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    The success of the Isle of Man “brand” and its international reputation is vital to the island's prosperity which is why Government holds ultimate responsibility for its success, or failure. One of the most widely recognised attributes in that brand is motor sports which is why the Manx Rally debacle and the damage done to the island's reputation should not be taken lightly and certainly not by the Chief Minister. We all regularly suffer the consequences of the self serving "screw the rest of you, we can't be bothered" attitude of the DOI. The only haste they ever demonstrate is in avoiding blame and we must now witness the ironic Pythonesque farce of the DOI and its puppet Minister accusing another organisation of incompetence. And when they vindicate themselves with the Health and Safety trump, which must clearly have been resolvable with some effort, they will quite conveniently miss the point. Which is the Isle of Man loses. Loss of short term tourism revenue to local businesses and long term National reputational loss which is harder to quantify but potentially more damaging. We all lose except of course the DOI's Ringmaster Nick Black, his Chief Highwayman Jeff Robinson and the rest of the DOI senior management team. They seem to have their puppet Ministers so well managed there is no question of accountability for their serial screw ups and its jobs for life with a nice pension. So the inevitable culture of indifference, inefficiency and incompetence now pervades the organisation. Their Minister is paid to maintain a professional, demanding relationship with his departmental management in order to improve the service they provide for the tax paying voters. But this can be uncomfortable, sometimes confrontational and much harder work. Far easier to allow themselves to be persuaded to stick on a big red nose, jump into the ring and join the tomfoolery. Which suits Nick Black and his team just fine. They must laugh themselves to sleep every night. The wasted taxes supporting the DOI's inefficiencies and the costs and disruption caused by their antics on the roads and at the airport are bad enough. But when they start causing National embarrassments which damage our international reputation they should not be allowed to just brazenly sweep it under the carpet as usual. If this is not an issue for the Chief Minister to earn a his keep then what is? Unless he's just going to stick on a red nose......
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    These rally chaps should have had the foresight to set up a vip beer tent before the event.
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    A rumour going around is a group of hoteliers affected by the cancellation have a meeting in the Cabinet Office - not sure who with, as I believe HRH The Chief Minister is on holiday. I also heard (whether it’s true or not I don’t know), that the Steam Packet stand to lose between £150,000-200,000, as at least 2 sailings booked with rally cars, team vehicles, support vehicles, ambulances etc. Having watched the interview with Robertshaw, it really seems to me that this whole sorry saga revolves around Civil Servants and Egos, and Starship Enterprise is only interested in the TT and FOM as they sponsor some of the event. Unfortunately we have 3 more years of this ‘carry on’ episodes before the public can make the mark at the ballot box - and there won’t be any elevation of ‘failed, washed up and knackered politicos’ into Legoland, so we will have the same faces, regurgitating the same old shit to the same old problems. To cap it off we have a ‘dear leader’ that is totally ineffective, a deputy (Chris Thomas)who has positively disappeared - well it’s holiday time.
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    Given the number of different organising bodies in the world of rallying, the ever increasing safety, marshalling and publicity requirements, maybe it's time to bang together a lot of heads on this island and create one regulated organising body for motorsport events outside of the TT/MGP (which already have such a regulated structure).
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    That’s true but I think all this shows just how hated the management structure in the DOI actually is. Hardly a good word said anywhere on social media in the last few days. That probably says a lot. People seem to be generally sick and tired of bankrolling an expensive and depressing clown show that can’t even fix potholes.
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    Yep, more taxpayers money wasted bailing out the fall out created by public sector muppets again. Together with a rumored loss of £150K to the SPC as well. You really couldn’t make it up.
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    Ok, lets allow a few FACTS in here that will probably spoil the fun for all those who really do (DUH), genuinely believe that Manx Radio broadcasters, full time and those on what have been referred to as on 'salubrious' freelance contracts earn 'loads a money' I have a relative who does a four hour show which takes another 2 hours to programme, total 6 hours. Her freelance fee...£75.... Not gonna get rich any time soon is she. £75 divided by 6 = £12.50 ph ! Sorry to spoil your fun an all that.
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    Actually that's unfair. Given the Island's reputational impact let's see if the Chief Minister is willing to risk the heat in the kitchen on this one and see what he does.
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    Apparently his cheerful and helpful demeanor immediately made the home owner suspicious. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=42671&headline=Bogus%20council%20official%20demanding%20to%20enter%20properties&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018
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    And that's one of the reasons why the T'T coverage should go out to tender.
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    It's time for a fresh Radio TT. Manx Radio and their employees are seem to be getting too comfortable with it. There is no place for a sense of entitlement in such a fast changing world.
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    Probably found out when only one of them turned up to change a lightbulb instead of the usual 4 people.
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    Chris Robertshaw sums up the problems.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7HahEzx_oE&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pO2-yQ2jCAc When you have a fairly in depth understanding of an issue such as this, you begin to realise how little government really knows what it is doing sometimes. That in itself is worrying but their intransigence compounds their ignorance and makes you wonder how they go about making decisions in important areas in which you are maybe not so well informed!
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    Like I commented before, before long COMIN will send out its attack dogs to traduce the organisers. Whether they are right, they will be called something shocking. IOMG will be defending itself, again it’s embarrassing, uncivilised and demeaning. Good at dishing but terrible at receiving, bullying cowards.
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    Thank you all, we had great sunday meals at Bar Two Six and Bradda Glen. The Port Erin chipshop was also excellent, and the Railway breakfast on a shovel was a pleasure. Flash fried queenies from Peel were a new success and food at the Creek was lovely. As usual, the kiosk on the breakwater delivered lovely chips with a crab bap, We also enjoyed a pub lunch in the Queens near the horse tram terminus.
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    Have to say I agree with this response to Trump's latest outburst. Just incredible. Attacking his own attorney general for prosecuting corruption because it involves Republican politicians seeking re-election. More here.
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    Just out of curiosity, what safety plan is in force for the TT spectators who every year sit on the low hedge / pavement just before Sulby bridge where bikes are snaking when slowing from 200 mph to about 50 for.the tight corner? Oh and the other several dozen areas where only pure luck has avoided tragedy Spectator safety and TT do not go hand on hand Gee Cee said something about not comparing rally safety to TT safety because we all know about the TT. Correct. We all know how bloody dangerous it is for spectators yet no problem whatsoever to get everything rubber stamped as most of the equivalent prep work has been done by taxpayers funded Gov workers ,
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    I think there must be some truth in the matter that when the presenters went from staff to freelance it must have been a very good offer. I mean look...all the same presenters doing the same shows for years and years. Maybe a few changes might freshen things up Mr Brindley?
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    One of the more bizarre posts.
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    Angry fucker aren't you? Why so?
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    Great, so after all the arguing between hot heads, the taxpayer will probably now have to compensate the hoteliers and others who have lost out.
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    iomtoday:- Government now in talks to compensate hoteliers and businesses who stand to lose out due to cancellation of rally. Bet the Sefton's close to the front of the queue?
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    Are you for real ? was not the driver?? Then who the fuck was? I know your past employment and can’t belidve you said that , Are you saying that some drunk can then get out of his ( or her ) car without applying the brakes and there is no issue and any resulting damage is not the drivers fault ? Jesus fella think again
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    Does he mention 'Silo Mentality'?
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    This is what civil servants need to understand now. They’re effectively shooting themselves in the foot now we own the SPC as the more they piss people about, the less that come here, and the less the SPC gets to bank now we own it. Sackings should occur very swiftly. Robertshaws interview is well worth watching; he’s dead right.
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    Says who? ( apart from you )
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    Driver as in Bus Driver, not as in Computer Driver, would you get out of your car, without putting on the hand brake, if you where on a hill ?
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    Lightbulb, you're talking bollocks.
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    If they do.….get ready for red nose day.
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    It woz Newton wot did it.
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    They make a huge profit, but don't let it show on the books as a profit, just spread the cash around their staff etc. Less work more pay = win-win. The Isle of Man Government (ie us) are suckered into it every time. Stu Peters did morning mandate on his todd. There's an army of them up there these days. Different army each week it seems. Half of them don't show up on the 'Our People' pages of the Manx Radio website, that really would be embarrassing. A few years back when many of them got laid off and taken back on a contract they looked at the rates they were being offered and just about bit the offering hand off.
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    Stu isn't an employee - he's freelance. Some of the others are too. There is still quite a lot of people up there though.
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    They're both big names in popular entertainment. You wouldn't have heard of them.
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    Would MR save money by just broadcasting Radio TT on all frequencies for the two weeks and sack off their normal output? Why do they bother with both? Just combine them, especially as AM is shit, and most mobile phones have an FM radio on them.
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    Proven safe? What does that actually mean? Cars aren’t proven safe. They kill people on the Island on a regular basis. Want them banned too Manxy? All technology is a balance of benefits. The domestication of the horse has resulted in the deaths of millions, planes fall out of the sky, X-ray machines kill a proportion of the patients imaged by them. These technologies aren’t proven safe rather the societal benefits outweigh the individual damage they do. There is no systematic evidence that non-ionising radiation is harmful at the energy levels used in telecommunications. There isn’t a mechanism known to cause damage. The precautionary principle isn’t helpful as it provides policy makers no basis to rank harms and hence target policy. A Dyson hairdryer motor creates lots of radio frequency radiation. Should they be banned too? They are just as likely to need banning under the precautionary principle as 5G phones.
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    They can't escape the fact that the roads are their responsibility. The roads are literally the only excuse the government has for existing at all.
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/manx-radio-in-talks-over-tt-contract/ Whatever happens, I can see this this being the next IOMG fcuk up. It will end up another PR fiasco. Yes I agree the commentary should be put out to tender. Why should taxpayers continually pay, we now need to be realistic and live in the real world. It’s possible other radio broadcasters could do it cheaper, and provide an alternative, refreshing and invigorating race build up and commentary. Manx Radio has become lazy and complacent, and certainly so sectors of Manx Society being afraid of change, think it’s Manx Radios god given right to control and broadcast events. However being the IOM, I can see Manx Radio retaining the commentary, price being nothing to do with it - I can see the overall MHK interference taking hold, MHKs worried about their electoral chances in 2021.
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    They tried and Manx Radio got shitty about it. They couldn't stop the commentary then and the reporter was restricted to certain areas of the Grandstand. The commentary wasn't bad but they were up against Geoff Cannell who had access to pit lane and the winners enclosure etc. It was the days before Chris Kinley, who really was dire for his first couple of years at least. Some would say he still is. This was also the days before Green Light broke new ground by threatening legalities against a bloke who had a webcam from his front garden transmitting to the internet
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    You could guarantee Hot Tub Malarkey would hop on the bandwagon...can't help himself. Tit.
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    Bogus Corporation "worker" could be any of them.....
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    The one certainty is we’ll never find out
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    It is though an odd situation in that Manx Radio are not meant to make a profit to return to shareholders and on the basis that covering the TT is profitable the "TT profit" is presumably used to cover in part their public service broadcasting remit. If they lose the TT rights then presumably they the Govt subvention will have to increase to make up the shortfall? Because Manx Radio is a non profit organisation that is supported by a Govt subvention to cover the costs in theory Manx Radio should bid nothing as they would be using subvention funds to do so or alternatively they could bid £100million as the money would go on a merry go round. Manx Radio pay Manx Govt £100million for the rights. Manx Govt increase the subvention to Manx Radio by £100million Presumably therefore for a bid to be successful it would have to be for more than the Manx Radio would lose by not having the rights and requiring an increased subvention. Or at least that appears to be the logical position but logic often flies out the window where Govt is concerned.
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    Not funny whatsoever. He may have quick replies but there is zero wit there, just schoolboyish bile.
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    Yes it fucking is, you twat.
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    If they are not fulfilling a charitable objective then they should be de-registered. Some charities collect funds to give to other 'doing' charities, some charities do the good works themselves
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