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    "....improving driving standards doesn't require a speed limit." This is truly the elephant in the room, and something we are going to have to get over. The favoured strategy is "Safe System". This begins from a target that no road traffic collision should result in a fatality - which to be honest, has to be the only one worth having. As part of that safe system, all options have to be on the table - including providing a risk assess based speed limit - or no limit if that can be seen to be appropriate. If you have a strategy, and then post-fatal collision inquest, the Coroner asks "Would a restriction on speed have made a difference here?" and the answer is "Yes, but we're special here and we don't want to wreck tourism/fun/individual choice" then the Coroner is bound to cite an Article 2 failing in his judgement. There are many of my fellow petrolheads that don't like my stance on this issue. But most of them haven't had to deal with it from my perspective. We desperately need this strategy, and we cannot leave those charged with delivering it, denied every option.
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    Twat driving is endemic on this Island (uh oh....Uhtred’s off on the “worst standard of driving anywhere” schtick again...) well yes, Uhtred is. And, interestingly, hot spots for the twats to reveal their colours are frequently where (perpetually misused) overtaking opportunities arise; ascending Richmond Hill; ascending Brown Cow Hill Santon; King Edward Road Onchan and the Mountain Road to name but a few. But by no means all bad driving on the Island is speed related...manouvering without looking; manouvering without indicating; parking in idiotic places...I witness all of these multiple times every week. We need to recognise as a community that we’re shit at road safety. And do something other than talk about it or publish consultation documents. (Don’t get me started on vehicles with defective lights and the shit state of many commercial vehicles...)
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    ...........our lot are too worried about the pattern on the sea wall..............
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    We, as a raft of tax and ratepayers are overburdened with ego driven jobsworths who wouldn't last five minutes in the private sector.
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    It's not just the administration, in my view. A few years ago (maybe 7), at the start of TT week, just before the roads closed I was in stationary traffic, 10 yards away from a police officer. A motorbike crashed into the back of me, he was taken to hospital with leg injuries (he recovered quite well I understand) and fortunately he was discharged a number of days later- his bike was a "write-off" (I think). My daughter was in the car at the time (aged about 9), and the Police were superb with the way they moved her away from the situation whilst it was dealt with and they spoke to me. I was, quite rightly, breathalysed, which was negative, and then the officer commenced to complete a "notice of intention to prosecute" despite the fact that he had seen what had happened with his eyes. He was eventually dissuaded from doing this, and I was given a "producer notice" to produce my documents. This I did, in the requisite time. The guy who ran into the back of me was given, by concession, longer to produce his documents. Unfortunately by the time he was required to produce the documents, he had left the Island it transpired that he wasn't insured. Had he been required to produce the documents on the same timescale as me he would have still been on the Island at the time, with an opportunity to take him before the courts, I don't think that the matter was followed up by the police. Maybe things would be different now, I don't know - but it felt to me that I was being treated more harshly then a visitor, who (it appeared) "escaped" without penalty. Of course it must be difficult for traffic officers to deal with matters during TT, and I have sympathy with them - but I think that the way that "special treatment" was afforded to a visiting biker/motorist represented a tacit acceptance that visitors weren't being held to the same high requirements as residents, with the consequential impact on road safety and behavior.
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    And who assesses what your ability is? there are plenty of people out there both young and old who think they are better drivers than they are. also the fact that some people have been qualified to drive for a very long time doesn't necessarily make them better drivers. Anyone who thinks speed limits don't save lives should consider this RoSPA fact sheet https://www.rospa.com/rospaweb/docs/advice-services/road-safety/drivers/20-mph-zone-factsheet.pdf The reduction of speed in urban areas to 20 mph would save lives. Also considering the size of the Island does anyone need to be going above 40mph? If speed is your thing go on a track day up at Jurby.
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    I didn't see Druid's post as offensive. And Albert Tatlock is just a mental, especially around the time the pub closes.
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    Surely it would make more sense to target drivers more likely to cause accidents, rather than those who happen to be affluent enough to drive "better" vehicles?
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    According to the Daily Mail he visited the Isle of Man to promote a book: (see just below the picture of the Mastermind chap) He was also a keen author and following his career as a newsreader he had penned a book titled 'The Teror (sic) of Tobermony' (sic), and had travelled to the Isle of Man to promote it Although apart from the two spelling mistakes in the book title, I think the book was more to do with the Isle of Mull not the Isle of Man as stated in the article. Anyway, you don't get a more tenuous link than that, but I am sure the Isle of Man Post Office could get a first day cover or two out of it.
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    Then why is the current incumbent on £60k? Shome mishtake, shurely...? Because it's other peoples money as per usual !!!!!!!
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    Where else could I post this ?, it has started my Xmas off in the right vein.
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    Janey Godley has a point (not for snowflakes)
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    Apparently dilli took notice of his teachers. Fucking lowly. Pfft.
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    I 'was', reading a fairly balanced set of opinions on this particular subject, until your posts started to 'creep' in. However, before I made any comment I thought I'd make sure this attitude of yours was only because you felt so strongly about this particular subject. But no, your abrasive, cynical, unhelpful, and quite frankly ever so boring and repetitious statements pervade everything you choose to make comment on. There really is no excuse for your puerile behaviour. Sit somewhere quiet, and have a 'quiet' word with yourself.
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    Some years ago during T.T. I stopped to report a dangerous driver to a young roadside cop. Wish I hadn't have bothered because he wasn't interested. I got the distinct impression that he thought I was interfering or being an unnecessary nuisance. Perhaps unfairly, I also wondered if he actually enjoyed the madness and was totting up his overtime in his head. I've never bothered again.
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    Deterrent sentencing doesn't really work
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    Yes, you could...£10k fine and lifetime bans etc but that would be the precursor to a totalitarian state and I for one would rather take my chances in life without that kind of rule.
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    I'm trying to think of a private enterprise that would write off £300k of equipment or vehicles without anybody being accountable....must be great being a politician. He should get elected over here, he'd fit right in.
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    What we want is immaterial. If Easyjet think they'd get a decent load on one turnaround rotation flight a day from here offering £20 fares, which they would, then it'd be a no brainer and our open skies policy makes us a sitting duck for it.
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    The police in the eighties had a bad reputation for institutional racism and they were arresting people for minor drug offences - I’d call that harassment, and peopling being unfairly harassed are bound to be on a short fuse. If the Met still have that reputation then it’s a big problem, but I’d still hope black people would see an increase in stop and search as step being taken to help black people, as they account for a huge share of the victims. I’m concerned as I have relatives and friends in London, of various ethnicities. I couldn’t care less about the politics around stop and search. We are not living in the 1980s and black community leaders should be crying out for help with this.
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    As I've previously posted elsewhere, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury stated unequivocally during TV interview his belief that the international tax system was "unfit for purpose". Only got to be a matter of time until there's attempts to align and level the playing field. Could be the EU want to start the ball rolling. Won't suit some.....especially Tory MPs worth a reported £55M - £150M?
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    Didn’t say I approved. Actually I wouldn’t be a fan. Pragmatically it’s what will happen and is being trialled on young drivers by some insurers already
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    Alien conspiratorial teleporting frogs.
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    The word "amazing" is overused mainly by dullards with posh voices, they use it mean good. It actually means "causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing." LC has used it correctly, as a synonym for "astonishing", "perplexing" or "disconcerting".
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    I suggest you consult a dictionary and look up the word 'amazing'.
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    He's have died a lot sooner had he done that in my nursing home. You don't need that shit, be like being cooped up with Lionel Blair fuck off and give me some peace man.
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    Richard Baker did all the news. Apparently, in his care home, he would read all the papers each day, select the best stories and read them to the other residents at 6 pm.
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    Do I sound like Dilli or Neil? You're all as bad as each other. You all need you're heads knocking together you bunch of lunatics!
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    To be honest, I don't care whether it goes to charity. It's nice if they give the money to charity, but not essential, it about reducing the number of plastic bags used. The way to look at it is a plastic bag is just another product Spar sell, don't need it - don't buy it.
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    @ PK - But it wasn't really 'an unknown' outcome PK. We had the Mail, Express and Sun and to a lesser extent, the Telegraph telling us for 20 years that the EU was the source of all our woes and giving us a simplistic answer to a very complicated question. Then up pops farage who spotted an opportunity mainly caused by the austerity prompted by 2007-on. He just built on the gutter press' message and now millions believe his mantra that if only we can get out all will be fabulous and all issues will be fixed. Only now is it really becoming apparent that much of project fear is slowly happening. Sure there was some nonsense preached by remain but in the main, it is generally coming true and I regret I think it will be even more so if we crash out. Only now are phone in programs asking for opinion of people actually working daily with the EU and its regulations and their views about how this will pan out is not good news. In fact there are so many snags of leaving that none of us thought about as we were not told before the referendum. Only this morning did farage say for the umpteenth time that we shouldn't want to be dictated to by a bunch of unelected old men. His job is sowing discontent. His job is creating division and he's good at it but please let's stop saying stuff like your post above. Some very sharp people have been cleverly hoodwinked and it is only really becoming apparent now, how much. A no deal would be a disaster. There we do agree. However, even the most fanatical leavers must surely realise all the promises of the snake oil salesmen is not built on much that's verifiable.
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    That’s an interesting article Quilp. I suspect Gerrydandridge justifies his denial of evidence on religious grounds. He’s given hints about it now and then and is definitely no friend of evolution over millions of years. Not sure about PGW I think he’s more a curmudgeon than religious zealot but who knows. People believe lots of weird things.
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    Yes, well said credit where credit is due he did raise the matter of the letter that was sent out that was very badly written and could be construed as threatening. If someone in the private sector had sent a letter like this to clients they would be collecting their p45s by now but in the civil service...civil..now that is a laugh, there is no such thing as consequences, this is where , over the years things have evolved and now they are all teflon coated and we are paying the price.
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    Wonderful emergent illusion: You have to wait until the circles emerge centred on the two inner diamonds and formed by the curves of the outer diamonds.
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    Cosmological evangelism. All you need is faith... https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/nov/18/flat-earthers-keep-the-faith-at-denver-conference And religion.
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    Message received, over and out...
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    Between him and daft Daphne it looks as if the circus that is coming has well and truly arrived.
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    Really? Please do tell. I wouldn’t put that past any of them to be honest.
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    Most broken parcel award goes to Manx Independent Carriers. Jeez.
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    You don’t have read anything. Turn off your internet and outside and play ( but not with the traffic, that in not a good idea) You don’t seem to have made a comment on ANY topic, just posting abuse about regular posters
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    I loved the bit where he says (regarding the mountain) "it's open to the public 365 days a year"...obviously doesn't live here
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    Not Noa bakehouse, you'd need gnashers like jaws from the Bond movies to bite into some of their breads!
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    Daft Daphne is at it again, not content with persecuting the poor goats she is now after the wallabies. Also asking everyone about all things relating to education....pity she had not been given one perhaps she would start concentrating on important matters, does she realised how much it costs for each of these questions to be answered, of course she is not paying !!!! If you read this next weeks question paper you will see what I am getting at.
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