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    But I’ve seen dozens of cases where the decision to prosecute, both by police and AG’s has been perverse, there was insufficient evidence and no public interest, and in spite of representations by defence advocates, or orders for full disclosure by courts, prosecutions have not provided essential evidence, often because the police didn’t provide it. That is more worrying, lives put on hold, money spent on defence, jobs lost. Ive even experienced cases where, on being called out as duty advocate, it became apparent, on reviewing the custody record, that there were insufficient grounds for arrest or detention. Representations meant their immediate release. Its a system, it involves humans, some of its subjective, errors can, and do, happen. It’s why equality of arms is an essential part of a fair system in encounters between citizen and state.
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    I suspect I know what this was Derek ! perhaps the one flaw in an otherwise supportable record.
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    Try saying that with golf ball in your mouth...
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    There are two distinct matters here. On the one hand, there is Road Safety, and what should be the right of every type of road user, insofar as they should have a reasonable expectation to complete their journey free from serious injury. This should never be a compromise, and Government should seek to achieve it as a priority. But they have little interest, hoping a biosphere status will put us on the world map rather than being a world leader in casualty reduction. Then there is safer racing . It can be achieved - evidenced by the huge improvement in circuit racing safety over the last 50 years. But the TT and Southern courses, albeit there has been some progression with the likes of Recticell being used, seem to be several years behind the game. I really hope it can be compelled to improve, as Road racing is a fantastic spectacle and something that should be preserved. Racers know the risks, but it shouldn’t stop us examining every possible method to improve their chances too.
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    Well forget the Rugby one - he just died, nothing to do with an injury in the game. The Kayaker was over a month ago. If you go into the sea - there are risks, don’t go out of your depth. As expected, your examples hardly demonstrate comparable risks in these activities compared with motor biking
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    Last few days actually, Woody. Nowhere near a week. As ever, you understate the case...........
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    Agreed, nothing new to see here....
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    Woman's body recovered from sea by kayaker off Cornwall https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cornwall-44832403 Bradford amateur rugby league player dies during match https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-44835020 Kayaker dies after River Tummel accident https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-44352540
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    Tbh, was bored within a few minutes. Didn’t make me laugh, the sketch with the NRA man for kinder guardians, just not funny. I switched off then this routine is done, times change and should have stopped at Borat. His pinnacle.
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    There is a common belief, probably mostly true, that men go to countries like Thailand and Cambodia for sex, either with blokes with tits or someone young. Not sure publicly accusing someone being seen as a hero as one of those is a good idea though. Still, he's rich enough to afford a lawsuit.
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    Lol, Trump and Putin : A Love Story https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/25/opinion/trump-bites-putin-love-story.html
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    The love I'm sending Ain't making it through to your heart
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    What about Schum....the racing driver who was horrendously injured skiing, Mike Hailwood who was killed in a car accident going for chips after all the T.T. races he competed in, I could go on but will never convince the T.T. haters because they have the heads up their arses.
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    hardly - Boot's representing Peel - he'll be a long time looking for a virgin out there.
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    It was illegal not so long ago.
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    Norrie was an arch supporter of the TT and MGP, I can't imagine that it could be him?
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    Safe money is on #woodyfacts
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    People die climbing up mount Everest I suppose you all want to ban that too
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    That works both ways in precise mirror image. Which end of the spectrum houses the "core belief" is irrelevant. The further away from fulcrum you are to either side, the less visible or meaningful is any reasoning on the opposite side.
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    How about a little experiment. We stage one crash into a brick wall at 5mph and the other at 60mph and see who comes off worse. Just to make in interesting I let one of my kids crash as 5mph and one of yours and do the 60mph. Apparently you think the chance of death or serious injury are pretty high in both cases.
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    The police can be slow and grudging if they think they have lost what they thought was an open and shut case. A few years back there was a robbery of a lot of money held in a Strand Street Douglas business. I worked there so I knew about it. One long term employee was arrested on the basis that his PIN number had been used on the alarm system at night. This was considered conclusive evidence that it was him as the PINs were meant to be secret. He insisted that he had not done it. I knew that the place leaked and that each member of staff knew each other's PINs including that of the management. They had been left out in the open on a desk and for a laugh the staff made copies. I was the only one not issued either a PIN or a set of keys. I told the owners their own PINs as I knew them all too! The police were told as well that the PINs were not secure evidence against one man yet they raided his flat and took away property including a collection of foreign coins in a jar. They said it was "evidence".. The suspect continued to be interviewed again and each time denied any involvement but the police were still using the PIN number as conclusive evidence despite being told by myself and the management that all PINs were widely known to staff. After five days I went to see the suspect's Advocate Terry McDonald and told him about the PINs. The police reaction was to ask me to attend HQ to be interviewed. McDonald said I was not obliged to go. He explained about the lack of security of PINs. etc but the police said they still wanted to prosecute over the jar of foreign coins which in any case the management had said he could have. So, they wanted to prosecute over the jar of foreign coins but not the thousands of pounds cash stolen? So they had taken notice that the PINs were not secure and compelling evidence! And yet they persisted with the torment. I heard Terry McDonald tell them (CID) that it was "evil" and "wicked". Anyway, it was a month later that the suspect, still on I think police bail, was asked to attend Police HQ where without any apology or admission he was given back his jar of foreign coins. He had by then lost his job and could not get Benefits as they said it was his fault he got sacked! I though that the CID were unfair to an unfortunate man of low mental ability who could not really understand why they were doing it to him. On the other hand he berated me because my ten minutes with the advocate cost him £100! Such ingratitude!
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    That’s clear evidence of cognitive dissonance.
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    the uk doesn't control immigrants, it has zero say, but we've been through that before..... the number's of workers from the eu haven't real changed, it's the number of benefit scum that's falling......
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    Time you went to Specsavers.
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    the last 2 were here during the southern 100 time frame which i think should join the TT and MGP from an importing bikers to a motorsport event list.
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    Oh John, though art so naive. Edited to say: Perhaps I should say, too happy and trusting in your fellow establishment
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    Just to add to the mix: I was coming over the mountain last night not long after the Brandywell incident, just as they were closing the road. Plenty of boy racers about; overtaking, cutting corners, taking racing lines etc. One completely on wrong side of road as I came round a bend could easily have taken me out. I see it all the time on the mountain yet nothing is done....
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    There have been, unfortunately, two deaths on the mountain road in the last 48 hours. Nothing to do with the races just motorcyclists traveling on the mountain road. I have four friends who have lost their sons, over a decade riding motorcycles over here on Manx roads and two who have died racing. So the reasons for stopping racing are invalid. Motorcycling as a whole is dangerous because of the vulnerability of the rider, little protection if an accident happens. I am sure there are as many riders killed or badly injured, or even more just going to work or cycling around than in the organized races. Just think about it.
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    But that’s is the role of the police everywhere. They act as gatekeepers, deciding what to investigate, whether to arrest, whether to do nothing, caution, divert to awareness courses or other non judicial dispositions. The prosecutions do the same, decide to proceed, or not, or divert to non judicial disposals or take the case the whole way. Then the courts exercise discretion also. The presence of discretion in a criminal justice system is totally necessary, unless you want a totalitarian state where every small infringement is reported and pursued ( think communist East Germany and Nazi Germany ). It isn’t a failing, its a strength.
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    Your kids probably have a heightened awareness, Wrighty, because they sense your revulsion at what you see as the futility and waste of life and futures as you pick the pieces up working at the sharp end. Others will have a different perspective. There never seems to be a shortage of newcomers to the racing, for instance. I can see both sides and I don't know what the answer is, but I do hope that we are not raising future generations that are even more risk averse than we are today. People need to know that life is dangerous and full of dangerous pursuits, but that it is also exhilarating. A mollycoddled society is an extremely unhealthy society.
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    Boot has at least educated people that if you are going to irresponsibly use a barbecue, then don't post on social media about it. The cops will never know this was me.
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    If only they'd had some form of advanced rider training that would never have happened. Good job their speed was restricted though. Could have been much worse if they'd been going faster I reckon, although I might be wrong on that point
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    Thanks. We'll be around to harvest your vital organs at 6pm. Except your brain, you can keep that.
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    That’s in addition to the one on Thursday evening at the same place, just in case anyone thinks it’s double reporting. When I talk to my teenage children about this subject their response is “how is this still allowed to happen”. The racing’s one thing - doing what they loved, know the risks etc etc... - but the open road deaths, for an island this size, are something else. And it’s all about the speed culture attracting bikers over to try out their machines at limitless velocities over the mountain. This attraction is due to the races. I get the impression that public opinion is shifting. The two things that need to happen to bring us into line with regard to road deaths is 1 - Scrap the road racing, and 2 - have a national 60mph limit. With the current establishment, consisting of people from the same generation as many prominent ‘pro’ posters here, nothing is going to change and we’ll keep reading about deaths, and setting up the crowd-fundings etc. But when my kids’ generation come to the fore it’s all going to stop. So we, as an island, need to start thinking about other things to do instead.
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    I went through there last weekend. It would be a lot quicker if people used the time in the queue to take their laptops out of their luggage, put liquids into plastic bags and remove metal from pockets, rather than wait until they’ve got to the scannner and had a debate about the requirements with the attendant.
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    Sorry, but that is not correct. Ted MacCauley was a big supporter of the TT, Mike Hailwood's biographer and played a major role in Mike's comeback, in 1978. I believe that you are thinking of Ian Wooldridge, who wrote mainly for the Daily Mail, and waged a one-man campaign against the TT, for over 30 years after he visited in 1973.
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    I apologise for the insults Chef, it’s a pretty emotive topic. My post was not a blasé response as I have lost a few close to me who raced here. By big, I was referring to cc/bhp. Even the modest 600 is now capable of insane speeds. Neither the TT course or the Southern course was designed for the type of bikes now racing.
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    Smaller capacity bikes tend to have higher corner speed because you don't have the power and torque to gun it out of the bend. A superbike rider could in theory take it fairly easy through a bend and then use the power and torque to exit the corner fast. Smaller bikes are all about maintaining momentum. It was Ted McCauley who did the annual anti-TT thing by the way. Dilli, the Billown circuit has a fairly good safety record, considering the intensity of the racing and the fact that other than introduce better quality protection like Recticel (which they've done) there isn't much else you can do. 29 riders have been lost since the mid-50s. Agreed it would be better if the figure was zero but it probably stacks up well against other road circuits and even short circuits. A rider was lost at Brands Hatch this last weekend at a corner with a lot of run-off (Paddock Hill Bend) so sometimes even if you do as much as is feasibly possible it still ain't enough.
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    Are you sure it was TM? He was S.M.B. Hailwood’s manager and it was TM who engineered Hailwood’s famous TT return. More recently TM authored the Hutchinson biography. I can’t see TM penning a diatribe against the TT. I recall that the worst of the press comments were in the Daily Mail - “Bloodbath Island” - which scarcely comes as a surprise.
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    The cops won’t be anywhere near this. The closure of the road is part of the event plan and down to the organisers to implement and manage. I’m really pleased for Audi, as we were refused a one day closure using what is ostensibly the same safety plan. That said, I believe some further restrictions have been put in the road closure order that will somewhat take the uniqueness and fun out of it. This is a big deal for the Island and it is bringing in a lot of money for local businesses. Between Porsche doing that big press thing a few months back, and this, the Island is on the radar again for car events. I totally get how some people find the closures inconvenient, but there is a real benefit to the purse here. The big rallies literally bring in millions. If we can get people to come here, despite the cost, then we should continue to find ways to build on this.
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    Pre-requisite for CoMin membership.
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    What's that got to do with this thread and title and opening factual post?
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    Because the patriotic thing would be to cheer on the ruination of your country?
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    ...........goodness knows!.................I don't think even the lady in question knows what she means....................we saw a Honda CRV, too big...................strangely a Freelander was ok ?????...................Terios, too narrow, mk2 Vitara ok but must be very clean, Pinin, no good, Most hatchbacks, too ugly and too low, BMW 3 sportsback great but too expensive..................soooo Finlo, I haven't a clue and the lady can't tell me or anyone else..................'I'll know when I see it', says she. But how can I search for one if I don't know what you want says I.......hence trawling round the auctions and cheaper car places for weeks. All I can do is suggest any offerings and accept the illogical responses I suppose..........Thanks anyway.
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    Everything you say is true but you’re also on the money when it comes to both doddery old fools and thick-as-pigshit others not being prepared. On multiple occasions I’ve seen staff say..”One bag of toiletries separate please” directly to travellers who blithely stick their bags through the scanner and then guess what...or they have belts on etc. etc. Nothing excuses the piss-poor set up at Reynoldsway but if you want an object lesson on just how fucking stupid some people are, travel by air.
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    Quick, get John Grisham on the phone.
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