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    Here's a question for you..... who else speaks up for the traveller? No one, as far as I know. Not even your MHK. Certainly not any MHKs that I have approached in the past. http://www.travelwatch-isleofman.org/ I've been along to a couple of their meetings and I was surprised but pleased to learn that there's a lot of industry expertise available. If you have an open mind, that is!
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    Harmer and the DOI have been extolling the wonderful new ferry terminal, all singing and all dancing. I for one would like 100% Harmer, Quayle and Skelly proof guarantees that freight will be allowed from this new terminal. Without it, it’s useless and it will be a total white elephant, costing the IOM money. I’m sure the residents of the trendy apartment blocks and Mann Island development will not wish to see containers, articulated lorries and other large scale vehicles queuing up for the 02.15 or 14.15 HeyMax boat. So far we have had loads of talk, lots of nice drawings and maps, but little concrete proposals. In all honesty, we could have a link span like what is currently available, and a portacabin complex for passengers, again like the Princes landing stage, at a fraction of the cost of the current £30m+. For this price, I would expect the facilities to be first class, both for passengers, vehicle drivers and freight.
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    Having strong Northern Irish Protestant connections, I was absolutely horrified to watch the programme on Channel 4 on Saturday night about the actions of British Troops in August 1971. It seems that at that time, the British Government began internment of IRA suspects in the wake of civil rights marches by Catholics who had been subjected to extreme provocation by Protestant groups. The IRA was pretty much an impotent force at the time and had in fact been accused of cowardice for not protecting those who were being burned out of their homes. The Army decided that the Ballymurphy estate was a leading IRA stronghold and began clearing it out, placing it under siege. In fact any IRA members had left the area days before, knowing about the purge in advance. They brought in 600 members of One Para under Brigadier Kitson, a known expert in dealing with insurgents in Kenya. In the programme he admitted using unsavoury tactics and doing things which are beyond the pale in dealing with troublesome natives. To cut a very long story short, over three days, the Paras murdered 11 innocent people, including a priest waving a white handkerchief trying to help a wounded man, and many others were severely beaten, for being residents of Ballamurphy. This was exactly the kind of thing that one of the victims had fought against the Nazis, losing a hand, to wipe out. The Paras press officer, Capt. Mike Jackson, later General Sir Mike Jackson, fed lie after lie to the press to cover this up, insisting that they were fighting a running gun battle over three days with about 20 IRA gunmen. No evidence of this, not even a spent cartridge, was ever found. A few months later, One Para were sent to Londonderry to police a civil rights march one Sunday. They and the British Government were the cause of almost all of the thirty years of death and destruction. They created the upsurge of the IRA and UVF and gave idiots on both sides a cause to fight for. They manipulated British public opinion and are a disgrace to this country. A proper inquest into the deaths is to begin later this month. https://inews.co.uk/news/long-reads/ballymurphy-massacre-belfast-northern-ireland-troubles-bloody-sunday/
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    I see Bob Collister keeps posting links to news articles about himself because nobody else is. lol.
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    It may have helped to learn to ride a bike before you set off.
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    Agreed. If we are developing a new berth in Liverpool (not Birkenhead) and have to move from existing site, then we must be able to move freight through it as well 24/7, not just in "emergencies and on the weekend in the winter" Ask the major freight forwarders over here where they would like to sail from in UK, and I'm willing to bet Liverpool would be the preferred option, being closer to their distribution centres. Further, this proposed berth is restricted to Heysham/Douglas max size 142m. Why??? Well, in the proposed location there is not enough space for a bigger berth, but you are missing commercial opportunity to market the Liverpool berth to other operators or indeed having a joint venture to share the cost of the berth if it was located slightly further away. Also, if the berth is moving a further 1km away north, why not a further 2/3km? I don't see the overriding demand or need for the berth to be as close to the city centre as possible, other than for day tripping foot passengers, and for them it's nothing a few buses with IOMSPC advertising on side wouldn't fix. Indeed further out of town, would have a better chance of accessing the UK road network without having to pass through Liverpool city centre traffic. I agree with the basic principal that we need to secure the long term future of Liverpool berth, but I think the overall strategy is lacking. The long term aim of Government is to increase population, which will require bigger ferry, which will require bigger port on the Island. Why restrict yourself on the UK side already? Fast craft should be consigned to history, expensive vanity project that can't operate all year round. 2 x conventional Modern Ro-Pax needed.
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    Not getting involved in deep discussions as I know little about him, but I'd rather pay nothing for free energy thats safe than being ripped off by spiralling costs for some shareholders greedy profit margin.
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    If one Rally constitutes the third biggest tourist attraction then we may as well leave and turn the lights off. All the Rallies put together may be a worthwhile contribution to the industry but a Rally with just over 80 entries...please. Figures can be manipulated to mean anything and Robertshaw is good at this, added to the fact his constituency is mainly the promenade so he is going to put a case for compo, isn't he. No one, has yet answered the question that is..why have Poker Stars, who are subjected to the same safety issues as this failed debacle been signed off. Too many people cannot wait to blame the government for everything, sure they make plenty of bad decisions, in the eyes of some, but I think the desire for compo has blurred a lot of thinking. The fact is, as admitted by Rally organisers it was very undersubscribed and this is probably why it was cancelled. Remember it was these people who cancelled it not the D.O.I. The whole affair stinks.
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    The horses are bred to do the job, that is what their musculature does. I seem to remember that the design of the tram means that once the initial inertia is passed they roll along pretty easily. You never see a sweaty horse, being whipped, pulling a tram and, IIRC, they only do a couple of journeys then are rested. I think they have a relatively nice life with very long serving staff (I still see PJ, who was a year ahead of me at school and worked on the trams in the summer holidays, driving). It was a nice sight. But, hey, this is MF, everything is shit, of course.
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    Not to worry. They have sacked the DOI cleaners in favour of outside contractors!
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    What kind of consequences could you possibly give to someone who doesn't have anything?
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    I don't need any more than this, you utter cunt
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    Easily said Rog, but the IRA were nothing like what they became after these massacres. When they were forced to live on divided estates, there were bound to be people living there who were going to be targeted. They never found any IRA men in Ballymurphy? The Para's behaved just like the Nazi SS.
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    TT / Southern 100 camp site ?, £200 per week ?
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    a proper inquest 47 years after the event. should tell you all you need to know
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    Why would we end up with two superferries each week? We own the SP company. Not Stena. IOM G can plan operations to suit the Island's needs, not shareholders. TT disappearing after 2019? Where did I mention that? I just don't see any thinking outside the box here. Yes, the Liverpool stage move's been known about for some time. But I see no advantages in what's being planned here, nothing looked at further that PP's "philanthropy". And we leave ourselves open to restrictions on freight passage imposed by LCC on our "own" port facility which will again benefit PP as it obliges us to continue to use Heysham. For £40M+ we should be looking for the "independence" we always claim to have.
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    Can somebody remove all signs to iom ferry?
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    Please explain where I claim to have better intellect in the above post, John? With the sort of money that is being proposed here, Douglas harbour could be opened up for larger vessels (with the advantages of economies of scale, as has been discussed many time previously on these boards) and then utilise established UK facilities. Yes, Holyhead if necessary. Or look for alternatives in the Mersey estuary. Why are we leaving ourselves beholden to Peel Ports at every turn and opportunity? We need a 21st century facility capable of serving the Island's freight and pax needs 365 a year. Not £40M to be spent and then still reliant upon the whim of LCC and Peel Ports. And it to be preferably planned and built by a contractor experienced in the construction of marine berthing facilities. As diametrically opposed to the DOI.
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    Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most.... [voice breaks] human.
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    Two, even three, isn’t much cheaper per build than a one off. However they’re basically a freighter with passenger accommodation added, Seatruck springs to mind. However, remember, that’s how the Ben started, adapted. Bouncy, lively. Had to add ballast. Not always a simple thing to adapt. Weve all known about the pierhead and the desire of Peel to extend the cruise terminal, for two or three years. As for the suggestion that distribution networks, logistics, suppliers etc would prefer Birkenhead or Bootle, they all involve city transits. Heysham is preferred, especially by Bay Gateway. Straight on and off motorway north south routes. You only have to look at how much Sea Truck have expanded their fleet, capacity, and Heysham is now to have its 4th linkspan.
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    No. Strategically for the Island it was the right option at the right price. We purchased 8 years of future cashflow + NPV of the assets. The most important aspect of the whole thing is that we now have 100% control. However, it's what we do with that control that will be the make or break of the deal, and given IOMG's track record, can fully understand why people are nervous about it!
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    Stabbing at us from Hell's Heart! He's Not looking Well!
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    It’s obvious what is going to happen. All sailing will go to Heysham, and a new (2nd hand) boat will appear for Liverpool’s new terminal - which won’t fit on the now 45 million new terminal at anytime other than high water. By the time it’s had another 10 million spent on it, with another couple of hundred thousand on the boat, the new 2nd hand boat will be out of date/broken/adrift/aground/uncertifiable/too small.
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    You'll not get two new boats for £20 million. Try £150 million and see how it goes...
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    This subject is going to run and run. This afternoons latest - https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/situation-2019-21-not-clear-says-lpool-mayor/ and another article. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/passenger-watchdog-queries-ferry-terminal-changeover/ Either way, I can’t see Tynpotwald and Department of Incompetence coming up with any bright ideas to overcome this little problem. Sadly, the IOM are big Northern Powerhouse players, and we have got fcuk all influence with LCC and even less with Peel Holdings, coincidentally it’s CEO/Chair is a Manx Citizen/HNWI. Lots of flannel and bullshit by Holy Joe to keep IOMG sweet, tell them what they want to hear!
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    Just to put a couple of things straight, Pokerstars are the rally sponsor, they are not involved in the organisation. I don't think government would necessarily be more lenient with that rally, it just doesn't have the same number of spectators, spectator stages or hold the same status generally as Rally IoM, which was a full international and championship event. There is a bit of a question regarding the reasons for the rally being cancelled though? The organisers say that the deadline had passed to order many of the items which were needed for the event, such as printing road books, awards etc etc, around £30,000 in total and the entries received were too low resulting in a loss being made. If the DoE had already agreed to underwrite this, what was the problem? It also seems that rallying in general is going through a huge slump? The Ulster Rally and the Circuit of Ireland replacement event, both formerly well subscribed events, were struggling for entries this year and in a similar position entry wise to Rally IoM.
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    And there he goes... hundred number 33 fair play to the guy. Seeing his career begin then end makes me feel a bit old though.
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    Surely the real reason this rally failed is because of the press releases that occurred in July? These publicly identified major failings with the organiser, caused fewer entries, let alone paid entries and put the whole event into a downward spiral. So who released the press releases, why couldn't it have been sorted quietly? Who's agenda was that?
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    Glad it's not just me that is irritated by this every minute. +1 The other day the missus stopped me from literally pulling the plug on it. The fairer sex seems to be immune. It must be something to do with having kids...
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    Today’s belter comes courtesy of the Mayor of Liverpool. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/island-part-of-northern-powerhouse-says-liverpool-mayor/ Fantasy Island is part of the Northern Powerhouse, and Planning Permission is easy. Im sure Ray Harmer, Skelly and Co will be wrapped up in self importance at that interview. The HRH The Chief Minister will be swanning around even more with his chest puffed out, and a new Rupert outfit to match. Incidentally if as Holy Joe says we are part of the powerhouse (we are a madhouse at times!), then I can see IOMG passing around the begging bowl for funding for more madcap schemes - cruise liner berths! This will upset the tax avoidance lobby no end!
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    Notty is alive and kicking, just not on here AFAIK.
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    I have taken up cycling, it happened because I went for a walk up South Barrule via a plantation and saw bike trails. So far, I have bruises all over the backs of my calves, a fairly random bruise on my lower back, sore arms and a beastly cut on my shin but I am having the greatest time
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    And I’m unblocked. The power of MF.
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    Maybe a motorway services style facility to break up the journey all the way to the airport.
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    because they never work.......
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    Until the moon breaks orbit and floats off into space. This shows how far our Government plans into future events.
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    It's a woman with a counting clicker (i don't know what these are actually called) and a clipboard stood at the sea terminal. The data she creates is sent to DeD and used in some consultations with outside consultants to completely make shit up and spoonfeed to the public in suspiciously positive press releases.
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    Another dead junkie. Hardly news really.
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    Jesus H. Linz, p3t3, WKRP etc etc ad infinitum. Just how many socks do they need? It usually tails off when the holidays end but not this time it would seem....
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    Yeah it's only been all over facebook for the past couple of weeks, IOM Fire page, IOM constabulary page, FB adverts every day, 2 Double page adverts in the papers over the past couple of weeks and on the radio. But someones dog didn't know.
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    It'll more than likely remain empty for many years to come, slowly decay and become a dilapidated eyesore for many years after that....I'm ever the optimist:-)
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    Surely the problem with that is that you get a boat to Liverpool, buy a car much cheaper and bring it back.
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    There's something distinctly iffy about the whole Jacksons setup. I wonder how long they will last, unless it is some kind of money laundering operation I would not give it more than 2 years. I have not been to see it, and don't propose to but driving round the roundabout going to B&Q it does not look like it is buzzing with customers
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    That would be strange because, as confirmed several times here the other week, apparently he never complains and asks for posts to be removed or for people to be banned from groups. Never at all according to quite a few sources in that thread - including your good self.
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    You should join the Onchan Residents group, John. Everybody else on the island outside of Onchan seems to post on there.
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    My favourite line from the report on IOM Newspapers is: Investors were attracted by the Louis family’s self-projected religious values and representations of low risk investment. Could almost come straight our of a Living Hope Leaders training manual.
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    I like rallies, I do not like the TT. The rallies bring loads of car people & are a growing sport. That will be £500,000 thanks.
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