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    I’m not comfortable with Govt property being used by this group.
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    Deeply disturbing that a homophobic, anti-medicine and anti-science cult has become so influential on the island. Bad business. And that is what it is: a business making a huge tithed profit from those it has used threats of hell and promises of heaven to ensnare in its lies.
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    Have to say that was my immediate thought too - its time it was stopped.
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    Dunno which thread you wanted to add it to http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/61630-more-dodgy-dealings-from-living-hope/& http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/61291-bless-this-house/& http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/62662-beware-living-hope-false-advertising/& http://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/62342-living-hope-church-again-teaching-the-kids/& Anyway, they area bunch of fucking crooks trading off stupid peoples naivety.
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    Their charitable status should be removed. These people are charlatans.
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    Max claimed the thread he was going to add this to had been deleted. Too lazy to check if it had been. I’ve always been amazed how these SA groups have been allowed to take hold in the IOM. It started off with the Life Church. Then the holier than though Louis Group of total crooks, and now this is lot NLP abusing crazies.
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    Less reasonable expenses. You’ll only actually get £0.03
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    Hi All : we are a couple of months of Publishing the Manx Music Charts ! The page is up on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/manxchart All the new Manx Music Releases are gathered at the following playlist : https://open.spotify.com/user/arroncx/playlist/4YZbE1uwDbCGpTd7N61nZX?si=wnShA58lQHuvvmx33o0fxw If Charts are you thing, and Manx Music is your thing, you'll love this :) Charts for this week here :
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    Anyone know what their Statement of Faith is like? These things can be pretty scary; Answers in Genesis insists on Biblical fundamentalism or you can't work for them.
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    Their money is as good as anyone else's
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    If they had God on the If they had God on their side he would not of let them invest in the Louis Group.
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    best option now is wait till the legislation is past then inform the eu the uk is leaving without a deal..... barmy barnier feet won't touch the ground.....
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    I wish people will realise that IOMG inflicted Bus Vannin as the preferred operator for Patient Transfer. It has obviously been planned for a while as it was part of the SAVE initiative, which Tynpotwald quite happily debated (rubber stamped). Also remember that this MOB in conjunction with Bus Vannin stopped Schools and Youth Clubs etc from having their own Minibuses, and now must use Bus Vannin facilities. This is turn provides Bus Vannin with a sense of smugness and self importance, and in time will ensure New Minibuses and other vehicles being ordered.
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    you can tell you don't run a business if you need to be inside the eu for your business to continue then been in a non-eu country is just daft..... they should of left 2 years ago- it not rocket science..... uk-eu trade is around 6% of gdp- this shouldn't control the other 94%, even if it was all to disappear 6% isn't a great hit and as its mainly imports it would be replaced from elsewhere.... the eu is unimportant to the uk.... most want a free trade deal but if the eu don't the uk should walk away....
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    Does it really matter? I assume someone wants to drive the agenda when they moan there are two threads running and why dont we use just one - as the other one clearly isn’t driving the agenda they set the thread up for.
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    If it was I would have found it and Helmut F. used the quote which I was talking about
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    No I didn’t. Someone bought the best part of £500k worth of vehicles to fulfill this “contract” in advance with our money That’s not a tender. That’s gangster tactics.
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    Err, you do realise we've legalised that now?
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    PVR - one of my favourites: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/1525369/Pastor-is-jailed-over-workers-on-slave-pay.html A current Barclays Director is 2nd in command at LHC - legacy
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    Buster and Quirky may not get priority but they sure get more time than anyone else and I do not think anyone would be encouraged to phone in when they start their rambles...more encouraged to flick the switch.
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    What's wrong with nine bob notes, a bloke down the pub sold me a load of them! Take your word about the value Dilli, couldn't see the land. Actually, the value of a prize is probably debatable, like those 'Win a Mini' ones, turns out to be use of for a year!!!
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    Have the yanks started arming this group yet?
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    Living Hope! What a misnomer! I do hope they do not have charitable status here.
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    Sarah and I are very happy
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    without the UK's support [15 planes plus ?? helicopters] airbus will be in the shite,this is basically a socialist project that EATS taxpayer funds and the UK could just as easy buy boeing which would be a better buy than putting up with this shite from these EUSSR gangsters,and as has been alluded to they will soon climb down,otherwise find some EUSSR funds and a couple of years to construct new plants for these wings,FFS this is more remainer frighteners.
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    On the subject of Airbus, apparently they met with government representatives on Thursday to discuss the possibility of receiving funding to open a new facility in the south of England. Brexit was not mentioned as being a problem according to an MP who was present.
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    did the barrels come from ireland? and did they come full of soil?
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    Baccalao, salt cod was known as Stock fish here, my old man made his own, drying it in our boiler room , Devereaus have it at the moment. It is a dry fish requiring soaking whereas salties can be cooked straight from the barrel. They also have roll mops [ raw pickled herring] And baked herring [rolled herring baked in pickling spice] I would scoff em all save for my crappy aged digestive system . Taken last week in Peel.
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    Those were the days. Slaving away on Black Bank sustained by Blue Mountain from the deli on St. Mary's and a quick thrash on the bike to Littleport for a sit-down fish & chips. The height of Fenland sophistication.
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    A good friend works there, he told me it was to do with efficiencies and streamlining. It does seem to me RAC may be better placed in the aviation marketplace, as they make parts for their own products which are fitted to thousands of aircraft worldwide and need to meet continuing airworthiness requirements in respect of spares and overhauls. Hope those affected get sorted.
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    nobody has lost any jobs.... if they are going to move they will move....
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    Salt herring pie.
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    In this month’s Manx Life magazine. Oh dear...
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    Apart from Buster
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    It looks to me like howard irons his shirts on a wok.
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    A fair few of the Red Cross drivers are retired ex Gov workers on decent pensions already Dont feel too sorry for them
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    What happens next time the bus drivers go on strike? ;-)
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    To be fair I’ve been more than critical of Stu over the years but in the last 2 weeks his shows have got better as he seems to be toeing the IOMG line less and less. Is this an editorial change now IOMG is trying to slash MRs budgets too?
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    I think a lot of people on this forum probably take themselves and their opinions far too seriously. It’s good to have a good laugh every now and again.
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    I thought Okells already used N ₂O. Last time I bought a pint there and they told me the price...I said "You're having a feckin laugh aren't you?".
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    Isn’t that a porn film?
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    They should have waited till Red Cross lost the contract, theirs will be going cheaply!
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    They certainly had enough warning of their succesful contract to order 10 disability certified mini buses at £50k each in advance.
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    Quite shocking really but not as shocking as the cyclist that undertook the horse & did a hit and run thing, that was truly shocking. There is something fishy about the fish story, why would anyone do such a thing? And how would they know where the machine was (or something like that)?
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