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    Do you mean like Mr Lakeman from the IOM, who lost two sons from taking 'ecstacy' tablets and now has campaigned as far as the house of commons for these drugs to be legalised so it's safer for young people (who will ALWAYS experiment) to take them. I tend to listen to the views of people with first hand experience of these issues such as Mr Lakeman rather than silly out of touch racist twats....
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    its made everyone poorer since 2004...... #fact
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    Would you accept that it wouldn't be wrong to say it was somewhat ambiguous? I suspect many read it as 350 million for the NHS and don't doubt that was the intention.
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    Couple of years ago, the then manager from my local related to me a story from a brewery pub managers meeting. The meeting had been convened to discuss falling customer numbers. Brewery boss. "What can we do to arrest falling punter numbers?" Response from the managers as one. "Drop the prices". Two weeks later there was a price rise.
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    The most simple scientific experiment that shows the earth is spinning is a Foucault's Pendulum. As in many examples in this thread the behaviour of such a pendulum is well understood and entirely explained by a spherical earth. There are other observations you can make to show the earth is spinning. One subtle one is how the aberration of light is affected by the Earth's rotation. Do you know anything about Hydrogen Alpha lines in the spectrum of light from a star, Paul? The position of these lines is affected by the movement of the earth - it is something astronomers have known about since the 1600s. The closer your observatory is to the equator the more the stars wobble (and their spectra shift) ever so slightly depending on whether your seeing them approach you from the east or away from you in the west. The change with latitude can't be explained by either a stationary earth or a flat one. A stationary earth with a moving star would show the same aberration where ever it was observed, while a spinning flat earth would show a totally different pattern in the variation to the aberration as you changed your latitude. As ever you can pretend these observations don't exist, or it is all a lie, but these are the sorts of observations anyone who was really dedicated to replicating could do for a couple of thousand pounds and a few years of practice. Many a reader of this thread has probably put that much effort into a guitar.
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    The union will just, once more, talk their way into more staff reductions. The so called leaders won't suffer, but the posties will. All these jobs in Gov need looking at and re-evaluating. The union's involvement will not help their members one bit.
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    I have highlighted the relevant bits for you manxman
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    "There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know" *courtesy of Jonathan Swift 1738
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    I would have said that 40 years membership of the European union has brought great prosperity to the UK, improved standards in general, made the UK more out looking in general as well. I am trying to think of the disasters brought on us by membership and so far failed.
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    Labour are ripping themselves to bits and the tories are thinking thank god for that, they're as much a mess as us.
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    Very true. Indeed the absence of the full stop emphasises if anything that there is no committment to use that wasted cash that has to be borrowed because of deficit budgets to further fund the NHS. The important thing is that we get out of the profoundly undemocratic EU as quickly and as completely as can be done. The unwanted and unmanaged membership of the EU has brought nothing but disaster after disaster to the UK as a nation. To add quite literally insult to injury it now turns out that we had the massive adverse exposure resulting from membership deliberately withheld from us. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/882881/Brexit-EU-secret-document-truth-British-public
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    Hmm, I can't see any full stop here and the lack of a capital L suggests it wasn't a new sentence. Terrible grammar though.
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    On an island as small as we are, the arguments for and against uncontrolled immigration are slightly different to places with much higher populations. I see the motion above was carried with a vote to throw the doors open. The problem with any debate like this, is the moment you air any negatives you may perceive, you are immediately labelled as a rabid right wing racist, hence many administrations across the western world have been unable to debate the matter to a conclusion. For me for the Isle of Man it is a simple numbers game, I have no problem with an increasing population (to a point) but we must not lose sight of why for us this may be necessary, and simply throwing the doors open without some sort of control has the potential to merely worsen our situation. Public services here are going down the toilet we must not add to their problems and sensible governance is what is required. ( I won't hold my breath !)
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    Or a dyslexic chicken?
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    I have two thoughts on this, entirely personal as ever and no doubt unpopular with the chattering liberal classes: 1. Charity begins at home. Not one penny should be sent off-island while people here suffer any hardship that government could reasonably be expected to ameliorate. This clearly does not apply to the workshy or feckless. 2. Islam is inconsistent with the Western way of life and should only not be encouraged in the name of multi-culturalism, it should be actively resisted. Mass migration won't affect me, but I fear that my children and grandchildren will grow up in a fundamentalist caliphate that will engulf then destroy from within thousands of years of evolution and culture.
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    Remind me, what are the delivery hours for DHL and UPS. How many times do they try. And, Hermes? They may throw stuff at your door at all odd times/days, but if they leave a card can you contact anyone to rearrange delivery.
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    Erm ... the distance to the sun has nothing to do with Cavendish's experiment, he didn't use it. Yes, he knew the earth was approximately a sphere - if you look at the footnote on p43 of the pdf I linked to he admits there is variability, noting: In strictness, we ought, instead of the mean diameter of the earth, to take the diameter of that sphere whose attraction is equal to the force of gravity in this climate ; but the difference is not worth regarding. How did he know the size he used - the mean diameter of the earth is 41800000 feet - it was something people had been working on for 100s of years - see this paper researching how Spanish and Portuguese cartographers in the 15th and 16th century had worked to better understand the size of the earth. Or read about Duarte Pacheco Pereira and his work in Brazil. Or go and read about the history of Geodesy here. Multiple people in multiple places had produced results and those results had a consistency and consilience which allows science to steadily refine our understanding. The way the radius was measured was by measuring how far it took for polaris to move 1 degree lower in the sky while moving due south. You measure how far that takes, multiply the answer by 360 and divide the answer by 2pi and that gives you the radius. People had been doing it all over the world for centuries by the time Cavendish did his experiment. The results they got were consistent enough for Cavendish's measurements to be good approximations. I realise you disagree that the change in position of the stars as you move on the world is explained by the shape of the world being a globe - at least Gerry has understood this. But genuinely, it is explained by this. Shadow lengths, sextant readings, the changing position of polaris as you move Southwards in the Northern hemisphere. They all are explained by the earth being a sphere and no FE model can skilfully be used to predict where you are for navigation, sunrise times etc. It is silly to claim they can.
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    Hmmm....I think the half-witted people that allowed this dog to play with young toddlers while this case was still active and the verdict wasn't decided need locking up. What resonsible parent would do that? Dog terrorism. What if the decision had gone the other way? People dive into icy ponds after dogs - and die - and also seem willing to sacrifice toddlers these days. That's messed up.
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    A postman told me a couple of years ago they had one floor manager on in the mail department per shift, now there were three and handling less post. Does anyone know why the post office has to make a million pound payment to a government department every year, this year they were let off with half a million, if it was not for this payment everything would be ok. Too many managers, the usual story but they are not the ones that will be culled. If a business is failing surely it is not being run properly and therefore the those at the helm should take the first bullet, it is basically up to them to make it pay. The mail may be going down but they must get payment for all the crap I get delivered by them. And, if everyone is shopping online surely the parcel post must be benefiting? Someone mentioned Hermes, there are so many complaints about them on Facebook it is a wonder they survive. People also complain about the PO not leaving parcels, if you have a safe place such as garage or porch you can get a form from the PO and give them permission to leave it there, putting the onus on yourself of course. It is mismanagement that is the problem.
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    Accepted. That wasn’t the point I was making however. Just pointing out how good, and reasonable the postal service is. I’d rather that stuff was sent by post, for the better service and reliability, even at a small cost premium.
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    how careless, have they found them yet?
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    You've got that wrong ecobob, 45% involved an arrest, only 9% resulted in actual charges.
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    Pauls got it wrong again - you realise that there has been plenty of scientific evidence posted on this thread but you either are the biggest troll going or you have no real understanding of science and the world on which you live. It has been proven time and time again that you do not have a clue about science. It's also notable that the only reason this topic re-emerged from the murky depths is because you decided to post up an alleged school report. Which, by the way, you have failed to post any evidence of its actual existence you are simply asking us to have faith in your honesty. Please post scientific proof of your school report...
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    Let's not turn this into another brexit thread. So just leave the nonsense quoted above to wither on the vine and move on.....
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    Start with our forced open borders. Then throw in our loss of sovereignty. Our loss of rights to our fisheries, EU quota constraints that saw our orchards destroyed our fishing fleet literally burnt on the shores, the list just goes on and on.
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    The full item read “We send the EU £350 million a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead" That did NOT constitute a promise to transfer that funding anywhere.
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    even the #snowflakes are starting to notice......
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    Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt compares EU to 'prison' of Soviet https://www.manxradio.com/news/uk-news/foreign-secretary-jeremy-hunt-compares-eu-to-prison-of-soviet-union/
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    Flat Earthers seem to be unaware that our senses cannot detect constant motion. We feel acceleration (e.g. in car or aircraft) and we feel the acceleration caused by bumps or turbulence but we don't actually feel constant speed. It is our vision that enables us to experience that. A good illustration is being on a train and looking out of the window at a train that is stopped on the next platform. If that second train starts to move we sometimes believe it is our train moving. The brain is easily fooled. We don't feel earth spinning because it's pretty much constant and not accelerating or decelerating all the time.
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    It’s never harmed Skelly.
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    And hold them upside down to shake the loose change out of their pockets.
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    Are you bitter...…………...pardon the pun ? The rumours I've heard are more about the "service", not the beer. You made your money and had the nice cars that came with the job, but you are not involved now. Why start dissing the company who were very good to you ?
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    It was open Friday when I went past (assuming you mean the Douglas one)
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    Exactly! Is that a naturally occurring phenomena? Huh ... are you trying to claim because it is a man made experiment it isn't naturally occurring ... seriously? The change in the twist in the wire is perfectly understandable natural phenomena - as is the gravitational attraction causing it. What the heck is your point?
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    Just a thought China, but have you given any thought to just ignoring him?
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    I nominate Numbskull and Dense. It is rather frustrating - this is an experiment first conducted 220 years ago with Cavendish setting a benchmark for precision which wasn't improved upon for about 100 years. It is an experiment which has been refined and worked on and repeated literally thousands of times - it is now often set as a student laboratory with a refined apparatus designed for student use. Goodness knows why flat earthers have a bee in their bonnets about it. N is the period of oscillation of the torsion wire and D is the density of the earth. I personally think it is quite wonderful that you can generate a reasonably simple equation connecting these two issues together, but PGW clearly doesn't like it. Shrugs.
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    GDP is only turnover...it does not reflect how much money is available to the average guy in the street or available for public services. Most of our GDP goes through the island but never stays here.
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    What most people really want is increased prosperity and a better quality of life, which is linked to a higher GDP and better public services (and assuming the Island remains beautiful). If those points broadly represent the goal, there are different ways to achieve that. Many people believe growing the population is one such way. If the Island was a business, the shareholders would want increased profits and higher dividends. Yes, they may require more staff, but more staff is not the goal.
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    Employing hundreds, if not thousands of people, doesn't give the island any kind of benefit? Are you bonkers?
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    It is a stinking enigma...
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    UK - stick with the forward and back. IOM - Start a public consultation, employ consultants, decide the best way is to spread the hour difference to the UK in staged steps - in 6 minute intervals with the option to begin Manx Time - or "Time Enough" - in 2022, with the option to go Metric in 2050 to make the most of Brexit. Economic development fund will be used to establish a company to make Manx clocks, with the option to produce Metric clocks in 2075.
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    400k of green jobs- i'm guessing he's going to put the students with worthless degrees to work in the fields when he turn the uk into venezuela.......
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    I know that the cost of delivery is probably an issue for Amazon et al but why doesn't IOMPost bid for the contracts to deliver for these companies? Just because it's owned by the taxpayer shouldn't preclude it from entering into contracts with other commercial entities, should it? They already have the assets and manpower, seems a no-brainer to me.
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    Anyone got the number for the MyHermes in Onchan/Peel etc? (Typical Facebook post, Isle of Man) I've never really had a problem with IoM post. This latest matter seems to be the fat cat management etc. grabbing the cash and getting on the Government ratchet racket of more pay/pension/pay-off.
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