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    It's time we spent a good few £million and two years digging it all up, putting in decent drainage. That'll sort it.
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    It’s on the Ballakermeen school bus route for two hours a day and because of that they’re proposing to remove peoples parking permanently in a residential street to fix a problem that exists for 2 hours a day. Because they’re total muppets.
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    Probably not and I doubt you or virtually anybody has. You might get held up behind for a small part of the prom, but generally once past you catch up with the vehicle that was in front of you before you got held up. It is like seeing people trying to overtake if you are coming in from the airport to Douglas and there is a long queue doing about 50mph. By the time you get to Fort North they are probably only a couple of cars and 10 seconds ahead of where they would have been if they had just chilled traveling in the queue
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    No offence woody but i think i'll go with sir barrofield's appraisal on this one. I'll be in touch if i ever want my drive tarmac-ing though
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    It's time they spent £12.99 on a spirit level from B & Q. Either that or a bit more on a lesson how to use one.
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    Depends on your chosen definition of "control". Regulation that protects and benefits everyone (except those who would take the piss if unregulated) is a form of beneficial control. Of course no doubt the usual suspect would see it as bullying and red tape?
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    I have never said that I support "Brexit". I'm still waiting for an apology for misleading others on this site . I suppose one advantage of leaving the EU would be that you and your family will leave this island(?) and the UK , having , in your, and certainly your nephews case selfishly taken full advantage of what the UK had to offer financially and educationally with no thought of "giving something back" . From your posts it is abundantly clear that you are one of those totally self centred individuals whose only concern is their own wellbeing and financial security and will go to any lengths to attempt to protect those interests. No prizes for guessing your "own favourite self serving mendacious " individual ............... that would be you . ETA . I see no point in continuing this discussion unless you decide to "man up" and apologies for lying.
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    they need a raised monorail.......
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    Was it the right type of leaves?
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    That is because they want to ban parking on large stretches of the prom so they have made up a reason to do it so that when people are totally furious at not being able to park anywhere near their promenade apartments they can spin them a load of old lies and waffle about horse trams. It’s just another example of a department the genuinely wishes to destroy large parts of the IOM because they’re bored and looking for things to do.
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    I wonder if any of the UK right-wing media, which is to say pretty much all of it, will report on this absolutely shocking revelation: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/oct/31/guardian-rated-most-trusted-newspaper-brand-in-uk-study
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    Looking forward to the blog.
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    All parking on the promenade should be banned, make a huge car park on the Villiers site, probably what is going to happen and one at Summerland, job done.
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    Hands off the trams, why is everyone is such a desperate hurry these days. If you cannot drive properly do not blame the trams, anyway with the new designed prom there will be more room to pass. If it had not been for that moron that dug up some old nonsense the trams could have been on the promenade itself, it would be much safer getting on and off and probably have more punters because of that.
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    It’s a shame that you either didn’t read the article or can’t read or don’t comprehend. The police stopped 20 cars this evening it’s dark now in the evenings from about 5pm, maybe earlier? There aren’t random police stops, so why do you think 17 out of the 20 stopped had lighting defects? It’s a safe bet it’s because a light out, head, side, tail, brake gave a reason to stop. How many cars do you think went past the checkpoint to get 20 stops with reason. Your logic is totally defective.
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    Because theres a river at the bottom and during severe heavy rain the river swells and there is nowhere for the water to go...just guessing here.
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    Or reading the crap you post in these forums.
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    Aye, where there's lots of money slushing about the carpet trick works a treat An investigation by liquidators concluded there had been a ’substantial loss of investor capital, well into the £10s of millions’ with ’almost every Louis Group company in the Isle of Man being insolvent’. .About a quarter of the 700 or so investors in the Louis Group (IoM) were from the island, the remainder mainly being from South Africa and the UK Money is never lost, it goes somewhere*. *Except a bit of change down the back of the sofa. But not £10s millions that is being looked after by professionals and regulated by, er, Isle of Man Government regulators
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    Does this apply to pedestrians? The other day I waited at the crossing, lights went red, green man came on, all the cars had stopped, but the tram just carried on regardless. By the time it had cleared the crossing lights were back to green and the cars started off. Get ‘em off the road - nuisance for drivers and pedestrians alike. Either put them on a single track on the walkway or get rid completely.
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    Rather interestingly the article nor the Museum say who the owner is...... didn't the Big Cheese, AKA HRH The Chief Minister purchase one of these a while back when they were being sold off?
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    I wouldn’t discount that they might be lining up to ban parking on sections of the prom. They’ve started doing it elsewhere to create clear ways for buses. I hear Harwaden Avenue is next where the residents have no off road parking and they’re threatening to double line the lot. The DOI do seem to be waging a war on people who have the audacity to use cars rather than public transport.