations of practice, lack of practice - cancellation of racing, which has happened on Senior TT day, due to poor weather. It’s all well and good spouting success and best, biggest TT etc, if the arrival figures show year and year increases. Sadly they are on the decline, cost I’m sure plays a part, plus lack of suitable timetabled departure times will play a part. For the last few years SPC haven’t chartered a fast craft - P&O boat. This in some way reduces capacity. Its worth noting that sadly locals are caught up in accidents, or fatalities, which in turn results in a show trial, and near hang them, flog them. For drivers on the roads, I’m afraid at times it’s no fun and it’s definitely challenging. Not all residents can escape the rock due to factors such as cost, availability and whether they can get time off. Sadly these facts are often overlooked by our politicos, in reviews. Only focus on the success and never the failure.
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    Him? Self-promotion. Others? Create the impression that these gangs aren't being dealt with. That there is an establishment cover up. That there was no justice for white victims other than street justice, which they will then incite. This leads to heightened tensions, perhaps race riots, which they can use as a further recruitment tool.
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    That Tommy Robinson is a "political prisoner" banged up by an "establishment elite" or some such nonsense.
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/callister-confident-on-overall-tt-numbers/ The biggest TT ever and yet we are hoping to get lucky with arrivals through the airport. Hmm Rob spouts shite shock horror
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    Do they add up the fastest times for each sector of the climb to get a virtual climb record?
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    Made up statistics make for easy justifications.
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    Most industrials require KVa meters...phase variations etc. This is quite interesting... http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-5442371/The-9bn-extra-cost-smart-meters.html ..or how a predicted MEA £18m might soon balloon.
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    Now look Derek I have always been a fan of yours, but don't come on here suggesting government behave responsibly with our money, you know that isn't going to happen !!
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    31,000 households...ish...£580 per household. Minus a shit load of prepay households I imagine.
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    ....yes, I read somewhere there were 15 brewhouses in Ballaugh alone in the 1800s............
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    Let's hope they don't introduce water meters. That would be a terrible idea.
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    In Woody's sister's castle.
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    https://standoutmagazine.co.uk/isle-of-man-villa-marina-gardens-tt-2016/ back of the net......
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    We need SMART Government. Still what’s £18m to Manx Utilities? They seem to have an open chequebook.
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    They’ll be the only smart thing employed by the MUA.
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    You come over as a very angry person. Life is not just black or white, there are many shades in between. You don’t seem to see those shades. I feel quite uncomfortable reading some of your late night angry pants posts. You can pick up on one word that offends and go into a rage. Why do you come here? It’s not for debate because you are firmly rooted in your opinions and are not for turning. Is it just to vent all that anger built up inside? If so, there are healthier ways of dealing with it
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    If there's something weird In your place of work Who ya gonna call NOT BUSTER
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    I think the truth is somewhere inbetween.
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    He obviously cares about helping people. I like people like that. I'm the same. I like helping people.
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    Wow. He never mentioned that on Channel four news.
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    Yes, but the spiral began before that when tourism failed, costs have steadily risen but customer numbers have fallen. I can recall Strand St, Castle St buzzing at 9pm at night in the summer. People no longer have the disposable income due to high housing costs brought on by the financial services boom, it's all a chain of events.
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    ...........She said, 'I'm definitely NOT having an MPV, I don't like the back shape'................what does she get?............yes, a Nissan Note MPV..............
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    pretty impressive. would be even better if you used a metal drum rather than plastic though
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